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Scott writes for The Metro about whether Rooney will be considered a United legend.

The Daily Mail reports on Fellaini and Baines.

Pride Of All Europe discusses United fans’ attitude to transfers.

Beautifully Red has the best moments in GIF form from United vs Chelsea.

The RoM season preview is now reduced in price.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. wakey says:

    @samuel – united WE stand

    The English Teams don’t get outplayed because the foreign teams can handle the phsyicality. Its that the English Teams in Europe generally don’t know how to nullify them as they rarely resort to the style that some will call ‘Anti Football’ to nullify the European Styles. Its the lesser teams in our league who do that hence why Arsenal (and Liverpool last year) often struggled more against the lesser teams more than the top teams

    He was getting abuse. The City Fans were giving him abuse, Rival fans (such as on here) were laughing at what a poor signing he was and MOTD even spent almost all of their analysis after one game in January pointing out how he was at fault for all Citys failings so far that season. Even in Silvas best seasons he fades as well

    And I’m not saying we should pick up some tough confrenece players. But we are talking here about blowing almost £31mill on a player with nothing to back that fee up. A player who isn’t going to play in a position where he can be given some leyway because CM is a position where if you get caught out you cause your team major issues (A Wide Midfielder or even a AMC or Striker can get away with alot more as they are in slightly less essential areas of the pitch defensivily). Its also the kind of position that is often hard to stand out, just look at how long it took for Carrick to win people over despite now not really doing anything he wasn’t doing earlier on. At £31mill there would be immense pressure, he would be expected to be playing most games and taking games by the scruff of the neck. Personally I don’t think a ‘player for the future’ which he would be rather than a player for this season is worth £31mill upfront, i’m not even sure he is worth £20mill upfront. Perhaps £31mill as a potential top level fee may be acceptable if a fair amount of it was performance based so but £31mill is just making a rod for our own backs


    The clauses in players contracts in Spain AREN’T minimum fee release clauses, they are Buyout clauses. The only person who can activate them are the player. It doesn’t matter if you are Real madrid or Manchester United you simply can’t activate them. The only reason why clubs will often accept bids that meet the buyout fee is it puts them in the driving seat to get the deal exactly as they would like it (for example getting other clauses added) rather than just get the money from the player which may end up being a worse deal.

    No Its not. Again Herrara is the only one who can activate the clause. We could bid £60mill and Bilboa could turn it down without any problem.

    Apart from Samuel and whatever crazy source he seems to think he has United haven’t offered £25mill for Baines. The figure is said to be £38mill combined so we don’t know what teh breakdown is but lets be honest its not £25mill for Baines and £13mill for Fellani

    Mata isn’t really a CM and his first season had flashes of his genius but he wasn’t consistent. He was a much better player in his second season due to adapting better and being more consistent

    You are clearly either suffering memory issues or are just blind if you think Silva hit the ground running .

    And I didn’t say Carzola didnt get on well. I said he wasn’t that consistent. I think how poor Arsenal generally were actually helped him look like he was performing better than he was in reality because his moments of brilliance were about the only thing that Arsenal had going for them at times

    Because clearly we were getting indications from both Barca and Cescs camp that that move was something they were open to. Hence why we let Fellanis clause expire

    Ah so now we are rounding Bebe’s fee upto £8mill. Give it 10 years and it will be £80mill. It was £4mill +£3mill in clauses

    ” They are low ball coz these players have a release clause”
    You are one of these people who goes and buys a car and goes “The sticker price says its x so i’ll pay that”. Release clauses aren’t an accurate valuation and most of the time clubs do take much less than the release fee for a player. You don’t go in at the release fee ESPECIALLY when its Spain and its a ‘Player Buyout Fee” which a club can’t actually trigger.

    And Gill had rejected offers left right and centre too. Its called negotations. Usually the selling club however doesn’t make public statements about it but for some reason all clubs around the world seem to be eager to tell the world about every offer they receive. Last summer we had offers for RvP turned down before they finally agreed, we had many offers for Lucas turned down before it was accepted, Even the first offer for Kagawa wasnt accepted. And I would guess that Hazard was the same.

