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Rio Statement: Kick Out Need To Become More Relevant and FA’s Actions Disappointing

It has been a year since the incident at Loftus Road. During that time, some of the deep divisions that exist in football have been exposed. In the coming months there will be ongoing discussions, we are sure, on finding a way forward. We intend to participate in these discussions, along with numerous other current and ex-professionals of all races, from the grass roots upwards, across the football community as a whole.

On the issue of Kick It Out, we would like to go on record to say what fantastic work they have done in the past regarding education and awareness. However, times change and organisations need to change with them. We are more than happy to join the discussion, privately, to make Kick It Out more relevant in its fight to stamp out racism in football.

Although we have been left disappointed by the PFA and the FA’s actions over the last year, as a family, we are committed to working with football’s existing organisations towards the betterment of the game and to achieve immediate action.

We would like to thank all the fans and the staff at Queens Park Rangers and Manchester United for their support in what has been a difficult year. In particular we want to thank Sir Alex Ferguson and Mark Hughes.

We will not be discussing publicly any issues connected with the case. We are now going to concentrate on playing football.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Proverb says:

    Bebe’s still around? The last I heard of him, was during the DHL tour to south africa
    he has a neck of nicking those vital goal, he’s a lucky bastard, really happy for him though

  2. Proverb says:

    Our Manchester Senior Cup team could play in the championship EASY! Bebe, Powell, Macheda, Henriquez…..
    Top lads who imo will all make big

    United united united!!!!!

  3. Proverb says:

    Our Manchester Senior Cup team could play in the championship EASY! Bebe, Powell, Macheda, Henriquez…..
    Top lads who imo will all make it big

    United united united!!!!!

  4. United Till I Die says:

    Contrary to popular belief professional football has an obligation to fight racism. The FA can’t let terraces become havens for scum to hide among supporters yet do nothing. You lot down the park on a Sunday can do whatever you want but stop fucking moaning about the game being dragged into the 21 Century.

    ON another note – I don’t care how much they’re paid, If players in the EPL have to face racist abuse they should also have a guarantee that any supporter or player caught bang to rights will be banned.

    Imo, jumping on Bent and Rio for making comments related to their own ethnicity but letting CLLC lead his county at the Euros is Provocative. Its sending out the wrong message and asking for a response nobody wants. For the last year the Ferdinands, Evra and others have been accused of this and that but you’ve gotta admit they’ve shown nothing but class when faced with complete and utter cunts. They all get my respect compared to the people they are up against.

    @Samuel – Goat doesn’t understand that the Ferdinand’s might feel a duty of CARE towards the next generation of players facing racism now. Goat possibly lacks that fundamental faculty which separates us from sub-human savages (in suits no less). Good luck with your philanthropy tho haha.

    The way I see it Welbeck’s family could be the next to receive a bullet in the post so Rio is right to speak out now. Simple as that. Demanding change is the right thing to do for players experiencing racism. And like the manager said, it should be done as an organisation. Ferdinand is even giving KIO time to grow a backbone before he retires and rolls up his sleeves haha. I think its brilliant, and if Goat sees a conspiracy in all of that, I guess thats his cross to bear init?

    @Bobby Charlton’s Combover – Well that was a daft question being asked (What if it had been a white player who hadn’t donned the t-shirt? What would have happened then?)

    Thats a prime example of a willing audience being taken for twats by journo’s “tackling the big issues”. Scott has already posted about “who” boycotted the t-shirt twice now, and its an established fact that neither the Swansea or Wigan squads wore it that weekend. So contrary to popular misinformation, nearly half the players boycotting the t-shirt were WHITE, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out why the media portrayed it as an uppity, black separatist guerilla movement aye?

