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Rio: England Need United’s Winning Mentality

Ahead of their friendly against France, England captain Rio Ferdinand has spoken about the difference in mentalty at his club, Manchester United, and his country.

“That mentality comes from the confidence of winning,” he said. “Winning things would help. But we [at England] have to get into the situation to win things. And the truth is, we haven’t. Finding the formula, you could say, is part of management. The manager has it at Manchester United. You look at the game on Saturday. We’re down, he sends on two attacking players and that puts you on the front foot. You respond to that. It stems from the manager, you don’t want to go into the dressing room and face him if you’ve left something on the pitch. But that said, it’s not just management. Up till now as players we’ve not done our bit. There’s no hiding from that.”

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  1. MG says:

    No chance

    United mentality trademark – Sir Matt Sir Alex

    England can go on and fucking rot

    The two shall never entwine

    Good luck to our players but that’s it – consequently good luck to all our players whichever country they represent

    And come back to United unscathed.

  2. sayyid says:

    England will never be successful when they have so many players from clubs that have won nothing in years such as Liverpool and City

    England would do far better if the team was


    Neville Rio Smalling Brown

    Hargreaves Scholes Carrick Cleverly

    Rooney Welbeck

  3. The Real AB says:

    Who gives a fuck about England here…

  4. Tom Addison says:

    As long as England fans are skeptical of skill, technique and tactical innovation and continue to indulge in their own misplaced arrogance and love of the underdog I’ll always choose United first.

  5. JW says:

    As much as I agree with Rio and what he says applies to every team in every sport, I couldn’t give two shits about England.

    United > Ingerlund for me

  6. asite says:

    @the real ab
    hmmmmmmn.. thats wat u told me the other day. y will u say that?

  7. redrider says:

    There’s an England national team??

  8. King Eric says:

    Go on Rio you tell em. United > Ingerlund.

  9. Vilhelm28 says:

    Scholes 36 today – what a man !

  10. wayne says:

    isn’t that catch 22 the winning mentality comes from winning but if you haven’t won anything in god knows how many years then you wouldn’t have the mentality needed to win.

  11. kanchelskis says:

    Winning mentality?

    We’ve won less than half our league games this year.

    Just saying.

  12. The Real AB says:

    This is a United blog and for everyone here United > England. We care only for United not Ingurlund (as King Eric above put it)

  13. Doghouse says:

    England needs more United players. Then it might do better. People can talk about the quality of the likes of Terry and Gerrard and so on, but there’s no escaping the fact that they are still douchebags. Football requires character, as well as skill. An England team packed with United players, even ones that don’t always make the first team, that’s competitive. To paraphrase Alan Hanson, you don’t win anything with dickheads.

  14. Mes says:

    My first thought on reading this post was “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about England”

    I see I’m not alone here.

  15. Louis says:

    You also need players that play well together. Sometimes it can take a year for two strikers to click, and thats with 38 games and training week in and week out. So if players dont click for their country, you just cant play both of them. Choose one and thats it. Gerrard or Lampard.

    Besides that, I agree with Rio that you need players with a winning mentality.


    [Scholes and Brown are retired]

  16. red till im dead says:

    Happy birthday scholesy!!!

  17. Costas says:

    United > England

    Has anyone heard that Terry has an injury problem and could be out for months?

  18. YorYor says:

    United: Rio Needs International Retirement (if he wants a chance to play here until he’s 35)

  19. wayne says:

    @costas yes i read its a nerve injury,he can no longer play with the pain it was causing

  20. Costas says:


    I think Vidic also had a nerve problem earlier this year. When he missed the Leeds match and played again almost 2 months later. If Terry has something similar, it will be a real blow for Chelsea. But it wouldn’t surprise if he returned within a week or two.

  21. spacemanspiff says:


    The BBC is reporting that Tiny Tears could be out for a long time. I thought Terry was always a bit of a liability off-late and his loss should not impact Chelsea much. Essien and Drogba are far more important players.

