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By Far The Greatest Team has 10 reactions to yesterday’s win.

The Daily Mail have a report on the Benfica defender who is set to replace Vidic.

Beautifully Red has the best moments from the Liverpool game in GIF form.

Red Flag Flying High discusses whether Welbeck is good enough for United.

The Telegraph reports on Allardyce’s claim West Ham should have had a penalty.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    This stuff from Allardyce is just pathetic. While it is true that there are few pens given out at OT to away teams, it all has to do with time they spend in the box, which is to say, virtually none.

    As to the two incidents, Rafael is looking away, his arms are at his side, and the ball literally deflects off his static arm. Only an idiot would call it a pen and a very harsh one.

    On the other hand, Jordan Spence has his arm raised, an issue we have noted before when our own players give a pen. He is facing the ball, and the change in direction, though inadvertant and harsh, does favor West Ham.

    Big Sam is clearly trying to deflect criticism from his players who perhaps could have gotten a goal on their own right. But Spence can have little to complain about in the end.

    Here is the quote that has to put Big Sam in contention for a phone call from the FA

    “There’s no doubt about the difference between Rafael’s handball and Jordan Spence’s,” he said. “Spence plays for West Ham and the away team, while Rafael plays for the home side at Old Trafford.

    Big Sam can have little complaint if he spends a day in the stands. Pretty shocking from him.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    A big omission in the “10 reactions to yesterday’s win” is the failure to comment on Scholes’s shocking challenge which could have been a red. Could have done real damage to the boy and in the current climate no one could have complained.

    This is Scholes’ 8th yellow in domestic games. 2 more before April will see him get an automatic ban.

    8 yellows in 16 domestic games! Love him to bits, but get a grip son!

  3. Unitedfanatic says:

    The post match reaction looks remarkably like Scott’s work in disguise!!! Heavily influenced style of writing but not necessarily sharing the same views as Scott does..

    I think Scott would’ve mentioned the role of Anderson in yesterday’s goal as well as it not being Nani’s day, though the lad is just back from an injury.

    Just goes to show how much of an influence our dear Scott has on others :)

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Mostly a piece about Dortmund but Jurgen Klopp figures Robin van Persie is the greatest forward he has ever seen!

  5. gaz says:

    fuck off Fat Sam you deformed jabba the hut looking cunt,your teams are a fucking disgrace hoof and hope dinosaur tactics. go eat your fucking pies ya fat useless prick

  6. bRed says:

    The GIFs were fantastic. Especially loved the Evra – Kagawa combi. Stunning outside of the boot pass.

  7. Costas says:

    I understand what Red Flag Flying High is trying to accomplish but in my opinion debating whether someone aged 22 and in his second year at the main roster is good enough for United is ludicrous. People act like the Welbeck’s already reached his glass ceiling ffs.

  8. Costas says:

    *Welbeck*, not *the Welbeck*.

  9. Marq says:

    If it was Sir Alex who said what Allardyce said, he would already be getting a ban from the dugout. Let’s see if the FA has got anything to say. I would even say we have been robbed more times than we have benefited

  10. iced earth says:

    Welbeck will be one of the best he has a huge talent strong fast work rate maybe he lack goals but he will progress he will score against spuds

  11. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @Flethctheman. Very nice article on Klopp. It’s one thing I love about the Germans. They tell it as it they see it. No point for sugar coating. And seeing VP at United now, it’s hard to argue. When he gets the ball you feel he’s going to make something happen EVERY TIME. He’s a joy to watch. Very lucky to have him here.
    As for Klopp, He is very high on my list of Coaches I would love to take over United from Fergie.

  12. WeAreUnited says:


    you never answered me in the Ahead Of Our Game Against West Ham… thread.

    Go there and look at my comment.

  13. kanchelskis says:

    @iced earth

    Busquets? Alonso?

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    this is a very hard question and sensitive for some of our supporters.
    And I know we shouldn’t compare players, but I have to do this. Just for the sake of discussion.
    And I don’t mean that we have to tell why one player is better than the other, cause both offers different styles and force for the team and together they are betetr for us. But for the sake of argument.

    Which one for you did play better LAST evening. not which one do you like more, but which one played yesterday better.

