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Rio Reacts To England Omission After Kelly Replaces Cahill

Gary Cahill has a fractured jaw and so has been ruled out of the England squad for Euro 2012. Liverpool’s Martin Kelly has been called up in his place.

Rio Ferdinand, who enjoyed a great season for United, was left out of the initial squad because of “footballing reasons”, according to Roy Hodgson. Nothing to do with the fact John Terry allegedly racially abused Rio’s brother and Hodgson feared disruption in the camp. Rather than getting rid of the poisonous element though, Rio was the one punished, just as Wayne Bridge was in 2010 after Terry slept with the mother of his child.

For Hodgson to include Kelly in the squad, who started just 12 league games for the 8th best team in the country, makes a mockery of his initial excuse for leaving Rio out. Appears as though our defender feels the same way…

“I selected John Terry for footballing reasons and I left out Rio Ferdinand for footballing reasons,” Hodgson said last month. “I’ve spoken to both of them of course. I had to do that. In the last couple of days I’ve spoken to both of them and explained to them why I’ve come to the decision. He [Rio] was obviously disappointed. I’d be surprised had he not been. He was very gracious and he wished myself and the team the very best of luck in the tournament.”

From a United perspective, it is good to know that Rio will get a summer off, as he will be fresher for next season. Nemanja Vidic has said he hopes to be back for the first game but after eight months away from football, it will obviously take time for him to get to full fitness.

Rio played 38 games for United this season which is the highest amount since 2008-2009 when he played 43. Not going to the Euros will mean he is in better condition for our campaign. This obviously doesn’t change the fact that he should be in the squad and Hodgson has been exposed as a liar for claiming that it was simply footballing reasons that kept him away from the team. Is there any other manager in the world who would rather have Martin Kelly in reserve than Rio Ferdinand? Not a chance.

Rio Ferdinand’s representative, Jamie Moralee, has accused Hodgson of “a total lack of respect”. He adds: “Lampard, Terry, Barry and Gerrard are all ageing but they go to the tournament. Why is Rio different? To treat a player that’s served country 81 times like this is nothing short of disgraceful.” Why aren’t the others treated like this? Terry didn’t allegedly racially abuse any of their brothers, obviously.

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  1. Indian Devil says:

    @Jeet – Thanks for the Info mate. Have bookmarked thelink :P

    It would be a fucking party alright mate, can’t wait to join the fun if this does go through (fingers crossed).

    Salt Lake Stadium is no OT by a long long way but you bet the noise and atmosphere there will beat OT’s hands down :cool:

  2. MG says:


    No I don’t I still think we need a midfielder in the team simply because I can’t see Anderson improving – I could be wrong – and although I believe Fletch will come back – still don’t know when.

    Another midfielder is a must – and if Berba is gone maybe a striker – will be interesting to see what happens to Macheda…

    The other talent of course is Neymar and as everyone knows from my football manager days I am a firm believer in the kid :lol:

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    KAGAWA welcome to the greatest club of the world, this is a privilidge for you and us, you are the first Japan player playing for United. Welcome and make us proud and happy with many many trophys.

    I am very exited to see what will he bring and how will SirFerguson change our formation so it adapts to Kagawa. Because we need to get the best of him, and not play him out of position, we play already Anderson, Park, Giggs and Nani out of positions and it has put us in a crazy world. So let’s hope we bring the best of him.

  4. WeAreUnited says:

    AND for some Luis Nani news to those who cares about his future

    Relating United look down.

    Nani went on to talk about his situation at United, admitting that he is not satisfied with his bit-part role this season, but stressing that he still has many plans for himself at the club.

    “Like any footballer, I want to play more minutes but I understand and accept what the coach chooses,” he added. “Not all of us can play, and it is a great success for any player to be at Manchester United.

    “I have always said it and I do not regret it: my aim is to be the best in the world and playing at a club like United, I can achieve it.

    “This season, I experienced a different and strange sensation because we did not win anything at the club. The last few minutes of the last game were especially frustrating with the news that came in from City.

    “I do not see the Euros as a chance to prove what I can do for United. And even less so because Ferguson knows me perfectly – and that is why I am at United. Recognition for Portugal has nothing to do with Manchester United.

    “My future? I have a contract with Manchester United and I am relaxed.”

  5. WillieRedNut says:

    Busby babes – Sorry for the delayed reply. Loading these comments from a phone is a pain in the ass! :) Spot on about Kagawa. He stepped up to the plate when Gotze was injured. He’s a brilliant player, who will add that little bit of magic to our team. Can’t wait to see him in a Red shirt!

