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Rio: I took Carrick to the pub after England squad news

Michael Carrick, like most players at the club, had a pretty awful season for United in 2013-2014. Rio Ferdinand has today claimed that it was a mistake for Roy Hodgson to leave Carrick out of the squad for Brazil though, despite such a poor year.

“As someone involved in that extraordinary campaign, it’s safe to say it was a rollercoaster ride, and draining emotionally,” Rio said. “It’s a real shame for Carrick that one side-effect was losing his place on the greatest stage. He was downbeat about the news — and I know because I was with him when he got the call to say he wasn’t going. Nemanja Vidic and I took him to the pub for a consolation drink. If anything, I was even more shocked than Carrick. If there is an obvious replacement then fine, but there isn’t. He’s been under-appreciated in an England shirt and never had the respect he deserves. He’s the best holding midfielder England have. He knows the role. He’s not constantly wondering whether to stay or go because he plays it, week in, week out. But he’s not been utilised by the national managers, not given that run of eight, nine, 10 games over a sustained period to settle.”

Rio concedes that last season was always going to be difficult without Sir Alex Ferguson, but reckons England might now have a difficult time at the World Cup without Carrick in the squad.

“It was always going to be a tough season,” he added. “Moyes replacing Sir Alex has to be the toughest gig in football. You have to give Moyes some credit for his efforts but it was a tough year — and ultimately Carrick paid. I hope England don’t suffer now, too.”

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  1. united till i die says:

    That’s carrick a problem he’s always wondering whether to stay or go. At 32 he doesn’t have the legs to get around the pitch and as a central midfielder that’s something you need in my opinion.

    You can’t have a player sitting 10 yards in front of the centre back all game passing the ball sideways and backwards all the time. It’s one thing if your playing that position getting stuck in and winning the ball back then starting counter attacks but Carrick just closes down the space rather than pressing the man with the ball.

    I have little sympathy for him with regards to England. Players like Carrick and Rio have continually got screwed over by the national team every year yet they continue to let it happen. Carricks best days are behind him and if we want to get back in the top four he needs to be replaced with two top young midfielders who can get up and down the pitch.

  2. Baguma Carlos says:

    i was very happy to hear that carrick was left out for the national duty down in BRAZIL. For sure how can a coach call amidfielder with no asist and 1 goal for the whole season at his club,he deserved it, players are called on merite. I ALSO SUGGEST VAN GAL shoul offload him

  3. Ryan Eric says:

    lol. carrick is overrated.
    no speed, no goals, no assists, no through balls, no tackles, nothing. only pass pass pass pass pass with rio, vida and de gea. this is a player who deserve to play for a team like man utd? definitely no. carrick always was a player for a team like newcastle or stoke city.

    he is to blame for our slowly game.

    worst, worst player.

    hope van gaal wil bring some cm who can play a good fotball, not like this c*nt.

  4. Imran says:

    i think older midfielders are fantastic for that role of sitting in front of the back four. England have a player in jack wilshere to do the dirty work and box to box running. The second midfielder can play the quarterback role and spray the ball around and receive passes from centrebacks to start attacks. The problem for carick is his confidence is shot. He’s more like a buffer Than quarterback, he keeps it simple, sometimes way to simple and going by this season gerard was way Better Than him playing that role. But to take carick was a no brainer, to take lampard ahead of him is astounding.

  5. OpikBidin says:

    RIo’s role: babysitting players.

    I read somewhere it was Rio who took Rooney up to the training session, and now he and Vidic comforts Carrick.


    About Gerrard, I think he is the one whose confidence is most shot after that slip.

    and, even Barry wasn’t included, so I think Hodgson is nuts. luckily, They have Phil Jones who can be a DM. he was our best CM at the 1st half of the season afterall.

  6. WilliamAR says:

    I don’t feel any sympathy for Carrick. He played shocking all season so he can’t expect to be picked to go to the world cup. Just because he plays for united doesn’t give him any rights to a place in his national team. He wasn’t good enough over the season so he doesn’t deserve a place. I believe you should earn a place in a world cup team not be gifted it. I have to be honest and say that all our players who have been picked to play in the world cup can consider themselves fortunate. Smalling a jones showed how unpredictable and poor they are as a pair which worries me for next season.

