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Rio: Rafael Will Be A Top Defender

Rio Ferdinand has today sung the praises of Rafael da Silva, who scored our equalising goal against Liverpool.

Our right back has two goals in four games this season and his strengths certainly seem to lie in his attacking ability. However, Rio reckons he’s got the makings of a great defender.

“Rafa is his own worst critic,” Ferdinand said. “He is emotional and sometimes when he makes a mistake he has to make up for it immediately. That comes out in his game at times. When I was his age I was a lot like that. I used to be more interested in what was happening in the attacking part of the game and further up the pitch than defensive play. With experience that will disappear and you will see a top right-back.”

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  1. mara says:

    I think he will be top striker :) he should get more space near goal…

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rafael is going to get alot of games this year if he stays fit. Pretty much first and only choice unless one of the reserve lads steps up big time. So young, but already got some big big games. Goal on the weekend was a surprise, but hoping for more.

    Lots were saying that Liverpool would target Rafael and Rio because of their perceived weaknesses.
    Goal from Gerrard was a one off and not really down to anyone missing an assignment. Great play from Gerrard TBF. Only other real worry was Evans for me. Still way to many shots on our goal. Very concerned that we can’t play farther up the park.

    Hope Rafael stays fit. We will need him all the way. Besides him, think we have to promote either Verjmil or Verselli as we are really light on full backs with experience.

  3. Unitedforeva says:

    Love Rafael! He’s our jack-in-a-box striker. By the way, do we have a chant for him? How about this:
    Rafa, Rafa
    He’s not that waiter
    He’s our defender
    And he scores!


    LOVE this Kid – Pure guts,determination and passion. Every game without exception.
    Shame we dont have two of him……………………………. oh, wait a minute – WE DO !

    Get his brother back and get them both playing together regularly.

    When they`re on the pitch, dont know which is which . Viva Da Silva

  5. killwar says:

    He is a very talented player who needs further polishing. Still cant forget the match against Bayern Munich where he was red carded….. I almost had a stroke watching Robben celebrate his goal. :D

  6. planetx6 says:

    get in Rafa…you’re a sheer beauty to watch!!

  7. Marq says:

    Sometimes Rafael alone shows more energy than the whole team put together, hopefully his energy can rub on to some of our lads whom have been lethargic

  8. boy flani says:

    wonder why everyone at united keeps avoiding the real problem….the midfield!

  9. slayer says:

    @boy flani

    I think everyone here knows that we had problem in the midfield but there is nothing that can be done for the current moment except players stepping up to defend be it striker or attacking midfield. Unless SAF decided to get someone to strengthen our centre defense, finding the right combi that could attack and defend together well or a youth in our squad is capable of taking up the CM is found, we can only watch and root for the team, hoping that something will work out soon.

  10. redcrab says:

    I’ve been extremely impressed with both of the twins.
    I’m just sorry that Fabio is off at QPR not doing too much.
    And the chant is:

    Rafael Da Silva,
    He comes from Brazil,
    He’s hard as nails and fast as fuck,
    And he’s got bags of skill,
    He signed for Man United to play out on the wing,
    And if he’s ever injured, well,
    We’ve signed his fucking twin!
    Oh Fabio Da Silva,
    He comes from Brazil… (etc.)

  11. Hafeniasino says:

    hez as strong as Valencia.


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