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Rio: Flawed voting stopped RvP winning PFA Award

Rio Ferdinand has voiced the opinion of football fans when claiming that the voting system for the PFA Award is flawed. With the votes cast months before the season has even finished, it often isn’t a true reflection of the best player.

Robin van Persie is the top scorer in the country with 25 goals and lead United to win the 20th title, but the vote was taken during his goal drought, allowing Gareth Bale to scoop the prize.

“The problem with the PFA awards is that the voting system is flawed,” said Rio. “There’s so much technology at hand that you could do it over an iPad and just say ‘bang, bang, bang’ at the end of the season. I am not just being biased but if it was voted for today Robin van Persie would win it by a country mile. But it was voted for by the players in late February or March. Gareth Bale is a worthy winner, but for me it isn’t a true reflection of the season.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Go on Rio. Throw Bale a bone won’t ya.

    Robin isn’t exactly suffering.

    1. EPL title
    2. Golden Boot all but sewn up.
    3. Probably goal of the year as well.

    Think RvP can had a great season, but let’s not be looking like we can’t show a bit of class.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:


    Telegraph Sport ‏@TelegraphSport 3m
    Alex Ferguson is understood to be giving serious consideration to ending his 26-year reign as Manchester United manager. More follows #mufc

    This after rumors all evening of a United announcement and more rumors that Moyes is the interum.

    Very ott.

  3. Feenix says:

    Maybe if RVP didn’t have a goal drought then he may have won it. For me it was Gareth Bale all the way and he has been very consistent all season scoring some great goals. Suarez would not have been in the running as far as I am concerned even though he is a great footballer but he is a nasty piece of work always looking for the free kick. Then again RVP can get a bit dirty as I have seen him elbow someone deliberately in the face a couple of times. As for Carrick I am not sure why he was even on the list. Yes a good player but not spectacular.

    Whilst we are at it tell Fergusson that Bale turned him down because he wanted first team football so he really didn’t have a chance of signing him like he says.

  4. Our double standard says:

    That’s great

    But we’re guilty of attacking QPR for giving up against City last season and then doing the same thing against Chelsea this season

    We expect teams to help us and then do not give a toss about them

  5. yustaq says:

    That fergie retirement news is pacing ground..

    Next season maybe his last…
    But david moyes? Another tumoil?

  6. King Eric says:

    IF Fergie does end time this summer which I can’t see can’t wait to see posts from them that call him a cunt. You won’t know what’s hit you.

  7. King Eric says:

    Feenix. This goal “drought” you talk about was about 4 league games. Just like Ginola over Keano a piss take. But then it’s usually the London based players that win awards. Parker and Walker are two recent jokes.

  8. King Eric says:

    Our double standard. And that’s got what to do with RVP not winning the award?

  9. King Eric says:

    Feenix. Carrick is top drawer and clearly his fellow pro’s appreciate him. Put simple without Carricks consistently superb performances United wouldn’t have won the league.

  10. Farmdog says:

    I disagree


  11. Toms says:

    RVP’s had some brilliant play making and general team play this season. I genuinely believe he had a good shout at a PFA award. Bale while brilliant for sure isn’t quite as godlike as Cristiano was when he got both awards.

  12. Jorge Curioso says:

    Once again, STFU Ferdinand.

  13. eltricolor2014 says:

    I agree with Rio, what’s the point of a PFA award voted for in Feb? It’s ridiculous but so many football awards have a ridiculous voting method.


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