  7. Tommy says:

    I agree with Rio, in that first game against Italy, Its in the hottest part of brazil so in those condition you need players who rely on using the ball rather thn getting around the pitch, mistake not picking Carrick

  8. Mark Reid says:

    Carrick may have worked but on last seasons performance why pick him? And drop who?

  9. Tommy says:


    You could argue Lampard had an even worse season than Carick, but hes still their, Carrick should of gone theirs no doubt about that

  10. m09538061 says:

    I was watching a great programme last night about the effects of electrical storms in sport…
    Then they went and ruined it by showing some shit football.

  11. Tommy says:


    I wouldnt call listening to Chiles a great programme mate lol

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Pub for pub players. I’m sure the dog and duck would have given United a decent game with the way we were playing last season. The first team were truly woeful baring De Gea.

  13. WilliamAR says:


    No you definitely couldn’t argue that at all. Carrick and lampard are 2 different types of midfielder entirely. If carrick was to replace any of the England midfielders of a similar role who would he have been picked over?

  14. m09538061 says:

    A fan hit Daniel Sturridge with a drink in England’s match against Honduras.
    A clear indication to Subway that people are noticing their latest TV advert!

  15. m09538061 says:

    Reading about LVG giving Robin van Persie a bollocking,he said do your job and stop defending you’re a striker.
    Van Persie does that because he played under Fergie and Moyes.He was always the man to head out from a corner.
    Also I dont think LVG likes Luke Shaw either.

  16. tallestreD says:

    Carrick has been this way right from time. So I don’t see why it is an issue now. Only thing you can fault him for is the pressing and tackling aspect of his game.

  17. aka_nemo says:

    i want to abuse each of you commenting here personally, but i’ll be satisfied knowing that none of you actually manage a football team at any level (spare fantasy). Given a choice i bet all of you will have a starting line up of 11 strikers. Dumbfucks.

  18. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    I want to know why Michael Carrick is shocked he isn’t going to Brazil.

    Johnson Jones Cahill Baines
    Wilshere Henderson
    Lallana Sturridge Sterling

    I would play this England team obviously omitting Wayne Rooney. When Ross Barkley replaced him England looked a far more dynamic and dangerous. The obvious advantage Ross Barkley brings being able to control and run with the ball. Watching Wayne Rooney stink out the place with his shocking first touch and passing is embarrassing. His record in the World Cup is only slightly better than mine.

    Look at the pace and youth in this England team especially the midfield and forwards. I’d leave the shackles in Miami and deliver a high tempo attacking game. We play like this Italy will have no idea what hit them they will be torn to pieces.

    Unfortunately they have exactly the wrong coach.

  19. m09538061 says:

    Soccer Aid:
    ‘Sit down Mourniho, sit down Mourniho’.
    I bet he still wishes he was Manchester United manager!

  20. MobiMulla says:

    Nefarious? Seriously? Johnson is just shit mate..he’s a massive liability and that’s saying a lot seeing as he’s a part of an average defence. The rest is OK. Your midfield could be fine I have no problems with that but I do think we would need a leader or experienced player there. As for attack I’d take out sterling and lallana. Neither are proven and sterling as talented as he is I believe he had a good season because of who he had with him mainly Suarez. I’d definitely have welbeck there because of his work rate and he also brings a different dimension. I actually think he should be a winger instead of a striker. And instead of lallana I’d have ox.

  21. MobiMulla says:

    Jones Cahill Jagielka Baines
    Gerrard Henderson
    Chamberlain Barkley Welbeck

  22. m09538061 says:

    Soccer Aid:
    Jaap Stam…Man of the Match.
    What a surprise!

  23. m09538061 says:

    Mourniho runs on the pitch (Old Trafford) and takes out Olly Murs.
    ‘Sit down Mourniho’.

