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Rio: I hated Arsenal and Chelsea

Speaking at his book launch for his autobiography, “My Decade As A Red”, Rio Ferdinand talked about United’s rivalry with Liverpool, and how he felt after scoring a last minute winner to beat them in 2005.

“John Barnes was my favourite player as a kid,” said Rio. “On my estate, most of the kids loved him and had posters of him in our bedrooms… for football reasons! When I was a kid I used to watch Liverpool because of him. But then of course I signed for Manchester United and you get involved in the whole rivalry and immerse yourself in the club’s history. Manchester United and Liverpool is a huge rivalry. It’s our biggest rivalry, in terms of the success they had in the 80s and then United became successful, so the rivalry is huge. So to score a winner like that, last minute in the Stretford End, you explode. If you could bottle that emotion, you’d be a very rich man. On that day, when you play Liverpool, particularly when you go to Anfield as a Manchester United player, their fans are screaming, they have veins hanging out of their necks. You just think ‘please let us win’, so you can walk off the pitch and look at these guys in their eyes and walk off the pitch proud with your chest out, and I’ve been lucky enough to do that a good few times.”

Whilst Rio recognises Liverpool as United’s biggest rivals, he argues that any team that threatens to beat us to winning the title is a rival.

“The rivalry with us is to do with who we’re competing against,” he added. “We were battling with Arsenal for years to win the league, so they were our rivals and I hated Arsenal. Then Chelsea came along and they won the league a couple of times, then we won it back off them, and I hated them completely. And then City came along and they weren’t ever on my radar before, they were never a threat to win anything. As soon as someone comes out of the woodwork and becomes a threat to win something that you think is yours then you get personal. Maybe hate is too strong but dislike a lot.”

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  1. MUFCJord says:

    Rio Rio Rio!

  2. tivoli says:

    Wow. A hero.

  3. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Rio legend

  4. Dareolamide says:

    @Rio you are stupid for what you have just said is the league meant for united alone

  5. bee says:

    Rio is a fool. How can say he hates other teams when he should relish the competition
    if you are a footballer its ridiculous to say things like that. That shows same of these guys have little understanding of the whole concept of sports

  6. Jarrod says:

    Scared of chelsea haha little bitch!

  7. markdegea says:

    I hate every other team honestly. I only love man utd.

  8. markdegea says:

    I hate every other team honestly. I only love man utd. The only club for me

  9. slim says:


    Yeah thats it we’re shitting ourselves, TERRIFIED Hernandez will make your keeper and luis look like mugs again

  10. Babzcorleone says:

    I still hate those two clubs. Why cant Moyes attract any players to United?! Why arent we in for Bale. We were always the club that would buy the best British based talent like Rio, Carrick, Rooney, Cantona, Yorke, Cole etc. We are at a disadvantage coz most foreign players want to play for RM or Barca so we have to in for British based players and the best right now is Bale. Im really worried that we will end up with Baines and Fellaini and nothing else.

  11. Babzcorleone says:

    Lets face it.. Citeh have bought sum quality talent, Chelsea have got Mourinho and will sign Suarez. RM will get Bale and have got Isco and Ilaramendi. Barca have signed Neymar. Bayern with Pep have signed Gotze and Thiago… The gap is getting bigger at home and Europel

  12. NigerianRed says:

    Exactly how I feel. Once any other team becomes serious competition with Man Utd for the league title, I dislike them immediately.

  13. The Hound says:

    Babzcorleona, what are you going on about? Chelsea will sign Suarez? Mourinho said it’s Rooney or bust for them this summer. You’re just making things up in your head now for fucks sake. Chelsea have made no inspired signings though time will tell on that. Not impressed with City’s signings either. Jovetic had a serious injury last season and like Navas he’s a player lots of big clubs have looked at but never made the big move to get them so that tells you something. Sure they’re good players and will add something to City but I’m not convinced Negredo and Jovetic are better than Tevez or Ballotelo. I’m concerned as well with the lack of transfer activity and the Rooney situation as well but I will now judge when the window shuts. Stop making shit up though like Suarez is going to Chelsea. Absolute bollocks.

  14. spidey says:

    He is one of my favourite players of all time.. Such a classy defender, got his game back at 34 and was brilliant against some of the best attackers.. Will be remembered as a legend once he retires.. Hodgson was a cunt to choose terry over him..

  15. markdegea says:

    This sign this and sign that is really becoming boring. Can’t wait for the window to close. Some of us can’t post anything positive without criticising our Great club’s lack of activity. Getting Borinnnnnnng!

  16. M40 RED says:

    Is Jarrod your real name?? you poor fucker.

  17. VivaUnited says:


  18. Dolorous Redd says:

    Maybe Jarrod means little chav bitch in Hebrew.

  19. kossie Robhy Roberts says:

    legend forever hate if you like

  20. bentrce says:

    They hate you as well

  21. M40 RED says:

    Jarrod means knobhead where i’m from

  22. ji says:

    Attracting players to premier league is very specific.

    Not many top players go to PL. Even less proven players with super star status.

    1. Many with bigger names that came to PL from the continent came here for big money. Case of two clubs Chelsea and Manchester City. United spends big bucks on players but I would not compare those transfers with CH and MC transfers.

    2. Some come to PL cause they like it and wanted to check themselves with tough game where stamina is big factor, where players go all out and game is more brutal than in leagues to the south.

    3. Contrarily to point 2, any technical players fear coming here as they will be eaten by more physical play style.

    I think Messi in PL would not be as that effective as he is in Spain. Hell, look how much more effective is Ronaldo in Spain than he was in PL.

