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RoM Reads

Scott writes for The Metro about whether Wayne Rooney deserves an improved contract.

The Guardian has an interesting article on FC United.

The Mirror reckons United are ready to offer Javier Hernandez a new contract.

Pride Of All Europe discusses Danny Welbeck’s surgery.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. John says:

    Zibbie, please try a habit of spending few hours away from ROM to complete your school homework!

  2. Tommy says:


    Haha yea he just blabs about stuff that are not relevant haha

  3. zibbie says:

    I just got my computer privileges back at the hospital

  4. zibbie says:

    John @ Tommy one on the same
    R U sane?
    how many reside in your head?
    are you that stupid, every time John posts tommy is 2 minutes away
    the sad part is you believe you’re own lies
    I see you I know you I’m in your head….
    how many pets have you killed?

  5. zibbie says:

    multiple users like yourself ruined rom, lmho.

  6. Tommy says:


    haha ok mate, multiple users?? Nah its just me

  7. denton davey says:

    xyz @ 18:31: “if he is as shit and past it as you make out, the club will clearly be aware of this (they monitor this kind of thing a little more scientifically than we do) and will be planning on selling him this summer. His value will be higher if he is on a new 4-5 year contract than one year left.”

    First, I never said he was “shit”. What I said was that he has an off-the-charts “compete level”; I said explicitly that he’s a damned-good player but not comparable to the best (i.e., CR7 or Messi). And, I suggested that he’s at (or maybe just past) his peak. I also wondered whether he can maintain his commitment to his fitness regime. None of this remotely suggests that he is “shit” – it merely tried to consider a variety of issues surrounding any evaluation of his quality.

    Second, I did state that in 18 months time he will be 18 months older. That’s hardly fighting words. What that means in his case is that he has another 18 months under contract @ MUFC to prove his commitment to his fitness and to prove that he continues to perform “at (or maybe just past) his peak”. That doesn’t seem contentious.

    Third, my key point is that there was no stampede to sign him up during this past transfer window – CSKALondon’s bid was ridiculously low for a guy who is trumpeted as being “world class”. Indeed, their bid was more of a nuisance bit of game playing than a serious attempt to dislodge TheWayneBoy from UTD. If they really wanted him then they would have made a bid at double (or 250% of that amount). They didn’t – and no one else seemed to have any serious interest in paying 250,000/week for him.

    Finally, in my response to your earlier reply, I argued that the whole issue of “leaving for nothing” is a bit of a red herring because accountants can turn a loss into a profit and a profit into a loss when it suits the business interests of their client.

    I understand that TheWayneBoy is most usually the UTD player who is pictured in advertising but does that really mean his presence is crucial – or could next-year’s-flavour get similar face-time ? Some fans support the player but I think that more fans support the shirt/team. But, of course, I might be wrong and losing TheWayneBoy might torpedo UTD’s “brand appeal” – however, it is instructive to consider that when CR7 left UTD for his dream-move, he was the FIFA world player of the year YET in the following years UTD’s commercial revenues have risen very fast. This example tends to suggest that “fans” support the shirt – not the player.

    I understand the kind of trepidation that lies behind your willingness to suggest that the bird in the hand is worth more than the two in the bush. Signing him to a new long-term contract is, however, not without risks – first, is he past his peak ? second, will he maintain his commitment to fitness ? These are difficult issues to answer with any certainty but if you go by TheWayneBoy’s personal record then a certain wariness is advisable because he has twice tried to break his contract (I know the story could be spun differently but it’s pretty clear to me that he has put his own interests ahead of the T-E-A-M and that SAF is probably a more reliable witness to these circumstances than Rooney’s spin-doctor) and in the past he has turned-up drunk for training, over-weight, and out-of-shape.

    In view of all these considerations, I don’t see that the down-side risks of not renewing his contract immediately out-weigh a cautious approach to those negotiations.

  8. zibbie says:

    no down side.

  9. John says:

    @Zibbie…No offence mate but if you have some friends in real life then why don’t you try facebook or twitter and talk about your “yummy yummy pork” stuffs with them instead of here in football blog?!..and, Yeah,of course, you can invite your ex-boyfriend @NBI who dumbed you and the reason you are in ROM to express your hatred!..Of course, you can send friend request to @wayne, @king Eric and @Kings as well there!!..hahahaha ( no offence to anyone!)

  10. zibbie says:


  11. DreadedRed says:

    I reckon wayne, King Eric and Kings have heard of twitter, and seen books with faces on.

    I have.

  12. zibbie says:


  13. Tommy says:

    FC United on the local news about this new stadium (If you can call it that), Who Cares, get the fuck off my TV screens!!!!

  14. zibbie says:

    Twats have sat on my face and twattered and rebook me to sit on my face again and again.

  15. DreadedRed says:

    As far as attacking RoM goes, it’s beyond the pale.

