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Rio: Ronaldo Is On A Different Level To Bale

Following Gareth Bale’s impressive season for Tottenham Hotspur, some sections of the press have compared the Welshman to Cristiano Ronaldo.

When Ronaldo was a year younger than Bale he was tearing apart teams in England and on the continent in that incredible 2007-2008 season. He scored 42 goals in 47 games and was the most important player in that Double winning side.

Whilst Bale is a great player, there’s no way you could suggest that if he played for a team as good as ours in 2008 that he would be the best player. Last season Ronaldo scored 60 goals in 55 games, this season he’s scored 39 goals in 39 games. Last season Bale scored 12 goals in 42 games and this season has scored 19 goals in 31 games.

Rio Ferdinand took to Twitter to dismiss the comparison.

“People mentioning Bale in the same breath as Cristiano + Messi really don’t know football! Bale been 1 of best 2 in PL this year but he is not on CR7 + Messi’s level yet…he carries on doing what he is doing for 2/3yrs then there can be a debate. Bale showed me a clean pair of heals once this year so I’m in good position to judge! CR7 + Messi have been on another planet for 4-5yrs #consistent”

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  1. chanpakman says:

    true story

  2. Red4ever says:

    Noway bale is not as good as cr7 hell no ,, he has done good this season but even doing that he is not even the top scorer in the league way behind others so how can he be compared to ronnie when he scored 42 goals for us whilst he was a year younger to bale over rated cunt he is good but never like ronnie

  3. Catcher says:

    What has it got to do with you tossers neither are your players !!!!!

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Spot on from Rio. People making the comparison “DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT”.

    But then, the first I heard of this was from Jaimie Redknapp on Sky commentary.

    So here is the cycle. Some talking head makes some absolutely ludicrous statement.
    Next day, some sky microphone is dutifully stuck in a manager or players face and asked the question “would you like to comment on statements comparing X to Y”

    The response is then news, even when the supposition was false (that the original statement was made by someone of any importance or knowledge)

  5. wayne says:

    Its bloody ridiculous he puts together a string of decent performances and all of a sudden he’s world class and on the same level as Ronnie who’s been doing it for years.Like I said on yesterday’s thread it’s not even close Ronnie is superior in every way

  6. wayne says:

    Catcher one of our players talking about it wanker,I’m guessing you’re a Spurs fan if Bale keeps producing the goods won’t be Spurs player very much longer,mustt be very frustrating once the club gets a half decent player empathizes Spurs inadequacies

  7. DreadedRed says:

    Jealousy is catching, not fetching. Poor Catcher doesn’t want anyone to think his girl’s hot.

    Probably no red hearts down that barren white heart lane. Nothing worth loving, apart from the occasional gosling before it leaves in search of the golden egg.

  8. King Eric says:

    Catcher – And this is not a site for you not being a United fan. Kindly fuck off pal.

  9. King Eric says:

    wayne- Spot on pal. I am fucking sick to death of hearing how players are “world class” after a few good games. Only a season or two ago Pastore was the best thing. What’s he done? Fucking Gourcouf the “new Zidane” . Fuck all. IF he keeps this form up over the next few seasons then yes, fair enough. It is a fucking insult to Ronnie to have Bale compared in same breath. Oh and that fucking celebration winds me up too. Prat.

  10. ahjs says:

    Premier League’s got the best goalie in the world. The joint best player in the world, Bale. Best fans. Best everything. Did someone say Jamie Redknapp started all this? It’s no surprise. Sky have to sell the PL, it’s been the best league for ages. Now it has its own superstar in Bale. SUBSCRIBE TODAY. We here in England really know how to hype players. Ten years ago they used to say the best players are in England, when Maldini, Zidane, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Buffon etc were elsewhere and Henry, Beckham and V. Nistelrooy would soon flee.

    If Ronaldo and Messi weren’t that good, why haven’t genuinely world class players like Villa or Falcao even got near their goal tallies recently? Who do they score so many in the CL, not just La Liga? Sometimes I think Messi and Ronaldo are overrated by some, but they’re also underrated when people try and put Bale in their company.

  11. guidedbyunited says:

    This is all I need to see to know Gareth Bale is not top class:

  12. ak47 says:

    Bale’s performances against the big teams this season:

    v Utd away – tore us a new hole in the 1st half, anon in the 2nd. Scored a goal.
    v Chelsea home – Minimal Impact
    v Arsenal away – scores a goal in a defeat
    v City away – anonymous, marked out the game comprehensively by MAICON – the same MAICON that he tore apart, but no mention of this
    v Utd home, no impact. Marked out the game, once again by Rafael.

    Scores loadsa goals against shit teams though

  13. Stenis says:

    Judging from Spurs latest games, he’s approaching that level though. Don’t think he’s got enough technical ability to really be a contender for WPOTY, but surely one of Europe’s most lethal attacking players atm.

  14. Red4ever says:

    He has just got pace and thats all decent left foot how can he be campared to ronnie who can play on either wings and has terriffic close control no way he can ever be as good as ronnie

  15. LoneStarRed says:

    I smell the same ingredients at work here as what got Liverpool to pay 35 million for Andy Carroll. The press employs hyperbole to sell papers and some fool will come along and overspend on him. And Levy is very likely egging this on so he can dump Bale for a hefty profit.

    Bale has a LONG way to go before he can be on that level.

  16. redseven7 says:

    Bale’s a good player but needs to be part of a great team to develop further…..doesn’t want to leave it too late like gerrard…. good player but surrounded by bell-end’s with no hope of winning anything else.

  17. Toms says:

    Bale’s from the island. It’s the same hype that got Ashley young better wages than what bale’s making.

  18. How To Be Like Ronaldo says:

    Bale’s coming on great — I hope for his sake he gets a spell on the Continent to expand his game and take it to the next level… which would still be a long way short of CR7!! Quite like to see him in a Spanish or Italian team for a season or two with some players who are able to challenge him to get better. Ronaldo IS still light years ahead of Bale though and someone he would do well to emulate in terms of his work rate and ambitions…


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