  24. Sparkz says:

    1) Carrick did have a shit season but so did Lampard, Smalling, Jones, Wilshere and Johnson. When picking a World Cup squad, club form shouldn’t be the be all and end all. It’s about what options you have available and what you need. As an example, Spain have picked Xavi, Torres and Pedro. Germany always pick Klose and Podolski.France have picked Evra. Etc etc. All had poor seasons.

    2) England need a player like Carrick in those conditions who can keep the ball. They also need a back up DM. If Gerrard gets injured/suspended it could be curtains coz nobody else can play that role. If not Carrick, then at least Barry (who had a good season) should have gone.

    3) I don’t know why some of you judge a midfielder by goals and assists lol. If he’s an AM like Ozil then fair enough. But Carrick isn’t there for that role. Hell, how many goals and assists did Scholesy get in his last 6 or 7 years?

    Carrick had a poor season but 12 months prior to that he was player of the season and in the PFA team of the year. If LVG shifts to a 4-3-3 then that could suit him nicely if he has legs around him. I think he has a year left as a starter, and then we should phase him out and make him a squad player. Although if we sign more than 1 midfielder this summer then his phasing out might start this season.

  25. OpikBidin says:

    looks like everyone forgot Phil Jones can be a DM. Hope Hodgson realizes this. and England fans too.

  26. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    @ MobiMullah

    Johnson is the best of a bad bunch, he’s a natural right back and he has had a good season at club level. Meanwhile you pick Jones completely out of position.

    You would take out Sterling and Lallana because they aren’t proven but play Welbeck and Chamberlain. That seems like a frying pan to fire situation !!!.

    I would love to know what different dimension Welbeck brings that Sterling doesn’t offer. The only dimension springing to mind is Welbeck being played out of position ( just like Jones ) meaning he will drift inside taking Barkley’s space and leaving the full back exposed thus screwing the entire shape of the side.

    None of the four players have ” proven themselves ” at this level but Sterling and Lallana have had stellar seasons at club level meanwhile Welbeck and Chamberlain (for possibly understandable reasons) simply haven’t shown the form and consistency required.

  27. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    On the basis of club for Carrick was rightly not picked. It’s a tough thing to say but it’s really the truth. You cannot judge a player on last year’s form. You have to judge a player on his most recent performances and Carrick just wasn’t good enough this past season. Simple. If the world cup came the year prior then Carrick is number one midfielder picked but it came a year later and his repeated carelessness on the ball in an extremely dangerous area of the pitch for us last season did not go unnoticed and cost him his place.

    However, I will partially agree with Sparkz in saying I can’t understand why Barry wasn’t picked. They do need more than one defensive midfielder just for tempo purposes. It’s very hot conditions in Brazil and you can’t go up and down for 90 minutes like in the temperate conditions of the premier league. You need someone capable of holding everything together for a minute just to let your attackers catch their breath and go again. If Gerrard goes down, they’re more fucked than they currently are. Barry had a great season and should have been picked.

  28. Imran says:

    Whatever anyone says, rooney has to play, play him on wide left, play him through the middle, Hell play him at right back, He.l do a job. He’s by far Englands best player. The question is does he have the hunger to perform. England would be much Better served building a team around him and giving him the responsibility to do What he can do.

  29. Paul davidson says:

    I will have taken him to the toilet and not a pub. Cos he was so terrible and shite. Both midtable and bottom table teams’ midfield always over -ran him like he doesn’t exist. The whole midfield was terrible and disastrous. None of them deserves to dream of brasil talkless of going there. They were playing shite the whole season thinling they were only hurting us, the fans and forgetting that the world cup will come back to bite them. He’s terrible, 0 assissts, 0 goals. Those comparing him with lampard must be blind fellows. At least lampard scored some few goals this season and had a few assissts. How many did carrick score or assissted? He got what he deserved.if he feels he’s too old, he might as well leave us and go join the other pensioners at the U.SA like Lampard and David villa.

