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Rio: Moyes Is Enthusiastic And Has Desire To Be Successful

Rio Ferdinand has sung the praises of new manager David Moyes, claiming he is keen to maintain the success of his predecessor.

“We’ve got a manager who’s very enthusiastic,” Ferdinand told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. “He’s young and has got the desire and appetite to be successful. After the manager we had, that was very much needed and he’s someone I would have chosen if I was in a position to. He’s not someone who is looking to come in for three or four years – he’d love to replicate what the manager has done. There were people who’d have come into the job, who maybe wouldn’t have wanted to be here for that amount of time. I’m sure the new manager sees this as a job for the long term. You can’t get away from the fact that the fans, and us as players, expect to win. We’ve been used to it, so to say that the fans won’t mind, that we should give the manager a bit of time to bed in, is lying. We want to win. And I am sure he (Moyes) is the same. He doesn’t want to come in and say ‘give me a three-year bedding in time, I can just dilly-dally and be second or third’.”

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  1. Kagawabungabunga says:

    Giggs pulling the John Terry’s for fucking 8,,,years like trophyless Le Arse
    still the bandwagon fans pulls the GIGGS13 Legend!!!!!!!Immortal….while The fat bastard scouce shagging whore Out,,,,this double standards are hilarious!!!!

  2. The Truth says:


    It’s time for you to butt out and mind your own business. That’s the second time I’ve seen you launch a bullshit character assassination on me, trying to paint me as a keyboard warrior and the regulars here as the innocent victims. Once again a very civil post of mine, on topic (about the only reply that has been!) with no provocative language is met with a volley of foul mouthed abuse from one of your regulars here. “You’re such a fucking twat.” And that’s tame by the standards I’ve become accustomed to here. Yet in your biased and deluded little mind it’s me who is the troll, “big man” and keyboard warrior!

    Poor Wakey. Another bullshitter exposed.

  3. zibbie says:

    The UK is 25 yrs behind the States we called our players cunts who held out to get more money, now we say get all you can your meat to the team aka Ruud, Becks and Keano… We want them to get top dollar.

  4. Evans_KickingSkills says:

    @The Truth

    You are right. We should strive to win EVERY game. Even friendlies. But we did not field our strongest team that night in Bangkok. And we lost the game. What do you propose we do about it now?

    Spot on, I reckon.

  5. Evans_KickingSkills says:

    The players and their wages is more important than the team they are playing for? The team that we are supposed to be supporting?

    I’m afraid you are making a fool of yourself.

  6. United till I die says:


    I agree with you on Rooney but to me it still beats the alternative of selling him to a rival. What happens if RVP suffers a long term injury in the first match and we are left with wellbeck and Hernandez for the majority of the season. I like them both but I wouldn’t want either to carry the load over a 38 game season especially with Hernandez relying so heavily on others to create chances for him.

    I’m sure Rooney will get it from fans the first couple matches but if he’s scoring goals that will quieten down. Fans might not forgive him but if he’s doing the business on the pitch they will put up with him. A lot can happen in two seasons and IF he fired us to a couple league titles or another champions league title fans might just be hoping he resigns.

    Again worse case scenario he walks away at 30 for free to a rival by which point he will be passing his peak years. On footballing terms its the only way this thing makes sense if he won’t resign now

  7. Sushi says:

    The Giggs affair was a fucking travesty, I personally couldn’t tell you how upset and disgusted I was when i heard about it. Me and my dad both were huge fans of Giggs and you can always respect his footballing ability but it goes to show he didn’t change at all from his earlier days. If you are capable of sleeping with your brothers wife, I shudder to think what else he got up to that we don’t know about.

    This is why people need to give up some of their obsession with footballers and how they should be “leaders” and “Role Models”. Give me a fucking break politicians with degrees from Harvard, Cambridge etc do shit like this and no one bats and eye. This obsession that we need them to be “Morally” just as well as gifted footballers is a crock of shit.

    It was a disgrace when Giggs won the greatest player of the century award or whatever it was from United fans. For me it should have gone to Scholes at least with him you’re yet to hear anything negative. Seems to me he might be the rule to the exception for footballers.

  8. zibbie says:

    No I love the Cubs and Bears and do not think the master land lord get 80% of the wheat. The are big entertainment bus. So should the Glazers keep the cash? or the players. 50% wage bill at MUFC and 3xs the revenue and keep Wazza at 125 K a week not the going rate ??? Wow I know I can be foolish , not the fool here you be fooling yourself. GO PLAYERS OF MUFC GET WHAT IS YOURS NOT THE GLAZZER BOYZZZZ!!!!! wow ???

  9. Evans_KickingSkills says:

    @United till I die

    Well said. Gotta respect your tone as well.

    I think you are 100% correct on Hernandez.
    And as much as I love Welbeck. You have got to ask, how long will he be given at this level if he does not improve his finishing?