    I suspect clubs are being more open about the offers they receive as this may be the last big summer of spending so are trying to cash in while they can and hope speaking about it puts pressure on clubs to up their next offer by more than they would have otherwise

    At the end of the day Woodward isn’t just some sponsorship guy, his backgrounds in asset aquisitions so he knows how to do deals.

    “City bid 40 million and they were rejected but 12 is hilarious”
    Neither party ever confirmed that so as far as we know its all paper talk

    @The Hound
    Perhaps becasue often clubs valuations fall towards the end. Its How Inter got WS cheap, Spurs got VdV cheap etc. When there is plenty of time left in a window clubs can try and hang on hoping for a bidding war (Real with WS quoted a number of clubs £20mill+, they turned a bid from Inter for £16mill down and ended up having to rush a deal through with Inter for less than their first offer)

    As long as a bidding war isn’t happening why let the selling club off easy when theres a good chance they will budge

  2. mara says:

    I understand that we cant compete with petrodolars, or russians, coz no matter how much we offer, they will offer more. So only chance is that player wants to come in our club. So i understand if we dont get those players. But how the hell we can t get Herrero, when no body is in race for him????

    if moyes want that guy and offer 30 millions, that means he is worth it.

    To all stupid fans who think that our league is too hard, that no one from europe cant be good enough in our league…bagger offfffff! Henry, Viera, Bergkamp, Van Nisterlooy, Vidic, Cantona, Hazard, Oscar, Torres…is that enoough?

    We look zonsilly on the transfer market. When i talk about see now how hard is to buy good player? But we have proud and we let Pogba. When Rooney makes shit, then we forget about that. Real wanted him. But he is not strong enough for our league. We gave so manny chances to Evans..but Pogba voudn t get it. He is not strong enough. Amd evans is great because we getting goals coz his errors.

  3. ahjs says:

    You believe everything footballers say but not credible journalists? The journalists, the good & well connected ones, have more to lose and talk much less shite.

    Just looking at a post above – sometimes I wonder. A player or a club rejects an offer and neither party (or the bidding club) runs to the press saying a deal hasn’t been made so people think it didn’t happen because it wasn’t “confirmed”. I can think of reasons why clubs might go to the press, but I can think of as many reasons why they wouldn’t go to the press either.

    And all we have to do is trigger the clause for a midfielder? Hah, you talking about Fellaini or this Bilbao player? If only things were so simple.

  4. soccerman says:

    There is no time for stupid bids wen we could activate herrera’s clause for a couple of million more, its not the beginning of July mate cps we have 3 fucking days left.

  5. wakey says:


    Journalism is also no longer the honourable profession it used to be though.While the journalists themselves would probably love to do their job correctly with well researched and accurate stories but their editors have so much pressure on them to sell copies of their publication that its about having a big story to sell things. So they are forced to write stories first and worry about it after as in most cases the only recuperation is they have to publish a retraction hidden away somewhere which is well worth the sales the story contributes to.

    You just have to look at some of the players the papers have said we have signed but we didn’t bid for (How many transfer windows have we supposedly signed gaitan according to the papers for example)

  6. ty0707 says:

    What about hulk guys?

  7. wakey says:

    3 days is plenty of time for a deal to be done. Again I will highlight Wesley Sneijder. United and Spurs along with others enquired about him in July and Real quoted a figure over £20mill. One of the clubs who got that quote was Inter who lodged a bid of £16mill which Real rejected.

    With a week left Real went back to Inter cap in hand and offered him for under £13mill because no-one else was willing to put an offer in for him.