    Valencia who has been a regular and obviously has lacked FORM and maybe the number 7 is carrying him instead of Valencia carrying the shirt.


    Nani who I think hasn’t played for 2-3 months due injury and form. And Nani who played aagain on the left when he is far far far better on the right.

    For me,

    Valencia: did his usual job and lacked again in his directneness. He stopped and stared the oppsotion. Defensively he was good like always. But he did a pretty decent job, didn’t offer anything going forward, one great play with Nani. Was direct, but alwasy stopped, interacted very good with Rafael, you could see they play very good together.

    Nani: You could see his rustiness and that he just came from injury. He lost some posession like his fellow Rooney and Ando, but we have to give him the break for that. Defensively he was ok, sometimes he lacked a bit, but maybe it’s due the fitness.
    Attacking wise, I think we saw his directness and how he goes past players, he did go past players and almost scored thanks to the great play with Valencia. He interchanged with Giggs and Buttner vert well and created 2 or 3 chances for them to cross.

    Attacking : Nani
    Defense: Valencia
    Chances created: Nani
    Betetr on holding posession: Valencia
    Crossing: 50/50

  15. kanchelskis says:


    Was really annoying when the defender pulled off that block on the line to deny Nani. It was a good move and a fine strike, and not only would it have made our position more comfortable, but also would’ve given him a great boost in his first game back. He’s such a confidence player and it really would’ve helped him kick on.

  16. United till I die says:

    If you combined welbecks work rate and hold up play with hernandez poaching skills you would have one hell of a player.

    As it is welbeck is going to have to settle for a bit part role fir the next couple of seasons. RVP will be the main man up front for 3-4 years so if he wants to challenge RVP for that spot he going to have to work on his finishing when he gets his chance to start.

    My prediction is when a new manager eventually comes in Danny Welbeck will become one of the fans favorites to be shipped out.

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Beautifully Red just posted his 5 Beautiful United GIF Moments from the FACup Replay.
    ManUnited v West Ham –

    Ha Büttner gets 2 of the 5 GIFs!!! Lad will be sending 50 copies home to the folks! ;)

  18. ManchesterDAVE says:

    Fabio unsure about his future, I would love to see him back at MUFC

  19. Brooka says:

    Apparently there were over 71,000 at Old Trafford last night?! Amazing how numbers can be manipulated when season ticket holders are forced to pay for a game they probably couldn’t be bothered to attend (cost of travel, work etc) Ah well, as long as the club have collected their money what do they care about the squeeze on your average fan? I wrote to the club again about the ludicrous automatic cup scheme and got the expected ‘we thank you for your feedback but there’s feck all you can do about it so lump it!’

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @Danny, Cheers mate.

    I don’t think so mate, I find Klopp a bit of a home person, the kind of man who may never leave his little spot of Westphalia heaven. A Scholes like person from his interviews and the evidence.
    Look at his posts…not more than 75km between them. He isn’t a worldly person at all. He basically said as much in an interview I heard. He probably leaves the office at 5-7 and plays video games with the kids.
    Maybe I am selling him short, but I don’t think so. I don’t think he could keep 5 balls in the air at one time, let alone the 15-30 that Fergie does. Nice person, but doubt he has the intelectual nous for United.

  21. mybloodismetal says:

    @iced earth, if Carrick is the best, what about Xabi alonso, Bastien Schweinsteiger, Busquets, Yaya Toure, Pirlo.

    Carrick is good. But he is not Scholes. I would have Scholes in that list but he is not currently among the best performing players in that position. Pirlo is the best among them, its pretty easy to see that.

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Another good read:
    Sir Alex on our penalty dilema:

    9 pens awarded 4 converted this term

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – scholesy is more often than not a few seconds late with his challenges and with him slowing down on the pitch and having a reputation, the cards have racked up. He has to sort it out or could cost united in a game but fact is, he hasn’t got the legs to cover defensively anymore and needs enough energy around him to make up for it.

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Samuel, Cheers, 8 starts, 8subs 8 yellows. Certain symmetry then ;) Still can know about a bit, but the opposition manages should just tell their boys to run at Scholes. Bound to work out for them in the end.

