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RoM Ask Wes Brown About His Chant, Nou Camp 99 and Brother Reece

Who do you enjoy beating the most – Liverpool or Manchester City?

I would have to say Man City….even though it’s very close. The reason it would be City is just because I am a Manchester lad and it’s always a game I look forward to in the season.

Over the past couple of decades, there has always been a significant group of players in the first team squad who have come through the academy. How much do you think this has played a part in United’s success?

It has played a major part – the players coming through understand the heritage and importance of Manchester United. The academy coaching staff do a great job of developing the football talent from a young age. The players work hard and dedicate themselves to the team.

What are your memories from the bench in Nou Camp in ’99?

Only great memories. Probably the best feeling I’ve had on the football pitch even though I was a substitute and didn’t play, because of the circumstances and how it happened. Maybe just tops winning the Champions League which I played in 07/08.

Which season has been your favourite whilst playing for United?

07/08 when we won the Champions League, for the fact that i played most of the games.

You assisted Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in Champions League final against Chelsea. How does that rank amongst your proudest moments at the club?

It was nice to be able to set the goal up for Cristiano – especially being a final. It is definitely up there with one of my best performances.

Which trophy do you think has to be United’s priority – the Premiership or Champions League?

I would always say the Premiership over the Champions League as its the competition that you play week in and week out. However, of course it is fantastic to win the Champions League trophy.

Do you prefer playing at right back or the centre of defence?

Centre of defence is my preferred position but for United I have played most of my games as right back.

You recently played alongside your brother Reece in the Reserves. How proud did that make you and how do you rate your chances of playing together for the first team?

It was a very proud moment for me but probably even more so for my nan, mum, sister and brother. It was really good to play with him. Reece is only young and has a long way to go but he’s got everything you need to be a footballer – he just needs to be able to do it at a higher level. Hopefully the chance of us playing together for the first team is good, we’ll have to wait and see. Would be really nice too.

Do you watch much of the Reserves? Who do you rate at having a good chance of coming through?

Yes – I watch the reserves all the time. I think Corry Evans and Ravel Morrison have both got really good chances if they keep on working hard.

Your chant has become very popular amongst the fans over the past year. What do you think of it and how do you feel when you hear it sung?

It’s quality to be fair! It feels good when the fans sing it and I appreciate it – it’s a nice thing to have!

Caught Offside lined up the interview with Wes Brown and kindly asked RoM to supply the questions.

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  1. Costas says:

    Doesn’t look familiar. His smile mysteriously disappeared a year after that photo, so it’s hard to tell.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    On topic. The Caught Offside article that this post came from follows on an announcement that Concave Sports wear is using Wes as an Ambassador. The Concave www site also suggest that they use John O’Shea. Proper reds these. Concave has some proper role models as well.

  3. willierednut says:

    I look at Ronaldo now with mixed feelings. He ruined that summer after the double, with his whining, but what a player while he was here.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @DentonDave. As to Kevin Davies, maybe your fashion, but the guy crashes around like a blind goat. Can’t see the international refs being too amused with Kevin. Only feel that Capello is trying to widen the fan base. Unlike Wes who rarely gives away fouls and must be held in the absolute highest regards by refs and opposition alike.

  5. Red Devil 19 says:


    ruined is an understatement mate, straight after the final the guy said he would stay, then couple weeks later a supposed announcement was to be made which never came, then he claimed he was a slave, then claimed he loved playing in the White strip. Great player but ruined possible legendary status IMO

  6. redrider says:

    Anyone saw the wiki on our stadium? Good job by whoever edited it! Lolza!!

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @RedDevil and Willierednut. 2 things ruined that summer for me. 1 Ronaldos leaving for money showed zero class, hope he wins naught. 2. Manchester Council denying a parade. Showed them to be absolute bile. As to Ronaldo, top player on the days he showed up. Never a legend in my view. Pathetic excuse for human being, nothing I want to be associated with. Don’t talk about him with my kids, won’t mind if that changes but it is still to emotional at the moment. To show the contrast, I don’t have much problem with Beckham, thought he left at a good time, won little after he left, didn’t say anything against United or the manager.

  8. rooney the new king says:

    FletchTHEMAN – the ronaldo saga was a big shame to cap off back to back titles and a european cup. And the jogs ruining the chance to have a parade on the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, it would have been a great tribute to have that parade. I could not even watch euro 2008 because ronaldo spoilt it all. It was like the deal with the devil, united win the double in return – ronaldo wants to leave and our rivals think we are doomed.

    ronaldo has a person I find is better than most footballers in our country, and he has no scandals like some of the English even though he now has a child, look at the scandals like terry cole gerrard and even rooney sorry to say is caught up in a possible divorce with his wife. At-least ronaldo was thinking straight and not decided to marry a women and cheat on her or start a serious relationship, because for footballers starting family’s can backfire with devastating results

  9. rooney the new king says:

    I mean the jocks damn spelt it wrong

  10. indiandevil says:

    Would like to see him get more game time, it was only last year that Fergie claimed he is the best English defender around. :)

