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Rio: The Fans Still Sing Ronaldo’s Name

Ahead of Wednesday night’s game against Real Madrid, Rio Ferdinand has sung the praises of his former team mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s obviously going to be an emotional night for Ronaldo and a great night for him too,” said Ferdinand. “But hopefully it gets too emotional for him. We’ve had a few texts, but when you get into a situation like this when you’re coming up against a friend, all the texts and the conversations go to one side and you don’t really speak until you actually get the game over and done with. He has a great rapport with the fans and there is a mutual respect between them both, which is great. The fans appreciated him when he was here and since he’s been gone they sing his name. He came here a young boy and left a world-class player. He showed a lot of respect when he left and still does. We’re going to have to use all of our experience, courage and ability to make sure that we stop not only Ronaldo, but the other players they have, because Real are a great team. They have so many other weapons. We could shut Ronaldo down for 90 minutes, but they still have players to hurt us, so we have to be compact and work hard.”

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  1. jellybean says:

    they’ll be singing his name AFTER the game i hope. dont sing for the opposition yo! and definitely DONT BOO, not even jokingly :) we all know Cristiano thrives on that.

  2. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Certainly won’t be singing his name and will not boo him, but I am still pissed off with him for his desire to move to the Virus with a two team league.

  3. jellybean says:

    @Gorde Hill Red hehe he’s probably more pissed at himself for moving and constantly being overshadowed by the boy with the 4 WPOTY awards ;-) dont kick a man when he’s down eh?

  4. jellybean says:

    Sorry! @Gorse Hill Red I meant :)

  5. bayoRed says:

    I remember one Chelsea fan telling me that in order for me to really appreciate his quality I should watch him play against my team….. here’sy chance. Anywhere hope he has a bad day and gets a red card after retaliating on a Jones tackle.

  6. Costas says:

    The last sentence is spot on. That’s what worries me about these two games.

  7. mig78 says:

    Rafa will defuse him.
    If rafa is assigned with a task, that is to track and void an opposition winger, everything else comes next, he’ll usually do an excellent job.
    Counting on you little guy. This is your chance to prove to Scolari that you deserve a place in the national team for next WC.

  8. rat1p says:

    typical ronaldo pose.
    we have players that can hurt real too.
    key two the game will be to shut down alonso, like dortmund did.

  9. King Eric says:

    Yeah I am getting a bit sick of hearing how “Madrid can hurt United”. What the fuck can Rooney and Van Perise do to them and the fucking clowns at the back like Pepe and Arbeloa? Let them worry about us. Sick of hearing how fucking great Madrid are. They are fucking miles off the pace in their domestic league. Thats not to say it will be an easy game, of course it won’t but we have enough in our locker to hurt them. See fucking Arry said today an underperforming Modric is better than anything we have . Fuck off Beetroot cunt and worry about keeping QRP up. Fucking Modric has been found out in Madrid and is not in the same league as Carrick who has played big game after big game and won the fucking lot. We aren’t playing Barca tomorrow who pass us to death. I also find it an insult that we are FIFTH fav for Europe after fucking Dortmund and Juve. Piss take.

  10. Toms says:

    Rooney did a lot for his support. There was a lot of very… assine dislike for Ronaldo atleast with the webfans because he didn’t have english qualities. Only now we know for sure what we lost.

  11. James7t7 says:

    Id love it if Rooney got Ronaldo sent off then winked at Sir Alex ;)


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