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Richards: City Would Be Miles Behind If They Lost 6-1

Ahead of Manchester United’s 2-0 victory over Blackburn, Roberto Mancini claimed that we would draw the game. Micah Richards sat down to watch and with the score still at 0-0, he began to let himself believe we might drop points.

“At half-time and at 60 minutes I thought, ‘You never know’,” he said. “But United do always look like they will score. So I knew it was gonna come. But when they got it and went further clear of us, I actually wanted to cry and I haven’t done that or felt like that in years. Football is full of emotions. You get angry and happy but I have never wanted to cry before. This time I did as that is how much it means. I have been grafting so hard this season, we have played unbelievable football and to see United come like this is horrendous. It kills me. I care so much about how I play and how we do in games. If things go badly in a game, I just can’t sleep.”

With City throwing away a five point lead to now be an incredible eight points behind in just a matter of weeks, Richards has reflected on the differing mentality between the two clubs.

“Fergie…” said Richards, pausing. “He’s gotta be one of the best managers that I’ve come across because, if we had got beaten 6-1 that day, United would have been 20 points clear by now. We have a good mentality. We have shown that many times. But the way they came back from the 6-1 is phenomenal. That’s down to the manager.”

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  1. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Read on Sky Teletext, Rio and Scholes to be rest and Smalling,Nani and Clevs to start.

    So Im going with with my predicted line up of…….

    De Gea, Rafael. Smalling, Evans, Evra,Nani,Cleverley,Giggs,Young,Chicharito,Welbeck

    Amos,Jones,Fabio, Carrick,Pogba,Valencia.Rooney on the bench.

    :D I love trying to predict line ups….its so bloody impossible :P

  2. CedarsDevil says:


    I do not think Rooney will be rested, why should he?

  3. feedemscraps says:

    Hey Bobbycharlie, fucking spot.
    Gigs12, shouldn’t that be ‘council house’ ?

  4. Cadelin says:

    Thoughts are with you and yours Balaj
    More important than football.

  5. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – is it me or is the pundits and certain players just using its all down to the manager to piss on the united players, to make themselves feel better that they would have been right all the long if it was not for fergie. Now its not been a great united side at times they can do a hell of allot better, for me we have missed out on a couple the past few years on a few gems in the long run.

    But back to my point, we look at united’s options going forward in terms of opening sides up, carrick scholes giggs valencia young nani rooney and when playing and on his game berbatov, adding rafeal and evra helping out the wide boys We look at city’s options in terms of opening sides up, silva aguero and if he is playing well nasri, so they are very limited in the creative sense. I just think its down to united having better variety creating things than city do, and having better strength in depth at the back.

  6. fergie is the boss says:

    Oh yes city seem like they are 2 strikers down having boleteli and tevez, look at their 4 strikers, aguero bolleteli dxeko tevez. We look at united’s 4 strikers rooney welbeck hernandez berbatov. So really we look at city’s overall squad, its lacking depth at the back, very one paced and playing square balls in the midfield, limited in the creative sense when their only real creative threat is silva aguero and if he is playing well nasri, and very thing in the striker department. It makes you think, player for player we have actually got better strength in depth has the past 4 to 4 months have proven that

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tonight, wigan will pose a threat and it won’t be easy, they’re pretty good going forward and have fight in them as they’ve shown. united have to go into this game and try to dominate while up front be as clinical and ruthless as one can be. Everytime that 6-1 score line is brought up, it must motivate those players to drive forward and continue to fight for the ultimate aim.

  8. Mes says:

    Hi all, happy Wednesday.

    All this talk of a Guard of Honour is a bit much to be honest. Not least for the fact that if Tevez, Kompany and Lescott are in the line up, it would be more like a Guard of Horror.

    Personally, I don’t want it. I think Philco makes a good point about next years comedy manager, whoever that may be, using the fact they had to applaud us into their half empty stadium (anyone see that bit about season ticket holders for Wastelands saying they would not attend if we had won it already? Joke) to spur them on for next year.

    What I really want is for us to win it there. I don’t care how. 1-6, well fought 2-3, proper shady biased ref giving us an offside pen for a one nil, pen gets saved, dodgy ref forces us to take it again until we score… What. The. Fuck. Ever. I just wanna see the squad and Sir Alex and all the staff running onto the pitch, City players utterly deflated, bitters shedding tears right left and centre amid scenes of unabashed joy from United fans and players. The clouds part, a single beam of light shines down into the centre circle and as crickets chirrup and birds tweet, the great man bathes in the glow.

    That’ll knock the fuckin stuffing out of their cocking project. There’s no amount of oil money that can deal with that.

    Tick fucking tock you Poznan Pricks.

  9. King Eric says:

    fitb goughie and kanchelskis top posta lads.I actually dont think Madrid are as good as a lot make out. Their backline is dodgy. Khedira aint all that. Ozil cant see a game out. Di Maria is just a cunt. ronnie is the difference. I think Barca are like United. they build teams whereas Madrid and the bitters just spend obscene amounts. No coincidence us and Barca are coming into our own when it matters. That cunt Pepe was at it the other night rolling about to the extent arboloa got angry with him. inhouse fighting. Just like City.

    bobbycharlie .Alright pal . No i completely agree and have said the same on Hillsborough. The RentBoys cant get dispensation yet the vermin do. like you say it was horrible but games shouldnt be shifted because of it. and yes Dogleash was worse than ever last night. What a nasty snide arrogant cunt. Saying they should get praise for last night after the abuse they have has from media. Oh fucking boo hoo Kenneth . Vile man.

