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Retro Manchester United


1980s bedroom.


1980s lighting.

Manchester United fanclub… based in Merseyside.

Releasing records.

The official flask to make drinking official.

Sharp ideas.

The official United magazine… only 50p.

A kit launch in 1988 at Albert Square.

When the only way to keep up with the latest club news was via a phonecall.

The souvenir shop… before the Superstore and Megastore.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. wayne says:

    just read Rooney going to put in a transfer request next week,want’s to go to the Rent Boys,i’d let him rot first.Unless the Rent Boys cough up tranny boy money the club should not give him the satisfaction.I’d rather drop him in the reserves let him travel on the coach and stay in Super 8 motels.

  2. slim says:

    lol super 8 motels
    I reckon Chelsea could cough up 40 mill. shame though that its come to this.

  3. wayne says:

    slim it’s World Cup year so Utd don’t need to sell him,Rooney has no choice but to play hard so i say make him stay teach him a lesson then get rid.He seems to think he can dictate to the club everything

  4. WeAreUnited says:


    I would do the same, we would be crazy to sell rooney to chelski for 30mill, atleast 50mill or let him rot here. I have my Rooney United jerseys ready to be burned if he leaves, that much I will dislike him. Hyprocrite player.

    It would be hard to not sell him and let him rotten only to get less money, but hell, nobody is offering betetr money, so I don’t care. sell him abroad! or whatever

  5. Rukky says:

    At last the wayne saga could be reaching its end. A transfer request would change everything.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @wayne. Do you mind sharing with us where you read it? Nothing against you but I judge the reliability of a story based on the site that reports it. Right now I believe that is bullshit. There is no indication from Roo himself that he wants to leave. All i’ve seen are poorly timed pictures of Roo not smiling as he drives out of or into Carrington. I think he’ll stay.

    If he does not want to stay then we should demand no less than 45 million pounds considering the rate at which strikers with less ability than Roo are going for. 30 million is not even scratching the surface yet. Chelsea better fucking wake up.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Wayne, Mirror not worth the paper it’s printed on mate.

    Just said we would bid for Bastian Schweinsteiger if we don’t get Fabregas.

    Now saying Roo will submit a transfer request.

  8. ys says:

    THe best thing about these inflated prices of strikers like Negredo and Soldado is that Cheski can F***ing way offer us 20 mil for Rooney

  9. wayne says:

    danny fletch posted the linked,thought the mirror had been the voice of the rooney camp all summer

  10. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Oh dear, @ AlphaRS trying to be the main man kissing ass, cheeky little shit who rarely has any comment on football to make but just comes here to entertain himself and start troubleand @ King Eric at his usual shit stirring that he can’t resist. Fucking idiots. This is a football blog, not some imaginary world where you are champion hunters of the trolls you see everywhere. Seriously sad bastards. Focus on football comments please and stop boring the shit out of people with your immature shite. Grow up.

    Yes, Adidas kits were good, but Nike has stepped up last season and this.

  11. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ wayne – it’s a dull night so let me entertain the resident psycho OAP lonely sad keyboard warrior as well as the midget. Firstly, if I was a woman I would be proud to say it, other than for the fact one actually produced you. I am sure there are lots of great female United fans who read and comment on this blog so let us not put down women. Secondly, you are mentally sick and unstable though you have your in control phases. You claimed I ,King Eric and Slim are all women you called you. I have told you before no sane person would ever waste money calling you. And no woman would ever call you. Ever. 4sho.

  12. Rukky says:

    BTW Live fellani in midfield is on 4 your analysis. Everton vs madrid

  13. denton davey says:

    Gotta love the transfer merry-go-round: if you believe the latest “stories” printed this weekend the UTD get BOTH Cesc and Schweini, selling TheWayneBoy to CSKALondon to cover more than half the purchase price; TheRentBoyz then recoup the do$h they slip into the Glazers’ account by flogging SideshowBob to Barcelona.

    At the end of this FranticFootieFantasy, UTD now have a midfield of MC16, Cesc, and Schweini. Let it be true – can you say #21 ?

  14. Wakey says:

    Usually I would dismiss anything in the mirror but seeing as the Rooney camp has almost certainly been leaking stories to them I would suggest there is some truth in it, atleast him wanting to still leave part. Think the transfer request thing is just to try and push a higher bid as I doubt he is going to give up his loyalty bonus (not that he deserves one)

  15. wayne says:

    whatever i know what happened,wasn’t you someone claiming to be you.simple as that.i didn’t claim you King Eric and Slim called me,i claimed you called me then got a different call claiming the site had been comprised as usual distorting things.
    Lol mentally sick ok only one fucking whack job on here.