  22. Kings says:

    Off topic – Breaking news………..Chelsea defender Alex out for up to eight weeks with a knee injury. That’s both their first choice centre-halves missing. Looks like it roles reversed after what we went through this time last year.

  23. RichardJ says:

    Happy Birthday Scholesy.

    Good luck England, but luck is only the beginning.

  24. Costas says:


    Thanks mate.


    That could mean no Terry and no Alex when we visit the Bridge in a month…

  25. willierednut says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea moved for Cahill in January, or possibly the summer.

  26. obertanthenewstar says:


    i read a piece u wrote about vidic and rooney stalling on contracts?? how can you compare the two? DID VIDIC SAY THE CLUB LACKED AMBITION? NO, he has always spoken in a good manner regarding the club.. cant believe you actually compared the two.. shocking

  27. says:

    we will have the mighty paolo ferreira to deal with…..

  28. bchilds says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, can’t see it anywhere.

    Was flicking through today’s The Sun and in the sports pages there’s an A5 advert by United in thr sport section advertising matchday tickets to the Wigan, Blackburn and Valencia games.

    Can’t remember ever seeing United advertising Premier League tickets before in a national newspaper; sign o’ the times!

  29. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Chelsie injuries is Chelsie business. Keep in mind that this is an international break. All the clubs seem to use the trick of “injury” to international stars to keep them out during international week. It is a way to protect them and give them a well earned rest. I really don’t have a problem with this. We all were rightly displeased how Capello over used Rooney last year. On the other hand, sometimes the internationals help. For instance, we will be sending Evans and Smalling out. In this case, it helps a club to get them some game time, be great it Owen was called up as well. As to Terry, I won’t put money on him missing our match just yet.

  30. slim says:


    I did say they were different , what i find shocking is that you conveniently failed to leave that out. And what about all the rumors, “Mrs Vidic wants the sun of spain” and Real Madrid and Millan on stand by to snap up vidic, even his agent was blaba mouth to the press. All i’m saying is if all this hadn’t become public knowledge we’d be singing his praises or even worse if SAF kept him out of the side (injury or not) we’d be berating the manger asking why our wonder boy isn’t playing. And i’ll go back to the Nani issue, he didn’t even use an agent, he went mouthing of to the press insulting our manager, Where his his fair share of abuse ? i’ll tell you where, down the toilet. Why ? because he’s put his head down worked hard and now everyone appreciates him, and i hope the same happens for Rooney. All the talk of i’ll never forgive him and he’s a bloody scouser is getting pretty old in my opinion. Said it before i’ll say it again, this is a player we never doubted for a second, not one second and while what he almost did was cardinal sin we should be ready or at least willing to forgive. If SAF thought his head was completely turned he wouldn’t have tried to retain him and would have booted him out

  31. Louis says:

    And to think theyve just sold theyre best CB in Carvalho. Farreira cannot play CB. Theyre really going to struggle now. Especially without Essien. Losses coming up against Birmingham and Newcastle. After that, Essien and Lampard will be back, but they have very hard games. Wouldnt be surprised if they leave the top 4 by February.

  32. King Eric says:

    Fucking quality. Lets see how those rentboy fuckers cope with Fat Frank and Essien at the back. Oh wait a minute Frank is out too, Ha fucking ha.

  33. slim says:

    @ King Eric

    Exactly, i’m fucking chuffed about the fiasco, with JT saying he could be out for months, Alex out. i wish they had o travel to stoke with Paolo Ferreira at the back with Jon mikel. That would be awesome

  34. willierednut says:

    Carvalho covered for Terry all the time and Gallas before that, both better defenders in their day. Terry had two great seasons under Mourinho, but since then, he’s been in decline, which we all saw in the WC.

  35. hammons says:

    IFIT …. UNITED > england

  36. CedarsDevil says:

    Who is this England team you speak of and what league do they play in ?

    Regarding Chelsea, their bench on Sunday was a joke and funny how so called pundits are now starting to question the strength of their squad, same pundits who were already polishing the trophy for them.

