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Real Madrid Passive Spectators? I Beg To Differ

“We know that it’s something between the player and Manchester United,” Ramon Calderon said yesterday, trying to fan the flames yet again. “If the player continues to insist that he wants to come and if United will consider letting him go, then we’ll ask. If the price is right and everyone’s happy, then it won’t turn sour. I prefer not to talk much about him because he is a United player. We are in this situation as passive spectators.”

FIFA have turned down our complaint over tapping up and technically, considering that as far as we know, Real Madrid haven’t spoken to Ronaldo directly, the footballing body were right to do so.

However, Real’s constant talk of supposed problems between the player and our club, their constant insisting that they are friends with United, and now claims that they are just spectators in this farce, is entirely infuriating.

Passive spectators? My arse!

May 14th

“Real Madrid have the solvency and the financial liquidity to be able to take on a signing of the magnitude of Cristiano Ronaldo,” Angel Arroyo, the Real Madrid director said. “It would be economically beneficial due to the merchandising that would arise from it. If it is not possible for the club to sign him, it would not be because of money but for other reasons.”

May 25th

“Real Madrid have conducted themselves exquisitely in this whole affair with Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Ramon Calderon. “We have always said that he is a player who has a contract and that Manchester United is not a selling club. That’s everything.”

May 27th

“He’s a player who enjoys his football with the group,” said Schuster. “The English way has been a perfect education for a player with such exceptional individual talent. There he has learned to enjoy his football as a complete professional. This means we would get a Cristiano who would arrive here with his lessons learned. Cristiano would help us in a lot of ways, without a doubt, but we can’t stop with just him. He’ll be expensive and we’ll have to pay a lot of money, but we need more players because he won’t be enough. There are other players we have been looking at, but everything has slowed down a little due to all this Cristiano Ronaldo business, seeing as he is the big priority for the club.”

May 28th

“We haven’t done, nor will we do anything against the wishes of a club that we consider a friend like Manchester United,” said Calderon. “Our relationship with Manchester is magnificent and we will not do anything that would violate the will of a team, just as we would not like that done to us. We know Manchester doesn’t want to sell and we have nothing to say. It’s a problem between the player and his team.”

May 31st

“He is an objective, but we cannot do anything if his club do not want to part with him,” said Real Madrid sporting director, Diario de Noticias. “At this time we do not have anything with the player.”

“At this moment Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best in the world, a fantastic player and it is clear that we are interested,” said Calderon.

June 2nd

“We would like to have a player like Cristiano, but if he does not sign for us then it would not be a major problem,” said Calderon .

June 3rd

“What I have always said is that this club wants its money to be on the pitch, not in the bank,” said Calderon. “Nothing is expensive or cheap on its own. The counter-balance is what you receive for the price you pay. We do not know if he [Ronaldo] is going to come, but he is not going to remove the number from Raul.”

June 4th

“(Ronaldo) is an impossible signing because his club don’t want to sell him,” said Calderon. “We can’t do anything if the club that owns him don’t want to sell. We would never (approach a player under contract) as this is not the policy of Real Madrid, and especially not with a club who we are such good friends with.”

June 5th

“He’d be an important signing for Madrid because this is a club which signs the best players in the world, and that’s what Cristiano is,” said Van Nistelrooy. “Cristiano could bring a lot of things to this club. He’s young, he has everything and a long sporting career ahead of him. For Madrid he would be a great signing.”

June 6th

“For Madrid it is an honour to know that a player like him thinks that playing at Real Madrid would be good,” said Calderon. “We are proud to know that he would like to be with us.”

June 10th

“This Cristiano matter does not worry me nor am I obsessed by it,” Schuster said. “While he doesn’t play for Madrid all we can do is hope, although it’s clear that he would be a great signing and would adapt well to our squad.”

June 11th

“The price is not important,” Calderon said. “It’s not a question of money but a question of efficiency. In the end, if a player wants to leave – whatever the offer is – he will walk. The question is to give him guarantees of success.”

June 15th

“He’s a kid who is already spoke highly about all the time in Madrid,” said Gabriel Heinze. “If I had to pay for one player I would choose Cristiano. In Madrid we would welcome him with open arms. I don’t think he would have any problem adapting to any team in the world. Players of his quality fit in anywhere. I don’t think Cristiano will get any better as a footballer, he is already next to God in his ability. But while Sir Alex is at United, it’s going to be difficult for him to go. He is a fundamental part of their plans.”

