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Richards: United Players Get Straight In To England Squad

Micah Richards has claimed that Manchester United players get straight in to the England squad whilst players like him have to work twice as hard to get recognition from his country.

“Had McClaren been still in charge, I would have had 60 caps by now,” said Richards. “McClaren believed in me and Capello believed in people like Phil Jones and Smalling. That’s the way it was and that’s fair enough. They are great players. Capello and I had one chat. He told me I went forward too much but that’s the way they want me to play at City. I also did hear that he thought I was hanging around with people like Rio too much at England training, but when I was younger I looked up to Rio and when I was with England he took me under his wing. Another manager told me Capello had said I was hanging round too much with the senior pros. He thought I was big-time. What’s that got to do with anything? I didn’t know anyone else! I didn’t deserve not to be in Capello’s squad and that’s the painful thing. He played Jagielka ahead of me in one game even though he hadn’t played right back for about six years. How am I supposed to take that? Then Tom Cleverley played half a good game at Wembley (in the Community Shield) and was in the next England squad. I was buzzing because Tom is my mate but what is that about? If you play well for United you will get straight into the England squad. At other clubs it’s harder. I graft every week but feel I have to try twice as hard to get recognition.”

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  1. irishred says:

    boo hoo

  2. Dwaza1985 says:

    Typical bitterness! This rant from a player who has an inflated opinion about himself!

  3. ForevraRed says:

    Whinging in reflection of playing shit during the title-run in?

  4. Giles Oakley says:

    A very honest and thoughtful interview. I’ve got a lot of time for Richards (ever since he swore with excitement on live TV after getting a late FA cup winner when he was a kid). He’s right about the way Capello treated him. Yes one can see it as whingeing, but he’s generous in his comments about United players. I can understand his frustration, especially over Jagielka getting a game ahead of him. But the truth is United players carry a badge of quality with them, even if they go on to play for other clubs. Any international manager knows picking a player brought through by Fergie will have a reasonable chance of making it.

  5. feedemscraps says:

    Aww, poor Micah.

  6. glory glory hallelujah says:

    Even as a United fan, I have no problem in conceding that Richards is really good at right back, and Capello should have played him more. Maybe Capello had his bias, which was not right.

    But generalization against a rival teams players is not going to get him into the England squad. Maybe a new manager will mean a change of luck for him.

  7. Jeet says:

    Fuck him, and fuck capello too. We don’t need our players in these stupdi snoozefests to come back injured, not to mention being made scapegoats for ghastly team performances by utterly thick twats who wouldn’t know class form their nanna’s marbles.

  8. Peter Van Der Gea says:

    Hi guys ,am from little island of mauritius , and i always look up to ROM for some good news and some nice banters, anyway , richards is talking too much on utd these days am wondering why lol

  9. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    correct Micah know your place finally you goon, of course United players get in ahead of you we dont bottle it.

  10. dedmonst says:

    He should speak to Michael Carrick

  11. mancdub says:

    Smalling and Jones took his England rb spot because they are clearly better than him.

  12. greg says:

    He is by far the best English right back at the moment. Smalling is a centre half and Jones is well nobody knows what he is. Its nice to see a player say what he feels for a change he might be blue nose but he talks some sense. how and why would Clevs go and Carrick?

  13. Stenis says:

    I bet Michael Carrick, perhaps the best English midfielder in the Prem this season, has a different view…

  14. bigphil2003 says:

    Was a piece of piss for Steve Bruce!

  15. And Solskjaer has won it says:

    Remember when Jagielka played for United, no me niether

  16. Denise Williams says:

    For pity’s sake Micah face reality. There was no favouritism towards Manchester United. The fact is Capello is an idiot. Just ask Michael Owen discarded simply because he scored the two goals that knocked Capello’s AS Roma out of the UEFA Cup in 2001. A crime Capello will never ever forgive him for. That is the pathetic creep we were dealing with. Yes Richards was treated unfairly by the odious Italian Knobhead but that was Capello’s doing not United’s. The truth is Capello treated lots of players unfairly not only Richards but then what does one expect from our FA?

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    Walks in to a cocktail bar ‘I’ll have me a Micah please, with a lemon twist’

  18. PissedOffRed says:

    Is Micah Richards trying to be the new vieira coming up with his own version of mind games?!!
    Micha Richards don’t even start games at his own club………


  19. Danunited says:

    Fuck off micah you stupid brummie,manc wannabe cunt

  20. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    What a cunt

  21. Costas says:

    Yeah, Carrick has found it really easy.

  22. red_bicycle says:

    What is he mumbling about?

  23. heinnlinn says:

    I really like Jones and Smalling, but Richards has more experience to play right back, and he should be selected ahead of them. The next England manager would also take Carrick to the euros if he had half a thinking brain. Downing? Milner? Really?

