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Rodgers Would Have You Believe Suarez Is The Victim Again

Following Gareth Bale’s latest booking for diving against Inter Milan this week, Brendan Rodgers has taken the opportunity to defend Luis Suarez, who has been on the receiving end of criticism for his numerous dives this season.

“I know if that had been Luis, I would have been sat there answering questions for about half an hour,” he said. “I can only protect my player and judge him from what we see. I’ve said before it’s something that is quite clear. It’s funny and quite enjoyable when it happens to a British player but when it’ s a foreign player it’s different.”

Yeh, British players don’t get criticised for diving, do they? Just ask Ashley Young…

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  1. AndyYNWA says:

    To be fair Young does go down on the brush of a feather. What you fail to state is Rogers also said that Suarez is now coming to terms with the different aspects of life and football culture over hear. Suarez gets kicked from pillar to post in each game ( probably because its the only way to stop him ) and I must admit, he used to go to ground easily at times. However, nowadays he battles to stay on his feet.

  2. kel says:

    Anything happen to Utd is a big thing. Media is harsh on Utd player.

  3. markynorbs says:

    Suarez is a muppet. He is on par with Tevez for the biggest Ignorant and narcissistic idiot in the EPL.

  4. Rd5454 says:

    Fxxk loserpool

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rogers Suarez Victim

    Give it a rest Rogers!

    YaDuh YaDuh YaDuh

    But the man has a point about Bale getting some kind of free pass.

  6. Spence says:

    I’ve noticed a massive lack of criticism for Gareth Bale’s diving this season since his good form – particularly on the Daily Mail. They had this campaign to ‘Keep Bale in Blighty’, and they hadn’t a bad word to say about him; imagine if it was one of our British players rolling around and received numerous bookings, it’d be everywhere.

    Double. Bloody. Standards.

    Bale is young, fresh, British and doesn’t play for us, City, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea; press get boners.

  7. Lawman10 says:

    I see Keane is back at old Trafford with ITV for the Chelski game on Sunday.
    Don’t think the fans will singing his name!!
    Hope the fans give the cunt some stick, the bitter twat.

  8. Dan says:


    This was published yesterday.

    There’s been lots of criticism of Bale for diving. Lots.

  9. SLs says:

    The difference between Young and Suarez is that despite diving, Young gets decisions in his favour whereas Suarez and Bale do not. Man Utd actually got many penalties from Young’s dives

  10. dessie says:

    bale isnt a racist like suarez is though so maybe thats why

  11. Spence says:


    I saw that this morning and felt a sense of relief that there was some balance in all of the diving news, but ultimately the status quo seems to be that players like Young and Suarez get more stick for diving than Bale because of the clubs the players play for.

    The press give Spurs an easy time because they’re new on the European scene and haven’t spent large amounts of cash, but should we sign Bale, and he continues diving, just watch.

  12. BuddyJackson says:

    I think it’s because Bale isn’t English that he avoids such a slating. If Bale had been part of our World Cup failures he’d be hung drawn and quartered like Young was every time he went down to easily. Instead he is tipped to be the ‘New Giggs’ and I’m sure when Giggs does eventually hang up his boots, the term ‘Welsh Wizard’ and such like will be used every time the ape-looking Spurs man has a good game.

    Personally I doubt he’d do as well at a top team. It’s easy to shine at Spurs. Just ask Berba!

  13. Ash says:

    Suarez is a cunt of highest order. The way he dived in front of David Moyes while celebrating was totally disrespectful. Media hates suarez because of incidents like these. The way he hand balled and was excited after the Ghana player Gyan missed the penalty in 2010 WC was pathetic. He deserves every bit of hate Mr Rodgers

  14. Ash says:


    Only fools will compare Bale with giggs. Giggs at his prime is better than Bale today. But having said that I am still gutted we missed on this guy when he was young. It was reported we almost signed bale only for Spurs to beat us. To be frank I wouldn’t mind seeing Bale playing for us. Imagine Bale at Left wing.

