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Rio: Fergie Showed Us League Table Before Newcastle Game

United started the season by losing to Everton away and Tottenham Hotspur at home. To have lost two games so early on was pretty damaging to our title hopes and with a difficult trip to St James Park, a ground we had lost at the season before, things didn’t look good. We were 3rd in the table, behind Chelsea and Everton, and a defeat against Newcastle would have meant we could have dropped as low as 10th.

Rio Ferdinand has revealed what the manager did ahead of kick-off to ensure they won and kick-start the winning streak that followed.

“Before kick-off, the manager showed us the league table to emphasise that point and it didn’t make pretty reading,” Ferdinand said. “I don’t really look at the league table until Christmas normally. When we all saw it that day, it hit home. We thought, ‘Wow, we need to shake ourselves up.’ Thankfully, it turned out to be a good day for us. Sometimes things just click into place and we just felt very secure in that game and it felt very much like the Manchester United of old, from a couple of years ago. Up until the game against Newcastle, we’d been a bit open and playing in that way of ‘We attack, you attack’. This league is unforgiving in that sense. If you’re not on your game in all areas you’ll get punished. But I think the performance against Newcastle signalled a bit of a change in mentality from us and hopefully that’s a taste of things to come for the rest of the season.”

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  1. Redriderch says:

    Does anyone travel to istanbul?i am -looking for tickets…

  2. Adam.M says:


  3. Adam.M says:


  4. Redriderch says:

    :) not really adam:)

  5. evisu says:

    Yeah you woke up then you fall asleep with the same sloppy defense..

  6. Adam.M says:

    I get the feeling united is on the verge of something great. smalling and jones stepping it up, vidic back and who know.
    I stopped hoping for a CM a long time ago

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    COMPLETELY off topic here but I don’t know if many people have seen this ESPN article on Wayne Rooney last year. Just makes you appreciate the man more. Fantastic football player.

  8. Marq says:


    We all stopped hoping for a central midfielder a long time ago.

    So here’s to kamikaze football! Hope our heart can take it!

  9. Shane says:

    Come on Danny I didn’t even make it to the actual interview after reading this:

    ‘He shoots with power and precision. His close control is miraculous. His passing at times is stunningly perceptive. When the mood takes him, he can dribble and juggle like a Brazilian.’

  10. Marq says:


    That description was more fitting of the Rooney who first came to us. Unpredictable and running purely on instinct. The Rooney we have today is a different player, structured and a better team player. The Rooney of young was capable of dribbling past defenders with a drop of his shoulder, now he doesn’t do that anymore, in fact, when was the last time we saw him dribble past someone? Its more of a passing game for Rooney these days. But one thing I do hope now is for Rooney to take more long shots, especially as he plays deeper now. He has it in his locker, proven time and again when he was young, but somehow he doesn’t take those shots anymore.

    Off topic
    The media painting Ibra’s goal like it was goal of the century. Yes it was a good goal, but it was more of a hopeful punt than anything. Didn’t get me off my seat. Neymar scores more interesting goals every other week

  11. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Agree with Marq – Ibra`s goal was outstanding but what stood out for me was Young taking on the a defender, beating him and gettting in an excellent cross for Danny’s goal.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Too right from the boss. 2 losses in the first 6 was pretty disheartening for the fans. Every pundit was pissing on themselves to have a go at us as well.

    Whatever! Says I. We always start slow and come into it later in the season.
    Some say it keeps our lads fresh for the business end of the season. Slowly but surely, United turns the screws.
    Unfortunately, that approach also gives the opposition belief.

    Pretty telling from Rio, “I don’t really look at the league table until Christmas normally”. This approach has also been in the managers words. How many times do you hear Fergie say that he just wants to be there, or there abouts, come May.

    “MAY?!” Give me strength.
    Makes for very nervous fans.

    Still really miffed that we let city take one from under our noses. That just shows ya that this strategy is getting dated. Even Villa have it to spend 103% of income on salaries. City is spending 114%. Teams are taking this VERY seriously. United need to as well.

    But whatever…… We’re Man United, we do what we like! :twisted:

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rio “”It doesn’t matter how much money you have, at the end of your career, what you will be most proud of are your achievements.” Yah baby. He’s won it 5 times!

    STICK THAT up your Gerrard! :twisted:

    More from Rio’s interview

  14. mig78 says:

    Completely off topic.

    Angelo Henriquez played and scored for the senior Chilean team yesterday. A powerful header.

  15. LoneStarRed says:

    Good reading. There is much left to do and we must keep focus. Much like last year, this may well not be a season for the faint of heart.

    Come on you Reds!

  16. The team that wouldn't die says:

    Why that cunt Suarez going to City is good for United:

    -He proves he’s a mercenary
    -Will leave Liverpool fans stunned
    -They will get no one to replace him, even for good money
    -Their biggest start will be StevieMe

    -City spend more money FFP problems grow bigger
    -He’s not THAT good, and will not play all games, then he will sulk
    -He will be a worse influence than Balotelli

    Looking forward to it!

