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Robinho Is ‘Not Stupid’… But He Wouldn’t Come To United Over City

United played City off the park at Wastelands earlier this season and this time left with the right result. Even when United went down to ten men with over twenty minutes to play, City still couldn’t show up.

All the City fans you’d come across in the weeks leading up to that game bleated on and on about Robinho, about how he’d embarrass us. Robinho was in young Rafael’s pocket all match in a game that saw City with just one shot on target all game.

Today he has claimed that he has no plans to leave City and reckons the challenge at City in avoiding relegation beats winning medals with United. Good for him!

“I’m not stupid,” said Robinho. “Of course United is a more famous club in England. At City I can help to make a difference. What difference could I have made at a club like United when they can’t go any higher? The challenge appealed to me. It’s a good team, but it’s not a great team. If we were a great team then we would be at the top of the league and not in the middle. But I feel we are progressing.”

Robinho also reckons he won’t be leaving at the end of the season.

“It’s not in my mind to leave the club,” he added. “When I go on to the pitch I carry the club’s shirt in my heart. I want to repay everyone for making me so welcome. Fans have not seen the best of me yet.”

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  1. Maik says:

    Yeaah… riiiiight… it was the “challenge” what apealed to him…

  2. gr00uch says:

    “If we were a great team then we would be at the top of the league and not in the middle”

    In the middle? “Near the bottom” u meant superstar.

  3. Mic says:

    Yeah ofcourse ofcourse, making progress, where were they this time last season? I’m pretty sure they wern’t 2 point off relegation, some progress eh.

  4. jsos says:

    he’s right. at a club like United he would NOT make a difference… he has to hit the lowly likes of City to make a name for himself

  5. Eujen says:

    it’s all sparky’s plan.

  6. Tom F says:

    I say fair play to him.

    Whether or not, he’d rather be at Chelsea; to come out and say the right thing is always best.

    We wouldn’t have minded Ronaldo saying the right thing through the summer. It puts an end to speculation.

    Unless you play for a bigger and far greater team called Manchester United, when even if you sign your commitment to the club in your own blood, there’ll still be parts of the press causing speculation out of nothing.

  7. OP says:

    the challenge….or was it the £200,000 per week pay packet and a porbably utterly absurd signing on fee

  8. invertedquestionmark says:

    I salute any player, who says he woudn’t change his team for a bigger one… Even though Robinho’s probably just a hypocrite.

    Anyway, let’s all laugh at City as their biggest star openly admits they’re not great. :)

  9. FailsworthDevil says:

    He thought he was signing for us, until Sparky picked him up at the airport :0)

  10. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    So he’s staying next season, whether they go down or not???

  11. Androo says:

    Look Rob’s a joker too! “In the middle” he said. I thought Shitty where in the bottom you little nitwit.

    Poor bloke. I’m SURE he would have been better if he stayed at Real than to sign for Man Shitty.

  12. EastStandManc says:

    I find it hard to believe that if Citeh don’t at least qualify for Europe again that he won’t look twice at a Chelski bid in the Summer.

    He may as well have re-signed for Santos if it really was a ‘challenge’ he was after, for all the good it’s done him.

  13. DarkDevil says:

    He’s obviously a little lost as far as understanding how to read a league table if he’s confusing shitty for being in the middle but I know exactly why he would stay with them beyond this season. Let’s not forget that even though the shitbags from wastelands are sitting comfortably near the foot of the table, they are owned by some very wealthy individuals.

    If the shitty do get relegated, Robinho’s pay packet stands to increase in order to keep him with them. So at the end of the day, even though he’s a bit of an idiot, he doesn’t have shit for brains!

  14. wiuru... says:

    He is colour blind as well as dyslexic .

  15. suhayl says:

    He’s right…he couldnt make a difference to us…cos we already rule the roost ans sit at the top of the tree.

    He’s right again…we are more famous…the most famous in england and the world i may add.

    He’s right again that shitty arent great.