  15. ahjs says:

    “The way he dived in front of David Moyes while celebrating was totally disrespectful.”

    Thought that was pretty funny. He was entitled to do it after Moyes had slagged him off. Why should he “respect” Moyes? Don’t get the obsession people have with respect/handshakes/celebrations etc.
    And that handball still offends you? A split second decision in a World Cup quarter final and the ball is going in over your head to knock you out late in the game, you’d let it sail over your head? Not try to stop it by any means necessary?

    “It was reported we almost signed bale only for Spurs to beat us. ”

    Also been reported that Redknapp wanted to sell him before he exploded like he has. Probably could have got him then. But I look at some of those Spurs players and think they should be at Arsenal – but they signed Walcott and Chamberlain instead of Bale. Lloris would fit there. Vertonghen looks better than their defenders, even Gallas could have done a job.

    And I agree with some of the posters above, but Bale does tend to wait for contact. He seems to think contact = penalty. But maybe it’s because we don’t like to accept diving has come into the British game and infected our players?

  16. Ash says:


    Its funny how you try to defend a player who does more wrongs than Right. Moyes didn’t slag him off. He stated the obvious when he said Suarez is a diver. His celebration proved he is a jerk. The way he didn’t shake evra’s hand was another kind of instance which makes him a cunt. And as far as handball goes, yeah it was a split decision but I still felt what he did and his reactions for the resulting penalty miss was against the spirit of the game.

    Its like you injure the opponents player and are happy as he is gone from the match. There is something called Spirit of the game which I feel suarez absolutely Lacks. He disrespects everybody. I don’t understand how can you even defend his actions. It is beyond me. :)

  17. ahjs says:

    Notice I didn’t defend all of his actions. I think the celebration against Ghana was uncalled for because it was unsporting, but like you say, the handball is debatable. Scholes and Keane sat out the ’99 CL final and were reluctant to join in the celebrations but John Terry couldn’t wait to feel a part of it after they beat Bayern. Suarez obviously is in good company with John Terry and I don’t like either of them.

    “Its funny how you try to defend a player who does more wrongs than Right. ”

    Not really. Just because Suarez is a prick in so many ways, doesn’t mean every single thing he does is wrong. Things that if a neutral player did you wouldn’t care about and that if a United player did, in your heart of hearts, you know you wouldn’t condemn them for. Already this week I’ve seen United fans admitting maybe having u-turn on Roy Keane and some of the things he did maybe not being right.

    But why am even defending him? I agree, I shouldn’t be. A waste of time. I think it was the celebration thing – I didn’t mind him celebrating in front of Moyes. I get more annoyed by “positive” celebrations – Bale’s heart, the awful dancing, the rocking baby. I don’t mind when someone spices it up a bit more. If I scored a goal in any professional football match I’d be so happy I don’t know what I’d do.

  18. Ash says:

    If you defend Suarez’s diiving celebration then you must also like adebayors crazy celebration in front of arsenal fans, or tevez’s celebration when he wrote RIP sir alex in bus parade. Whatever way you look at that celebration you cannot find any positivity from that.

    I never said every single thing he does is wrong , what I said is he does more wrong than right

  19. ahjs says:

    “If you defend Suarez’s diiving celebration then you must also like adebayors crazy celebration in front of arsenal fans, or tevez’s celebration when he wrote RIP sir alex in bus parade. Whatever way you look at that celebration you cannot find any positivity from that. ”

    Why Must I? They are three separate incidents and I would not do what Adebayor did because it might be dangerous. But why is it dangerous? Because it might incite the Arsenal fans to violence! But he received horrible abuse from the Arsenal fans. Why shouldn’t he celebrate? Shouldn’t the Arsenal fans, being mostly grown men, know better than to hurl abuse at him and then almost look they’re running onto the pitch when he celebrates in front of them? We don’t mind Cantona kicking the Palace fan, but begrudge Adebayor celebrating? There’s no easy answers. Can’t believe you think I’d defend the Tevez one, though.

