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Robbo: The Prognosis Is Good

Manchester United fans sang “there’s only one Bryan Robson” on repeat during the 1-0 victory over Bolton at the weekend. After it was announced that he has had an operation to rid him of throat cancer, the former United captain has received a lot of support and is hopeful for the future.

“The prognosis is good, so I count myself extremely lucky and am even more committed to raising funds to help improve the lives of vulnerable youngsters,” said Robson. “I have been overwhelmed by the support of United fans and well-wishers, and I hope everyone in Asia joins me in supporting these events.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Yeah gotta admit Lloris isnt for me I am afraid. He lets about three goals in a game.

  2. james21 says:

    King Eric I’d love to listen to you on Talkshite giving all the ABU’S Shit. Two words to Collymore. ANDY COLE.
    Bryan Robson was one of the finest signings of all time. Can still see his thundercracking goals like the FA Cup Semi final against The Scouse shite. Total legend and finished with a Premier League winners medal. Hope this is the end of his cancer. All the very best Bryan.

  3. King Eric says:

    James21. Hello mate. Cheers. Ha. Two words. Andy cole. Exactly james. He is bitter as fuck about that and with reason. He was all set to sign wasn’t he and then got back from a break or summat and found out we had signed coley. Ha ha. I hate the bastard with a passion but to be fair in his day he could play and was a bloody good striker. Powerful. Two footed. Quick and knew where the net was. But what a fucking cunt. A self opinionated, arrogant, believes his own hype bird beating dogging bastard. Loathsome character. Thinks he knows it all yet has won fuck all. If you try and prove him wrong he just talks piffle over the top of the caller. Horrible man. His only claim to fame and he is still dining out on it is scoring the winner for the dippers in a four three win over the geordies. Wow stan. Well done. Meanwhile giggs has won european cups and eleven league titles and league and fa cups. Joker.

  4. james21 says:

    Was at OT Against Forest when he scored 2 just couldn’t handle him.
    I thought that signing Cole sent him into meltdown aparently when he found out he stormed out of training, Collymore was a done deal acording to the papers. Can’t stand Alan Green myself.

  5. Deepest Red says:



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