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Ref’s Mistake Gifts City The Title

Manchester City fans have spent decades complaining about United receiving favourable decisions from the referee. This season, City messageboards were filled with talk of a ‘conspiracy’, in which the FA and Sky Sports were working against City to help United win the title. Seriously.

The debatable decisions table shows that United would have won the league by five points if the referee had always made the correct decisions in United games.

However, in the final game of the season, when United were just seconds away from winning the title, City played QPR’s eleven men for over half an hour after Joey Barton was sent off.

Replays show that Barton’s initial offence was in retaliation to Carlos Tevez taking a swipe at Barton though and referee Mike Dean has admitted that he should have sent him off.

FA report: “Mr Dean was questioned about the “Tevez” incident for which Mr Barton was dismissed. It was confirmed that neither the referee nor the assistant saw the alleged incident of Mr Tevez striking Mr Barton although Mr Barton immediately made representations to Mr Dean that is what happened, and such comments by Mr Barton can be clearly seen in the video. The commission accept that Mr Barton was aggrieved by the action of Mr Tevez and Mr Dean confirmed that had the incident been seen by the officials as shown by the clip supplied by Mr Barton, it would have been an automatic red card.”

What are the chances of City scoring two injury time goals if they hadn’t had a one man advantage (two if you count Dean) for 35 minutes?

You will remember that Mike Dean is the referee that allowed this winning goal to stand when United lost to Chelsea a couple of weeks before the end of the 2009-2010 season which United lost by one point.

It all matters little now but it’s worth remembering for the next time a City fan falsely claims United get all the decisions…

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  1. Voice of reason says:

    As giles said Tim breaker punched a corner if bruceys head – he was 3 yards out with an open goal – 4 mins from end in 95 – I thought I was only one that remembered it – brooking said on motd ” you would not want the title decided by a penalty” – what a cunt

  2. Albert Ross says:

    LA Red

    Out of 38 games we achieved 28 wins and 5 draws, the same as city.
    We did NOT piss the League away.

    We are always told by the ABU that many of our 19 titles relied on the Ref. The next time you are told that, you can counter the claim by reminding the twit that this year city repeatedly got the benefit of referee decisions.

    Thanks Scott the Red, for these grapes of wrath.

  3. Dela says:

    I never pay any attention to these stats and thats because if decisions change, then the entire game changes. For example, I was extremely angry when Drogba got away with that MILE offside in 2010 when we lost the league, but at the same time, if drogba didnt score, then the preceding events would have unfolded differently too which means Macheda most likely wouldn’t have scored either. Yes it would have made the game more interesting if Chelsea were just a goal ahead, but there’s no guarantee that we’d have gotten a draw or a win.

    Same with QPR. Without Barton on the field they managed to score even though they were a man down. If they still had 11 on the pitch they might not have even tried, and even if they did, the City defenders might not have pushed as high as they did. Of course if I could go back and have it so that Tevez would have seen red too, then that’d be fine by me to see what difference it would make to the outcome, but its nowhere near a given that we’d have won the league.

    There is cause and effect in the Universe :-)


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