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Rio: Dressing Room Behaviour After Milan Was Weird

Rio Ferdinand has claimed that the dressing room atmosphere didn’t match what someone might perceive a dressing room to look like after beating AC Milan 4-0.

He says the mentality at United requires you to always look forward to the next game and how this attitude is different to that of other clubs he’s played for.

“It was weird,” said Ferdinand. “We were ­sitting there and, if someone had come in with a camera, you wouldn’t have thought we had ­beaten AC Milan 4-0. And I think that speaks volumes as to where we are at as a team. The ­clinical mentality sets in when you play for United. At West Ham we were not vying to win anything. At Leeds, we were ­trying to get into the top three but we didn’t really get ­anywhere in the cup competitions. But, coming here, you get involved in that winning ­ ­mentality and it kind of grows on you. We don’t sit and dwell on individual victories. We look to win trophies and look to the bigger picture. We are motivated by wanting to win ­trophies. This season we are in a decent position in the league and in the next round of the Champions League. But we don’t jump around and harp on about what we have just achieved in this game. Respect to Milan, they are a good side, and we move on. It wasn’t ­subdued in the ­dressing room. There was a sense of achievement, yes, but not something we were jumping and dancing about. We are happy to be in the next round and we look ­forward with anticipation. We were delighted to get the kind of result we did. Milan are an experienced side with some quality ­players who can open you up in a second but we coped well with them.”

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  1. Costas says:

    45 minutes to go guys. :D

  2. Bebeto says:

    This is exactly what the bitters did. Chelsea were battering them until the money grabbing whore’s sucker punch. That completely knocked it out of them.

    I’m still expecting a Chelsea win, but it will be interesting to see how they respond.

  3. Fred says:

    Regarding Rio’s quotes, I don’t like this particular chant but it’s pretty apt this time: THAT’S WHY WE’RE CHAMPIONS.

    No fucking fake huddles for the cameras after beating the likes of Stoke and Burnley. No fucking goalkeeper running the length of the pitch to celebrate meaningless goals. No fucking captain boasting to the press about having the league sewn up in December.

    That’s why I’m not worried one iota about our run-in. The attitude Rio describes in the article is exactly why I believe these 9 games will be an absolute piece of piss. :-D

  4. huzi says:

    well said fred. . .gotta agree. our attitudes fuckin great compared to the likes of the chavs,dippers,bitters and le arse

  5. Bebeto says:

    Well put, Fred. Couldn’t have summed it up better.

    I fucking hate false displays of unity. Arsenal’s huddles whilst Willy Gallas tries to pump them up… how can you take your lead from him? He crumbled against Birmingham during that game, and Arsenal’s title challenge crumbled with it.

    I’ll settle for Fergie going around the dressing room and shaking the hands of every single member of our team, knowing we’ll be going out to do it all again next season.

  6. bchilds says:

    I don’t like any huddles, just looks too contrived and it’s all for show. Like Bebeto said, a Ferguson handshake in the dressing room is fine with me!

  7. bchilds says:

    2-1 to the chavs, fuck.

  8. King Eric says:

    Fred – Spot on fella about the fucking pathetic forced group huddles . Fake cunts.

  9. Sketch says:

    We cant expect any favours. We just have to win all our remaining games. Come on Hull XD

  10. Corea says:

    Sketch – LOL.

  11. Kings says:

    Perfect attitude to have. There are still plenty of games to play and we are still in within a chance of winning two more trophies. Concentration is key and we have to focus on the next game. We are handily placed in the league and have a good chance of making another European Cup Final, but we have to take each game as it comes.

  12. Kings says:

    Fred – Spot on mate. They are such pricks putting on such a cringeworthy display in front of the cameras. As long as Rooney remains fit, we have a chance of winning all our league games. I would say the only tough one we have left is Citeh away, but as long as we have our strongest side out we should be good.

  13. Corea says:

    Kings – there are things you just can’t control. one bad movement, one bad deflection and it changes the game. so tosay we’ll win all of the remaining games is a pretty strong statement.


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