    Good thing for use Smalling and Jones had fantastic games.

  25. vivaronaldoooo says:

    Gaz makes my day with regards to work!!! Keep it up.

  26. samuel - united WE stand says:

    A little suprised with fabio’s comment but then again welbeck came out with the same thing whilst on loan at sunderland. Fabio is highly rated by fergie and was sent out on loan to gain experience. I think he will return to challenge for the left back role, he could easily dislodge evra if he perseveres and waits for his chance, the brazilian should be aware evra isn’t going to give up his role easily, pat is a battler and has worked hard with determination to get the top, fabio needs to show the right character and get back to united, i would take his comment with a pinch of salt.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – it’s crazy stats, no doubt plays a part in scholes seeing less game time this season and agreed on jones and smalling, outstanding against a very physically demanding opposition, they seem to compliment each other well, bringing slight glimpses of a partnership similar to vidic and rio. These two are going to give the likes of evans/vida/rio a run for their money. Hopefully they keep improving.

  28. WeAreUnited says:


    exaclty mate, shame it didn’t went in. And damn I want Valencia to play great again, he got my sympathies when he hit that cross a abit off, he just seemed a bit down.

    I wish we get him on form, and I hope Nani also, cause they could offer us so much more. At the moment they are below par.

    Amazing how 2 player of the year-players how gone 2 years in a row from playing great to playing average.


    Can you go to that thread and answer me, cause you accused me of something and I responded, and you never wrote back. in the Ahead Of Our Game Against West Ham… thread.

  29. WeAreUnited says:

    as for the Fabio comment on his future.

    I think he will coemn back. He can cover the left back position with Buttner and the Right back position also if Rafael is not playing well or is injured.

    So he is a player who can play many positions, that’s why he will come back and stay to cover his brother or Evra/Buttner

    In the best case scenario he will become our best left back and play liek Rafael, after all he is the better one fro mthe twins, so they say.

  30. WeAreUnited says:


    even though like I stated earlier in the versus comment.

    “Nani I think hasn’t played for 2-3 months due injury and form. And Nani who played again on the left when he is far far far better on the right. ”

    so he should be more understood, anyway, we need them back on FORM immediatelly!

  31. United Till I Die says:

    Giggs was easily motm so im glad they got that right for once. Buttner deserves a shout as he put in a solid shift, he’s going to be a top player for us soon enough. Take note Fabio you’ve got competition! Good seeing Jones back in the team. Smalling had a good run out as well. Rooney, Anderson and Nani were all poor, but anybody who expected different wasn’t being realistic. Of course they’d be off the boil, between them they haven’t played for nearly a year! Im just glad they’re all back getting minutes ahead of Real. I can’t wait to see the team Alex selects for those games.

    Must say, it was funny listening to the ITV commentary after our goal. How can you wax lyrical about Rooney’s poaching, Hernandez’ pass, but not praise the brilliant pass that started it all? Are they selectively blind or what? If England had a young midfielder with Anderson’s passing ability they’d be calling him the white Zidane by now. You gotta laugh. Not only is Ando a brilliant man-marker, he’s also got the ability to change a match with one pass. Our lad isn’t even fully fit but his vision made the difference against a well disciplined West Ham who looked likely to hold our out-of-form team to a draw.

    It was a brave starting 11 from the manager considering how rusty everybody was, but it paid off thanks to the raw talent we have all over the pitch, and Ando had the key to West Ham’s defence last night. So for those wondering why some supporters like me think our Brazilian midfielder is so important, THATS why.

    Only Giggs, Scholes or Carrick can regularly split defences from that distance, but the added benefit of Ando is he’s faster than those lads and (imo) makes even better use of the ball with a wider range of passing. More importantly he’s got time on his side. Overall I didn’t mind the mistakes from him, Nani and Rooney last night considering they’ve missed a lot of football, but between now and the first leg v Real they’ve got to prove their worth. The whole Squad does to be honest, as if the rest of this season doesn’t push them to find top form, nothing will. Our Squad should be aiming for a Treble. If not, why not?

