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Roll On Real Madrid

Let’s do these fuckers. With Inter Milan, Sporting Lisbon, Atletico Madrid, Lyon and Real Madrid the teams available for the Round of 16, I’d absolutely love to get those Spanish twats and teach them a thing or two.

Following the shameless behaviour of Ramon Calderon and Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to leave our club for theirs, I’d be made up to see our clubs drawn against each other.

Of course it would be nice to have one of the easier draws, like Atletico or Sporting or Lyon, and of course it would be nice for Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho to go head to head, but there’s only one team I want to face this year, and that’s Real Madrid. The sooner we get them, the better.

Who’s with me?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. jsos says:

    haha 100% vote for real. love it

  2. Manu says:

    And that Gabriel YSB Heinze can be taught a lesson or two

  3. themarkedman72 says:

    Hell yeah!!
    I would like nothing more than to take that two faced calderon to the cleaners.
    To beat them at home would be gold.

  4. Andy says:

    yes yes yes

    lets fuckin ave em’

    I couldn’t have put it better myself, i believe in synchronicity, karma, fate and just deserts and i can’t wait to see roman calderons gulp when he realizes that they’re gonna go out to the European Champions.

    It’ll be a dream come true to finally put that lot to bed and then maybe our very own Portuguese prima donna will acknowledge that he is at the worlds greatest club

  5. PeeJay says:

    Have some respect.

  6. Besher says:

    No we need an easy draw lets have them at quarter finals if even they were able to qualify.and why to rush next season i think the CL final is at their stadium it would be nice if we won it there next season and great if it was them who we beat :d

  7. Drew Vader says:

    Its a tough call….If we get Madrid, I fear Ronaldo would try and play them all by himself and that could fuck us. Or he could try and play them all by himself and we still stuff them home and away.

    Does anyone else have a feeling that this team of ours is just waiting for a big occasion to turn it on and show everyone they’ve just been playing in second and third gear this year?? I can’t wait…

    First team to retain the Champs League…

  8. RedatHeart says:

    Bring them on. Would just love to see them whipped home n away n show them who the biggest club in the world is right now. Stop living in history madrid scum. Ronny n United will get you folks!!!

  9. firestarter says:

    Real Madrid no matter what will keep me nervy.

    They tend to play better against us and its not been the best of seasons for us.

    But one can argue the fact that there are no easy ties now.

  10. Ulrik Fredrik says:

    Yeah, I hope United get a swipe at those wannabes. Teach Calderon a lesson. Also a great chance to see which club Ronaldo’s loyalty lies with. Would he be able to step up and sink Madrid if he had the chance.

  11. Anant says:

    this was what i wanted at the beginning of the season . hopefully it’ll happen . ronaldo to score 2 hat tricks!

  12. manc. says:

    i would have to disagree

    check the stats from the past 6-7 years

    no team who has beaten real has won the champions league

    infact its the team that beats the team that beats real that always wins it

    2003: juve beat real, milan beat juve
    2004: monaco beat real , porto beat monaco
    2005: juve beat real, dippers beat juve
    2006: arsenal beat real, barca beat arsenal
    2007: bayern beat real, milan beat bayern
    2008: roma beat real, united beat roma

  13. james f says:

    Bring them on! But only if we eliminate them… otherwise I’d prefer Sporting Lisbon.

  14. dela says:

    As much as I hate Calderon and his lot, I must admit, I also fear them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one of the easier teams- preferably Atletico, Sporting or Villareal.

  15. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I felt since the start of the season that we’d get both Real, and later on, we’ll get the Scousers. I didnt fancy getting the scousers last year, but this year I think we’d do them. The only danger with Real is that while now they are playing absolute crap, things could be alot different by the end of February. Ramos is a decent manager (despite what went on at Spurs), and he obviously knows Spanish football. But Id still want to draw Real, if we cant beat them we dont deserve to win the Champions League.

  16. Pi says:

    I’d love to teach Real a thing or two about football and sportsmanship. True, they’re playing crap at the moment, but Ramos could change things around by February.

    Nevertheless, I think everyone at the club would be really fired up to thrash the stuffing out of them after they took the gloss off what should have been a summer to remember.

    However, I have a funny feeling that we’ll get Inter Milan and see Jose in the OT dugout once again!

  17. Justin says:

    definately the only team i want outta what we could get

  18. Sam says:

    i’d rather we played real or inter because you know we’ll step up for it. Don’t be too quick to want an ‘easier’ team because that is where we are likely to slip up. I also think we owe real a good stuffing for 2000, 2003, for bragging about how much a bargin becks was, for letting a 30 goal striker go on the cheap, that cunt gabby and of course for what they did this summer and that twat calderon still blaming ronaldo. Like northstand said we don’t deserve to win it if we can’t beat them.

  19. MancunianForever says:

    Yeah, agreed. The risk that I’m damn willing to take.

  20. REDHARRY says:

    Please god let us get Real and Fucking hammer the shit outta them. Only a one team I hate more than those bastards and that’s those scum from down the East Lancs. Only reason those fuckers won their Liga for the last two season was RUUD. Now he is injured they are falling away and hopefully BARCA will humilate them on Saturday. You think that the team, SAF and supporters won’t be up for REAL?

    Calderoooone will; be sitting there crapping himself, praying for anyone other than SAF and United. If you were Real would you want SAF and United?

    Come on lets get into them big time

  21. Gapi says:

    Fingers crossed for Real.

  22. EastStandManc says:

    No such thing as an ‘easy’ tie after the group stages. Let’s get that out of the way.

    Interesting stats there, manc. I’d still take the risk, though, records/history are there to be broken/made.

    All the reasons why have been stated already. The only downside for me is that Hargo isn’t going to be available, otherwise we’d've had a plan B if Ronaldo’s “take them on, on your own” BRMC plan goes tits-up (that or he’ll disappear for 90 minutes).

  23. marno says:

    id rather lyon again to be fair

  24. AlexofMancunia says:

    In the words of Kevin Keegan: “I would love it!”

    Lets fucking stuff them at their place, then at ours!

    They are the team I hate most outside of England, and I’d love to give them another early exit. No use praying for an “easy” tie, as there’s no such thing at this stage, we know we are better than them, so we’ll have to let them find out first hand!

  25. King Eric says:

    Too right would love to play the fascist scum cunts. Especially in light of more comments by Calderon.

  26. Gary says:

    I really hope we darw these fucking scum bags. We owe them, and surely this tie would bring the best out in an other wise quiet Old Trafford. If the atmosphere wasnt electric for this game, I think I would just give up on ever hearing a good atmosphere at Old Trafford again!

  27. Gary says:

    I cant believe there are United fan who fear Real Madrid on here. They are a spent force, half their side are over the hill, and the other half is jus the dutch team. United will put these cunts in their fucking place!

  28. themarkedman72 says:

    We will lift against them. They are crap this season.
    Bring it on.
    Plus it will happen. The draw always seems to throw up the most interesting crowd/tv ratings pulling ties.

  29. Superdorz says:

    I’ve been saying it since the summer; we are destined to meet this joke of a club this season. We owe the cunts big time!

    As for those that fear them, have faith people – We are UNITED!

  30. UnitedRay says:

    I have been waiting to meet those white shirts ever since David “The Traitor” Beckham joined them.

    I have been praying to meet those white shirts after Ruud “I must play first eleven” Van Nistelrooy joined them.

    I have became a vegeterian in my personal hope to meet those white shirts after Gabriel YSB Heinze joined them.


  31. PossePossebon says:

    We don’t owe Real one, we owe them more than that. Real and the Scousers. We’d take them and bash them.


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