  16. Alansmith14 nigeriaRED says:

    Spur got soldado for 25m, napoli bought for 35m, if chelsea really think rooney will join them for 40m then they are really sick…

  17. Alansmith14 nigeriaRED says:

    *higuain, typos

  18. wayne says:

    Another thing mate the fact you choose to make unfounded personal attacks without even knowing me pretty well sums you up.You tell others to focus on football comments then you call me mentally ill and that no woman would phone me,sums you up to a tee
    I don’t care if people believe me or not,all i do know for sure someone claiming to be you phoned me.I’ve never claimed to be anything i wasn’t,lived in England moved to Canada and own a small business.You’ve claimed to be a hot shot broker living in New York and businessman that travels to Calgary and Vancouver,then this past season living in England.All that is documented on Rom,like i said mate don’t care what people think everyone can make up their own minds.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    No competent direct quote from rooney, he hasn’t said and people can weave speculation as much as they want and claim he wants to lay in another transfer request because an unreliable source says it but rooney has put his head down, perhaps isn’t intently chasing an exit as some claim he is, he is 4th top goalscorer ever, he complete it and be at the top, probably pondering that is it worth it, going to that small club in london to jeopardise all his hardwork.

    Moyes is a fresh start and if rooney wants to say and has the motivation to continue hitting those huge heights and moyes deems him a key player then I have no issue with him staying, no pathetic bitter high in morality grudge. Get on with it.

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Don’t see shweinsteiger leaving his beloved bayern and the champions of europe, that’s a no go zone so you can forget it. Secondly, I can’t see united ever selling a key player to chelsea, it’s,strenghtening a rival, the glazers may piled debts on the club but they are competitive, they will not sell to any domestic rival.

  21. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    As much as it appears – from the fans perspective – that the Rooney chapter in the book of United is closing, I still cannot see him in another kit. It would be a bit shameful for his career to step backwards due to a personal grudge.

    Either way, can you really see Rooney in a different strip this season? Weird.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fabregas thing is another rollercoaster ride, every bob and his dog has come out and claimed he is not leaving yet the man himself is staying quiet, pondering if being one of the important players at united is better than playing Ludo on the bench with pinto, he’s probably thinking intently about it. It could go either way just like thiago, chances are he will stay but then who knows, he’s a top player that would improve united, he is a progressive signing.

  23. Marq says:

    Wasn’t Fabregas suppose to snnounce something during some press conference?

    Anyway, the Rooney news, again came with no direct quote from the player himself, so nothing has changed. I find it hard to believe United would sell to our most direct competitor, Moyes is not stupid, he wouldn’t handicap himself like that, especially when Chelsea is one consistant striker away from being extremely strong

  24. Little Red Ant says:

    oh happy days – my flask smashed on the first day I used it but I still have that picture disc tucked away :o )

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Rooney at his age should take some responsibility for all these mess but I sense a lad lacking brightness up there and one that relies heavily on bad advisors all around him, telling him to rock the boat a bit when in fact that is poor for his career. Many may be in denial and hatred might cloud judgement, perhaps underestimated for his talent because he is a simple english man from croxteth that many try to compare themselves with but rooney has been and still is one of the very best to have graced the premier league and europe, he can rightly stand on the podium to challenge for who is the best the league has ever had, he may not have a likable personality for some but his objective is to make the difference on the pitch, not be mary poppins on it. He’s had a great career at united, many inside the club deem him one of the very best to arrive at the club, bobby charlton being one of those that actually wants him to swipe his goal record. Rooney has had pitfalls, the usual up and downs most have in life, his form has wained and he’s got better the season after that and no reason to claim he can’t accept the challenge of more competition and raise his game. He has two years left and if no buyer comes from outside the PL that rooney wants to join or a club willing to pay then he will stay as the manager clearly wants him to, he will give his best I’m sure and leave if he isn’t handed a new contract, I will hope he continues a good path in his career but for now, rooney will get in his best possible shape, no player under moyes and that includes anderson will be out of shape, every single player will be monitored and whipped like huskys in order to get into peak fitness.

    A new signing needs to arrive to get the engine running, it will give the squad a boost, cesc would be like a van persie even though the odds are stacked against united, obviously less so than ronaldo who has no chance arriving.

