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Rio To Miss Out On England Squad

Reports this evening suggest that Rio Ferdinand will miss out on the England squad for Euro 2012 despite enjoying a great season for United.

Ferdinand will be frustrated he’s put himself in the position where he’s allowed himself to be treated like this. England have taken to piss out of him too many times, yet he always seems willing to go back for more.

First they banned him for eight months for failing to attend a drugs test, despite refusing him to be tested half an hour later and acknowledging that he didn’t take drugs.

Then, after being awarded the England captaincy, he had it taken off him for no reason. The manager didn’t even meet with Rio to tell him of his decision to reinstate John Terry.

Since the last international tournament, when Terry had the captaincy stripped for having an affair with the mother of the children of England team mate, Wayne Bridge, Terry was again dismissed as captain after being charged with the racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand. Terry won’t captain England to Euro 2012 but it looks as though he will be in the squad.

It has been suggested that both Rio and Terry couldn’t go together, so instead of dropping Terry, Rio will lose out. Reports have indicated fitness concerns may be given as an excuse, however Rio has played 38 games this season compared to Terry’s 30.

From a United perspective, it is obviously great if Rio gets the summer off, but I do wish he would stop allowing England to humiliate him like this. He may well announce his international retirement, which now is akin to telling the bird that just dumped you that you didn’t want to be with her anyway, honest.

The team will be announced tomorrow at 1pm.

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  1. Sandeep1878 says:


    Good afternoon mate,

    Good afternoon reds around the world,

    here is the link to the goals in the Legend’s testimonial game..

  2. Sandeep1878 says:


    You beat me to it pal :)

  3. Dazbomber says:

    Mancdub- sorry to here that , we did not get him he went to Blackburn and they went in to dominate the league for 20 years.?

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    Morning all

    I feel gutted for Rio only because I know how much playing for England means to him, still great news from a United point of view…


    You hate city? first I hear of it mate

  5. Jeet says:

    Thanks, guys :)

  6. Dan-young says:

    What the hell why are people suggesting we mimic city?!? And why would we use kagawa as a wing player. For dortmund he plays great in a central role just behind the striker.

    People are looking up to city as if they are the best team in the world now but the fact is if we had beaten them in the 2 derbys we would have finished 12 points clear of them. They are overpaid and think they are something special, wonder what their ego’s will be like once financial fair play tears apart half of their squad

  7. Corea says:

    Buzzing and anticipating us signing Kagawa.
    Hope scenarios like Sahin for Madrid and City signing players just for the sake of not giving them to us and offloading them next season like Robben, VDV, Sneider etc not on the agenda.
    He is Japanese and will come to us with best possible mentality as well as with the talent needed to bolster our midfield.
    As for Rio feel gutted for him but it’s a good sign for us.

  8. Albert Ross says:

    Rio – I hope that all your dreams are realised. Good luck and keep at it.

  9. Redbilly says:

    Mimic city?. You mean become classless ?.

  10. Norman-85 says:

    Was at last night’s game in Belfast – best tonic ever for Sunday – extremely proud to be a red and be surrounded by reds from everywhere (about 98% of crowd were reds). I know it was only a friendly and all that but it was more about the reaction of our supporters and how the team must have been cheered up a bit by the support they received. A big mention to the group of lads from Manchester sat just to the left of me who sang the Manchester United Calypso non-stop for about 20 minutes – brilliant.
    Fitting tribute to a gentleman and legend of our great club.
    ‘Champing at the bit’ for next season to start now.

  11. Redbilly says:

    Norman85- nice post . Glad to hear the supporters are already bouncing back .

  12. Norman-85 says:

    Good banter too – I asked if this result left us three points clear with no games left – received a very good reception for that one :-) – seems that we don’t dwell on our defeats as much as some people revel in their successes.

  13. bayoRed says:

    Rio , ”The Patriot”! He will even sign up for war if England needs him. John Terry will get hurt while warming up for the first game. Guess who will get a phone call.

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Difference is we have class, somethings can never be taught

  15. LoneStarRed says:

    Rio sorry you are heart broken. Big picture: Rest up so we can win the title with 93 points next season.


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