  17. andromeda says:

    Any updates on RVP and Rooney Injury?anyone?!!

  18. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Andromeda to be frank I don’t think their injuries were that bad. they left their respective international teams for precautionary reasons me thinks. I expect to see both of them at some stage in Saturday’s game which is another must win for us.

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @Marc and Bobby Charlton’s CO
    Cheers lads. The Ibra goal was fun, but not better than most of the others in the top list. It could be up for Int’l goal of the year, but still. What strikes me, and I dare say many, viewers, is What in the world is the Keeper doing?
    Best Keeper in the world Joe Hart now linked forever with Rooney’s goal of the decade and Ibra’s Int’l goal of the year contender. Titch titch. What WILL the pundits say. ;)

    Mandy Henry just posted today that there won’t be any news on the injuries before the Friday presser at 9:30am Mancunian time.

  20. Adam says:

    “I can see myself one day moving back into midfield – I can do it – but I’m not ready yet.” Rooney said, in an interview with “I’m a centre-forward and I score goals.

    “I feel I have plenty of goals left in me. I’ll play there [midfield] if I have to and I have done so at United, but goals are still my main aim and the biggest part of my game.”

    I’m still not giving up on us getting a midfielder and pushing Rooney back up front.. hoping to see Victor Wanyama purchase this January..let me dream guys.

    Adding James Rodriguez on the left wing would be icing on the cake :)

  21. Adam says:

    Fellaini looking to leave Everton already..what a tool..I think they have a real chance of top 4 this year..
    I guess he wants to go to Cheslea .. I guess side show bob Felaini wants to challenge Chelsea’s defender for most wacked out EPL hair..

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    BREAKING: Premier League Clubs did not reach a vote about implementation of new Fair Play Rules and a proposed salary cap.

    They will now meet in February to try to reach agrement on rules that can be implemented next year.

  23. Costas says:

    That’s a weird tactic. I’ll watch Being Liverpool to check out if Brendan Rodgers uses it too. But then again, not even Kate Upton could motivate that useless mob.

  24. Adam.M says:

    i miss vidic (sigh)
    nemanja ooohh

  25. Adam.M says:

    And Fletcherinho.
    Remember when everybody was saying he wasn’t good enough for united.

  26. FletchTHEMAN says:

    As if my point on Ibra’s goal needed a more accomplished second:

    via Mike Collett Reuters
    Best quote on Ibra goal from Norwegian coach Egil Olsson who basically said, “anyone could have scored that, the goalie wasn’t there!”

    That was none other that “Best Keeper in the world” Joe Hart!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  27. Goat Peticoat says:

    Can you please get you prosprt buddy who is running the RoM fantasy league to update it from last weeks fixtures. Last year it was Metro and this year prosportex can you or some other person in the know and a seniour on here please organise a reputable fantasy football option for next year as these past two seasons have been the least fun experience Ive ever had doing this. Ive won countless leagues in fantasy football manager with the Times, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Skysports but I wanted to compete with my aquantances from on here but unfortunately so far the experiences have been utter tripe. I know you have enough on your plate with the blog and its countless ungrateful cretins but there are some on here that love football 24/7 not just on match day and any chance to shit on the team and gaffer.
    Cheers a loyal subject if not slightly insane

  28. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    WHAT IS GOING ON WITH KAGAWA? I thought he was supposed to be out for two weeks. Where the hell is HE?

  29. Ismail N says:

    should be included in football coaching manual. great way to motivate players SAF.

  30. Van Da Man says:

    Lads check this
    I never expected to see a scouser using his brain well… but this Jamie lad gets my respect, fair and square lad

  31. Gandalf says:

    Evening you all. I suppose the good reds from UK are still in slumber.
    Excited about the match tomorrow, hope the international break hasn’t added any new injuries to our squad. Awaiting Fergie’s press conf for that one. We usually don’t play very well after intl break – fingers crossed we get the three points tomorrow.

  32. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @van da man,

    Top analysis from the LiverpoolKOP ! Cough!

    As most of us have been saying for years.. Gerrard4England has been synonymous with England underperforming. 4 England managers have picked Gerrard over Scholes and all have failed.
    Proves why Gerrard has been in the way of Scholes for England all these years. Gerrard does not improve, or even fit, with players around him.

  33. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Speaking of our lad:


    706 games
    155 goals

    19 major trophies (24 in all) !
    Right, and he won it 10 TIMES !!!! :twisted:

  34. FletchTHEMAN says:

    He’s won it ten times, he’s won it ten tiiimmess, our old man Scholesy, he’s won it ten times.

    via Paul at RantCast

  35. Gandalf says:

    @fletch – here is hoping he wins it 11 times :-)

  36. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Happy birthday Scholesy.
    I’m not one for favoutite songs or foods or any of that but I have to say he’s is
    my favourite footballer and role model. There’s no need to go into details about why.