    And its not a couple of mill. Its over £5mill extra and even that offer wouldn’t have to be accepted as he doesn’t have a minimum release fee. Herrara can buyout his contract not United and if Herrara did want to join us and we funded him buying his contract out he could be liable for tax and as such you could be looking at over £60mill

  8. mara says:

    I just hope thag i aint gonna be right about Eriksen that he will be great player…

  9. soccerman says:

    Off topic but i’d hate to be an Arsenal fan with the players Spurs have brought in and thats even though Bale is going to Madrid. 11.5 million for Eriksen could easily be daylight robbery.I can’t deny that I admire the job Levy has done, he must be sucking Madrid dry and good on him imo.I don’t know where the fuck our 80 million went from Ronaldo wen we bought players like Obertan and Owen came on a free I think.Valencia was the only half decent signing we got.

  10. Maltamanc says:

    Ok wakey… Stay there with your head in the clouds and keep on thinking we’re good enough and we do not need improvement… Believe you me you will live up to your nickname if we meet someone like Bayern or Barca with our current midfield… They will run rings around us….Maybe then you will wakey!!!!

  11. Maltamanc says:

    Oh and btw wakey 4 million plus 3 bonus instead of 8 million really makes Bebe a bargain doesn’t it.

  12. TheCANTONA says:

    why do we need erikssen? we have that position covered with kagawa, rooney and januzaj ffs.
    oh the herrera thing looks silly to me, why do we made a bid for him when a superior, younger and cheaper player a.k.a thiago was open to move earlier this month? i knew we’re chasing fabregas back then but at least we should have a back up plan ffs! hate to say but this is seriously error in planning from woodward and moyes here.

  13. Mr C says:

    Can’t wait until the transfer window closes; maybe then some of this ‘football manager’ nonsense will subside. We underestimate too many of our players and sometimes over-estimate the ability of those who shine at smaller clubs. We have a good squad, a deep squad. I’d rather see some of our youngsters given the chance to step up and show their worth, than play lotto with a load agents and mercs seeking players who might not be much better than the youth we already have, such as Adnan, in the medium to longer term. If you’re good enough you’re old enough.

  14. scholes says:

    i am totally against bidding 35 million for that ath bilbao guy. that would be a waste of money and signing for sake of it.

    bayern and barca have run rings around RM couple of times and they do not have bad midfield either. i know we have issues to sort but spending unwisely hardly solves anything.

    i am no fan of woodward but i think we have to question moyes too on his transfer policy. when guys like strrotman, lamela, paulinho, gustavo, boateng, thiago etc have changed club it is lunacy of magnified proportion of not to get at least one of them.

    i also am in favor of somebody mentioning about chances given to evans. I venerate SAF but he had his favorites and pogba was not one of them. even chicharito would be disappointed of always seeing welbeck picked in front of him as he is more accomplished striker of two. nani was also victimized in favor of giggs. giggs is still amazing when he has ball at his feet but when not he is a positional nightmare.

    we have a very good team but guys need to be picked considering our future without seriously undermining present.

  15. safichan says:

    Now i really miss david gill so much…

  16. Wakey says:


    Were did I say we couldn’t do with an extra midfielder? I’m just against us spending silly money on a complete punt which Herrara is.

    The funny thing is people are sitting here now demanding we spend £31mill on a player who is unlikely to be ready to start games reguilary this season but in the next breath they will be complaining about how much we spent on players like Young OR continuing to moan about how little Ozil went to RM for or WS to inter for (or whichever cheap player is currently trendy on here to complain about).

    Or for that matter spending silly money on De Rossi, a player who is 29 and never played outside Italy whose style is probally even further from ours than Spain. That was Verons issue going from the slow defensive game thatI Italy prefers that gave him time to make a decision to a quick league where the minute you get the ball in CM you have a player getting physical with you. If he takes just a season to acclimate De Rossi would be in his 30’s. we need someone who is less of a risk having had PL experiance (Cesc or Fellani seem the obvious options) and then maybe a a younger player who will need time to settle could then also be brought in at a reasonable price but certainty shouldn’t be the £31mill for Herrara (and again United CAN’T trigger that, its a player clause so Bilboa may demand more and there are tax implimencations if we fund Herrara triggering the clause)

