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Rio Has A Pop At Blatter

Rio Ferdinand was the target of racist abuse when playing for England against Spain in 2004, along with team mates Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips. Every time they went near the ball, the crowd could be heard making monkey noises, leading Rio to almost walk off the pitch.

“I don’t think anybody back in England or on the England team would have blamed us,” he said after the match. “It is a difficult call for the manager [to bring the players off], especially when you are losing. But the abuse was disgraceful.”

Ferdinand has fought long and hard with the “Kick Racism Out of Football” campaign, but it seems to little avail, with the most recent racist incident taking place in Portsmouth’s match against Tottenham Hotspur a couple of weeks ago.

Is it any wonder though, with the ever incompetent Sepp Blatter at the helm of world football?

“Tell that negro de mierda (shitty black) that you are much better than him,” shouted Spanish coach, Luis Aragones, to Jose Reyes in 2004. “Don’t hold back, tell him. Tell him from me. You have to believe in yourself, you’re better than that negro de mierda.” He was of course talking about Thierry Henry, Reyes’ Arsenal team mate at the time.

This brought about attention from all over the World, all curious to see how such a situation would be handled. To use such a blatantly racist term was shocking, so surely he couldn’t get away with it. There were calls for him to be sacked.

However, the following year, he was fined just £2,060 for the incident, the equivalent of a day’s wages.

Rio Ferdinand has had enough of the spineless attitude UEFA and FIFA have towards the issue of racism, and believes it is ever to be kicked out of the game, Blatter has to step up the punishments.

“The football authorities need to look at themselves,” said Rio. “Sepp Blatter likes to speak up about things that are good for FIFA’s image but I would love to see them stand up and dish out the right punishments for these incidents. They make a lot of comments about what they are going to do but they never back up the words with actions.”

When England played Croatia in September, Wigan’s Emile Heskey was the target of racist abuse from the opposing fans, after being fined already back in June for racist behaviour at the Euros. Despite the incidents both taking place within a three month period, the Croatian Football Federation was fined less than £15,000.

“Croatia were fined a few thousand quid. What good is that going to do?” Rio questioned. “That is not going to stop people shouting racist or homophobic abuse. If things like this keep happening you have to take points off them. Then the punters will realise the team is going to be punished.”

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  1. suhayl says:

    All this makes me just laugh.

    1. Uefa and Fifa are corrupt to the core….fines mean money….keeping othe football associations sweet = money. Hence racism will never be kicked out by ludicrous paltry fines.

    2. It is sickening that even though to a large extent we have kicked it out of our game..with more ethnic players and more ethnic fans watching. The case isnt the same on the continent. With huge parts of italy spain and definitely the eastern bloc states still living in the dark ages. And i really mean the nazi dark ages. Racsim there will never be booted out of society. However could be eradicated from football with points deductions and turfing them out. But as i said thats tooooo easy for corrupt bastards like sepp fuckin fatty bastard. Cos as we all know he lines his pockets at every given opprtunity.

    3. And why would the fat bastard want to do anything about it. When he spends most of his time taking kickbacks from football associations and different football federations eg conmebol. And taking more from his marketing companies who sponsor fifa tournaments. And why should he spend time trying to make efforts to boot them out. when most of his time is spent poking his nose in our leagues and our clubs…wanting english clubs out and wanting quota restrictions and wage caps and our pwners and our money and basically wanting the whole english league to suffer. He spends most of his time talking fuckin crap about our game and our country. He is a fuckin jealous bastard who hates ENGLAND..hates the PREM LGE…and hates our SUCCESS. Thats why the bastard wont do owt.

    I mean what has he done for world football in 15 years at the helm????? I’ll tell you what Fuckin f all. Video technology and all that innovation he rejected. When a elect member of fifa highlighted the corruption in african football and the backhanders at fifa..that guy was sacked. The thing is this oligarch has become un fuckin touchable. No one can oppose hi…say anything to him. He takes his kick backs…keeps the concacaf and commebol and caf sweet…hence gets voted in every election.

    RIO mate…you’re wasting your time with this fat bastard who hates utd more than any other club. And why would not give aragones sterner punishment…i’ll tell yu why cos he licks real madrids arse…he is their fuckin honorary president…..and on the board.

    Fuckin corrupt fat bastard..there’s more chance of adolf hitler coming back and eradicating racism.

    PS. Pardon my language lads….but that fuck head makes my blood boil.

    RIO we love you. the END

  2. suhayl says:

    PS. Did i say Sepp blatter is a twat.

  3. Oooodz says:

    Hahaha Suhayl that made me chuckle

  4. furrball says:

    how in the world does he get elected every time?


    SUHAYL = TOTALLY CORRECT.. good comments.


    Blatter and Platini are both dimwits and corrupt to the bone.

    Thats how these people get elected… i dont know if anyone watched the Panorama investigation a few years ago, but that just shown how corrupt it is.

  7. Jonny says:

    If he’s annoyed he should just boot the ball into the face of a supporter again instead of this verbal garbage.

  8. suhayl says:

    30.000 fans shouting racist abuse away from home. Boot the ball into a fan???

    Well done for the most ludicrous comment this century.

    boot the ball into the crowd.. misses the racist and hits a child…rio gets banned for 9 months for booting a ball into the crowd. Which makes him as bad as the racists. and even if 1 racist got hit…that will really quieten them up???????????????? lol

    blimey where were you when the nazis were about…your boot the ball into a fan…really would have stopped the holocaust..

    What a comment…please jonny seriously post your suggestion to fifa and the fa asap.

    the guys trying to do summat to stamp a fuckin serious issue out. Cos nobody fuckin else is. and you want to incite more racism by bootin 1 fuckin fan. And thats your answer is it….creating more hatred and becoming just as bad as them

    Seriously…you dont half get some dimwit comments from people.

    Verbal garbage??..yep thats what i call what you said…spot on

  9. Jonny says:

    You totally missed my point.

    Do you not recall Rio getting a bit angry at some point last season and smashing the ball as hard as he could (after play had stopped) into the crowd a few metres behind the goal, hitting a woman in the face? You may have guessed i am not a Utd supporter and certainly don’t like Rio Ferdinand.

    I didn’t suggest violence as an answer to racism. I see that i confused you though. apologies.

  10. suhayl says:

    Jonny…i remember he did that…that wasnt meant at all….that was due to frustration on the match itself….and what had taken place on the pitch. He didnt mean it and he sincerely apologised plentyfuls afterwards.

    But i see where you were coming from now…

    Apologies also mate if i came across a bit harsh…as you guessed i AM a UTD die hard and LOVE rio to

    no worries mate though…Take care pal

  11. PeeJay says:

    Josè Camacho and Josè Reyes have both said that he was joking, it’s like Ferguson telling Ronaldo “tell that ugly cunt [Figo] that you’re top dog for Spain”. He didn’t mean it in a racist way.

  12. Scott the Red says:

    Peejay – the thing is, calling someone an ugly cunt isn’t racist. Calling someone a shitty black is.


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