    He’s wrong…shitty arent good..they’re shite

    He’s wrong he came to make a difference, cos he came for 250.000 g’s a week and the fact real told him to fuck off…rboys said couldnt afford him….so there was NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.

    And finally

    He’s wrong again…he will leave within the nest 2 years. Thats a given

  16. chaosRed says:

    Any one know about the new defender we signed?
    STOKES DEFENDER Ritchie De Laet the 20 year old!
    Hes is supposedly on loan at wrexham and stoke bought him from royal antwerp for £100.000

    I wonder if hes any good considering hes had a few injuries in his career already.

  17. King Eric says:

    chaos: was just about to ask the same. By all accounts he didn’t get in the stoke team so fuck knows? Whereabouts in defence does he play. Left back I hope so then at least cover for Pat.

    Whilst on the subject of transfers I would quite like to see Shay Given at United. He is very unsettled at Newcastle, still only 31 or 32 and in my opinion “a fucking good keeper”. We could do worse. The pole for example.

  18. chaosRed says:

    Well Given still has years left as a goal keeper and i’m sure he could stay on for long. I would love to see him at united, he would be immense.

    On the subject of the Richie de laet, i would hope he is a left back, but I doubt he is, maybe someone to cover for Pique we already have fabio and evra is not going anywhere.

  19. keanesmagichat says:

    “the challenge appealed to me”, what a bluffer his position at madrid was untenable, he had to go to city…no one else came in for him except the rent boys and madrid wouldnt deal with them… robinho will be gone in thr next 18 months.. what do ye think?

  20. Red-Manc says:

    This article really made me laugh and so have some of the comments, city are such a joke of a club and so is he with his bullshit comments


  21. OTRed says:

    He probably moved for the money and nothing else, but he has a point. At United, he wouldn’t shine and be adored cus we really already have talented players, so he’d be ordinary, but at City, due to the mediocrity of their squad, he’ll probably shine more and be adored just like he is now. And waht an idiotic statement from him, there’s nothing like a football club that can’t go any higher, when you win trophies, you aim to win them AGAIN. There’s no such thing as the max number of times you can win a trophy or the max number of trophies you can win. There’s always a challenge.

  22. five says:

    I’d have him over Nani any day of the fucking week.

  23. Drew Vader says:

    I agree with Tom actually, since he’s been with City he has said all the right things and seems to be enjoying himself, so fair play to him.

    And to “five”, he might produce more offensively than Nani, but do how much defending do you think he would do? How much tracking back? The answer, of course, is sweet fuck all. City play a 4-3-3 with that Belgian lad, Kompany i think, covering for him so Robinho can just stand around up top and wait for the ball to come to his feet. Ronaldo works more for the club than he does, and thats saying something.

  24. olusanjo says:

    is he really not stupid?

  25. Failsworth Devil says:

    I’d swap him for Nani… as i really do not think Nani can handle the big stage with us…

    There is no doubting that Nani has the ability… Veron had the ability… but couldnt handle it…

    I dont know if what i am saying is a load of bollox…but there is just sommat about him that aint cutting it for me…

    Whether or not he thinks he has made it… when he clearly hasnt i dont know…

    I know that he is a practical joker and apparently really good around the dressing room… but the main priority is that you deliver on the pitch… and he is just so Jekyl and Hyde… and he needs to bring consistency to his skills… needs to develop his judgement skills, ie when to do the fancy footwork or to simply get the ball in the box…

    Robinho would fit in very well with our lads i have no doubt about that…

    Going off the subject… i thought Carlito looked like a dead man walking the other night as though he knew he was on his way out..

    Pig Face and Oshea need to be sold… Spurs might be interested in that option and if we could get about £10m combined for the pair of them then i would be happy with that..

    We are just not clicking this season… and i know ultimately the blame rests with the players as they are simply not perfoming.. i think it really is sommat to do with Mike Phelan..

    Lets be honest Phelan wasnt exactly the most gifted footballer was he?? Nope… so why does that make him a gifted coach… “He isnt”.