    As for Bebe £4mill was worth a punt on a payer who people are overly negative about because of two poor games when all the other games he played were ok performances. We have spent more in such punts before who have don’t worse

  17. Wakey says:

    Pogba wasn’t victimised by SAF. He gave SAF no reasons to pick him with his performance in the reserves that last season. And with CM being such an integral position you have to be able to demonstrate in the reserves that you are ready for the step up which a Pogba wasn’t doing and then him and his agent started messing the club around while a contract was on the table

    And lets be honest here Hernandez is great but he is also much more limited than Welbeck so Welbeck will often be the better choice when being tactical. Hernandez needs to play in 2 with him as the most advanced of the strikers and can’t really play out wide and isn’t likely to track back and help the midfield as much. Just as Giggs is more reliable than Nani in many lineups as Nani doesn’t really add much in the defensive part of the game

  18. soccerman says:

    31st of August and still no midfield signing.

  19. soccerman says:

    De Rossi is staying but we have a good chance of bringing in Herrera and Fellaini

  20. denton davey says:

    Wakey @ 10:53: “spending silly money on De Rossi, a player who is 29 and never played outside Italy whose style is probally even further from ours than Spain.”

    You’re either joking – or just haven’t watched Daniele De Rossi play. The guy is not only a superb midfielder but he’s versatile enough to have played in central defence (for Italy against Spain, no less) as well as having a wicked, wicked shot – remember he was the only goal-scorer for ASRoma in the epic 7-1 defeat @ OT. Plus, he plays with the aggressive passion that only TheGreatKeane-o could match. Not only do I totally disagree with your assessment of his playing ability and competitive character but also your suggestion that he’s too old – age wasn’t a factor in signing RVP so I don’t see why it should be if De Rossi was the target.

    With regard to the reported transfer fee – ten million/12 million – it’s waaay too low when real nobodies are nowadays going for triple that amount. Furthermore, spending double that amount wouldn’t be unreasonable in my opinion. For that, UTD would get two/three years of top-notch “world class” quality and a couple more of “useful” service.

    But, of course, I’m biased – I’ve championed signing this guy for the last three/four years. Playing De Rossi in partnership with MC16 would be a real fantasy come true.

  21. Maltamanc says:

    Scholes I totally agree with the second part of your 08:48 post… I really hope some of the( IMO) mistakes committed by Ferguson are not repeated by Moyes coz IMO guys like Hernandez, Kagawa have to be first 11 every week whenever they are fit dice they bring more quality to the team than Welbeck and the 40 year old Giggs… As for Pogba it was another imo mistake committed by Fergie… First he signed no midfielders in the summer coz we had Pogba coming through the ranks and then, when Pogba’s chances came, he brought Scholes out of retirement.

  22. Wakey says:


    He is a great player in Italy and Internationally but its the time to adapt from continental football that concerns me because at 29 he does’t have that time. I fear he would be more like Veron who may much more effective in Europe than in the league atleast in the first season and you risk having the issue we saw with Veron (and to a degree what we have seen with Anderson) in that it gets harder if they aren’t cementing their place due to adjusting because they need games but aren’t justifying a continued run to get those games

  23. Wakey says:


    In most of Welbecks games he isn’t being played at the expense of Hernandez. Hernandez is losing out to RvP as Welbecks usually being played more as an Inside Forward which Hernandez can’t really do.And I think people are being a little unfair on Giggs. He offers more all round than Kagawa even if Kagawa at this time may offer more offensively. Also people moan about Kagawa’s performances from the left so it makes sense that Giggs came on against Chelsea rather than Kags (who is also weeks behind in his prep)

    As for Pogba it was his opertunity to earn a place and he didn’t take it with his performances in the reserves. And then by the time Scholes came out of retirement his agent had already been causing problems for months despite the contract being on the table since the summer (so it had nothing to do with lack of first team minutes)


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