    Now lets give Spurs a good kicking and pick up where we left off in the EPL

  32. United Till I Die says:


    I hope he does address the penalties mate, its bad enough we’re not more of a threat with our corners but throwing away 5 out of 9 penalties is a piss take at this level. I bet there are sunday league players who could’ve converted more spot kicks for us this season. Its all about practice. When Shearer bangs on about penalties and having your target picked out before you step up, I have to reluctantly agree with him. Our lads have to train much harder on spot kicks so they know what they’re doing when the time comes, lets not turn into England and bottle it! The Germans have it spot on and its not because of some divine or natural ability, they just practice until it becomes second nature. We need some of that in our Squad, so ANYBODY can step up and be counted. Fergie is the bloke to make it happen. Losing on points was bad enough last season but I couldn’t bear us losing a final because of 3 or 4 piss poor penalties. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  33. United Till I Die says:

    As for Welbeck – have a look at the best EPL strikers of the last TEN years and ask yourself how many of them were scoring 20+ a season aged 22…. our current top striker wasn’t for starters.

    I said it before, if we signed RVP as a teen how many supporters would’ve had the faith and patience of Arsenal supporters to let him reach 27 years of age?

    What the fuck is the rush to kick Danny out the door anyway? He’s a local lad who blazed through our ranks, he already has obvious talent and merits to his game, and his head is screwed on, so why not stand by him and let him develop? Where is the rush to get rid? Because he’s not scoring like an experienced player 7 years older than him? Are you lot fucking stupid?

    It baffles me no end. Danny is doing just fine for his age.

  34. WeAreUnited says:


    for the ones that wants Welbeck out , it’s crazy

    I for myself have only said the lad needs t oimprove his goalscoring and get his Ronaldo-mode on. His all round ability makes him a very good striker, for to be great he needs starting getting goals.

    It will happen, but at the age of 22 Chicharito was a proven goalscorer for ManUtd and Mexico. 20+ goals.
    Anyway he’s one for the future and he’s local, which is amazing. Those that want to get rid of him are crazy, but those that want more from him, well look at Ronaldo , everyone wanted more and what we got :)

    patience is the key of course.

  35. King Eric says:

    I agree with iced earth, right now Carrick is the best in his position. I have always liked Alonso but I feel carrick has a better range and reads the game better.

  36. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Good on Giggs, Captain Giggs [should be]

    “Ruud van Nistelrooy missing three on the trot. Not many people remember that but I certainly do.

    “The fourth one he stepped up, buried it and probably didn’t miss one again.

    “Wayne is our penalty taker.”

  37. redninja says:

    Petience wellbeck will come go with time, flecha comes to mind give him some time

  38. United Till I Die says:

    @We Are United – I agree Hernandez has already proved himself at United, but when I said have a look at the best EPL strikers of the last TEN years… I was talking about strikers who have already proved themselves to be among the best ever in our league. Chica has about 100 more EPL goals to score before he makes that list tbh mate.

    We are in agreement though. People need to be more patient with Danny. Most United supporters I know have all the time in the world for him – its only online or in the media I hear people saying he’s not good enough. But when you look at strikers like Ruud, Yorke, Rooney, Cole, or even Owen, Henry, Drogba, etc only half of them were scoring 20+ a season at Danny’s age. And even when they were prolific at 22, how many of them did it while playing as second/third/fourth choice striker? That was my point mate. But we’re in agreement about Danny.

    As for the comparison with Hernandez you alluded to, Chica had played MORE senior football by the time we signed him than Welbeck has played in his entire senior career to date. Think about that. You can see the experience in the way Hernandez plays, and if anything, Danny in 2013 now has the same experience Hernandez had when we signed him (in terms of games played)

    Like you said “it will happen” for him, but people need to remember that talent doesn’t count for much without the experience of playing first team football in your preferred position on a regular basis. To date, Danny Welbeck has never had that in his career, but his time will soon come at OT.

    @Fletch – lets hope Rooney is training as hard as Ruud then! To be honest they all need to be training on talking penalties, we don’t want to end up like Portugal in the Euros. They did all the hard work battering Spain but threw it all away with poorly prepared penalties.

  39. RedFlag7 says:

    Has anybody actually come across this today?

    I just spat my tea out reading it. How something so clearly biased has been allowed to be published is beyond me. Comical nonetheless.

