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Rio: Giggs makes me feel inadequate

In his 11 seasons at Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand has won six Premier League titles, the European Cup, two League Cups and the FIFA Club World Cup. However, our defender isn’t content with his trophy haul because he is reminded daily by the presence of some of his team mates that he could have won more.

Ryan Giggs, for example, has double the amount of league and Champions League winners’ medals as Rio, which only serves to make Rio hungry for more success.

“I’m not happy with what I have won, not when I can look around at people in the changing room and know they have got more than me,” Ferdinand said. “You always aim for the people above. That is what I did the day I walked through the door. I looked around and saw people with three, four or five titles and thought ‘I want to have that’. You set yourself targets all the time. I am never going to sit in that changing room and think ‘I am happy with what I have done’.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Feel inadequate Rio? Well dont put channel four on, there’s a geezer with TEN STONE bollocks!

    Joking aside this is just typical United players mentality. Never happy with their lot.

  2. King Eric says:

    See its a knock on effect. The likes of Rafa won’t be happy with THREE. Jones and Kagawa and Robin with one. Smalling with two. The bar is always raised higher.

  3. says:

    I would like to advise Rio to thank God for all what he has won and pray for long life.

  4. Fredrik says:

    Rio is a baws! Some fans dont seem to appreciate him the way that ge should be, but to me he is a big part of our team and a great United player.


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