    Found a positive piece on United, something rare so a must read.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I miss ronaldo at united, he dragged us through at times, when it seems like all has lost, with ronaldo in the team i always felt even more confident we could get results due to his sublime match winning abilities, he gave us that spark and edge over every other teams, a guaranteed 20+ goals each season too, tell me we couldn’t possibly miss that at the present moment.

    i watched this boy develop from a young, enthusiastic, gifted albeit with not many end product into a powerhouse attacker, with unpredictability up his sleeves and goals.

    i wanted him to win the best player in the world and he did, think that fueled his already large ego more, he felt invisible at united, i think he saw united as a stepping stone to his supposed dream club.

    we really should have prepared better for his eventual departure even though as fans, we always hope a great player will finish his career here, but hey that wasn’t the case, still waiting to see if any of our young players can reach his level as a match winner but none so far but there is hope, we always live with that.

    ronaldo brought his baggage to united but we refined it and reaped the benefits, i think that’s what we gotta hope from our current batch of youth players, they’ll frustrate us just like ronaldo did but hopefully they come through. I still don’t think he can replicate same form for real madrid though, i hope he doesn’t anyway.

    i’m sorry but ronaldo wasn’t a legend here, we never truly felt he was a true red but he did his job great, effective even and damn was he one hell of a player, extraordinary at times.

  12. Rooney > England says:

    Ah. Ronaldo. The lad was in a class of his own. One of those players that comes once in a decade and takes everything by storm.

    I for one will consider him as a legend. Everyone’s definition of a legend is different though so no point debating that one

  13. samuel - united WE stand says: – anderson needs to focus on getting into form on the pitch, when we signed him i thought he’d bring the flair and brazilian magic into our midfield, we’ve seen none of that so far, people complain he isn’t played in the right positions, sir alex gambles and plays him there and he is devoid of idea on how to play the playmaking role, i think he has the engine and possibly the skill to play there but so far he has looked lost.

    Regardless of his injuries, he has being a major disappointment, i really was hoping he’d kick on now and replace our ginger genius but so far he flatters to deceive, anderson trains with scholes every day but yet still diabolical at shooting, you may say its not all important for a midfield player to score but think it helps if he goals are shared, and he isn’t as creative as i expected either so it doesn’t really compensates for it.

    However He still relatively young, so still hope for him if he is reading this blog, i suggest he gets his act together, train harder and learn from paul scholes about the art of midfield play, both aren’t similar but he can still pick up tips if he has any aspirations to run united midfield for years.

    Maybe my expectations of him are too high but that’s how much potential i see him, i really want him to come good and be a force and i hope he does, focusing more on training would be good.

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    To be a legend you need to do more, 3 seasons of good play don’t give you that even though they were extraordinary at times and i fully appreciate that but ryan giggs and scholes epitomises the word legend, incredibly consistent through out there careers here so far, spanning 18+ years and still going strong albeit the performances dropping slightly due to age .

    Ronaldo was a great player here like so many who have passed through the club and we still matched on, to be a legend though you have to have more.

  15. Chicharito14 says:

    @samuel to me ronaldo will always be a united legend that man gave so much to united in the seasons preceding his exit . Yes he left us at only 24 years but he will never reach those heights ever again.just think of the times he dragged us back to earn us a point or 3 points.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    @Chicharito14 – i guess we’d both have different views on what a legend should be, in my opinion he was a great player here who has nailed himself into united’s and premier league’s history books but nothing more, great player who passed through the club like Many who have done exactly the same, his statue won’t be erected outside old trafford ala sir bobby charlton that’s for sure but this is not to say i didn’t appreciate ronaldo performances , he was magnificent here but i can only see him as a great player, and good luck to him, only in the la liga though, still rooting for madrid to get dumped out lol.

    He is just 24, so for you to say he can’t produce that performances again isn’t right, he is in a less physical league with abysmal defending and two dominant teams so i expect him to rip that league up sooner or later while he under performs in the champions league of course lol.

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I think he is 25 now, pardon my lack of accuracy on that .

  18. CedarsDevil says:

    @ samuel

    I am stuck in the middle regarding whether or not to call Ronaldo a legend. Its a title based on opinions at times… There are of course the obvious ones that need no debate such as Giggs, Scholes, Robson, Charlton. Law, Best, Edwards etc and of course the King himself Cantona….
    The reason I am undecided on Ronaldo is because Cantona led us to 4 titles and 2 FA cups whilst Ronaldo helped us win 3 titles, 1 FA Cup, 2 League Cups, the Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup…. So in terms of trophy count, Ronaldo was involved in more but I guess the fact that he wanted to leave us will in my mind reserve giving him the title legend without of course being ungrateful to what he helped us achieve…..

    I hope I made sense!! lol

  19. King Eric says:

    Willie – ” I look at Ronaldo now with mixed feelings. He ruined that summer after the double, with his whining, but what a player while he was here”.