  10. The Truth says:


    I don’t care about that anymore. I only posted those quotes to illustrate perfectly that contrary to the perception of me as a troll/wum/plastic/gloryhunter/cunt on here, the opinions I expressed after that game were the opinions of a true United fan, and happily I have been vindicated by United greats Rio Ferdinand and Phil Neville today.

  11. The Truth says:

    “At United we strive for perfection. If we fail we might just have to settle for excellence.” – Sir Matt Busby

  12. Wakey says:

    @The Truth
    Most of the people who abuse you humoured your for a long time and tried to debate with you when you got abusive with them. As someone who spent many years as a paid moderator for a few online forums I know when someone’s a troll as the tactics are textbook and you are hitting every point. Take an extreame stance on something, keep posting that stance over and over again, refuse (or simply unable) to debate the responces, get abusive with those who respond, wait for a few to crack and respond with abuse, then play the pity card that people are being abusive to you, anyone who doesn’t rise to your bait keep trying to push buttons until something works and they get abusive. At some point you will no doubt roll out the goto last resort of ‘Get cancer and die’ comment to hope to push people’s buttons.

    Your a troll, I know it and you know it so just cut it out.

  13. United till I die says:

    @ Evans

    Wellbeck has all the necessary tools to succeed at the top level but as another poster(can’t remember who) brilliantly pointed out last week the one thing he lacks is the composure in front of goal and that’s something you can’t really teach in training because you can replicate the pressure of a match situation. We just have to hope it clicks for wellbeck at some point but for me personally right now I can’t see him ever being a first choice striker when everybody’s fit.

  14. RawbOij says:

    In other news, when the time comes when our own Danny Welbeck is a true and proper legend and they decide to make his life story a film, this is the actor they will pick to portray him.

    He can start practicing his accent now.

  15. Evans_KickingSkills says:


    It seems you’re trying to put words in my mouth.
    I’m not sure what you where trying to say though.

    @ various posters

    Yes, Giggs put some serious dents in his reputation with those actions.
    I think most United fans where as shocked and hurt as I was when this came out.

    Since the question was raised: No, his actions aren’t much better than those of Rooney, Terry et. al.
    And he isn’t above criticism. I do feel he handled it in a good way though. I mean in PR terms.
    In the end it cost him, among many things, his chance of being knighted.

    Of course we fans do not feel that footballers need to be angels off of the pitch.
    But there is a feeling that they should, in their actions on or off the pitch, represent their club as best possible. They ARE role models, whether they like it or not, whether their contract says so or not.

  16. zibbie says:

    Evans cool if you do not understand do not make it personal I am nobodys fool.

  17. Kagawabungabunga says:

    Ed Woodward in Europe to land Fabregas

  18. denton davey says:

    Wakey @ 22:11: “While I agree we shouldn’t be selling to an English club unless they offer silly money (60mill seems about right based on what other strikers at his level are going for plus the tax on English players to English clubs) but if we keep him its going to damage team spirt and has shown he doesn’t really perform when he is in a strop.”

    You’re right about “the 60million going rate, plus the English Tax”. That’s why the low-ball bid from CSKALondon was so incredibly stupid. TheWayneBoy wasn’t going to be discounted – and especially not to a rival.

    BUT, more than that, it gave Rooney a slap-in-the-face reality-check: “is that all I’m worth as a 27/28 year-old? what can I expect to get if I don’t sign a new contract with MUFC ??” Even “Wazza” has to realize that UTD have him by the short-and-curlies for the next two years. That’s why he’s going to have to eat humble pie and maybe even re-consider Paul Stretford’s representation as his agent.

    TheWayneBoy has been very, very, very poorly-advised this time-around – he’s good, sure, but he’s not “world-class good”, not even close to that standard. Plus he’s getting a lot of miles on his body and seems to find conditioning and diet a challenge that he just doesn’t like very much.

    He’s going to have to realize that the team won’t be built around him – not as #9 and probably not as #10. If he’s willing to accept the challenge of taking on TheScholesRole then he will be a guaranteed first-team player but, if not then he’s going to be sharing playing time with younger, hungrier guys like DannyTheLad, Chicharito and KagawaBunga AND playing in the shadow of RVP.

    More than anything else, Wayne Rooney is “a baller” – just like MrJones – and I can’t see why a change in position/role is beyond him – or MrJones. It’s all about “T-E-A-M” and there’s no “I” in that word.

    It’s this challenge that makes the current situation so fascinating – both for Rooney and for the team. I know that a lot of you guys don’t think that TheWayneBoy has what it takes to take over TheScholesRole but ask yourself this – if he doesn’t do that then why are UTD reluctant to sell him and willing to continue paying him so much money for another two years when he’s being edged out of his preferred roles ?

