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Scott writes for The Metro about Michael Carrick’s injury.

Pride Of All Europe looks at the five things we’ve become used to because of Fergie.

Scott writes for SportLobster about offering Carrick a new deal.

Beautifully Red has the best moments in GIF form from our win over Arsenal.

The new Rant Cast is out today.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Kagawa played 45 mins v Holland and had a 100% pass success rate completing 79 out of 79 and was involved in 11 scoring opportunities! Friendly or not its still impressive stats

  2. Tommy says:

    Realistically he wont come and is more likely to sign for Real Madrid unfortunately! Herrera is possibly if Woodward meets buy out clause!

  3. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Fuck u wayne. Baines has underperformed this season u cunt.

  4. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Also only a complete idiot would think cost and age don’t matter when you are buying players.

  5. wayne says:

    As i mentioned on another thread Herrera hasn’t been playing much and Moyes thought the buy out clause was over valued,so unless the price comes down isn’t going to happen.I also mentioned i respect Moyes for not pressing the panic button when under so much pressure to sign someone.He’ll eventually bring in the players he wants and i’ve no doubt the Glazers will make the money available
    John thanks i appreciate what you said

  6. Tommy says:


    Guillem Balague one of the most respected reporters anywhere in europe said at this moment in time hes not worth the buyout but in 2 years time he will be worth every penny so on that basis he said you would pay the buy out before adding but its not my money! I have not seen too much of him this season but what i will say is could his indifferent form not be down to being distracted about a potential move. What I will say is the kid was treated appallingly and so where Bilboa quite frankly, They were informed that we were going to pay the buy out, only when they got to the meeting they weren’t anywhere close to the buy out clause, it was an embarrassing way to do business!!

  7. wayne says:

    fuck you you phony cunt,if a player is good enough that’s all that matters RVP has proven that.Who should i expect to show up now King Cunt,Red Kali or just some random poster out of the blue to attack me.Let me save you the trouble i’m old,lonely and a mental case.Seems to be your MO against anyone who has figured you out you phony cunt.I challenge anyone to go back 20,30,100 threads and see how many positive comments NBI has made,i also say take a note on who shows up to back his comments or go after anyone who goes after him/her.Also goes on about all he/she does is talk about football,not true he/she always puts the negative slant on things.Listen you sad cunt if people want to acknowledge you up to them.Kinda funny you went from a New York broker to a businessman travelling to Calgary now living in England.Also you and King Cunt threatening Zibbie on how both of you are so fucking dangerous and tough.You promised me a visit still waiting for a knock on the door and the phone call i got wasn’t random so go fuck yourself,fucking pussy

  8. Tommy says:

    Messi linked wit city, apparently hes unhappy he gets played when injured haha nearly fell off my chair when i read that, typical of the daily fail

  9. John says:

    @Tommy…don’t know how they get paid to write those nonsense stuffs really! Remember Marca linked Falcao to us this summer?..even went far to claim that downpayment has been already done! Hahaha, ended up in Monaco…mate, but i tend to think club like city, in messi rumour, may feed press to test the water (Barca and messi camp) intentionally.

  10. martin the nairobian says:

    Would rooney ,england’s. Best player get into the german team.?? Andre schurlle thinks he has no chance lol.I have to agree too.mario gotze ,muller and ozil play behind the striker for germany like rooney does.I don’t see him displacing any of them in that position.

  11. warringtonred says:

    martin…. Of course Rooney would get in the Germany team. Schurrle needs to ask his manager why the funk he tried all summer to sign someone who isn’t a great player.

  12. warringtonred says:

    Read a comment earlier saying that the Coentrau deal fell through because Woody failed to send an e-mail……It fell through because Madrid thought they were getting a replacement in for him from Grenada I think and when that fell through they wouldn’t allow him to join us as they would be short in that position..

    Baines did ask for a move to United but Everton would not budge. Baines has now sacked his agent for not getting him the move.

    It made me chuckle Martinez whining about Moyes coming in for Fellaini and Baines then went and took the players he wanted from Wigan lolol

  13. Tommy says:


    I think they had already agreed to sign a replacement on loan (Cant remember his name name) and Buttner was going to Besiktas on loan, both deals fell through because the paperwork for Controu was not done on time

  14. warringtonred says:

    Tommy… is the leader from ROM on September the 2nd and other outlets reported the same thing, that United announced the deal done but Madrid lost out on his replacement so they had to pull the plug. I think it was just fashionable to blame Woody for everything at that time. I’m surprised he hasn’t been blamed for the Phillipines disaster.

    …………………United sign Fabio Coentrao on loan?

    September 2, 2013 646 Comments

    Reports in England confirmed Fabio Coentrao has signed a loan deal with United after we missed out on Everton’s Leighton Baines.

    The Real Madrid left back played 16 games in the league for them last season.

    Real Madrid paid €30m for him two summers ago.

    However, despite United’s claim the deal was done, Real Madrid are arguing it wasn’t finalised in time, after they missed out on securing the signature of potential replacement Siqueira. United submitted the transfer to the Premier League before the 11pm deadline but both clubs have to confirm the deal using FIFA’s TMS system.

  15. warringtonred says:

    Great to see the United U18s triumph yesterday against a very good Everton side.

    United now proudly sit top of the league with a 100% home record.

    Wilson A.Pereira Willock and Harrop the standouts for me.

  16. Tommy says:

    @warrington red

    Fair enough mate, I am going off what Guillem Balague was saying and hes usually reliable source esp when it comes to madrid! If your infos correct then no complaints really

  17. King Eric says:

    I love Hernandez but to say he’s better than Van Persie is a fucking joke. Not in same league.


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