    Good article posted by van de man. A fairly honest and objective post and I have to admire the note at the bottom telling people not to post abusive comments about Keane.
    The ‘liverpool saviour’ tag is definitely appropiate. He always looks like a bit of a glory hunter and loves to save the day. In fariness Keane liked to be the saviour too at times but there is one big difference and that is that Roy inspired those around him to play better and try harder while at Liverpool players seem to stand back and let StevieMe get on with it on his own.

  37. FletchTHEMAN says:

    SAF press conference:
    Van Persie is fit and will be ready for Norwich.
    Rooney & Evans are doubtful.
    Phil Jones is back and will travel for Galactasaray.

  38. DreadedRed says:

    Ex TAOT – main points from Sir Alex’s press conference:

    Team news: “We still have some doubts about Wayne and Evans. Robin should be fit. We’ll see what they’re like today. Jones has been training all week and we will take him to Turkey with us. Chicharito should start tomorrow.”

    On conceding early goals: “After last Saturday’s experience we don’t want to concede two goals. The fact we have players to change the course of the game has been a big advantage. Bringing Chicharito on was good for us. Hopefully we are going to defend better. It’s frustrating there is no consistent theme to what is happening defensively. We have players who can change the course of the game and we have a scoring threat. But we can’t continue to give teams a headstart.”

    On recent unbeaten run: “It’s good to get momentum. To win the league you need that momentum. In the past we’ve gone 20 games without losing. At the moment it’s only five. There’s a long way to go and it’s a tough league, but we are certainly well equipped.”

  39. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Times claims Vidic could be back for City…. hmmm.

  40. andromeda says:

    Suppose Rooney and Evans are out for tomorrow, what would be the provisional line up??any thought?!!

  41. andromeda says:

    Personally I would like to have a strong defensive minded midfield
    De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Smalling, Evra, Carrick, Cleverly, Young, Valencia, Anderson/Giggs and Chicarito.

  42. Gandalf says:

    wonder why evans is still out? it was only a slight groin strain wasn’t it?
    smalling is only back and we are having to use him all the time. Hopefully he doesn’t get injured again. this injury to defense is the stuff of nightmares.

  43. DreadedRed says:

    SAF reckons: “We’ve got to defend better and toughen up, plain and simple. That much was evident at Villa from the way they scored their first goal. Their centre forward, Christian Benteke, simply bulldozed Chris Smalling out of the way to set up what was a wonderful strike from the edge of the area. These are areas we have to improve on because we can’t keep giving goals away. If we can sort that out, we’ll be fine, because as a collective group, this squad is stronger this season and the younger players have more experience.”

  44. DreadedRed says:

    Paddy Evra on Balotelli

    “He is my rival in Manchester – I meet him a lot, I know him well. Off the pitch, we joke around and I take the micky out of him.”

  45. Marq says:

    If Rooney is out, Rvp will partner Hernandez

    Rafael Rio Smalling Evra
    Valencia Carrick Anderson Young
    Rvp Hernandez

  46. DreadedRed says:

    The Football Lab, developed by Danish company Munin Sports, is the world’s first fully interactive training pitch. It is used by the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Real Madrid. It is an enclosed patch of Astroturf fitting with the company’s unique m-station PRO rebound boards on each wall and laden with LED tracker lights, loudspeakers and motion sensors.

    The player stands in the centre and must pass the ball off whichever rebound board is flashing in the quickest amount of time. It’s a real test of reactions, agility and passing accuracy. Every movement of player and ball is mapped by the sensors, with the data instantly available.
    (includes videos)

  47. DreadedRed says:

    Ronnie on SAF:

    ‘I really miss him because I have a great relationship with him. He’s a fantastic person, a human person. He taught me many things. Like I said before, he’s like a father in football.”

    Asked how tough SAF can be on his players, Ronaldo replied: ‘Very tough. I think sometimes he cannot be like that because, how old is he? 70? It’s not good for his heart. He’s still tough, strong, I remember him the first time I saw him he was with the same power. “

  48. TheCANTONA says:

    Loves that Ronnie’s quotes. Wonder if he could return to us someday. Imagine RvP+Wazza+Ronnie combo as our main three front really Mouthwatering..

  49. FletchTHEMAN says:

    BBC Sports Day:

    TheFA, in its inutterable wisdom, will not relieve us, or Mark Clattenberg, of his misery for yet another week.

    May Mark be allowed to spit on their faces! UNBELIEVABLE!

  50. DreadedRed says:

    TheCANTONA – I too love those Ronnie quotes. He always shows such respect and love for our gaffer. Rooney and RVP is such a deadly combo as it is, adding Ronaldo to the mix would change the way we play, but would strike fear into any defence, no doubt.


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