  19. zibbie says:

    I love Giggs as a player for MUFC, but he is a man whore banging married women left and right. If his wife lets him, cool he will have to answer to god. I bring it up to show all the fucking hypocrites here as I am a one as well. Just try to limit it. I masturbate as well.

  20. zibbie says:

    Baller Like Jones!!!!!!!! DD cool me to I think they are ballers!!!!!!!!!!! Hard miles as well, I saw a Fletch Wazza Midfield …. aaahhhhh be well Fletch.

  21. Rukky says:

    Commön!!! The Truth be troll *sorry, meant to say ‘told’* carry on, we could do good with your steady whining. Funny how certain humans claim to be perfectionists’ when they are not. Come to think of it, u should be as pissed off as the truth after the loss of a begining pre-season match to show how much of a true fan you are. Good luck on your hypertensive lane…

  22. King Eric says:

    The Truth. Bore off. Slight difference. Phil Neville isn’t saying “Moyes out” and so on.

  23. Wakey says:

    I don’t think Giggs off field antics should matter when judging him as a player. It didn’t impact his on field performances and unlike Terry had no negative impact on the team (as Terry by cheating with a Team mates other half caused a dressing room split both at Chelsea and also for England)

    Rooneys off field antics did impact his performance so that’s worse but again atleast it didn’t cause a dressing room split

  24. King Eric says:

    The Truth. Anyway, you up for that pint Chelsea game?

  25. King Eric says:

    Ha. Wakey is spot on. Any half intelligent poster on here can see he’s a troll. I think he’s AntiScouser and many others. No doubt he’ll call me paranoid but I’m right.

  26. zhukov43 says:

    I’ll back Moyes, Rooney is an idiot, selling us fans and the club down the river on lies, I’ve read what Moyes said and its nothing like the Rooney version of the statement. The club has become a transfer market laughing stock, five days ago Moyes and Woodward proclaimed should we want to we can buy the world, buying the world is proving difficult for them, I’d hate any player signed from Everton, they’d not take us to the next level. The club we love needs to sign players that can not only compete with Bayern and Barca, but bloody their noses and beat them in the process. I don’t think we will sign anyone of note though, I hope to be proven wrong, I just don’t think Woodward can bring the big deals home for Moyes!

  27. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Expecting to win is one thing. Calling for the gaffers head and the entire backroom staff is just silly. The players are a little embarrassed and should be. As for fans, be embarressed too. But there is a difference between constructive criticism and whinging about people should lose their job.

    Perspective is a wonderful thing when you have it.

  28. OJM says:

    The Truth:

    – I have tried to talk to you sensibly a number of times, but there is nothing from you but negativity and hysterics. As such, from now on I will either ignore you or address you with base abuse.

    Sorry it has come to this.

    Oh, and the difference between what Neville and Rio have said and the character assassination you have been aiming at Moyes and all the staff at the club is plain as day. If you can’t see that, then you are blind…

  29. Adam says:

    Adnan reminds me of an unpolished Ozil a bit..

  30. Wakey says:

    The thing that The Truth forgets as well is that its not just a commercial decision to do pre season tours in the places like Asia, the US and South Africa and that’s the leagues in these countries run out of sync of Europe so provide tough games against match fit teams rather than the walkovers they would otherwise seem to be . How would it really help if we were playing these teams on a level fitness playing field where it could end up in double figures. Everyone from the players to the fans still wants these games to be won but the end goal is to get players match fit and ready for the first league game.

  31. Jorge Curioso says:

    “as Terry by cheating with a Team mates other half caused a dressing room split both at Chelsea and also for England)”

    Except that the bird in question was not his teammates other half. It was a former girlfriend, as in ex.

    Giggs had the child aborted? Adultery and murder? Nice.

  32. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Jorge – Well of course then. Terry is a much better person than Giggs.

    Move along.

  33. Jay Dee says:

    Morn ROM users, i am a new poster on this site from South africa. I am a very Big Man Utd fan and i hope to contribute constructively to the Red Devil’s cause

  34. OJM says:

    Jorge Curioso:

    – Calling abortion murder is a matter of opinion and is emotionally loaded to say the least.

    I agree that despite loving him on the football pitch, Ryan acted like an arsehole over this whole affair.

  35. Wakey says:

    Yeah you are right it was Bridges Ex although it wasn’t like he waited years. They split and he swooped in. And he got her pregnant as well and paid for the abortion.

  36. samuel - united WE stand says:

    What is this? The OK magazine gossiping canteen?

  37. pgkhairule says:

    The game is on!!!

  38. mancdub says:

    The problem people have with Rooney is his greed and lack of loyalty. 
    It’s bad form bringing Giggs’s extra marital affairs into the debate.
    I’ve never heard anyone say that we need to get rid of Rooney because he fucks brass. 


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