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Rio: No Divine Right To Beat Anyone

Following United’s Champions League defeat against Real Madrid, thanks to the incorrect red card that was shown to Nani, we’ve looked to struggle on the pitch.

First came the FA Cup game against Chelsea when we went 2-0 up before getting battered in the second half and were lucky to escape with a draw. Then came the tame 1-0 wins over struggling teams Reading and Sunderland. United then lost the FA Cup quarter-final replay against Chelsea after another poor display before being beaten by Manchester City at home.

United are still 12 points clear but there have been some suggestions that United might collapse as they did towards the end of last season when the blew an 8 point lead to allow City to win the title. Rio Ferdinand insists this isn’t the case though.

“There has been no hangover at all,” he told MUTV’s Countdown to Kick-Off show. “The Madrid game was a weird one – you’re gutted obviously, but it didn’t feel the same as when we lost to City because we didn’t play well in that game. Against Madrid we did everything that was asked of us as players, but one decision took us off the rails and had a big impact on the way the game finished. So I wouldn’t say that [about there being a hangover]. We’ve had a couple of hard games against two teams [Chelsea and City] that are up there [near the top]. We’ve got no divine right to beat those teams, but we should have beaten them given we were playing at home. That’s the disappointing thing. But no, there is no hangover. Inevitably you have a bit of a down period for a day or so but you’ve got to dust yourself down and move on, and that’s what we’re doing. We go into the Stoke game knowing we need to put a good performance and result together. What you aim for at the start of the season is to get some consistency within your team and that’s what we’ve done. The results we’ve had have been churned out through hard work and applying ourselves in the right way and we’ve got to continue that. One defeat in 19 is some going. We can’t allow all that hard work to be undone by one or two bad results of late.”

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  1. LucasUTD says:

    You know, I hate to talk about the past again but that Real Madrid defeat still hurts – considering the teams whom they’ve drawn subsequently in the CL.

    As much as people say that the referee cost us the match, (mind you, he did play a massive part in changing our fortunes) I just feel we as a team lost the match. We were not good enough. Just because you go down to 10 men doesn’t mean you’re going to lose. I mean we’ve seen so many teams that’ve played better with 10. The bench should have reacted quicker to the sending off really. How they didn’t I still can’t understand.

    Which brings me to my other point and something which someone has mentioned in this blog before. Ferguson’s always been REACTIVE with his substitutions rather than PROACTIVE. That, in my opinion, and not the referee, cost us the champs league this season. It’s just so frustrating because we continue to underperform in the world’s biggest competition.

  2. Kagawabungabunga says:

    Players talking too much on press
    rather than on pitch….making a lot of excuses rather than admiting in their minds that are shitty at the moment thats why we look ordinary.To be honest ur time is up rio…. may be only one more season…thanxs for your contribution we do appreciate.
    But now you are the reason we are playing deep backline.It works against the minows,,but against the real power houses,,,it has backfired, what they do its simple technique ‘more pressing’ and higher up the tempo and everything is boom
    They tend to do ‘more pressing’ technique and everything is ka booom.

  3. What? says:

    My god! You lost because Madrid were better!! Before and after the sending off having more possession more shots less save what the hell you on about? The sending off itself wasn’t even bad I mean it could be debatable as a yellow but the key word is ‘debatable’!!! You’d think it was the worst decision ever the better team won what ever the angling for a move Mourinho’s says the stats and facts prove it. MOVE ON FFS

  4. Hans says:

    If we had to lose a match, I would have rather lost to a team like QPR, but won against Shitty!!!

    We can only hope that our team turns up in Stoke today!

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Less talking more walking, united need to get their fucking acts together and show a more ruthless and decisive edge. I expect clattering and battling at stoke, centre backs and de gea have to be organised and strong, united need to be more composed and decisive, tough game.

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Lucas – you need to move on, cure your aches by swimming in a pool of doritos, keep telling yourself that the ref didn’t make an impact on united both mentally and physically by reducing the team to ten men, in a big game, against a team littered with world class players that would have made the difference regardless, the fact which seems to.have escaped your sight is the immediate goal from modric, the instant sinking feeling befire the team regrouped, you fail to notice that madrid are the best counter attacking team in the world and would/were exposing previous non-existent gaps with ronaldo the major threat, you fail to notice their main playmaker alonso having the room to dictate after welbeck was shiftec to the, reactive, fergie is not perfect but on that night, other things made more difference than pure tactics. Like i said, it’s done and dusted, need to move on….

  7. Kagawabungabunga says:

    According to united standards..
    My players rating at current season.
    1.De gea=great and exellent
    2.Rafael=great and exellent
    7.Jones=great and exellent
    9.Carrick=great,exellent and sensational
    10.Rooney= anonymous and very poor
    12.Wellbeck=good but dissapointing
    13.Valencia=very poor
    14.Young=very poor and dissapointing
    15.Nani=very poor and dissapointing
    18.Van persie=great,Exellent and sensational
    20.Anderson=anonymous and very poor
    23. Chicharito= great,exellent and sensational
    24.Buttner=great and exellent

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Rooney has maybe not reached the incredible standards he sets but it is absolute bollocks to claim he’s been very poor and anonymous. For a man that’s hasmd a stop start season, he’s notched good goal and assists record, anonymous.. Yeah right.

  9. Redblood says:

    Rooney is Great and excellent. He hasn’t hit the heights but we all know the real wayne is a beast on his day

  10. roboo7 says:


    You little prick madrid couldnt play there game welbeck shut out alonso giggs was keeping ronnie at bay sometimes we controlled the game till the sending off.

  11. LexxytheRed says:

    Can you sense a pattern.

    12.Wellbeck=good but dissapointing
    13.Valencia=very poor
    14.Young=very poor and dissapointing
    15.Nani=very poor and dissapointing
    …….. Lol …. The Welbeck love-in!

  12. Moringe says:

    When it comes to talking our players never seems fall short,but when it’s time to deliver on the pitch,,well needless to say more. I love united and by all means we can’t win every game, but ts the manner in which we lose the games that has been disappointing,,we will celebrate the 20th trophy no doubt,,but I say this with all the love I won’t look back into this season with great fondness

  13. King Eric says:

    Kagawabunga. You have omitted one of our best players this season and someone who’s weighed in with goals. Jonny Evans.


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