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Rio: Ronaldo Has Spoilt What Should Have Been A Great Summer

Manchester United enjoyed their second most successful season in the club’s entire history before the summer started, claiming the league and European Cup double.

Instead of the press lauding over our great success, the back pages have been filled with talk of Cristiano Ronaldo instead. The will-he-won’t-he saga concerning his move to Real Madrid has left even the most dedicated Ronaldo fan bored to tears.

Today, Rio Ferdinand has spoken out about his frustration over Ronaldo stealing the limelight this summer, whilst conceding the winger will be welcomed back at the club by the players.

“This summer, given the season we’ve just had, should have been a time to think about our achievements,” Ferdinand said. “In the end that became impossible because of the stuff going on with Cristiano. The players can’t wait to see him back. There won’t be any problems between Cristiano and the rest of the squad because we have always stood by what Sir Alex Ferguson has said all along – Cristiano will be a United player next season. Cristiano is a great guy. He never has any problems with anyone in the squad and I’m sure that will be the same when he comes back through the door.”

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  1. mo says:

    as bryan robson said, the media have blown this out of proportion

  2. denton davey says:

    Another non-story about a non-story. Will it ever end ?

  3. olusanjo says:

    cristiano is an integral part of the team so the other players will like him to play well so as to continue to get the results for man united. if we get the results, it will be for the benefit of everyone connected to man united. we will like him as long as he is with us, the moment he leaves, then it is bye. SAF simply wants the guy to continue his good form then maybe he wuill be rewarded with the best player in the world. that is exactly what real madrid also wants so that it will be said that another player with real madrid has been crowned as the best player in the world. he is with us and he will play for man united next season. Glory Glory Man United

  4. Tom F says:

    I don’t like the way Ronaldo has / hasn’t said certain things this summer, but I don’t think he actually has taken away our great season.

    It’s the press, they haven’t celebrated our success past the week it happened. We have hardly been over-run by Football programmes too, so there’s nowhere to see anyone give United the credit they deserve.

    I also blame it on Rangers. If we could have seen an open top bus in Manchester, that would have been a good enough reason to celebrate once more and get our success back in the headlines rather than transfer saga hell.

  5. ash says:

    i dont think ronaldo has taken anything away. i thought the main reason y united didnt celebrate their last season success was due to the defeat against barca.

  6. shafqat says:

    ash m8, this was last yrs article


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