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Rio Yet To Decide On United Future

Rio Ferdinand’s contract expires next summer, something Sir Alex Ferguson was only recently reminded of, but has yet to decide on his future. The manager has indicated he will be offered a year extension to his current deal which he signed in 2008 but it appears as though Rio is keeping his options open.

“It’s always good to hear the manager say things like that but you have to take every week and month as it comes,” Ferdinand said. “The best thing I can do is to look at it at Christmas, and then again in the summer to see how I’m feeling and go from there. But hearing the manager say things like that definitely puts the spring back in your step. I’ll have a better idea of that in December or January time when the games start coming thick and fast. That is when it really hits you and you know the hard work really has to start. I’ll probably get a better gauge of where I’m at fitness wise and the benefit of having the summer off then.”

Ferdinand will have been at the club for over ten years this summer. Given his injury record, it could be likely that Rio is set to have his testimonial at the end of the season before getting a longer and more lucrative contract from a move abroad. I bet Rio can see himself at LA Galaxy…

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  1. King Eric says:

    I would rather get relegated than swap the superb Hernandez for that fat idol arrogant cunt Benzema.

  2. samriley9 says:

    Benzema had his chance – he fucked it up.

    Henandez is a TEAM player, fans favourite and is improving… people are too quick to moan about him when he doesnt score after a couple of games. His goal per mins ratio speaks for itself!!!


  3. g-man says:

    new central defence and new midfield for xmas please fergie

  4. King Eric says:

    Why are folk calling for a new centre back when we have Evans, Smalling and Jones? Not to mention Michael Keane and Woottoon who look decent. Yes i klnow Wootton had a nightmare at the Bridge but he is decent.

    Tom Thorpe was outstanding the other night for the reserves.

  5. ji sung says:

    @king eric. its simple, all the lads u mentioned are too young. were talking about man united football club. u cant challenge for europs top honour with an inexperienced defense, simples. we need a hummels/kompany type of defender in the summer as nemanja cant be relied upon and the same can be said for rio. hes 34 and prob has 2 seasons left at best.

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    1st quarter financials released:

    Outlook For fiscal 2013, Manchester United continues to expect:

    Revenue to be £350m to £360m.
    Adjusted EBITDA to be £107m to £110m.

    Man United Plc
    Commercial revenues grew 24%
    Sponsorship revenue increased 32.4%
    Retail, merchandising apparel & product licensing revenue increased 11.9%
    New media & mobile increased 11.5%

    Ten new Sponsorship deals were entered into in the first quarter – General Motors, Bwin, Toshiba Medical Systems, Yanmar (global); Kagome (regional); Santander, Shinsei Bank and MBNA (financial services); Bakcell (mobile); and Fuji TV (MUTV)

    Our new Hong Kong office opened in August 2012 and has already made a positive impact on sponsorship

    1st place in Premier League & Champions League Group H

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    ManUtd Plc:

    Gross debt= £359.7m (down 17.0% from 2011)
    Cash/equivalents= £52.5m (down 19.2% from 2011)

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Man Utd Plc 1st quarter financials:

    New sponsorship deals including Chevrolet means commercial revenue now more than half of Man Utd’s income (56%). via Martyn Ziegler ‏

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    ManUtd Plc:
    Commercial Revenue £43.0 up +24.3%,
    Broadcast Revenue £13.7 down -37.4%
    Matchday Revenue £19.6 up +13.3%
    Total Revenue £76.3 up +3.4%

  10. Dave Mack says:

    Amazing results @FletchTHEMAN. Thanks.

    I think that means the debt is down to around 16% of our market cap. You have to admit that they’ve down a great job, particularly given the state of the global economy.

  11. Ismail N says:

    One more year pls Rio. I’m still not convince with Smalling while Jones is he really a centre back?

  12. slim says:


    Didn’t realize you meant English wingers, I think it was in response to a post about young getting called up. Woy hasn’t got much to pick from anyways. But there Are better wingers in the League. We got one of them too

  13. Marq says:

    Yes, I am talking about English wingers, and non of them even comes close to what Young can do

  14. Marq says:

    And for that matter, yes there are better wingers than Young and the only two I agree on are with us already. Don’t even try to convince me about Bale. I rate him at best at the same level as an on form Young

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Dave, I really don’t call it a great job.