  26. nairobired says:

    Just wondering if rooney is the first controversial player united have ever had in terms of rubbing the fans the wrong way over and over again. I see no love for rooney and almost everyone is happy to see him leave as long as it’s not to chelsea.
    There was white, who left for chelsea, and the guy who scored the goal for city that led to our relegation, think it was dennis law. arguably back then the internet was not present and things didn’t get blown up to the ridiculous levels we see but the local fans may have felt aggrieved. So I’m wondering if rooney is the first and if he’s not, what happened to the other controversial players.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Barca are apparently iriritated by cesc unwillingness to quash the rumours, reckon cesc wants this to run as long as possible, I don’t want get my hopes up as more chance of him staying but a glimmer of chance for united. Maybe cesc simply isn’t sure he wants to go through another season being vilified by barca fans that don’t take to him, coming to united is moving from clubs to clubs that are the same level in terms of tradition, history and philosophy, it won’t be a,step down so why not ponder an exit.

  28. mitsy says:

    the point about ronaldo comin is funny cos i havent an idea where v are goin to cough up more than a 100 million euros from..
    we shouldnt even assume ronnie requestin a transfer to us cos thats not gono happen

  29. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Ronaldo was just as bad as rooney and it’s laughable how he is painted in favourable light. Football isn’t just as simple as “rubbing fans the wrong way”. There are those that do develop personal resentment for a player that when analysed thoroughly, has nothing to do with what goes on the pitch, it is more than that so i’m pretty sureit isn’t as straightforward.

  30. samuel - united WE stand says:

    A few brief words from fergie’s open letter about his affection for the premier, apparently the full script will be released by the premier league this week. He says he will miss it but I think he’ll be missed more

  31. King Eric says:

    Samuel. Good link to the Fergie letter. Oh he’ll absolutely be missed by everyone not just United fans but press, media, managers and rivals. As he says winning title is about perfect blend of youth and experience. Summat United do well. Not just bunch of soulless rentboys. Love his little pop that he misses City and Chelsea and Arsenal atmospheres out preferring to mention Goodison, St James and Anfield. Ha.

  32. AlphaRS says:

    Er righto. What a saddo you are.
    Forgotten to take your pills have we? Not put all your crayons away? Still licking windows are? Stop playing with your foreskin with hand whilst typing with the other because you’re bored and post something on this blog of some relevance.

  33. King Eric says:

    AlphaRS. It’s quite amusing he calls you a midget and little shit despite NEVER seeing you. Will never forget him wanting Berbatov dead. Also he will NOT answer waynes questions.

  34. WeAreUnited says:


    I habe defended Rooney si much the last years even though I was disgusted the way he announced 2010 that he wsnts to leave us. Then I forgives him after the most beautiful goal I have seen the City goal, 99% forgiven 1% never forget.

    The difference between Ronaldo and Rooney is, we ALWAYS knew that Ronaldo will leave and that he certainly did, still SAF praised him.

    Rooney on the other hand, always was considered staying forever, he was the kid who loved To play for United, always told us he will stay here and end his career, no matter he’s a liverpoolian, we all brlieved him, then he wanted to leave causr we had no ambition, United no ambition??? He stayed, and helped us with immense, and said he will stay and break records, well now he as SAF pit it asked a transfer request and never came out to prove that wrong.

    Tell me hows that the same as Ronaldo?

  35. UTD1999 says:

    @ samuel

    Ronaldo was one of the best players to ever have played for UTD & he was awesome in probably 90% of the games he played for us, more often than not winning us games left, right & centre, to say UTD fans shouldn’t look favorably towards him is akin to treason in my opinion.

    Ronaldo is a true UTD legend & always will be, it’s just a shame he didn’t stay at UTD until he was about 33 before moving to Madrid, but as he isn’t English born his desire for sunnier climes was understandable.

  36. In David We Trust says:

    UTD1999 – I think you are living in a dream world to even comment shame ronaldo did not stay until he was 33, at most ronaldo could have stayed until he was 25 or even 26. At 33 Madrid would not have been interested anyway

  37. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ AlphaRS – you are sad little naughty freak. In terms of football relevance, I post tons of great comments, you not even one comment anyone has found interesting from a football perspective that I have seen. Find one comment you have made on football that anyone has shown any interest in? Also, I was calling King Eric the midget as he is very short in real life. He just acts big on this blog as he is otherwise a loser.

  38. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ King Eric- midget – find the comment about me wanting Berba dead. You have misquoted me a number of times since you decided I was no longer your “Pal”. No that I give a shit about that. But come on then, you slandering little piece of shit stirring council house trash, let’s see the quote.

  39. King Cantona says:

    @ NBI – haha LOL! – But they are not worth it, it’s good though that someone gives these smart asses shit, coming on the blog, abusing people, “troll hunting”, you are one of the best football commentators on this blog by far, don’t bother to respond to the shit stirrers, its their job to work in the sewer, Lol.


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