    I remember Jurgen Klinsmann diving as a celebration in his early Tottenham days and almost all of the pundits, fans and media had a laugh about it because they liked him. Peter Crouch juggled a ball with his hands for Stoke and then scored against City earlier in the season. He celebrated. Most people laughed. What was your reactions to those incidents?

  20. lowerider says:

    suarez is the victim of english media obvuisly hes done wrong in the past but ,, ashley young is a terrible diver also he should play for england again after his proformace against italy in the euros and gareth bale great footballer , but diving contantly almost everygame and hes a pr*** one thing you wont take away from suarez is the fact hes one of the best footballers in the world 3rd best if not so keep talkin an he’ll keep scorin bitches

  21. Marq says:

    There is a joke around, about the media comparing Bale & Suarez to see who should be the player of the year. As it is now, everyone seems to favour Bale But in all honesty, how can you say Bale is better when he has already been booked 5/6 times this season for diving, whereas Suarez only twice. Surely Suarez is the better of the two, the better diver

    Jokes aside, I mentioned this before, and I say again, if its a choice between Suarez & Bale as to who is better, its a no contest that Suarez wins hands down. At least Bale has some decent players around him, whereas Suarez is single handedly keeping Liverpool in midtable. He scores more, dribbles well, dives better. No contest.

  22. King Eric says:

    Spence. Ha. That “keep Bale in Blighty ” campaign was one of the most cringeworthy things I have ever seen.

  23. Ash says:


    I can only say that kicking a fan or diving in front of another manager is against the spirit of the game. Moyes didn’t abuse his family or wasn’t personal. He just stated the obvious and suarez reacted badly to that. You could always put a negative example. There are many positive example also like of Luis figo. He was abused like hell from barca fans but did he react. NO.
    Ronaldo was called diver constantly by the media and opposition manager. Did he dive infront of them like suarez?NO

    See suarez is a talented footballer without a doubt and that is why he is the leading scorer but his attitude sucks. He may be a good family person but on field and some times off field also he behaves like a dick and its a fact. Tevez is a dick and same is with Terry and also with suarez.

  24. Proverb says:

    The difference between suarez and young or bale is, yound is smart enough to wait for the vital touch to go down whereas the cunt moron that’s suarez doesn’t, he throws himself to the ground just from wind blown to he’s direction and he falls like garbage…..
    Rodgers is just trying play the victim card, why don’t he have a word with suarez regarding his numerous dives?
    Sir alex has already done that and young isn’t doing that much

  25. Proverb says:

    *Extracts from Gary Neville interviewing Giggsy*

    NEVILLE: How are you feeling after Real Madrid? Are you still feeling the effects of the game?
    GIGGS: Yeah, both mentally and physically. You get yourself prepared for a big game, you get yourself up for it. Then afterwards you don’t sleep or eat properly. So I’m still feeling the effects, really. That’s probably what’s changed a lot after turning 30, the actual recovery from games takes longer.

    NEVILLE: Just after Nani’s sending-off against Real, you tried to rouse the crowd. Obviously you’re passionate about United but you very rarely show emotion like that. What brought it on?

    GIGGS: I’ve never done that before! I think it was anger and obviously trying to get myself up. I was pumped. The crowd had been brilliant all night and I wanted to get them up and was just looking for that little bit of edge where it could help us. I didn’t plan it. I’d seen the ball go out for a dead ball and just felt that rush of adrenaline. It was one of those special nights at Old Trafford when sometimes you do things that, you know, you don’t plan. It just happens.

  26. Stretfordend ryda says:

    Why are we letting all these biased scouse rats ruin our blog?

  27. AndyYNWA says:

    You blinkered manc dicks! What has Suarez diving in front of Moyes got to do with anything? Besides, even Moyes found it amusing and said he would have done the same in Suarez’s position. You mancs are simply jealous because old purple nose didn’t have the foresight to sign one of the worlds finest players. Enjoy life on your perch while it lasts cos once onion nose hangs up his watch strap there’ll be no-one to bully match officials or fergie time played until UTD score.


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