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RIP Albert Scanlon

Albert Scanlon was 22 when the Munich Air Disaster occurred and he suffered terrible head injuries and a broken leg in the crash. Recovered and played well for several years on the wing, scoring 16 league goals the season after the crash.

Born in Hulme, Scanlon came through United’s youth system and made his début for Sir Matt’s first team when he was just 19-years-old.

He went on to play for United 127 times, scoring 35 goals, winning two league titles, before leaving the club in 1960.

Scanlon’s connection with United has remained strong though and when United won the title in 2007, he presented our players with the trophy, alongside Bill Foulkes.

Albert passed away at Salford Royal yesterday, aged 74, after spending the past two months in hospital suffering with kidney problems.

“It was with enormous sadness that I received the news of Albert’s passing,” former team mate and fellow survivor, Sir Bobby Charlton, said today. “He was a part of Manchester United folklore and was always a popular figure with the fans, especially because he was a Manchester lad. An exciting orthodox winger, he had pace, good ball control and could be relied upon to provide a constant supply of crosses to his fellow forwards. Albert’s place in Manchester United history is assured – he will never be forgotten.”

Read Albert Scanlon’s profile on the official site.

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  1. Costas says:

    Sad day.

    RIP Albert Scanlon.

  2. Macheda IS GOD says:

    We’ll keep the red flag flying high,cause man utd will never die.

  3. Aig alex is god says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon.

  4. ironmanramsey says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon. Sir Bobby’s words have got me misty eyed. Utd>anything

  5. clj7 says:

    Rest in Peace

  6. Fze123 says:

    It’s incredible that after surviving the Munich air disaster he managed to play 42 games AND score 16 goals the following season. That is a remarkable feat. RIP Albert Scanlon.

  7. Stretford Ender says:

    RIP, One of the reasons we love this club. Do him proud boys.

  8. ironmanramsey says:

    Stretford Ender – “Do him proud boys” – That’s what I was thinking – Fergie should put up a picture of his in the dressing room before the game against Hull and tell them what playing for Manchester Untied means. No-shows (like against Fulham) just aren’t acceptable for our club…..

  9. declan lobb says:

    R.I.P, gone but never forgotten x

  10. ROONEY'S TURN TO EAT says:


  11. theboogeyman says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon

    Keep the red flag flying high, ‘cos Man United will never die.

  12. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Memories keep us company when those who made them cannot, what a winger

  13. DB says:

    R.I.P Albert Scanlon

    A truly lovely gentleman when i had the pleasure to meet him and part of the best group of young footballers ever.

    It has come his time to join Sir Matt, Duncan Edwards and the other Babes, having a kick around in heaven.

  14. boris says:

    I saw Albert Scanlon play for the United youth team inLondon when I was a young lad dreaming of the big time.That day he played with Charlton,Edwards,Pegg and a 13 or so Wilf McGuiness.It was in the early 50s and he looked as good as most that day although Charlton was the star.My sympathy to the family and friends of a great lad who might have achieved so much if the crash had never happened

  15. Darknight says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon

  16. Brio The kenyan red says:

    Yes,Albert Scanlon history is assured.He wil never be forgoten.we are proud & humbled by his illustrous career:punctuated by a near fatal accident but he challenged us all by scoring 16 goals the following season!! He could only do that for United coz he is a true red.A LIFE WELL LIVED. r.i.p

  17. hurr says:

    RIP Our loyal servants who are now in a better place.

  18. Fred says:

    God bless Albert Scanlon. Rest in peace.


    “Macheda is God,” this is not the place to post silly tabloid stories. Show some respect.

  19. slim says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon

  20. King Eric says:

    Rest in Peace Albert. The Busby Babes. Lest we forget.

  21. King Eric says:

    ironmanramsey – Spot on.

  22. Falkirk_Red says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon

    Lest We Forget


  23. Costas says:

    I will just add that it’s always a sad day when we lose a Red. It’s even more depressing when he was a member of the group that survived the plane crush. You sensed that these people would live forever.

    I hope he gets a good tribute this weekend and the lads do him proud on Sunday.

  24. edwin says:

    Rest In Peace Albert.

  25. Always Be Closing says:

    Perhaps a silly question, but any footage of this United legend?

    Rest well and peace be with you.

  26. Sam the kenyan red says:

    One thing that really keeps me going as a UNITED fan is seeing those old photos with THOSE passionate fans all filled with anticipitation and desire to see and sing to their beloved team ……


  27. Sam the kenyan red says:

    If only captain thain had accepted an overnight stay in munich……..

  28. Bebeto says:

    Like most relatively young United fans, I have no personal memories of him, but it shouldn’t make us any less appreciative of his contribution to making this club what it is.

    To come back from the personal tragedy of having lost some good friends and team-mates, to continue his devotion to the club was commendable.

    Gone but never forgotten. RIP.

  29. MG says:

    One more down

    Four left now of those that were the Busby Babes – the greatest football team that never were…

    Maybe when we get so hot and bothered about those that wear the shirt now, less we forget that the three years they have given us have been beyond words – sometimes we should show patience – we still have the best manager in the business – sometimes we should persevere because not only do we celebrate our history we await it being written further

  30. bchilds says:

    Very sad news, may peace be with you

  31. mikekelly12 says:

    There was a little debate about Legends a few days ago….for legend, see Albert Scanlon….in EVERY sense of the word. RIP.

  32. five says:

    My Grandfather told me a story of how on the radio he heard of Albert Scanlon scoring two 35 yard scorchers and after several years when he first managed to purchase a television. He never saw a goal that lived up to his imagination

    I always tried so hard to find him footage of those goals when I grew up but he passed away before I could

    RIP Albert Scanlon

    Keep the red flag flyin high…My gramps is probably in the Sunday League team up on Heaven smash in a goal for him will ya!

  33. Sam the kenyan red says:

    Also the likes of JOHNY BERRY and JACKIE BLANCHFLOWER should be remembered dearly even if they never got the chance to play again….
    I can hear their echos from heaven discussing the sunday match sir matt sugest nani should be in the team but ray wood and denise viollet disagree dearly ….The decision is left to albert ….OK lets wait and see…….

  34. Red Devil says:

    Rest in peace……..
    May the Lord bless his family in these difficult moments.

  35. Manchester United says:

    Scanlon is the busby babes’ skuad…

  36. KVN says:

    RIP Scanlon – i never knew the man nor profess to have heard of him. but he
    will never be forgotten by United or those that knew and saw him play.

  37. Zulu-Malta says:

    R.I.P. Albert ! A BIG thank you for you coz you gave so much to our beloved Man Utd !

  38. Suprah says:

    RIP Albert Scanlon

    Keep the red flag flying high, ‘cos Man United will never die.

    Farewell, but not goodbye.




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