  30. Tommy says:


    Well as the player who can actually retain possetion and in the heat of Brazil its what you need ball retention, its incredibly naive not to select Carrick and when gerrard, henderson, wilksure, barckley and lampard cant keep the ball for shit then you may see where I am coming from

  31. Tommy says:


    An out of position Jones at right back is a better option than Glen fucking Johnson, this is not a great England team but Johnson is by far the worstn player in the entire squad, hes fucking gash, total weak link, get Jones or Smalling out of poisition over him, hell id even play Ben Foster at right back above Johnson he really is that bad

  32. WilliamAR says:


    Carrick has been inept of retaining the ball throughout the season and has lost a lot of mobility. he just doesn’t have the pace any more which is sad for me to say but it’s truthful. we’re entering a new era of football where players are getting quicker and more skilful. any top side will pass a midfield to death if they don’t have the mobility to close down quickly. the rule is you can’t keep the ball if you can’t get the ball. Carrick did nothing throughout the season to deserve a place in the world cup squad so he doesn’t deserve a place. Gerrard and henderson came bloddy close to pipping the hugely expensive team that are city to the league and played well enough to earn their place, wilshire played for a higher placed team who won the FA cup, barkley stood out amongst all of them and lampard will score a ton more goals than carrick and is more mobile despite his age. We’d all love Carrick to repeat the season he had before the last just gone but the fact remains that he didn’t so he can have no complaints.

  33. Tommy says:


    Granted he had a bad season playing in a struggling team but the fact remains in that heat with his game, he should of been 1st name on that team sheet, and 1 bad season will not change that. Players like Barkley will be knackered after 5 minutes playing his natural game, You cant run around like he does in that heat for long, Impossible! Hendeerson isnt fit to lace carricks boots. You will see when all the England midfielders cant keep hold of the ball for 5 seconds, all retention will be vitally imporant at this world cup and none in the squad do it as well as Carrick, enough said

  34. WilliamAR says:


    You’re only as good as you’re last game and in Carrick’s case what you’re suggesting is you’re only as good as the season before last. despite the heat they will still need mobility and Carrick has lost a ton of his. These are professional sportsman so they should deal with the heat and England I’m sure will deal with it. you’ll be surprised what the human body can take with the correct hydration. I know that because I’ve put my body through the mill like a professional sportsman in high heat as i am in the Royal Marines. I know for a fact what the human body is capable of and carrick will make no difference as he would still need to be mobile to win the ball. He could potentially end up being a liability if he plays like he did all season. I actually think England have got some really promising youngsters and will do well this tourniment. and considering the fact that I’m Scottish shows how unbiased I am being with that statement.

  35. Tommy says:


    We shall see when the european nations drop like flies, I also think Roy has made a big error taking the team to Miami, im sure Roy will say its too acclimatise to the heat but its not just the matches, training in the heat takes it out of them, France, Holland and Belgium all correctluy chose to remain at home for the pre tournament friendlies. I have got the respect for anyone in the armed forces but its a totally different situation, im telling you now, mainland europe will suffer badly. Good luck anyone playing Spain trying to chase their ticka tacka football

  36. Tommy says:

    A sign of how clueless the press are sometimes, Some papers are reporting we are trying to hijack Fabregas chelsea deal, some other papers are saying we still have no interest in him. The MEN are reporting we are in for Viidal and Shaw is expected to sign after Englands next 3 games (When they exit the compeition) after telling saints that he wanted to join us the day after the final day of season

  37. OpikBidin says:


    Nope, mobility is important, but playing a possession game with short and sideway passes, not just kick and rush, running and dribbling play is more important.

    England will just run aimlessly chasing the ball without a true passer and holding player. I look at the list and almost all are pacy direct footballers, while passers and holding players like Cleverley, Carrick, Barry are being left out.

  38. OpikBidin says:

    And the role of that passer and holding player is extremely important in matches played in heat or high altitude.

  39. Paul davidson says:

    @opikbidin: Cleverley? Lol …hahahahahahaha…you might as well ask them to take a conference division player with them, cos am sure it will also make sense for


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