  5. Proverb says:

    “I didn’t prepare the players well for this game. I’ll take the fault for this defeat” mankini said
    Now I ask myself, why is it that you always looking to take the blame whenever you lose..
    Why ddnt you address this before the game?
    You thought this was a sunday pub league?
    Its really pleasing watching them scums lose and mankini always doesn’t fail us either :D when you lose as many games as he did in europe with teams as good as inter and shitty its surely not hex, its bad management…
    He’s proving again and again that he’s tactically inept in europe and that doesn’t take a genius to see considering his recent slumps in the competition
    I say down shitty, down!!
    Even giggsy have way many appearances in the competition than them
    He has 140 appearances shitty only 9 app..
    Which is utterlly woeful
    If they go out now that means they’ll have the league as their main priority which could be bad for us but there seems to be a lot of dispute in their dressing room :-P , they may fucking blow everything now
    And I expect mankini to get sacked if he fails to qualify for europa league

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I think the denial of a problem is laughable. When clearly most have never suffered such discrimination against their colour then they’ll never understand. It’s great for rio and co to speak up as history will tell, horrendous things took place, instigated by most on this shore and beyond. The victims never had a voice or rights, things are now in place for victims to not just hide away, they’re speaking up. I think it’s delusional to assume discrimination against colour is any less or decreasing on this shores and beyond, people have been forced to curb their actions hence can’t express it fully both in football and in life. For me, i will back rio and anyone standing up, if it seems as milking an already disjointed out of touch with reality society then so be it. Things shouldn’t be swept under the carpet as people would love it to be.

    I don’t know where this “black union” crap came from, don’t think rio or anyone has suggested that apart from the usually dim-witted english media, they more often than not jump into melodramatic conclusions, partly why the national team embarrasses itself in competition but that’s a matter for another day. The likes of rio want matters dealt with adequately, they decided to snub that useless tshirt because it will never eradicate simple minded ignorants. People suddenly concluded that a union is about to be born, baffling. I think another thing that irks me is the “he only made a discrimination against colour gesture, it doesn’t make him a racist” or the “heat of the moment” weak pathetic excuse used by cowards out there, one of many things that sums up the whole issue for me. If i were rio, i would not bother, you can’t change the perception of mankind, ignorance is a stain that will never leave.

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    As for borrusia dortmund, i sort of expected this big improvements from them this season. They’ve dominated the german league but lacked experience in europe. They’ve always had the talent but more importantly, they play as a unit. Klopp is tactically knowledgeable. bright managers, he studies how to stop opponents just as much as he’d want to exposd them. Younger vibrant team playing with no fear and filled with stars of the german national team, could be dark horses for the champions league, you’ll need to be spot on in all departments to beat them.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    As for borrusia dortmund, i sort of expected this big improvements from them this season. They’ve dominated the german league but lacked experience in europe. They’ve always had the talent but more importantly, they play as a unit. Klopp is tactically knowledgeable. bright manager, he studies how to stop opponents just as much as he’d want to expose them. Younger vibrant team playing with no fear and filled with stars of the german national team, could be dark horses for the champions league, you’ll need to be spot on in all departments to beat them.

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    It is interesting to note what Mancini has been successful at.

    Mancini Was given unlimited budget at Milan and City and build league winning mega squads, but was never successful in Europe. Suggesting he can build with excessive budgets but doesn’t have the tactics to succeed in the ultimate tactics league on the planet.

    By contrast:
    Mourinho inherited 3 clubs with great rosters, and converted them into CL finalists or winners in concert with insane budgets, along the way winning league titles. Now at Real he has to retool a side that is competing with Barca and has one league title. Maybe this will be his biggest building success if he can return to a CL win. In my view, I reluctantly agree that Mourinho is a better tactician, although I can’t stand his approach.

    Guardiola inherited an amazing squad at Barca and ran riot over Spain and Europe for 4 years, but has never built a side in his life. Think the jury is still out on whether he has any tactical nous.

  10. Capitano says:

    Had lunch with an Le Arse and a chav, “they were saying that, only small teams won champions lge matches!!!!!!” I understand, ‘just morons consoling each other !’

  11. Redbilly says:

    Gaz- I propose you as the official spokesman for the club. Good on ya.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Any thoughts on the reported new Nike deal?

    According to the Daily Fail (ya well), the new shirt deal with Nike could net United £1000M ($1.6BillionUS).

    I’ve heard a number of 10 years but probably 12+.

    The previous 13yr deal ends in 2015 and netted United £303M, this translates to about £23.3M/yr.

    So if the new deal is for 13 years, then this nets about £76M/yr. Sounds good eh.

    Yes but like the old deal ya?! But like the old deal, it sounds great at the front end. Doubt 76M will look that good in 2026. About like 23m looks now.