    I dont think we actually realise just how good of a coach CQ is… i have said this before…. i didnt particularly like the fella… but he is a top notch coach… shite manager… but quality coach… with great scouting networks and got us playing the football that got us the double last year..

    I dont think that it is coincidence that when he went to Madrid we wont shite all that year… and when he come back we wont the league 2 years on the trot… and now he has gone again we aint playing good football… and we are lucky to be where we are in the league really…

    I might sound pessimistic… but i aint… i am one of the faithful and loyal as fuck when it comes to united… as a lot of you know… i just think the game has become that technical nowadays… SAF needs the likes of a CQ on his side… there is no doubt that SAF is the best man manager, motivator, developer of players thats ever graced the game… but he needs that technical nouse by his side… and thats what CQ gave him..

    I could type and type for hours on end about what i think is going wrong… and i can think of numerous things… but i honestly believe that the following players need to move onto pastures new and use the money to develop us again…

    I would sell :

    O’Shea – Just has not advanced from such a promising 1st season…

    Park – I cannot have a go at his work ethic… but he is not penetrative enough on the flank and really doesnt give enough in front of goal..

    Nani – If Tosic takes his chance then i think this could be his last season for us as this lad is so hot and cold its unreal… he has fantastic ability.. but he is not giving his all in my eyes and he will ultimately pay the price for it as the fans are gonna turn on him ” we can give him only so much time to adjust and settle and in my eyes has had plenty of time now”.

    Kuschak – He is dodgy… no other word for it.. he sends waves of worry throughout our defence whenever he plays.. he cannot kick.. he looks a liability in one on one situations… not impressed with him at all.

    Tevez – Now i know a lot of you are gonna jump on me for this… but he is not playing the way someone should be for who wants to try and get a permanent deal… and it is true on 3 seperate occassions that he has said that he wants to return to play for Boca Juniors in 5 years time.. and if that is the case then £32m over 5 years is £6.4m a year plus his salary and based on £80k a week is £4.16m a year.. that totals to £10.56m a year… (so its understandable that we are reluctant to pay out for this deal)… If he was to stay for 8 or 9 years then maybe so… but 5 years at a cost of £52.8m would be a hell of a lot of money to shell out.

    Darron Gibson – Yes he is young, and does have ability… but when Hargo is fit… you also have Carrick who i think he a very very good footballer but doesnt get the credit, then also Fletcher who in the past i havent been his biggest fan, but he is definately improving each year, and then you have Ando, who hasnt featured that much this year.. but is a fans favourite and will definately become a great player… if we take the reigns off him and stop asking him to be so defensive all the time. – What i am trying to say is if we could get £3-4m for Gibson in the summer then we should take it.

    Welbeck – He is only a puppy so dont sell him just yet… i would give him a couple of year… but do think sending him out on loan would really help his development.. its obvious that reserve football is not the right level for him… and his 1st team opportunities are limited so send him out to a Premier League club like West Brom or Wigan where he will get games, and ultimately improve him, then give him the chance and if he doesnt cut it then we would have to sell.

    I think we should get rid of what we need to … make about £30m off the players, and also get the wage bill down… and go and get a couple of £15m players.. that would really enhance the squad rather than utilise it…

    I just think we have some amazing players… that also give 100%

    I think we have amazing players… that dont give 100% unforunately.

    I think we have squad players that are useful and others that aint.

    I would like to see what this Petruzzi is like… as he has been banging them in for the youth etc… and am looking forward to see what Campbell brings to us when he gets back from Spurs.. the only prob now is that his chances are gonna be limited as they have bought Defoe….(A player i think would have been really suited to us).

    There you go ive had my rant… lets just go and do what we do best.. and turn the rentboys over at weekend and get our season going..

    And i think we have

  26. Mannyutd says:

    The Challenge!!! . The only challenge hes got is what to spend all that doh on. Because they wont be challenging for anything else. 33 years!!!!

  27. suhayl says: auld pal…bob on mate..absolute nail on fuckin head


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