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Rio: It Was A No-Brainer For Evans

Jonny Evans was in two minds about staying at Manchester United last summer when a £10 million bid came in for him from Sunderland.

He went on to play in 32 games for United, including our league matches against Arsenal and Chelsea, as well as the European Cup semi-final.

Rio Ferdinand has revealed he spoke to Evans last summer but concluded that having the opportunity to win so many trophies at United makes it hard to leave.

“I spoke to him in pre-season last year in South Africa,” said Rio. “He asked me about it. He was at a stage where he wanted to play every week. He had that the season before on loan at Sunderland and he didn’t want to come back and play reserve-team football again. But it’s the same argument for any young player. Do you want to go and play for a team in mid-table or do you want to be in a squad where you’re going to get chances to play in a title-winning team or European Cup-winning team? When you look at it like that, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. 9jmac says:

    Well said. Evans will be a star

  2. cantona7 says:

    evans is already one of my favourite player. Among the new generation, he is the most matured.

  3. boam6 says:

    I’m glad we kept Evans after the depature of piqué it looks like we have four very good centre backs with brown being fit again and extra cover at right back our squad is very strong just worry about the wingers u reck nani and valencia can both produce on big games I certainly hope so

  4. Mhd bzew says:

    What a future he ‘ll get at United…great one
    Great defender alongside of Rio
    He can Play Carling cup and FA Cup Games and some CL games and PL games
    He have a very good chance to be a world class defender….
    You can see that from his performance

  5. molthemackem says:

    Jonny will be one of the Greatest Centre halfs ever. He was imense for our club when on loan and if you ask any Sunderland supporter they will all tell you the same….

    One Jonny Evans

    Wish him well whatever he does and who ever he plays for.

  6. AlphaRS says:

    Not for Carlos Tevez it wasn’t!

  7. AlphaRS says:

    If only we kept Pique too. For when Rio and Vida are past it.

    Evans and Pique would of been a good combination.

  8. aig alex is god says:


    correct mate.pique is doing well at barca,but fergie said he wanted to go back home(to Spain).dats why he left.nyways wudnt have got much of a chance with Rio and Vida

  9. Gusy SAFC 4 life says:

    He is a quality player and will be amazing for Man U in the future. He was brilliant for Sunderland and i would have loved him to come, but i wish all the best for him.

  10. Ghio says:

    Evans will be the future of our backbone!!!!!!! He will get better every year and last season he was impressive. It is hard to step out Ferdinand or Vidic because they are the best in the Premiership and one of the best in Europe.

  11. Christoff says:

    Evans is quality and I was sad to see Pique go. I live in Spain so watch most Barca games – he is excellent.

    Anyway, good to see Rio bigging him and supporting him.

    I think he’s our future captain – arguably the best centre back in the world, composed, cool, passionate and still has his best years to come.

    Well said Captain Rio :)

  12. ianSAFC says:

    Jonny Evans is amazing, he will be class for man united, i would be so happy if Bruce managed to get him on loan this season, he is far to good for Sunderland now but we helped make him, i just hope he fills his boots and becomes one of the best cb in his time.

  13. Manc'er says:

    Oh and boys, seroiusly- how many in your squad do your think would get into our midfield and attack? LOL. Exactly. Than again how many of our squad would get into your squad! Exactly. Point proven our squad is superior and growing -best midfield and best attack. Give it a season and well also have the best defence!
    ITS ALL OVER MAN’U'RE are the 2nd team now.

  14. Mark the Devil says:

    Manc’er, whats wrong pal nothing to do in Stockport today?

  15. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    would you ever just fuck off
    i dont mind other teams fans coming onto this and talkin up there team
    but you can talk and debate with football fans
    you can talk and debate with city fans
    you cant talk to thick plastic fans who dont know anything to talk about
    in the last 6 years zola was at chelsea he won 4 trophys
    the day after he left hits was bought by the russian
    you have won nothing
    have bought players but the team that had no ballance is worse off now

  16. Redfaced says:


    Will you please enter the real world. The signings citeh have made this summer are those who have been rejected by the big 4. You spent 25m on tevez when realistically he’s worth 15m tops. Arsenal wanted rid if adebayor and you foolishly offered him 170,000 a week. Liverpool rejected Barrys demands and Santa cruz will be a huge flop.

    Now, in terms of your midfield and attack compared to ours, there’s no argument we are by far better! Rooney berba n owen are miles better then your lot whilst your midfield is full of shit. Carrick is better than Barry, whilst the others would make up a decent mud table team. Trust me. Utd will be champs come may n city will struggle to finish 7. Spurs villa everton and arsenal are all better than you ATM

  17. willierednut says:

    Yes prancer we will miss ronny no doubt, but to say we will miss tevez’s 5 league goals no, im sorry we wont, good work rate poor first touch and needs more chances than andrew cole to score.

  18. willierednut says:

    Jonny evans is a star in the making.

  19. Corea says:

    @ Manc’er


  20. venu says:

    @ Manc’er
    wanker!!! get back to your poster making! all you have are a bunch of top four rejects!