    Anyone got a good link to a more credible source?

  13. Ash says:

    Mancini had lucky stint at inter. Juventus were relegated and Milan were just not upto the mark in serie a so Inter had easy run. Mancini had dismal record in europe. He si a good manager but not great. Mourinho is a far better manager than mancini.

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ash, Cheers mate. You won’t be surprised but it seems you could be commenting for ITV. Least you are in complete agreement with Dunphy! ;)

    Dunphy thinks it is an embarassment that Balotelli gets to wear an EPL champions medal. :lol:
    Don’t usually agree with him….. but then he has a point doesn’t he.

    See it yourselves

    Eamon Dunphy rips SheikCity a new one on ITV2.
    [Warning] Minimal United content. But it’s there if you listen carefully. :lol:

  15. Pal Ghai says:

    Hi all.Epic rant by Gaz
    Onwards and upwards.Bye

  16. wayne says:

    Bobby Manc is a whiney, slimely little cunt and got lucky because Utd had tons of injuries otherwise wouldn’t have won the Prem
    Look at the way he’s handled Tevez was never going to play for the cunts again then brought him back,same with mental Mario said he was done for the season then played him.This year taking shots at Hart after the Real Madrid game.His stupid fucking ‘mind games’ with Sir Alex which are child like and ridiculous
    Its obvious the players don’t respect him City is a gong show,he really is just a fucking wanker he’ll be gone this year

  17. Ash says:


    Balotelli is an amazing talent but he is a big jerk. Even Sir alex may find it difficult to manage him. Another wastage of talent. You know Sometimes (Only sometimes) I feel sorry for mancini. He is trying his level best to make city click as a unit but he is failing. If they are trophyless this season then I can bet players like aguero, Yaya toure , Tevez will become restless and will demand to leave. Won’t be surprised if Real madrid or barca bid for Hart. Man city will fall down. They have to win the league very badly more than us. Champions league is out of question this time unless they do a chelsea.

  18. Ash says:


    Nike deal is around the corner. Maybe in early 2013 we will sign a big time deal with them. 76 million per year is a big big amount. We have already a huge deal with chevrolet as our shirt sponsor. Things are looking good.

    By the way how is our Stock exchange thing going. Haven’t heard about that one for some time. Any idea.

  19. wayne says:

    Nani going public again,he knows why he’s not playing more and god knows what the future holds.This is what really bugs me about Nani,in the summer went public about contract demands with veiled threats,why doesn’t he just knuckle down and apply himself and prove his worth,the reason he’s not getting much playing time is because he’s been shit no other reason.

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I’ve seen the article, Maybe nani sees himself unappreciated. There are huge clubs queueing for his signature. Personally, if he feels he can get better and be supported at another club and as much i’d hate to lose a top player who in my view is the best winger united have and is one of the best around europe, i’d let him move on for his career to progress.

  21. wayne says:

    Samuel I’m beginning to think Nani has a sense of entitlement wanting a 40 percent pay raise without doing anything to prove it,regular playing time although he’s not performing.I know you think its confidence but for me he’s sulking because not getting his own way
    Isn’t that many clubs lining up for him and those who are want him cheap,I also rate him mate but you’ve got to admit his attitude and running to the press when things don’t go his way stinks

  22. Adam says:

    Dortmund Real game was excellent.. both sides palying some excellent stuff. I hope we don’t have to face these guys anytime soon…
    the way they opened up the defence with incredible through balls was scarry..the midfield vision was oh so sweet.. we’ll have to be on top of our game and press the shit out of these guys whenevre they get the ball similar to what Rafa’s been doing recently..

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Tear in the eye [snif]:

    Bobby Charlton: This is your life

  24. Goat Peticoat says:

    Swedish Red
    Thanks for your comments
    I would like to remind you that the changes and strengthening of laws surrounding race issues are the tools which have made the world a better place, a little more open. NOT football organisations. I live in Sweden to my dissmay so I also see how it is seen and to a swede (those that I meet down the pub for football matches) couldnt give a fuck about the black players. In fact Sweden is a huge racist shit hole and you should know that. You just had a member of parliament caught for singing about “a little nigger village” at a dinner party just this week. I realise the Swedish propoganda machine has managed to make the world seem it is a nice and safe place to live but you tell me about the integration you have here. You tell me about hte free and open press you have here. Sure its free but ALL the journalists are too scared or too lazy to print anything that could make them work extra in the office when everyone else has gone home.
    The Rio and Anton issue along with the Roberts and a few others has shown to me that its not even an issue worth considering. Theyre not interested then nor am I.

