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Rio MERKED Liverpool’s Torres

Fernando Torres got kicked off the park against United, at Old Trafford and Anfield, if you ask any scouser. He didn’t bottle it against United and our defence weren’t too good for him. He simply was cheated out of a good performance.

It’s Sunday, kick back and relax, and check out a couple of videos…

Torres waits until he gets in to the penalty area, then throws himself to the ground, once recognising he won’t beat Rio for strength. Maybe I missed the kick he got…

As Torres rolled around on the deck, “same old scousers, always cheating” was the song of the Old Trafford crowd. Michael Carrick made a good challenge for the ball, but again, as soon as Torres got in the area, he took a dive. He held the back of his hand to his head, wincing in pain, from lack of contact he received.

Poor ol Torres, kicked off the park. But Sky Sports rated him as 5 at Anfield, stating he was “not at the races”, whilst The Guardian gave him a 6 for the match at Old Trafford, stating: Missed only good chance and lucky to avoid second yellow for a theatrical reaction.

Maybe Stevie Me will give him the talk on how divers aren’t accepted at Liverpool soon…

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  1. Tom F says:

    Torres is easily one of the best forwards in the league… and that just shows how good our defence is. Rio Ferdinand is a different class and that tackle from Carrick shows what he’s all about. Carricks game against Chelsea last year was one of his best.

    Like the El Hombre design, though am contemplating whether I can deal with wearing a shirt with a Scouser on it… hmm.

  2. sean says:

    Ferdinand is teh best defender in the league no doubt…But its taken hom till he is nearly 30 to show it.

    As for Torres would you not say he has done well enough in his first season in the prem?

  3. Scott the Red says:

    Torres did brilliantly in his first season… apart from when he came up against United, when he went AWOL.

  4. Drew Vader says:

    i like the second one, where he takes two full steps before deciding to throw himself to the ground. What a little girl

  5. C.Andrewas says:

    “As Torres rolled around on the deck, “same old scousers, always cheating” was the song of the Old Trafford crowd.”

    no the chants where “fernando torres liverpools number 9″

    u could still hear us singing even at 3-0 down while your glory hunting fans where silent as fuck like normal

  6. Drew Vader says:

    Notice how he doesn’t dispute the fact that fernanda was rolling around on the deck cheating….

  7. azza says:

    ooooh u badboy c andrewas!!! y duz ur torres song state the obvious :S, imaginative bunch rnt ya!!

  8. Scott the Red says:

    C Andrews – the mean John O’Shea’s chant which you adapted for Torres? Pretty ironic really isn’t it, after his goal in front of the Kop :D

    I guess you didn’t listen to the video with sound on, or you are deaf.

  9. Ace says:

    wise up, why are you still going on about this? i was at old trafford in the home section and the whole experience was utterly galling. torres was well marked out of the game by ferdinand, no doubt about it. he will score against united though and then you’ll regret all this posturing. only good thing about the match was the liverpool fans keeping the songs up while united even though they were trouncing us were silent.

    will you be singing your viva ronaldo song this year? (speaking of diving)

  10. VIOUL says:

    jealous of the record breaker,torres is the best striker in the premiership

  11. Mic says:

    El Twat as he’s known in Manchester is as big of a hypocrite than Gerrard, it was Torres who came out and said Gerrard told him not to dive and that’s why he doesn’t do it. Can we believe anything that is said at Liverpool? “This year is our year” just where do they get that from?

  12. Tom F says:

    ACE-We’ve been singing We’ve Got Ronaldo, That boy Ronaldo and Viva Ronaldo over the last 5 years… not just since he banged in 42 goals last year..
    Viva John Terry has a nice ring to it, so we’ll continue to sing that.

    I love the way a fucking Scouser of all people can jump on the band wagon of calling United supporters Glory hunters, I’d thought you’d be the last considering you have had a whole generation of fans start supporting you in your glory days. Remember them? Maybe not. Maybe you weren’t even born then? Who know’s?

    We’ll never be jealous of a Liverpool player, do you see?

    “We’ve got Wesley Brown, we’ve got John O’shea.
    Manchester is Dreaming, of silverware in May”

  13. Haydar says:

    yes torres is the best damn striker in the league, he’s amazing thats why liverpool won the league lastyear.. oh wait

  14. Ace says:

    i didn’t call anyone a glory hunter mate and i’m old enough to know that there’s no apostrophe in ‘knows’

  15. Gabriel says:

    HaHaHa.. Torres definitely got MERKED last season lol He is a fine striker, but Rio owned him big time. He uses pace to get past defenders (just like Henry) and the weird thing is most premiership defenders are slow (John Terry lol). Well, United’s defence is anything but slow and you could see how Rio used his pace against him in that video.

    This year is gonna be harder for Torres, as a lot of teams have wised up to this and improved the pace of their defence, even Titus Bramble looked faster today against Chelsea lol. United, however don’t need only pace when we got the playmaking and assist capabilities of Rooney on the pitch!!

