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Record Profits Pave Way For Wes Exit

Wes Brown tackles Robben“Throughout my career I’ve always been a squad player,” said Brown in July. “The manager knows he can pick me and I can do a good job, so I’m very happy here. Leaving United is a conversation I would dread to have with the gaffer. I love playing for United. It’s my home town, so I’m just glad to still be here after all the injuries I’ve had. Leaving would be a step down.”

A couple of days later, Giggs was offered a one year contract extension, and David Gill responded to talk on Wes’ contract. “Wes likes it here and we will be looking to extend his deal.”

There seemed no reason to feel any concern over the deal. Brown has stated time and again he’s happy at the club, happy to play any part he can in our success, so like the youth team players before him, Giggs, Scholes and Neville, would see out his career with the club. Last month, it was reported that all the contract was missing was Brown’s signature, rumoured to be offered a deal of £40-50k a week, a raise of around £20k a week. Sorted.

However, in the past week it has emerged that the situation is far from sorted, and that there is every chance that Brown could leave on a free transfer at the end of the season. “We have had several meetings with Wes’ agent but they have rejected our last offer,” said Ferguson. “It is a good offer but it is our final one. That is the end of it now and we won’t be going back. There is a possibility Wes could leave, which would be very disappointing.”

Newcastle seems to be the club for Brown, with former United players Nicky Butt and Alan Smith currently up there. However, unlike Butt and Smith who were fringe players, Wes Brown is holding down a first XI place at United. Gary Neville’s comeback seems to look more unlikely with every passing month, so the question of moving seems to solely be down to money. Brown is a Manc, loves playing for his local side, is getting first team football… but £160k a month isn’t enough to keep him with the club.

Nemanja Vidic’s Serbian team mate, Branislav Ivanovic, has been heavily linked with the club, and more recently Philipp Lahm. The Bayern Munich full back is highly rated and a move in January would see him cost around the £20 million mark. However, with revenue of £200 million and a record profit of at least £60 million to be announced, the transfer fee might not be an issue.

After an expensive summer, big questions will be asked of the Glazers if Brown does set his heart of leaving. However, Sam Allardyce has admitted the chances of signing Wes before the summer are slim to none. “Wes Brown is not going to be available in January,” he said. “He may leave at the end of the season. The speculation comes round because he supposedly turned a contract down, but I can’t see Sir Alex letting him leave with Gary Neville being injured.”

I think it would be a massive loss if Brown, who Ferguson once described as “the most technically gifted defender in England” left us on a free transfer in the summer. He is a brave player who never shies away from a tackle, and whilst not as competent as the other players in the back four, he fights for the team and that is not a quality you can buy or expect from any European replacement.

How do you feel about Brown’s decision to reject our latest contract offer? Is there any chance of him staying now?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Sam says:

    I think he’ll stay. I love Wesley, and like to think he’s a United man through and through- once he realises that he won’t get another offer, I think he’ll just accept this one.
    It would be incredibly out of character of the seemingly committed and impassioned squad player we’ve grown to know and love over the years if he were to go now, for this.

  2. Prasac says:

    Wes is an average player and I’m pleased he will go and open space for somebody new who knows to play football instead of Browns loooong balls

  3. Clay says:

    We Love Wes!

    Hope he stays. He is an example to all the players coming through! PLus he does his job well. Champions Material!

  4. Tom F says:

    My personal favourite starting 11 so far this season is that which started against Liverpool on Sunday.

    Wes brown playing right back where he very rarely puts a foot wrong.

    Gary Neville is our captain and we wouldn’t write him off, no matter how long these niggling continue to persist.

    Wes Brown is one of the local lads who have helped United remain one of the top clubs with a back-bone of local players who’ve remained within our squad over the years.

    I can see Wes, if he just takes the money issue and puts that aside lasting longer than G Neville, just because of his age. He is versatile and also very experienced and one of what I’m glad to say quite a few tough players(tevez, hargreaves, evra, vidic, rooney, anderson…) in our squad.

    Like others before him (Nicky Butt, P. Neville) the time does sometimes have to come for members of this closely knit united family to go their own ways and find their new challanges.

    When and if the time comes for Wes to say goodbye. it’d be a great shame. One thing for sure though with Evans, Simpson and Pique (to name a few) all coming good we will not be left short.

  5. Taehr says:

    No!Wes cant leave.he is vital and has been for many years.what happened to his attitude?im pretty sure he will sign a new contract.he has started almost every game this season.go to newcastle?for what?I am sure hel wake up and realise once he leaves united his career will never be the same.