  10. Xyth says:

    When are the bitter gonna realise that 6:1 at OT was nothing more than a fluke?!!!!!

  11. Mes says:

    King Eric, Dogleash was hilarious last night. He’s like someone’s embarrassing grandad who just whines about everything. The praise for the abuse from the media comment is just amazing.

    Kenny Dogleash, worst Pool manager since Michael Barrymore.

  12. kanchelskis says:

    @King Eric

    Alright fella.

    You’re right that Ronnie carries them a certain way, and there’s a degree of mediocrity in their ranks. And, lest we forget, they have their fair share of cunts, just like Barca. Pepe – horrid cunt. Carvalho – cheating cunt. Di Maria – poncy cunt. As for Marcelo … I watched the start of their away CL quarter vs Apoel. Coentrao started at LB instead of him and he was sat on the bench. Coentrao – who’s not as good getting forward – got into the box and shanked a shot off target. Cut to the bench, where Marcelo is sat laughing and sarcastically applauding. What the fuck is that about? If anyone did that on the United bench, they’d be looking at a few weeks with the reserves.

    Agree about that little tramp Dalglish as well. What’s his cocking problem? His team had just won with 10 men and a weakened side. His waste of space flop striker had scored a rare goal. The interviewer was not being needly or inflammatory – quite the opposite. Yet he still acts like a graceless little shit. Horrid little useless gremlin fuckwit.

  13. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    BC ’68, Could not agree more amigo, complete with choice expletive where necessary.

    The other end of the East Lancs road has ALWAYS been a place of the most undignified loathsome double standard issuing filth.

    Admittedly, any Scousers I’ve encountered over the years, independently of any football related matters- on holiday or work scenarios and the like, have been more or less pretty decent- but once the Ayatollah Dogleash pipes up the fucking entire ‘Scouse Coke-selling to Underage/Minors’ (SCUM) community jump on the (stolen) bandwagon like we should all fucking step into line like good little obedient children.

    It was a tragedy, of that there is no question, but for fucks sake it IS NOT an international day of mourning for the entire football community. If that were the case, for every football disaster/ period of mourning/ death of a legend- then there would be a window of one weekend in late November to play the entire league calender fixture programme, all of the FA Cup rounds, the League Cup, a testimonial and lob in a European competition to be played over a period of 72 hours encompassing a distance of circa 1,723 miles round trip (give or take) to be concluded in a one off final for all teams involved on a pitch the size of fucking Scotland.

    As you also mentioned; Heysel, so, we’ll just keep schtum about that one shall we Kenneth? Michael (I didn’t do it but I know who did and I’m not a grass La) Shields and his murdering associates.
    Munich Air crash, Torino plane crash, Bradford fire, Ibrox fire, Togo squad shot to shit on their coach, Egyptian riot/ carnage, Marc Vivian-Foe’s heart attack and the hundreds of fans who’ve died in football related accidents/violence- perhaps the game is just too dangerous- Fuck it, lets not play anymore.

    Its a farce.

  14. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – I do think madrid have the stronger more complete squad, because barca rely to much on messi xavi iniesta and cesc, if barca did not have messi with their current defence, no mater how good their midfield is, messi masks the cracks in their squad. If barca like so many call an awesome squad was so good, would anyone swap their defenders and GK for united’s. If we had their GK and defence we would not be top

  15. Costas says:


    That’s probably the case. But to be fair, it’s not just this season. Every United squad that’s on the verge of winning the title is the worst the pundits have ever seen. United players rarely get the players they deserve. Rooney is the only one that does from the current squad. But lads like Valencia, Carrick, Nani, Welbeck and Hernandez are underrated quite often. I don’t mind. This is one of our strengths.

  16. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – I do not think its been a great side, but all the building blocks are there now, which at times even I thought they have fucked it up in november december and jan. But they have come back stronger than ever, work needs to be done in europe though. But a signing in midfield and on the CF position and perhaps move the likes of anderson on, and looks like berbatov and replace them 2, if we win this years title, I see us winning it again next yea. Has we will be ready

  17. fergie is the boss says:

    city took us by surprise this year early on, not now. We know how they play, how they will approach games. And fergie will make totally sure the title remains at OT

  18. Brigadier19 says:

    In recognition of MG’s work

    Excellent stuff guys, hope all is well on the forum.

    Don’t suppose LUFC White has been around recently if so Cedars give the Yorkshire man hell from me.

    Keep the dream alive people.

    UNITED :)

  19. bayoRed says:

    I want to know what a ”great side should be”! You can only play with your current opposition and if you win YOU are great. We may win the legue with a record number of points. And nobody tell me we are not playing great footbal go to the stats and check how many times the likes of Carrick, Scholes complete passes, so whats ”not great about this side”. I think we are getting this drummed into us by ABU media. We are on the verge of bagging the title with a record number of game s and YOU ARE NOT GREAT!!!! , NOT A GOOD UNITED SIDE!!!!!!, AVERAGE UTD SIDE, excetera , excetera, excetera… WTF does that mean?????????????

  20. Brendan says:

    Hi guys, do u really think this squad is good enuf to challenge for Europe next season? I think we need two world class midfielders.. Even with them it’s hard to see us challenging barca, what do yous think???

  21. Paul says:

    Ronaldo is not in the same league as messi, messi is a team player , ronnies not, I hope barca beat real to everything , pepe , carvalio Ramos are dirty players and murinho is A joke.


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