  25. WeAreUnited says:


    Unfortunately one of my favourites Nani, liek yo uall are talking, is going hard times and for a 90% I believe he will leave after the season (it would be crazy to let him go in January, unless somebody offers 35-50million).

    The guy who should be here is Iker Muniain, he would be our saint Iker and would fit in our new free flowing football system.

    Rooney, Kagawa, RVP, Welbeck, Chicha, Valencia and Muniain would be one of the most devastating striking force ever.

    What do you guys think?

  26. Marq says:

    Nani is reaching breaking point with the fans, the only way he is turning it back is to start performing, but he is not going to get game time if he only talks the walk. He came on in the 2nd half against Braga and didn’t do anything at all, couldn’t go past his man, didn’t put in a cross, alot of improvement is needed.

    Maybe he is trying too hard, someone should tell him he should just get the simple stuff right first

  27. Gee says:

    @ FletchTHEMAN – Pep didnt just inherit a great team at Barca mate, he was a youth coach and then the Barca B manager before he took the top job. During that time he worked with most of the players who are now the first team and is actually credited for his role in nuturing all the young talent that came through in that period. When he became Barca head coach he brought through a lot of the players who were in his B team and he is also the person that many at Barca believe helped Messi reach his full potential. Also the tactics and formation Barca play now is his set up as it was in the youth and Barca B, Rijkaard’s tactics were different. For me he is the man that we should get to replace SAF simply for the fact he is about the youth coming through, Jose is hopeless at that as is Mankini.

  28. murt 73 says:

    Yeah Nani can be unmarkable on his day but also can be frustrating as hell and can give the ball away alot, Even rooney while he makes us tick can also be poor more so with short passing game.. Keane was great at that ,or scholes of course making simple passes and it s where the europeans can make us look silly, last night city kept giving it back to ajax who were able to retain possesion and then move it much more fluently.. oh if city dont get points fast then they wont even make europa:)

  29. Goat Peticoat says:

    I couldnt agree more. What we need at Old Trafford is to bring in a young Spanish prospect that will learn to toughen up and get some good experience together before wanting to go to the club of his dreams when hes in his prime. Maybe he can take DeGea with him!

    Ferguson has always had this fear of investing large amounts of money into South American superstars that have had little to no experience of European football in a top league. The reason they might not be able to adapt and its alot of money to chance. Surely this aproach should be adopted for the players coming from the sunnier side of Europe as they seem to always be drawn back to BArca or Madrid. They are essentially an even worse prospect for long term security. There are certainly no Giggs or Scholes to be had from the Iberian peninsula even if their skill is comparable.

  30. Bobby Charlton's combover says:


    Iker is a very good player who can really give defences the runaround. The only thing I’d be worried about is him adapting to the UK. He’s 20 years old and lives with his parents and is still a bit of a kid so
    I could see him having problems settling in no matter who he signed for.

  31. Ash says:

    I always want to see us buy more spanish players. They are really class. The immediate name that comes to my mind who would fit at united is Isco. This malaga lad has been playing very well. We should try to sign him before the barca’s and madrids come calling.

    We could also try tu buy 1 or 2 players from Bilbao. They are having a poor run this season. Still they have a lot of talented players. Need to put a bid for some players.

  32. Swedish Red says:


    Could I ask you ut where in Sweden you live? I’m not naive, I know racism exists, but the presence of racism is way bigger in smaller cities than say Stockholm.

    Now, I’m black. So yes, I have been the target of racist slur, but its only happened once or twice. Calling Sweden “a racist shithole” is a bit much. If that’s your description of Sweden, then what’s about the rest of Europe?

  33. United Till I Die says:

    If “football” isn’t the arena to expose problems in football where is, PMQ? I doubt those black and white lads were expecting to heal the world when they shunned the shirt. Im guessing they, like most people, just want proper punishment for players like John Terry and supporters like that monkey looking twat at Anfield – especially when they’re bang to rights.