  6. Taehr says:

    Record profits?I like! so that means were once again richer than the arsenal?

  7. kenn says:

    “the most technically gifted defender in England”??
    i reckon he said wes is “the most natural defender in england”. =)

    anyway, wes has been a loyal servant to united and hes commitment is second to none at the club. he had loads of injury problems in the earlier days but he has overcame that very well. if he left i would be uttterly disappointed. i feel we should hold on to him if we could, he has at least a few good years left in him.

  8. Jack says:

    Terry earns 200k a week, Wes is getting offered 40k? No wonder he rejected it, a first teamer in the premiership would earn more, let alone a man united first teamer! I can see where he’s coming from..

  9. Gopher Brown says:

    It’s always a dilemma when a player gets to around 28 and he’s only a squad member. Allowing the older, and, yes, more experienced members of the squad to leave allows younger, more promising players through and stops the squad from stagnating.

    Ultimately, it’s probably a positive thing for the future that players like Phil Nev, Butt and Smith are allowed to leave.

  10. Unitednigerian says:

    “not a quality you can expect from any European replacement.

    again with the cheap shots at players from other european continents. If i didn’t know any better, i’d think your so called dignified, strong, passionate english team had one 10 euro championships/ world cups in a row. In reality though, it’s teams from around the world, filled with weak, money hungry, dispassionate players that continue to win everything and play better football than you englishmen. get off your highhorses and then maybe the three lions will actaully start to perform well

  11. Tom F says:

    Unitednigerian.. I think you are missing the point.. The Spanish League, The Portugese and Italian Leagues have some great footballing teams but it’s very hard to find a top quality defender from abroad who has Wes Browns strong points. Very few foreign players come to England and ENJOY the pace and strength of the game here. Fact is from the top teams in English football right now United do have a very strong backbone of not only British born players, but local lads and those which have been in the team for YEARS.
    Nemanja Vidic is an example of a top quality, tough tackling defender from abroad but he is one of a few in that o-nonsense mould. I’m sure if Manchester United played in another top League for a year we’d do pretty well.

    We’ve missed out on European glory many times, but a cup is just that..

  12. denton davey says:

    Record profits and skyrocketing salaries go together – even if Wesley is “only” a squaddie, he’s a damned good one.

    What is the likely difference between what SAF has offered and what Wesley wants ?

    In terms of team-building, it would be a penny-wise, pound-foolish mistake to let this guy go for a “few thousand quid” difference.

    What we on the outside have to remember is that this is a kind of “play money” in terms of our own budgets.

    Wesley offers the team strength-in-depth as we have seen when RedNev and Vidic have been injured this year; Pique might be a better medium term prospect BUT the key point here is that in terms of team depth, this latest “new United” is really getting on the boil and I think it would be a mistake to think that there is an “addition-by-subtraction” rationale to save five thousand quid a week when a replacement will take time to get settled and will also cost a huge transfer fee.

  13. james pickering says:

    when i heard about butt and smith as hard as i was i could close my eyes and imagine them in the black and white strip i just cant see wes not playing for another my inner eye its like captain nev in a stolen dippers jersey

  14. james pickering says:

    when i heard about butt and smith as hard as i was i could close my eyes and imagine them in the black and white strip i just cant see wes playing for another my inner eye its like captain nev in a stolen dippers jersey…..IS WHAT I MENT TO SAY SORRY

  15. Scott the Red says:

    UnitedNigerian – England performing well is not something that concerns me in the slightest.

    Name me a European defender who is built in the Wes mould? A European replacement who loves United and will give everything they can to their local team? Coming through the academy and then going to play on for the team gives you qualities that money can’t buy from abroad. Simple as that.

    Your over sensitivity to everything I say is getting a bit boring now, to be honest.

  16. redevil says:

    I like Brown only for the fact that he is so loyal to the club. I have serious doubts on his defensive abilities. He is a very ordinary defender and is definitely not United class. He was a decent backup and filled in at important situations. I would want Sir Alex to buy a good right back if Nev does not recover fully. Having said that, I would love to see Brown become a regular in the starting 11 of another top club. This guy deserves some accolades.

  17. Emma says:

    So theres still a chance he might stay then? I have been out of the country for a week and was desperately hoping that when I got back he would have signed his contract, but so far no good news.

    We love you Wes. Please don’t go.


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