    I agree mate. Having watched his gesticulating and general cuntery the other night I do not miss this side at all. I do however like to remember his good points of which there were many. One of THE greatest players at his peak I have had the pleasure of watching live. To be fair to the lad even in his last season he still did the business. Viva Ronaldo.

  20. King Eric says:

    Not a legend in my opinon just a fucking great United player.

    Samuel – Hello mate. I too am hoping Anderson can step it up and word coming out is that his attitude has improved ten fold. He isn’t however gonna replace Paul. Nobody is.

  21. King Eric says:

    Finally its a smug feeling to know that he is NEVER gonna replicate what he achived in 07/08. Never.

  22. Costas says:

    The summer of 2008 would have been a lot easier to enjoy if we knew at that point that Ronaldo would leave in 12 months. Unfortunately, he was making all the wrong sounds at the time. Plus, his decision got kept pushing back all the time.

    In the end, it wasn’t so hard for him to stay for 1 more year was it?

  23. Costas says:

    *got kept pushed back*

  24. aig alex is god says:

    I wont say Ronaldo will never replicate what he did in 07-08. he was injured for a few months lasts eason adn yet ended up with 30 odd goals. I have a feeling he will get only better under Jose and keep scoring for fun.

  25. aig alex is god says:

    *last season*

  26. willierednut says:

    If Mourinho lets him off the leash, he’ll keep scoring, but i can’t see him having a season like 07/08.

  27. s18 says:

    LOVES Wesley!!! for evrything he is! Utd thru and thru and a no non-sense player…I wish to see more of him either at RB or CB…I have more faith and trust in him than Sheasy, Evans or Rafael (no disrespect to ‘em they’ve done well) its his defensive solidness that give us that extra assurance of confidence :) Barca 08 just to name one of his best :D Another thing about Wes is, when he play the opposition dosen’t like to av a kick at him when he goes forward!!

    ~The meanest man in all the town~ Com n av a go if you dareeeeee!!!!~

    Com’on SAF, give the lad more chances!!! I am sure he won’t dissepoint us!!

  28. King Eric says:

    No cannot agree about Ronnie. Whilst obviously he will probably score 30 plus goals a season I really can’t see him matching a league title , European Cup 42 goals , World player of the year and countless other accolades in one season. That season in my opinion while only 22 -23 he was in the form of his life. It wasn’t just the amount of goals it was the manner of them. He was simply staggering. He was in the right team at the right time. Very hard to match but will still score goals.

  29. MG says:

    King Eric

    Key words

    Right team at the right time

    One feels that he is at the wrong team – whatever he desired and wanted he got – but the white of Madrid does not equal the red of United

    Here he had the freedom and the expression and the down right arrogance blessed by Sir Alex to go for it – at Madrid it’s so so different.

    Good luck to him – someone else will just take his place at the theatre of dreams : )

  30. willierednut says:

    Someone has took his place, he goes by the name of……….

  31. rooney the new king says:

    wayne rooney

    King Eric – I disagree. ronaldo was pathetic in his last season at united. if he was not so damn selfish united would have cleaned house in the premiership much quicker and given barca a better game. PPL called berbatov lazy LOL my ass, that year did anyone see ronaldo that season. Ronaldo’s work rate and commitment to the team was such a disgrace it made berbatov seem like our best player that year – even has good as rooney that year that is how awful ronaldo was that year.

    26 goals did not do it for me it papered over the cracks of ronaldo, he could have given much much more that year to the cause. All we were left with was a player having hissy fits and counting off the days on his calender that he could move to spain. He got so annoyed in early may against shitty at home, that we saw ronaldo confirm what I knew at the time, he wanted out now and those scenes summed up his season pathetic. Between 2003 and 2009 he only had 2 great seasons and 3 mediocre ones and one really exciting season for potential his first season was better than his last because at-least he was trying in his first season

  32. MG says:


    I think that is the perfect way to describe Ronaldo

  33. willierednut says:

    I actually think Ronaldo’s over all game was better in 06/07, played some great stuff that season.

  34. rooney the new king says:

    willierednut – I think the overall team that season all played well. VDS neville ferdinand vidic brown evra, our back up players like oshea silvestre park solkjaer heinze were crucial, even smith did a job in critical times of the season. in midfield carrick scholes and fletcher were massive that year ronaldo giggs rooney saha blew all their opponents away on how wave after wave of attack they produced when they all played together.

    07/08 I think allot of players were not all on top of their game that year reason why goals were not shared about like previous seasons. the back-line and some of uniteds front 3 played well. rooney was up and down, tevez was good but not great. saha was injured nearly all the time. ronnie was awesome. nani and anderson were good and ok. But allot who were here the year earlier who won the title in 2007 – I thought their levels went down, and the source of goals came from mostly 3 players or even 1 more than a spread.

  35. King Eric says:

    rtnk – Despite him being a cunt in his last season which he was we cannot say he didn’t contribute. Villa at home, Porto, Arsenal, City . The list goes on.

    Willierednut – Yeah I know what you mean. 06/07 was the proper rise of Ronnie from potential to superstar.


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