June 19th

“We are waiting for Ronaldo to say something, and as soon as he says he wants to play for Real Madrid there will be conversations between the two clubs,” Real’s director general of the presidency Miguel Angel Arroyo said. “We would willingly reach an agreement with Manchester United if it is possible, that is to say, if they want to sell and if the price was affordable.”

June 21st

“If the two resolve this situation and Manchester United want to call us then we will be happy and delighted with them because Cristiano is a great player,” said Calderon. “We can’t say anything more, we only talk about our own footballers and Cristiano is Manchester United’s. If the kid keeps himself in that strong position, the step he has taken could be key.”

June 22nd

“For such a player we will pay what is necessary because what counts for us is to win the UEFA Champions League,” said Schuster.

“We will not make a move until the team (Manchester United) says they want to sell the player,” said Calderon. “Right now they are saying the contrary and there’s little we can do. Once Ronaldo announces his future and once his club accept to sell him then we would have talks. Right now, he is a player of Manchester United and we will not interfere or create any problems. Ronaldo is under contract with another team and we cannot think about him but focus on the players we have.”

June 23rd

“It seems to me too soon when we have not started talking to United,” said Calderson. “And the only thing that we know is that the club won’t sell the player. There are things that we can’t even think about when United aren’t ready to sell, but in whatever operation we do we are careful not to put in risk our good administration, and that is what we will do.”

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  1. Messiah says:

    For a minute there I thought the only thing in this world is Ronaldo, jeez all this effort, there’s so many comments there which is just daft as they consider that they do not talk about other teams players.

  2. PeeJay says:

    Calderón really pissed me off this time.

  3. Tom F says:

    It appears the ‘Big Bosses’ at Real have failed to realise it is a difficult thing to back track when you have been continuously boasting to the media about your plans only to try to deny the whole thing.

    Real Madrid will lose a lot of respect through this. Mutual fans abroad and those who already know what damage Real have done in the past will be grinning as the world of football, or the side that hasn’t been blinded will see what is wrong and what is right about this ‘saga’.

    Real = Wrong. United= Right.

  4. Andrei says:

    You cannot blame them for their comments really. I know they should just not say anything about the matter, but most of these comments were replies to question asked by some journalist or another by the way the asnwers are written.


    How much would you pay to sign Ronaldo?

    “For such a player we will pay what is necessary because what counts for us is to win the UEFA Champions League,”

    So yea, Real Madrid are jackasses who use the press to unsettle players, but it is not as bad as it looks, I don’t think.

  5. eddy says:

    I don’t blame Madrid any more than I blame Ronaldo. He has totally ruined what should have been the best summer since 99. He is an ingrate and his behaviour – never being upfront and clear – is disgusting.

    I suggest he fuck off and take his ‘step forward’ to Madrid this summer as he wants to go and will never be worth as much as he is now. He can then break his leg or neck as far as I care.

  6. John says:

    I think without Ronaldo were fcuked. We only just edged over Arsenal and Chelsea with the major injuries they both had. Take away Ronaldo and give both clubs a full season like ours in terms of injuries and there is nothing we can do to stop them, Arsenal are the future im sorry to say. In 2010 we have to pay back 80m to the lenders that supply our debt and know uefa say if a club is in debt it cant compete in the champions league, again only Arsenal can benifit from this. Its over for us, get ready for some depressing times ahead, and fergie the wanker is leaving when the money goes thin.

  7. Patrik says:

    John, go to your Arsenal forum instead of writing bull**** here.

  8. tevra says:

    Did anybody see the comment ‘if it we’re me, i’d be happy that big clubs were intrested in our player’- Calderon.
    BIG CLUBS??!?! Can’t getmuch bigger than the european champions you tit.

  9. Sir Bobby says:

    Thank you Patrik. John’s ABU is showing. There is nothing WE about him and Manchester United.

    WE, breezed by the Gonners this past season, without a care.

    Arsenal and Liverpool haven’t shown any ability to last a whole EPL season in many years, and unitl they do, they can talk all they want about their accomplishments, but show us the silverware…it’s nowhere to be found.

    And John, if you knew anything about the CL, you would know that if the likes of the top 4 english clubs are not in the tourney, the CL will lose big time revenue, so it’s not in their best interest to omit any of the top EPL 4.

    Please do go back to your forum, your crack is showing…

  10. tevra says:

    Oh and John, you can get that bitter taste out your mouth with some arsenic. Arsenal wated everybody’s time this year, pretending to challenge for silverware and then just crumbling like a large digestive. Chelsea just didn’t have it in them and as for the injuries comment, don’t make me laugh…we had some pretty bad injuries ourselves, we’re just better.
    Two trophies in our cabinet, none in chelsea’s or arsenal’s.

