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Red Issue Recognises The Republik

Red Issue Republik of Mancunia United fanzine“New Red Issue OUT today,” are words that make me happy as I walk down Warwick Road on the way to the ground. The official programme isn’t really my cup of tea, so I look forward to the days when Red Issue is out so I can have a decent read before kick off and at half time.

Mr Spleen, G-Stand Grumbler, is where I flick to first, finding his appraisals of United both amusing and bang on. The recent write up on Arsenal had me nodding in agreement whilst chuckling heartily.

“Like toddlers over-dosing on blue Smarties, Sunny Delight and assorted E-numbers at a birthday party, sooner or later the madness strikes and they run around screaming and vomiting and generally fucking up for everyone. And now Uncle Arsene has gone and done it again. Just when the national press were indulging in a collective clusterfuck over his so-called Invincibles, smacked arse syndrome kicks in and any residual sympathy goes out of the window. According to Monsieur Wenger, Arsenal are the victims of a conspiracy, in which the entire football world is out to do them down. Teams are sent out to kick them into submission and referees pick on his players when it comes to dishing out cards. Oh, and they’re the only team who have ever had a player break his leg.

Unusually for this column, we will now dabble in those strange things called facts. Yes, brace yourselves, like a Bertie biting a pillow in a Hamburg hotel. Here goes Wenger: “The real basic problem in the League is that for the past three years we are the team which has committed fewer fouls than any other team, the team who is fouled more than any other team, and the team who is punished more than any other team. Facts are facts. It is true. Every four fouls Arsenal gets a yellow card and every nine fouls some other teams get yellow cards. The numbers are available everybody. Look at them.”

There’s only one measured, grown-up response to that statement: Liar, liar, pants on fucking fire.”

In the next issue however, Mr Spleen dealt some rather harsh criticism Wes Brown’s way, leaving me compelled to write and put a few things straight.

Republik of Mancunia Red Issue United fanzine

As I have addressed on this blog in the past, I think Wes Brown has been dealt a raw deal by the club in regards to his latest contract offer. Whilst agreeing with Mr. Spleen on it being ridiculous that £40-45k a week is “not enough”, with Wes being offered more money a week than most of us will see in a couple of years, he is still not being offered a wage that represents his role within our club. The current offer would see him earning less than John O’Shea, with United trying to save the pennies on Wes’ contract, believing they can take the piss out of him because he’s a local lad and committed to the club.

Red Issue Republik of Mancunia United fanzine



Following Wes Brown’s opening goal against the dippers yesterday, I’m sure we’ll find more and more fans signing up to the “Keep Wesley Brown” campaign. We cannot underestimate the effect local lads have on our team on the big days like yesterday, and for the sake of an extra £5k a week, United would be absolutely mad not to keep him at the club.

Will the club offer Brown what he wants to stay?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Anant says:

    i certainly hope so . this season brown has filled in admirably in neville’s absence . so much so , that i believe if he can maintain his current form we wont need to buy a new right back next year. wes could start at full back leaving pique to be first choice backup for the central half position . this wold be an ideal scenario . also , if there is an injury crisis there is no batter backup than wes . all this would give the club ample time to develop youngsters like simmo n the brazilian twins . united probably have the best squad players in the league in the shape of brown , fletcher , pique n o’shea . the hierarchy would do well not to lose sight of their contribution.

  2. besher says:

    i dont know why not
    he is not asking for 100000000000000

  3. jsos says:

    our blogger is famous! glad to see your sense is making its rounds scott!

  4. jimmy Bob says:

    sorry im in the £45k a week for doing your dream job is more than enough category
    brown never objecting to getting full pay when he was injured (as he has been for large chucks of his career)
    plus we dont know what win bounses etc he will get
    come on wes sign up you know it makes sense

  5. Joel Cairo says:

    Loved your factual refutation of Wenger. Next you;re going to deny that SAF actually whines about the refs. Its constructive criticism, that’s the ticket! LOL

  6. jsos says:

    joel – sorry, did you have a point in that fluff post of yours? So you take issue with Scott pointing out that wenger is actually talking out his arse when he moans on about how they’re the most hard done by team in the league, stating it as fact, when in actuality it is NOT fact? and somehow, this is drawn as a comparison to Fergie bitching about refs? A point which is not referenced anywhere in any article? Well done, glad you stopped by to enlighten us all.. might I quote “we are all now less intelligent for having read that”

    Ah the gunners, education eludes you

  7. PG says:

    At least Wes Brown did not swerve off the road when his agent told him they were paying £5K less. That would have been a case of Cashley brown doing a cashley cole… Wonder if the chavs/RentBoyz are lining up a move for him… they love a good ol’ mercenary down there.


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