    But as a United supporter im just glad to see Rio put this one to bed, just like Ferguson set the record straight after whatever happened between them. The Ferdinand’s pretty much said FA throughout all the proceedings regarding their own situation. This statement is more than enough and it says a lot in a short space about a lot of things.

    Once he retires he’ll have all the time to fight whatever he wants in football, and he’s been “hinting” at the racism he’s encountered for years. But until then Rio is still one of the best Centre Backs in Europe and we need him and Paddy back for Sunday. Im not surprised some believe he’s milking the situation, only mugs can’t see his mind is focused on all three points.

    As supporters, we just need to back the lads to put in a performance at the Bridge we’ll all remember.

  34. daemondada says:

    Ash, yeah I do see your point about wanting more spanish/spanish speaking players on our books as most times they bring something different to the party yet we must beware of their proclivity to be homesick especially in sunny manchester and to do a pique on us at the first opportunity they get.+ we have enough latinos on board already. Let’s just leave SAF to get on with what he knows and does best which is the identification,nurturing and responsible breaking in of promising young talent.

  35. daemondada says:

    Is it not a wonderment how SAF’s prodigy is SAVING Mou’s butt. CR7 keeps Mou at madrid. Without him, madrid won’t even make the top 4 in la liga. Not with the likes of athletico, valencia,malaga and bilbao about. He is irreplaceable in the madrid setup. It pains me that the madrid captain Iker should select Sergio Ramos as his preferred choice for the golden ball. Atrocious. CR7, if you are reading this, you are welcome back home at OT where you belong. Bygone be bygone. Let’s rock and roll.

  36. Marq says:


    Whilst not taking anything away from Pep. I don’t believe he should be first choice purely because he brought through young players. His transfer record is quite disasterous. Xavi & Inesta were already in the first team before he took over, and Messi was push forward because Ronaldinho started to fade away. It was like the stars just somehow aligned themselves together at the same time.

    Like I said, Pep will only be rated after he manage another team, and do well at that, something Mourinho has done times & again. As it is now, I rate Klopp higher than Pep.

  37. Goat Peticoat says:

    Swedish Red
    I would never dream of discussing another country in Europe and what they have in terms of racism as I havent lived long enough in another country to form a balanced picture. Sweden is a terrible racist shit hole and it stems from more than just the things you hear in the press about the rough inner city areas. In Stockholm you have Rinkeby, Tensta, Hjulsta, Tumba, Botkyrka, Fittja, Hovsjö, Valsta just to name a few in the Stockholm region. Now these are seperate regions in a city of popultaion little over 1 million. This describes a situation of peoples widespread beliefs rather than seperate incidences and troubled areas.
    In my reasoning Ive also taken into account the possibilities of imigrants getting work. As you know in order to get any job in Sweden you need to have a degree of education, even working in a shop the employer often asks for Gymnasium competence (Gymnasium school for the non Swede is 18, so you could say A-levels. to work in a fucking supermarket). Now if an imigrant wants to take Gymnasium he has to first be able to speak Swedish at a base level (approximately GCSE level) and this will take atleast three years where the student cannot get benefits as they are studying and not looking for work instead they wil lhave to take a student loan (CSN). This is set at around 6-7000 kronor a month (only term time). A standard rent in Stockholm covers all of that. Then when its time to take Gymnasium (A-levels) it takes around 3 years of further student loans and time. By this time the immigrant has picked up 200 000kr + in debt (18 000 pounds) he sees his friends that have done the same before him unemployed and he see the job prospects next to none. Educations such as Car Maintenance, Wood working and any of the crafts you’d expect that a person may have developed in their third and second world countries have all their education establishments outside the major towns. So any immigrant with a family has zero oppertunity to take such courses as he would have to support two homes if his extended family was unable to move. This is deliberate and planned by the social democrat party to keep a large group of people unemployed to keep inflation down. However this to me is racism. Yes you have given the people the ability to study and live but there is zero oppertunity for the individual to better himself and climb the ladder, more often than not get on the first run of the ladder, to get a job. There are only so many pizza bakers and taxi drivers needed.
    I could go on my friend but this is a football forum. For your information I live out in the country as I hate meeting the locals and keep myself to myself.


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