    Like King Eric said above, let us see how they cope with Mikel and who ever else as centre backs…

  37. Ulster Red says:

    its all well and good chelsea missing this or that, we still need to sort out whatever is lacking and start hurting teams again…we havnt punished anyone since august that i know of…

  38. CedarsDevil says:

    @ Ulster Red

    I totally agree, we need to put in a solid performance against Wigan, a moral boosting performance. Non of this 1 nil up till 85 minutes and nerves start creeping in please!

  39. Ulster Red says:

    in saying that though we usually dont come “alive” untill after xmas…so lets say come the new year we were 3 behind chelsea and 1 behind arsenal, id really fancy are chances of number 19 then…but hey we could be top by then or even further behind, take your seat on the rollercoaster!!!

  40. Kings says:

    Even though it is good news, it’s up to us to maximise this opportunity when we visit Stamford Bridge on December 19th – keeping in mind that both first choice centre-backs will be unavailable. This is a great chance for us to strike the first blow. We have thrown away 6 points from winning positions this season, which would have given us a three point advantage now, had we kept our discipline right up until the final whistle in those games (Fulham (a), Everton (a) and West Brom (h)), but by hook or crook, we are only 3 points off the pace, 4 with their superior goal difference. If we can go on a winning run now, we should be top before the end of the year. As much as I despise Rooney, he’s back and while he is on United’s pay roll, he will have a massive part to play, well for his sake he should, after his fucking short-sighted comments about the club that is close to my heart. Game on.

  41. TheRadLegion says:

    Hear Hear

  42. bchilds says:

    Fuck Ingurland Rio, concentrate on getting United winning games.

    Fuck Ingurland and their wasters excuse for footballers.

  43. Dave Malaysia says:

    Rio needs to understand the Manutd culture tooks generations,decades to cultivate,from the owner and staff for example to picka great location to built Old Trafford,to Sir Matt Busby and 1958,
    our welsh Asst Manager who had to hold things together while Sir Matt was in hospital.

    They could have crumbled ,after all they had good excuses, but they didnt,so even though we got a overwhelming sympathy from the brits and the world,what clinched it for many was we bounced back,rebuilt,did not live on sympathy. this is one of the most powerful moments in our club history.
    we dont do things first before others for the sake of it but cos we beleive its the right thing to do.

    Sir Alex continued Sir Matts principles,and most of us know that Alex knew Matt personally, as he did all the greatests managers in britain.

    So Rio, it needs a culture change,but it is possible to do quicly with the right manager relying on players like Rio to push the culture in the team.

    Watched Tom Cleverly wigan vs w.brom.Slow game,slept off during second half. He is good ,probaly exceptional if guided the right way
    The news of the pik repayment is making headline news over here on the sports bulettin,with ESPN interviewing Manutd supporters outside Old Trafford. Mostly positive on the news.
    This weekend ,am excited hoping for Fergie to lead us to the top of the table.

  44. willierednut says:

    I think all Rio’s talking about is a winning mentality and I’d also think he understands Uniteds culture. It took him a while, but he got there in the end.

  45. RedScot says:

    Well I am glad Rio thought the manager changed the game at Villa clearly some did not bye putting on Kiko and Gabriel no names or pack drills. lol
    Its all about, it aint over till you are in the shower is it!
    Even a punch up in the tunnel on the way to the plush changing rooms can have a “mental” bearing on the the opposition.
    Anyways I dont care about England. Scotland won magnificently tonight against world class opposition at pittodrie(Aberdeen) swept the renowned Faroes away 3 nil.
    Cmon France. lol
    Ps Darren played superbly as did first cap for Scotland Barry Bannan.
    Fletch showed true respect, after numerous call offs( Terry etc) turned up and put in a true Scots performance.Captain Dazzie.

  46. friveluss says:

    winning mentality or drawing mentality?

  47. RedScot says:

    @friveluss or losing mentality……. ha ha ha, get in there Benzema. Error bye Foster and Rio in my opinion not to stop the shot!


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