  11. Dinu says:

    tevra, don’t forget the scousers..

  12. John says:

    John you fucking wanker. i dont know which is more maddening, the fact you spout off a load of gooner shite or the fact you stole my user name!!!

  13. JOSE says:


  14. tevra says:

    I was going to include them dinu, but then i decided that it should be taken for granted that the scousers will waste everyones time. Anyway back to the discussion in hand….Schuster, Calderon- both pricks. Ronaldo easily-led prick. Jorge Mendes – utter twat. Every single english and spanish paper for entertaining and furthering this utter farce – pricks. I’ve had my rant for now….

  15. HomeyG says:

    Sell Ronaldo… we will be fine. I think our attack has suffered from selfish Ronaldo — without Rooney and Tevez will tear it up.

    With the 60+ million quid we get from the transfer fee (and the 120,000 pounds per week salary), we go out and buy a solid striker (Villa or someone who stays healthy for more than a match) and a good RB (i.e. Alves or Bridge) or winger (Ribery). Get rid of Saha too.

    We will be fine economically as we have a bunch of younger player who will not tap into our salary budget.

    Has anyone seen Henry Saivet play in real life?


  16. Sir Bobby says:


    you are hurt by Ronny’s dream, most of us are, but he’s not selfish.
    Players with his talent need to bne a little selfish, look at Besty.

    We will not accept 60 M, closer to 100M is the figure, make it hurt if we have to sell.

    The players you spoke of will not be leaving their clubs anytime soon, and we do not rate Bridge as Manchester United material.

    We don’t need the stinking money, we need silverware, that is what brings us better players and more $. The tail should not wag the dog.

    Ronnie will stay one more season, win some more trophies, rub the Blues, gooners, and scouse nose in it, and then go next year, or RM wiill pay us 100M or 85M and Snijder.

  17. Dave says:

    Ok here is the deal Ronaldo has go to go now as much as it pains me. He is the best player in the world rite now no doubt but i dont reckon he will be as good in Madrid. But now we need to forget bout Ronaldo nd start finkin bout new players as Chelsea are guna get rid of der whole squad agen nd u know try to cheat der way to win. Now we have 120 M pounds from winning champions league nd prem league plus 50 M pounds from shirt sales nd ticket sales nd stuff. If we can sell Saha nd Silvestre that cud be anod 15 M pound
    Plus i reckon we sell ronaldo 75 M plus robinho nd ramos. Den we got our winger nd right back nd can start nd start concentratin on oda players like Berbatov nd Benzema or Podolski or Hunterlaar. The players we can buy wiv 260 M pounds is endless. I reckon Berbatov, Benzema, Podolski, Hunterlaar, Aguero, Van der Vaart, Schwienstieger, Diego, Villa, Mertsacker (wich wud be extremely difficult), David Silva, Paulychenkvo, Ribery, De Rossi, Pirlo, Bojan, Pato

  18. denton davey says:

    Looking over this whole fairy-tale, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not just a smokescreen since I can’t imagine that UTD haven’t known that Ronaldo had itchy feet.

    If Ronaldo has an “exit strategy” then I am sure that SAF and the rest of the UTD hierarchy must have had an inkling that he was not going ot be a “lifer” adn they, too, must have had their own “exit strategy”.

    Almost all UTD fans seem to think that Ronaldo was going to go sooner – or later. If sooner, then how could a deal be done on our side to maximize his value ? If so, then how could Ronaldo be induced to comply with UTD’s desire to make him a more valuable commodity ? By playing coy ?? By keeping “the pressue” on Calderon and the fascists through continual “leaks” ???

    This might sound far-fetched but there is something in the “orchestrated” nature of the campaign from RealMadrid and Ronaldo’s posse that seems to me to be a reflectoin of other influences.

    I suppose that we will know more next week when SAF returns to the job from his holiday – for sure, he won’t keep silent on this matter.

  19. denton davey says:

    From today’s Daily Express:

    Ronaldo’s U-Turn – NOW it seems that he is pissed off with Real Madrid’s “prevarication” and is angling for a new contract with UTD.

    Big Surprise !

  20. arben says:

    ReAl MaDrId is champions he bay every payers if he want

  21. karim says:

    cristiano ronaldo i want to tell u only one thing that u remember wat u re parents tell to u that they want to see u in real madri remember this and do what ever u want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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