  6. MG says:

    Nani forgot to say the immortal words

    It’s polemic


  7. MG says:

    I was trying to pull out of the smiley addiction

    Until they pulled me back


    Just for you Willie :lol:


  8. Jeet says:

    @Atin: Wow, of course man – let’s plan something for the first game of the season!
    @Indian Devil: ohh no doubt, the atmosphere will be beyond belief, and in all probability, will be stronger than the typical OT atmosphere. So much “gloryhunters” eh? ;)

  9. MG says:

    Actually we signed Djemba Djemba 2: Rise of the Kleberson


    This Kawaga sounds like a Japanese Samurai sword we can’t afford


  10. WeAreUnited says:

    MG you are always funny, Ronaldo liked that word and also he liked the word confidence :D

    I feel confidence, never confident :P

    A team with Rooney, Valencia, Nani, Young, Welbz, Clevs, Chicha, De Gea, Vidic, Rafael Jones and Smalling and new signing Kagawa is a great team my friends, I could have added all the players names hahah.

    The time I started writing the names I noticed that we have only good players :)

  11. MG says:

    Manchester United are proud to announce the signing of Dosa and Samosa – twins from India

    SAF: Dosa and Samosa will open up many opportunities for Manchester United in India no doubt about that

    David Gill: Wit my Sony digital camera I can take pictures of authentic India never seen before.

    Incredible India!


  12. MG says:


    Ronaldo also loved the word God


  13. MG says:

    Breaking News:

    Onion Bhaji laments United for signing Dosa and Samosa and declares:

    I was in sincere negotiations with them but the Sheikh came in and he fulfilled me. I am now going to enjoy the city project instead. Fuck United they couldn’t afford my wages and agent fees


  14. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Costas, I think the sensibility of our buying strategy comes for a few reasons.

    1) We can “never” compete with City, Chelsea, Barca, Real. These four clubs can outbid anyone on the planet for any player for any amount of money. Even if you take the debt out of United, even then we cannot compete with those four for any players. So, there’s no point living in the delusion that we can. As I said in my previous analogy, it is like you being in the market for a house that Bill Gates also wants. Two things happen: Either you get outbid for the house in which case it isn’t yours. Or the bid is raised so high and then he drops out leaving you in the market for an overpriced asset. We don’t want to be buying overpriced assets. So, it is better to drop out of the race.

    2) Unlike real estate, the value of a player is also linked to wages. Taking this into account also, we cannot compete with those four. Consider that we feel Hazard is worth 150K per week. Those four can offer Hazard 250K per week out of spite. There’s no point trying to outbid those four when it comes to wages because it isn’t a loss for the club. In our case, it is a major loss for us to pay a player that much. From this POV also, it is sensible to drop out of the race for our own good.

    3) Return on investment. When was the last time we paid 30 mil for a continental player. Never. Veron was a flop and Berbatov has a much better success rate but is not a player who has convinced everybody (their loss). Look at our costly buys. Rooney was an Englishman who wanted to play for United. Rio was an Englishman who wanted to play for United. Both of those players are still playing for United and have proved to be great investments.

    You will be hard-pressed to find that in a continental player. More often than not, their first choice is going to be Barca or Real, not United and England. Secondly, even if they choose you, they are probably eventually looking to leave you for a move to Spain. So, paying over the dollar for a continental player and paying him wages in the in six figures per week doesn’t sound like a good investment to me at all.

    We did get Berbatov for 30 mil which happened after the Glazer takeover. Why? Because his wages would’ve been nominal compared to the bloated sums these European stars are earning. I am pretty sure that if an English player came along who wanted to play for United and was valued at 30 mil and we actually wanted to go for him, we would’ve bought him. It is as simple as that.

  15. MG says:

    Dosa and Samosa profiles

    Come from a village working class very poor

    Onion Bhaji

    Comes from a city, middle class, dad was an investment banker named Chicken Tikka


  16. WillieRedNut says:

    Where is Scott Da Red? If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact Holmes and Watson. ;)

  17. MG says:



    Where’s Watson?


  18. Ugandan Red says:

    unless my flu medicine is messing with my head…
    What you are trying to say is, a higher fee is likely to mean a better player than a less expensive one but there is a chance of the less expensive player showing up the more expensive player. Coz i havent seen u saying that Hazard is a much better player than Kagawa

    Forgive me for asking, are you trying to wind guys up in a sneaky sort of way…(PS, again … flu medicine induced theory)

  19. Mikekelly12 says:

    Ugandan Red
    His initial post stated that United fans should be wary as we’ve signed many flops and Kagawa could be one of these, unlike the much more expensive and well established Hazard?! This argument was flawed because anyone with half a brain will realise that both players are untested at prem level even though at international level, seasoned observers have praised Kagawa’s performances and lambasted Hazards. Because his initial post was completely contradictory he then moved onto Hazard being better because he was more expensive, again, a pretty short sighted assessment. I did ask him how many times he had watched both of these players play, he did not answer me but my guess would be very little if not never?! I’ll be honest, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen Hazard play but I have watched a lot of Dortmunds matches but even then I wouldn’t back myself to state matter of factly who was the better player. In Antiscouser economics we should maybe then look at wages. Whoever is paid the most wages is the best player?!

  20. Ugandan Red says:

    thanks for bringing me up to speed….

    Though the economics suggests that hazard is a much better player, I implore you, lets get behind our team rather than preach doom and gloom for a player that has not even kicked a ball


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