  21. King Eric says:

    Mancer – Fuck off you cunt. How did your lot get on today? 2 defeats in 3. Not looking good is it. As for first 11 not ONE of yours would get in United. Maybe Robinho at a push if he could perform away from home. Jokers.

  22. King Eric says:

    Also why are you on here? This post has nowt to do with City. It is about Jonny Evans. You know the one who you would probably love at the mercenaries to replace Dunne.

  23. hurr says:

    Kaizer Chiefs 1 – 0 Manchester C. Nice strong team there. Adepaymemore’s debut too.

  24. twinnyd says:

    LOL @ manc’er aka wank’er

    i love your optimism for the upcoming season.your such a clown.its obvious your having so much fun playing fm09 because a sensible football fan wouldnt say so much bullshit.your such a deluded twat.I PITY THE FOOL. lolol

  25. Isaidso says:

    Johny Evans, Johny O’Shea, Darro Gibson – the fierce fighting Irish contingent of Man United. Sheasy and Evans were just great for us last season, AND hopefully Gibbo is going to establish his game for us this season. He has a great chance! He just needs to do a Keano, and not let anyone push him off the ball. As for Wes Brown, that lad is fucking immense, and as SAF says, if Wes can stay fit, WE ARE IN BUSINESS!

  26. Isaidso says:

    Errrr the Kaisers beat Man City eh, with all their new strikers having played in their pre season games bar CARLA TEVEZ! I just read this morning how City club and players, plus the City fans were looking forward to collecting their 1st piece of silverware in the SA 3 team competition. Well done the Kaisers!

  27. Manc'er says:

    Down down down you go gently down the stream,
    merrily merrily merrily another premiership is but a dream.

    Cloudcookcooland some of you lot- City have better attack options, far superior midfield and much better keeper. Defence I will concede is lacking but this is will be addressed shortly. Oh and ofcourse a better, far better bank balance with “0″ debt.

    Truth hurts doesn it! Your team is now full of hasbeans- scoles/giggs/hargreaves/neville with no one good enough to replace them- to add the worlds best footballer has also just upped sticks on done one! If Ronnie is worth 80m, Tevez is easily worth 25m (remember the late winners he scored for you last season? Without which you wouldnt have won it!).

    Its over ppl, you are a sinking ship with no one to bail you out and no one to score thos goals that have now gone forever!

    The future is blue my friends….

  28. Mark the Devil says:

    Listen mr inferiority complex,
    If shitty win anything ultimately it will be hollow because you need a sugar daddy to buy success for you. Whereas United’s money is all self generated. That’s because we are BIG club and you are a mickey mouse club, always have been always will be. Forever in our shadow.

  29. THE GUN says:

    I am an Arsenal fan, and i was a bit dissapointed to see the best player in the world move to la liga. Manchester city is the biggest joke in the history of football. they are not capable of winning a simple tournament in south africa and the want to mount a challenge for cups in england. hughes does not even know the dynamics involved to win. man city does not have any class, they just have a group of overpaid strikers who never made significant contributions in their previous clubs. is huges capable of spotting talent and developing it?. are teams going to always sell their best players to city? do really top players like kaka or eto’o with ambitions want to go to city?. chelsea is the only so far that has been succesful as a result of money. manu ‘s sucees was a result of continous development, same goes for arsenal,barca,AC milan, inter, lyon and many more

  30. Mark the Devil says:

    @The Gun: well said mate. Just throwing money about does not guarantee success, its not that simple. If it was then Chelski would be dominating europe! But the rentboys and the bitters have proved one thing, money can’t buy you class. FIOS.

  31. five says:

    To Chelsea’s credit they were a decent side who you could always trust to give you a hard game. They had the makings of a good side and the cash gave them a huge push over the line

    City just two seasons ago considered Darius Vassel and Joey fucking Barton to be their best players! Keep your “star studded midfield and attack” you wanker. There is no heart.No passion and no balance in your team, hell you have a Manchester United man leading you! he doesnt give a fuck about your team he’s a money hungry man just like your players!.

    Have fun this season because citys going down with a zillion in the bank!

  32. Reds R' Us says:

    you can pay for school, but you can’t buy class

  33. hurr says:

    I might be a bit scared if they brought “The Special One” as their manager but, Hughes? Nah.

  34. javac says:

    I was thinking about why United always stay at the top of the table despite all the money Chelsea had spent, and for me it all comes down to our sensible youth policy. We plan for the next generation more than chelsea, pool, and ahem Citeh. This time it’s Foster, Tosic, Llajic, the 2 Da Silva’s, Anderson, Evans, Wellbeck, Kiko, Diouf and Gibson, and possibly Costa. We could could find a full team out of that lot in four years.Anyone fancy working out total cost? £50 mill maybe? For a full team and one sub? Good price. Evans looks a true gem.

    And people are once again saying that Fergie has lost it. Idiots. It’s just Smoke and Mirrors; take the pressure onto Fergie and off the players. That’s all a great manager needs to do when he starts afresh with rebuilding a team.

  35. Ulster Red says:

    love jonny hes a bit of a hero in our wee country..futre captain for Norn Iron, and its great to see him playing up to the united standard..WE LOVE JONNY


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