    Spending 80m/year of our money so that they can buy our club?
    Taking 1B out of our club over 12/14 years?
    Old model we were paying around 7m/year, now 80m. And we missed the title on goal difference!

    City would have never happened if we had been able to use half the money, let alone 80% of it. It’s just sad is what it is.

  16. King Eric says:

    ji sung – Err Smalling, Evans and Jones? Think they are well capable pal. I didnt mean Wooton and Keane just yet, in the next 2 years or so.

  17. Adam says:

    @king Eric
    Jones I think will be molded into something else..
    Evans and smalling are good, but they lack the X factor of a COMMANDING defender, the something special that Vidic brings to our team ( and as much as I hate city Company to them) Puyol for Barca.
    We need that person to be shouldered by smalling evens, wooton, Kane.

  18. Adam says:

    I think we are 3 key personnel short of being absolutely unstoppable home and in Europe.

  19. United Till I Die says:

    Not this again with the black lawyers society. Christians, Jews, Muslims and hairy feminists all have their owns lawyer societies in the UK. Anyone seriously offended by the idea of a black lawyers society needs their little head looked at. You’re soft.

    As for why the Society made a formal complain to the police, what is the alternative if you actually give a fuck about knowing what really happened? Would you rather let the FA deal with it in house? haha, brilliant, the same cunts known for doing Fuck All?

    The FA are under less public scrutiny than the police, so leaving them in peace to be “tough on racism” is sweet for everybody involved – except young Welbeck being called a monkey from now till he’s 30 odd years old.

    The Society making a formal complaint breaks that cozy little arrangement up – and they’ve managed to piss quite a few people off apparently. Funniest part is only a fraction of the offended truly understand why they’re pissed off, haha. Puppets.

    Btw – the CPS definition of a (alleged) racist incident is “…any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim OR ANY OTHER PERSON”. Simple as that.

    Now unless im missing something, Chelsea’s allegations amount to an alleged racist incident. CFC didn’t have to report it to the police mind you, but once they reported it to the FA it became public knowledge and THATS when the Society asked the police to look at it.

    I don’t see the problem? Grannys do it all the time. Its their right as tax payers. What happened to those recent promises of thoroughly investigating allegations of racism anyway? Guess that was before a referee was accused aye?

    End of the day, the Police regularly look into alleged criminal incidents before deciding to proceed further, thats what they’re paid to do. The Society asked for all the facts to be looked at by the police, and that INCLUDES looking at CFC as well.

    So after everything thats happened in football recently how can anybody complain about that? I love how hoi paloi rush to defend billion pound interests like CFC and FA from the same laws the rest of us are subject to. Fucking ingenious.

  20. United Till I Die says:

    Last word on that topic goes to the chair of the black lawyers society, who said this in the last 24 hrs –

    “It would appear that there is a cosy little agreement between Chelsea FC and the FA not to report these matters to the Metropolitan Police but to have them dealt with solely by the FA. The FA have a dreadful record of indifference on hate crime generally; failing to challenge anti-Semitism at Tottenham Hotspur and at other grounds; eventually finding John Terry made a racist remark but remarkably found him not to be a “racist”; whilst the derisory penalty of a four or eight match ban is believed to be a suitable punishment for what in any other industry would be summary dismissal for gross misconduct.”

    They could be the Midget Lawyers Society as far as im concerned – their reasons for making the complaint are straight forward. But then again, I don’t view the world through a fucking rag so what do I know?

  21. United Till I Die says:

    As for Rio, he’s still the best Centre Half in our Squad right now and his fitness has improved. Doubt very much he’ll leave in the summer and Evans and Smalling are hardly forcing him out just yet. Quality player who still has the game mapped out, Rio is class.

    The only problem is, If he says he wants his contract sorted now he’s “greedy” or “holding us to ransom”. But when he says he’s enjoying his football and he’s in no rush to re-sign, he’s still criticised for some other crap.

    Can’t win with you lot, so good luck to you Rio mate! Even Franky Detory is receiving more sympathy and he tested positive! 3 lions on a shirt is a load of bollocks. Concentrate on United mate. Go out at the top.


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