  16. stonyk says:

    Wow, this board seems full of intelligent people. Glad I spend time reading it!
    It is interesting to see a manc spend so much time cutting clips of Torres. Being a red I admittedly would never give Ronaldo the respect of taking time making videos of him – good or bad, I have much better things to do with my life. Like scratching my arse!

  17. nozzy says:

    I think Rios biggest ‘Merk’ was when he told Rooney that he was a scouser, the sam scouser that his own fans and his own captain profess to hate.

    I trust you all know what the word hypocrisy means? I’ll explain. It’d be a bit like…..well a bit like if a crowd who said they hated scousers started cheering madly for a scouser.

    The timing of this couldnt be dumber. A few weeks before you come to Anfield and face Torres….WITHOUT Ronaldo? Uh oh, spaghettiooos

  18. Matthew says:

    We’ll see what happens when Ferdinand comes up against Torres – my guess is that it’ll be another crap game with United putting everyone behind the ball and Liverpool having to launch the long ball to break down their two banks of defence. The deciding factor will probably be the referee. I think if it’s Steve Bennett then United are certain winners BUT if it’s a different ref I think Liverpool will win.

  19. Gary says:

    C.Andrews: You could still hear you singing at 3-0 down? What set of fans dont sing during a lock in? You scousers never were the brightest bunch, your supposed to sing during the game aswel not after everyones left the bloody ground. The last 2 seasons at Old Trafford Liverpool’s away support has been awfull and thats not a biast opinion.

  20. Jimmybob says:

    fook off ace, you and your dipping mates made no noise what so ever
    rio didn’t give torres (the greatest striker in the world ever bar none) a kick
    simple as that

  21. OTRed says:

    @Matthew: What the hell are you on about? Putting everyone behind the defense? With you guys, we attack just like we usually do, check out the first half and see how many times we surged forward, and then check out the 2nd half and see how you guys were making a failed attempt at slowing down the game. Now take your blinders off and see that even before the Argentinian fool in your team decided to have a go at the refree, we were already dominating the game and were 1-0 up, the best you guys could have got out of that game was a draw, cus we were so much better than you(like in most of the recent meetings). Now if the refree decided the 3-0 smashing, how do you explain the 1-0 win earlier in the season where once again, Torres got lost, and this time in ANFIELD, where he scored 31 of his 33 goals.

  22. Ronin2009 says:

    @ Scott the red
    I actually think you will find you ripped he John O’Shea song from us first.
    The first recorded use of the tune for “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” in sports terms was used by Liverpool fans in 1965 for there FA cup run. The song was called “On the Bus to Villa Park”

    if you search the origins of the song it’s easily found.

    While on the bus to Villa Park haroo, haroo,
    I heard my mate make this remark haroo,haroo,
    We made poor Chelsea weep and ill
    Its Liverpool 2 and Chelsea 0
    and we’ll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

    So here’s to Lawrence, Byrne St John, haroo haroo,
    Milne and Yeats and Stevenson haroo,haroo
    Hunt and Thompson what a man,
    Lawler Smith and Callaghan,
    and we’ll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup

    For the Liverpool lads raise your glass haroo, haroo
    To Stevenson who made the pass – haroo, haroo
    Thompson had them in a trance,
    Bonetti never stood a chance,
    And we’ll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

    It’s Wembley on the first of May – haroo, haroo,
    It’s Leeds United labour day – haroo, haroo,
    We’ll be there to cheer Bill Shankly’s side,
    And bring the cup to Merseyside,
    And we’ll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

    And if it’s a draw you’ll hear us moan,
    Lets use the coin that beat Cologne,
    And we’ll all get blind drunk when Liverpool win the cup.

  23. Ace says:

    take it you weren’t there jimmybob? i agree that ferdinand bossed torres as you’ll no doubt be aware if you read my post. i don’t want to be the spelling pedant but gary… biast? are you 12?

    still interesting to see you lads writing torres articles considering you’re so dismissive of him.

  24. Tom F says:

    Ace – I woz typin ina scouse acsent m8.

  25. Tom F says:

    Oh and ACE, you should maybe try starting your sentences with a capital letter. I wasn’t aiming the whole of my second post at you though, just the first part.

    However, I can count you all as one as I don’t like any of you.

  26. Jim Boukis says:

    How bout we make it a fair match up and not let Steve Bennet officiate…

  27. Pete says:

    You must all be blind – or have you no idea about injuries – Torres’s left foot was caught under Carrick’s left boot in the challenge and only when he stepped using it, did he feel the pain. He is no diver. No matter what commentators may say, and you mancs must be reading too much into that, but the video evidence you yourselves put up is proof enough of that.

  28. Jimmybob says:

    Ace i was there and your mob were crying and moaning about how the ref cheated us, blah blah
    I expected Jimmy mcgovern to pen a drama about “masch and how we was robbed” with tinhead and sinbad as the leads , lol you got stuffed on the park and were a joke of it.

  29. Tom F says:

    Fookin’ ‘ell are these Dippers still talkin’ :O


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