  40. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WeAreUnited – accused you of what? It must be a misunderstanding.

  41. WeAreUnited says:


    You’re right, he’s not yet “proven” among the best players. But
    I think, if Chicha would get more playing time than he does now, even though at the moment he went infront Welbeck in the pecking order and rightly so. Last season Welbeck was ahead.
    Chicha is getting only 15minutes or 90 minutes now and then, but he still manages to score. So if he could also get his 90 minutes regularly those 100 goals are nothing.

    Back to Welbeck.

    you made some very valid points mate, and I gotta think that next time I demand more from him. an take that into account.

    It’s very true. Last season though Welbeck had his regular games, but anyway I get what you mean. I hope he starts firing as soon as possible, with the Ronaldo-mode. haha. we could need that.

    patience is the key, and he will get his first-time football, unlucky for him, though first it was for Chicha, but it has turned for him, RVP came and reduced that game-time, the flipside of the coin, anywyay, maybe Welbeck would have played and scored more, I don’t forget last season when he managed those important goals.

    Anyway that’s football, starting place can change in 5minutes for the 4th choice.

    Patience! peace.

  42. FletchTHEMAN says:

    United till I die. Cheers! Exactly my point. We need 3-4 practicing as if they could take them any day of the week and 7-9 with the idea in the back of their heads that we might need them in a Cup shoot out. You never know who will be on the pitch, so a good part of the squad needs to be on their toes thinking they could do it. Rooney should be up around 80% on his though. Current form just not good enough.

  43. JohnnyMUFC says:

    @Unitedtillidie yes cheech has more senior experience but remember its a mexican first division. There is no.comparison with the experience you get in Europe compared to Mexico

  44. FletchTHEMAN says:


    Club announcement:

    Darren Fletcher to miss remainder of the football season because of medical condition. Sad day :(

  45. WeAreUnited says:


    this is what you said

    Isco munain.. Fucking hell, granted they’re all talented but united have enough young players coming through and wanting an opportunity, it’s not going to happen. Quit the buy everyone football manager game mentality. Deary me!

  46. WeAreUnited says:

    this was my response

    cmon dude, it’s an effin opinion, AND IKER MUNIAIN would be a great answer.
    which players coming???? if they come through, it’s not guaranteed that they make it.

    Cmon dude, it’s not like it’s football manager, it’s one effin player. I would buy Iker Muniain at the age of 19 than waiting some players to pop up and shine our world, which rarely happens at the wings for us.

    beckham comes in mind lately.. and it’s what 20 years since?

    It’s not football manager. It’s being sane and reasonable. That’s a ridiculous statement from you who understands football. Was Kagawa a crazy buy? or do we wait someone to pop up?

    So when people said buy Ronaldo at the age of 17, you would say:
    No lets not buy him and wait for academy players.
    Where are those academy players that would have made it without Ronaldo? Richardson? Eagles?? Not any did pop up, and is not popping up at the wings. IF Zaha comes, he would be one, but he’s not ours.

    @samuel, does any winger pop in mind for you from our academy to be a star winger?? Maybe Januzaj, but he’s 15 or 16 or 17?

    And don’t say it’s different with Ronaldo,
    We know NOW that Ronaldo is a different class, but you wouldn’t know that he would become like he did. We knew he’d be great, but not that great.

    And so many spanish talent coming through, so why not catch Iker Muniain at the age of 19, HE TORE US APART! TWICE!

    cmon dude, be reasonable and don’t bring us down, soon as we mention one name. Nobody dismissing you.

  47. WeAreUnited says:

    Nani came here at the age of 19-20, where you against it?? or waiting for academy players to show up?

    I think you got the picture.

    I would be the first one to want a new David Beckham to play for us again, he was the reason I started rooting for ManUtd while watching him at the 1998 world-cup. So yes, of course I want academy players to show. But it’s not going to happen for wingers.

    I know that Iker Muniain can play also as a AM, but he can play in the left and the right, imagine him and Kagawa switching positions also with Rooney there, and Nani at the right. Now tell does that sound good.

    end of story.

  48. mara says:

    I think that we should definitly think about Willian (shahtar) and Isco (Malaga)


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