    I think this was also one of the factors why Ronaldhino choose Barcelona over MU. It is simple in case of technical players when they have chance to choose – “to go to hard style football Premier League” or “tikiSHITaka Spanish league, with more freedom to move with the ball” – they will probably in 9 cases out of 10 choose second option.

    I think that failure of JS Veron is bad marketing for PL for technical players. I loved Veron and I hate that he did not become United legend as he had the potential. He shined in champions league games where he had more space and freedom, and with tight marking in PL he was never out of his first or second gear.

    4. Premier League always attracted the most players from Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

    I would say that is main flow of incoming foreign players (generalizing), and those countries are more in a decline football wise. Scandinavian countries do not provide so much talent as they used to, and by talent I mean solid players that can be in first eleven of top PL clubs. French football is in shit hole, and as they have some solid players this is not the same as in the era when they where winning WC and EC.

    I would say even the Netherlands produce less talent then they used to (by their standard).

    5. Please correct me or write more in the regard what I write under this point.

    I understand that in England there is certain restriction as to how much kids can train at football club.

    And if I remember correctly this difference is significant as to for example Spanish league (where there is actually no limits).

    So starting here English clubs are behind continent, as their players when come to senior football world spend less time on training.

    In general I never expect big football name signings in PL, unless it comes with huge insane amount of money or sometimes players go for the manager.

    The only way is to “produce” our own great players, through youth system or buying young players and developing them into starts (Ronaldo).

    Is there one big big football name (in their prime) that came to PL and said “I always dreamed of playing in PL glad that I am here and can take up the challenge”.

    Those who come here have football in their heart and now that winning things in PL is through sweat and blood – hard tackles, tight marking, smallest clubs leave their souls in all games – this is not Spain where besides top two teams rest are just dummies to fill remaining 18 spots in table.

    Looking at transfer window, besides Barcelona and RM remaining clubs sell their stars – in PL all team are working hard on their squads.

    This is mainly that each league position is worth fighting for because of the tv rights cash dividing – not what is in Spain.

  23. Marq says:

    How are youngsters in England going to get the best training, if the stupid FA restricted clubs from recruiting kids outside a certain radius? Imagine if Messi was english, but born in some town which only have a non-league club, he would never be discovered

  24. ji says:



    I forgot that I wanted to put sentence about this rule as well.

  25. wayne says:

    Most players nowadays are jack off’s.Premier league is the only top league that’s competitive in Europe so if a player can sign for the one or two clubs that dominates other leagues it’s easy money,in the prem have to work for it
    Different user names same shit

  26. Proverb says:

    Rio, you’re a legend enough said

  27. Proverb says:

    I 2nd you pal
    Same crap
    The amount of users subscribe to this blog every if they weren’t fake the comment threads would be an absolute traffic, sadly when one appear the other vanishes

  28. Proverb says:


  29. Gideon says:

    Let all chelsea fans go to hell we man u hate our rivals & nortin wil stop dat

  30. Jarrod says:

    Yes jarrod is my name. What’s yours M40 Red? sarah or maybe Kate.
    Spidey he choose Terry over Rio because Rio is a spud!

    Cannot wait for united to turn to shit this year and the great thing is united fans
    Know they are in shit!

    Ferguson was the best at what he did. Mourinho is now the best.
    Enjoy 2013-2014.

  31. belfastred says:

    Enough with the manu bollocks. Its Man United. United or Manchester United. manu is derogatory.

  32. ji says:

    Yeah Real MAdrid showed that Mourinho is the best at what he do… especially last season.

    This will be hard fall for Ch. fans.

    This is the difference.

    Ch. fans are all happy as they think they have the title in pocket…

    We (MY fans) are full of uncertainty and are careful with predictions.

    It will be incredible when at the end of the season we will be above Ch.

  33. ji says:

    MU fans*

  34. wayne says:

    Maureen is just a mouthy little cunt can’t get enough of himself and there lies the problem,its all about Maureen not he team.Maureen has wanted to be Utd’s manager for so long it’s not even funny but Sir Alex although maybe friends with Maureen know’s what a self centered little cunt and troublemaker he is
    In Moyes Utd have a top manager who works hard and understands team concept.Erm Utd fans know we’re shit don’t think so mate won the league going away and now have very talented youngsters coming through
    Think you’re getting the trolls who inhabit this place mixed up with Utd fans,Rent Boy blogs are a waste of time for trolls because no fucker goes on them

  35. The One says:

    Rio = Legend, nuf said!!

  36. spidey says:

    @jarrod you are stupid to say that.. The comment that he chose terry over Rio based on footballing reasons is absolute bollocks.. Terry is also a good defender maybe but he is not in the same class as Rio.. And we maybe in shit we maynot but please go on and underestimate like you always do.. Write us off.. And it will come back to bite your ass.. I never put in a comment against your club saying as long as a team plays decent football it shouldn’t matter if they spent shitloads or not.. But you despise me and i despise your rentboy club..

  37. MUTID says:

    All you lot giving it the big one on a blog are pathetic.

    Cheers for the service Rio, hope this season is a great success to mark your ten with us.

    Stay United guys, fans.. Players and the manager.

    Man United Till I Die

  38. Traffordium says:

    Hate it when chav and goon cunts troll this site.They aint welcome and can go elsewhere.Rio’s a true manc-he can say what he wants!He’s earned the right anyway.

  39. belfastred says:

    Big Rio! A rolls royce of a defender! O and a legend in his own right.

  40. Jeffers says:

    Rio was a great defender, now he isn’t fit to lace Wayne’s boots! (Before he get on a train to London taking our title hopes with him) We need to buy now or risk getting left behind. My left testicle has more creativity than our current midfield!


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