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Rio: We Would Have Paid Nev To Shut Up!

There were plenty of grumbles from rival fans when it was announced that Gary Neville would be joining the punditry team at Sky Sports. As a player, he was one of the most unpopular around outside of Manchester and none of them wanted him on their telly every week.

Now, even Liverpool and City fans admit he’s the best man in the job, offering a fresh insight and concise analysis of the game. It really puts the work of Match of the Day to shame.

Rio Ferdinand is pleased for the success Neville has had but jokingly claims they would have done anything to shut the former captain up when he was still playing.

“Gary’s found his niche,” said told the official site. “Finally he’s found somewhere where he’s allowed to talk as much as wants. I can’t believe people actually pay him to do it. We would have paid money to shut him up! Seriously, though, Gary talks a lot of sense. There are hundreds of people out there who have played the game to a similar level, but how many of them are as honest as Gary, or can put their points across as concisely as he does? He’s doing a top job. We’re all pleased for him.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    He IS doing a great job and its great hearing him get praise from scouse cunts like Quinn etc who HATED him but I just cannot get my nut round his indifference to United. Yes I know he has to be like that but it makes me slightly ill when he bigs up City or Chelsea knowing deep down he hates doing it! Nice one all the same Gaz but wish you were on United’s coaching staff.

  2. Jrdonl says:

    Nevillie top bloke

  3. ed says:

    Delighted for him that he’s doing the job so well and remaining impartial – or seeming too very well – but the Gary Neville celebrating in front of the scousers and making Alan Green nearly die of a heart attack is the one I love the most.

  4. King Eric says:

    ed – Absolutely pal.

  5. Singh7 says:

    What’s that about Alan green and Nev then ??

  6. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    Wonder if he’ll be able to pull himself together for Monday ;)

  7. andromeda says:

    Seriously, is this the hottest topic on the board while the biggest derby is on the horizon?and by the way Neville shouldn’t say earlier that united will win the title before the derby, it certainly has had a counter effect on our players.nevertheless I always love Neville talking, his enthusiasm has no end.

  8. keegan4england says:

    This semi-funny story has done nothing to erase the memory of last Sundays pitiful last 10 minutes. I cant get over it. Im still hurting to f***.

    4-2 with 8 minutes left. Jesus.

    Im hoping for one of those excellent away performances at the Etihad. Like when we beat Milan 1-3. A proper ruthless, professional and faultless performance. Its not beyond this United team, but the casualness Ive witnessed this season is beyond comprehension.

  9. Albert Ross says:

    My foot is sore, I accidentally kicked the table, so i’d rather talk about something else.

    Classic Rio with the put-down! I love the real friendships that develop at United among the players, they seem to last so well, despite distance resulting from paths diverging.

    Gary Neville is Red. Love him always.

  10. dannysoya LOVES SIAN MASSEY says:

    Speaking of shutting up How about ALL UNITED PLAYERS SHUT UP from now till the end of the season and just put their heads down and finish off this job instead of rambling on about experience and all that. Sheesh. Rio is one of the main perpatrators when it comes to this. It is annoying when our players sound all cocky in the media and then go into the game and royally screw it up. EVERY tom dick and harry knows we have experience and knows that we are more than capable of winning the title. we’ve done it 19 flipping times. NO need to remind them. just stop talking and get the job done and over with.

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hahaha, Rio loves to take the mick.

    But fully agree that Gary is the revelation of the year. Who would have thought!
    Thank you Thank you to Gary and to Sky for being bold and giving it a shot.

  12. toooom says:

    what happened to his analysis on sunday? got out of the studio at the first oppurtunity

  13. Manutdheartattack says:

    What I dread is for chelski to win Cl, citeh epl and us left with nothing. This should concentrate our boys.

  14. gazzer says:

    Off topic a bit – I didn’t want Barcelona to with the CL as I get tired of hearing how other teams put 11 men behind the ball. It’s not surprising if they take 5 minutes to get off a shot!!
    I don’t want Bayern to win it as I remember how dirty they were against us a couple of years back. And I don’t want the Real Madrid galacticos to win.
    I don’t want Chelsea either, as I can’t stand that fornicating racist son of two criminals lift the trophy.

    So maybe today was the least worst option?
    If Chelsea win the whole thing but John Terry doesn’t play the final because of his red card….
    Isn’t that the least worst scenario at this point?

  15. only1united says:

    Gazzer – surely Chelski going to the final and losing to Real and Mourinho & Ronaldo is a much better option.

    They can get to the final just not win it & not qualify for next years Champions League.


  16. TheCANTONA says:

    maybe the fans who should shut the fuck up & stop acting like we never win anything before.

  17. Newton Heath Red says:

    Thought people might appreciate this classic GNev moment

  18. ezzerguru says:

    As much as I loved Gary Neville as a no bullshit player and give him the maximum respect for retiring as soon as he realised he could no longer cut it in the premier league, I don’t think he’s quite there yet as a pundit.

    I’ll tell you why. I have Issue with him cowering in the face of a quite over the top rant from Graham Souness about Balotelli’s sending off against Liverpool. Rather then be honest about what was a ridiculous sending-off for unintentionally brushing his finger against the face of Skrtel (I think) who fell like he had been shot: he appeared to be stunned by the ferocity of Sounesses rant and copped out by saying ‘managers that he and Souness played for wouldn’t tolerate a character like Ballotelli’. Come again. Souness had a nastier streak than any of today’s players and Sir Alex Ferguson backed a certain Eric Cantona when all the world told him to get rid and SAF tolerated any number of Roy’s on field discretions

    Neville also seems to be a fan of the prosaic and eschews flare. I recall him dissing the Fulham fans for cheering when Dembele plucked a ball out the air and turned on a six pence. And then there was the time when he dissed Robin Van Persie for ‘trying to be too clever’ because he attempted to lift the ball over the Milan goalkeeper in the recent champions league game. For me it was obvious why RVP tried to lift the ball over the goalkeeper rather than just smash it in like Gary said. He was simply to close to the prone goalkeeper and it would have in all likelihood just hit him and rebounded to safety. Indeed RVP did indeed go on to say after that he felt the goalkeeper was too close too the ball and would have inevitably blocked the shot so to lift the ball over him was his best option. So it didn’t work. But I’d expect a good pundit and one that has played the game at the highest level to at least be aware and to mention why a forward would take that option over the obvious one.

    Also why does GM have to break up all his sentences with big pauses and unnatural inflections… I know I’m not the only one that finds this annoying. But that might just be a personal thing. But I bet now that I’ve mentioned it I bet it’ll bug you too.

    So those are my reasons. You don’t have to agree but that’s your perogative. I don’t wantto end on a negative so can somebody help me out here. I remember one Champions league game when a defender kept getting beat by his opposing winger and GN described it as ‘Bingo time! It’s bingo time out there!’


  19. LeboFan says:

    We all need to chill and shut up just until the end of the season perhaps?

  20. Fadi says:

    this shows u how current and ex Man U players are deeply respectable and professional …and u dont c this in any european team specially those in England , i heard him commenting on the CL semis bet chelsea and barca ….. and he was so damn good and professional

  21. ak47 says:

    i think phil thompson could take all the pages out of Red Nev’s book on impartiality when doing a job you’re being paid to do for the British public.

  22. Toshblue says:

    I’m a scouse Blue nose, but agree he’s better than the red pool sh$te of Hansen & Lawrence on the Beeb.
    Keep up th egood work Gary.

  23. stuart says:

    I’m a United fan and he gets on my tits sorry.

  24. kel says:

    Have to admit, he speak and think so well, im surprise.


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