  24. MrKirie says:

    He’s a really good right back, no doubt about it. I don’t think it has anything to do with United players being favoured though. Capello was a dick without a clue. Any manager of a national team will have his preferences in terms of players selected. Carrick has been left out time and time again in favour of Fat Frank and Stevie Me. Just look at the recent “success” of the national team and you’ll see that selection isn’t based on skill or on picking a side that works together. It’s seniority and the managers pets. I would have had Richards in an England team.

    (Norwegian btw, so not got too much I should say on your national side. Our own isn’t exactly perfect :P )

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    richards has all the athletic attributes and power but he is a prime example of a typical english player that relies mostly on that rather than use intelligence on the pitch. Capello didn’t trust him because to him richards was tactically naive, gets caught out of position, fails to read or lacking in awareness of what goes on around him and then relies on his speed to get him out of his mess.

    However he probably should have played at right back ahead of the likes of jagielka but there is something about him that the italian doesn’t like, perhaps his attitude.

    On cleverly, i agree the italian should have waited for the season to roll on before given him his debut but i guess he must have been impressed. I don’t get the grief he gets from england, the man has won titles in every job he has navigated until the impossible england job was offered. The england job may seem glittered with prestige (have only won one world cup, so i Don’t get the hype) but it comes with a baggage, the media practically controls everything and get on the back of anyone who isn’t their buddy. England international job, the definition of impossible

  26. King Eric says:

    danunited . Not being pedantic but is Richards a Brummie? As far as i know he is from Chapeltown in Leeds.

  27. WillieRedNut says:

    He’s from Birmingham. He had a stormer at OT. Give Evra the runaround. On the International stage though, he would probably get found out. Positional sense is poor. I suppose you could say the same of Jones. As a CH, you’ll get better at that, as you get older. Playing with someone who knows the drill, won’t hurt either…

  28. wayne says:

    A Bitter being Bitter is he even starting regular for City,looks like he’s on steroids big fucking brute

  29. izzy says:

    STFU Richards! Fuk you! You are not half as good as the CURRENT neville so shut the fuk up!

  30. chica chica says:

    United Players Get Straight In To England Squad???
    Captain Steve Bruce can’t even get a game. Captain of a Premier League winning side.

    Wake up u whining piece of shit. The trouble is u dont have a winning mentality.

  31. Rd54 says:

    The fact is Richards play very poor in den fence ,same as glen johnson

  32. SnazzyDevil says:

    Richards fail to realize that there is a reason that United have won so many titles and that’s because of the ability of their players that is the reason they get into the England squad. He should stop being a cry baby and put all that effort into his game and then maybe he will earn his place in the squad

  33. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Fair play that he is a mate with Rio and Tom. But the fact that other players keep him out of the side is beyond a yawn from me.

    As they say, Minimal united content.

  34. Fergie's gum says:

    Richards,u shd ve played 4 a big club

  35. YOUNAITED says:

    I for one could not fathom how Capello never picked Richards. He’s an excellent player. He will definitely be picked for the Euro’s. Whether he will start is another issue, as I believe Kyle Walker is slightly better.

  36. coogie says:

    Ah ffs, if its not the ref’s siding with United, its the England Managers.. What next?

  37. Ryan says:

    makes perfect sense…united are better than england, so if u can make the united squad england should be no bother…work it out!

  38. Cat says:

    Man Utd player been selected to england squad not as much any many as others big team further more who is england captain???
    A lot of england managers got no skill of select others player outside the top 4 team and that is theirs problem.

  39. Aadescholes says:

    That’s why England will never win any major international tournament. Rather than competing for a national cap..they are busy debating who should and who shouldnot be selected. Thats not his job as a player.

  40. James says:

    God does this guy ever stop whining!? You got dropped because you were benched for city and lost your form and looked average for most of last season!! Smalling and jones are fantastic young players and other united players to get in easy hmmm scholes…..Rooney! Hmm Carrick never really gets a look in and he has had a top season for the champions of England I don’t see him sulking! Grow up loser!

  41. romeo says:

    Peter Van Der Gea I am from Mauritius too and ROM is the only forum I follow!
    My colleagues always wind me up saying that I am a plastic fan/glory hunter because I support United despite never having been to a game.
    What they don’t know if that you I was born a Man United fan and the passion for United back in Mauritius is the same as here.

  42. Peter Van Der Gea says:


    specially the scousers who turned out to be wigan last night

  43. Mvumo says:

    The guy is honest, dnt just blast him. He speak his mind.
    My advice to him, he has to take it as a challenge n’ bare his hope to a new manager.


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