    Love him or hate him, Rooney is here to stay. Next stop is the US of A.

  16. zibbie says:

    I am really in remembrance, of a knowledgeable Alec
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  17. zibbie says:

    Miami@ Becks

  18. zibbie says:

    I will drive to Miami eat a Cuban sandwich and eat Cuban pussay Pp

  19. DreadedRed says:

    No quotes!

    ‘Michael Carrick has softened the blow of his injury setback by agreeing a new contract extension with Manchester United. After weeks of talks between both parties an agreement is now in place, with Old Trafford chiefs hopeful of announcing the deal by the end of the week. Carrick’s extension will see the England midfielder commit his future to United for the next two-and-a-half years, with an option for an additional 12 months. It is understood the deal does not include a pay increase from his current £3.5million-a-year deal.’

  20. zibbie says:

    I have sailed the keys but my favorite is Naples area down through the Everglades if you ever have the chance drive an airboat.

  21. zibbie says:


  22. zibbie says:

    this will give Michael time to train his replacement

  23. gazzer says:

    Raging Bull,
    Yes, I was inspired to reply to your post, but I wasn’t picking on you personally. I understand your motivation, but I feel that you and many others simply don’t understand corporate finance – no reason why you should.
    The point I made about coca cola is that they have a solid business with highly predictable profits. Because of this, they can raise debt easily because lenders know they are good for it. Contrast that with Rob and Tracy’s pawn shop on coronation street.
    If you think of Bath City football club as Rob and Tracy’s pawn shop, then Manuchester United are coca cola. They qualify for Europe every year, tend to do very well, get huge crowds and sell lots of shirts. Because of this, they have a very stable revenue stream and can therefore carry debt at a reasonably low rate.

    xyz answered you quite succinctly in stating that in the absence of debt the glazers might have taken the money out in dividends.
    One more thing to remember – if they fuck up the club and fail to attract top players and stop winning, then the value of their investment will go down. We won’t lose any money, but they will. Because of this, you have to assume that they are keeping in mind the longer term.

    I don’t mean to come off snarky, but this issue never seems to die. I too would like to see better players purchased. But I disagree with you about Pogba who has nothing to do with money – he just wanted to start before we thought he was ready. Also remember that it is easy to focus on the fuckups – for every Pogba there is a Chicharito or Januzaj. For every poor sale like Jaap Stam there was a Veron sale to Chelsea. We didn’t get Wesley Schneider, but you can see how he has tailed off the last couple of years.

  24. John says:

    Cardiff Vs United, 24th November. Bayern Leverkusen Vs United, 27th November and Tottenham Vs United, 1st December. Thank God not so far away! International break is fucking boring!!

  25. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ John – haha. Yeah, he/she/it took that dumping pretty bad, it was a just a bad stag do man, I made a mistake, never mix red win and champagne with shots.

    Now this Germany game is one colossal waste of time. Two weakened teams playing for what exactly? The last thing we need is more tired or injured players.

  26. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    I think the basic point re some of the discussion above, is what do fans think United is or stands for. Different fans attribute different values to the Club from seeing it like a business, to a success machine, to your local team done good.

    For me United is about honest endeavour and playing football the right way. It’s about travelling in suits, helping the local community, giving youth a chance and edge of your seat attacking football. It’s a stadium that shows up every player professionally and personally under a light beam so bright you can see every flaw and there is nowhere to hide. United is where the best thrive and survive and where honour and loyalty is valued. It’s the Club that comes back and makes the fans come alive.

    That bit of magic to me comes with a but of maverick. A “business United” would suck the life out of the Club if it got out of hand. Right now the balance seems OK but we have spent loads servicing debt and no one should forget that. It remains to be seen if in future we keep that maverick edge to our character and continue to sprinkle the magic.

  27. gazzer says:

    Red Moyesy,
    Agree. I would argue though that the business end of the club is manifested more in the incessant sponsorship thank-you’s than in the club’s financial structure.

    Also, I think that club’s change their personality only very slowly. I’d argue that the values and playing styles of liverpool, spurs, and barcelona and the italian clubs have not changed much over time, same thing for us. Leeds probably won’t change either, nor will their fans.

    It took abramovich and his millions to change chelsea from the swashbuckling club I remember from the seventies into the methodical machine of the last few years.

    Meanwhile we have a lineage that goes from Best through Giggs and Cristiano to hopefully januzaj and the others. We know the kind of football that we want and so does the board.

  28. in david we trust says:

    Im not being funny, this talk of getting rid of players like rooney, even though no one has put into perspective, the club has a hard time buying top quality players, so the last thing that should even be on the fans mind is the talk of selling Rooney no matter what the age, while we are at it, lets talk of moving RVP on because he is 30, lets not forget the key years of service giggs and scholes provided the club at rooneys age all the way up to 37. So for me, the club should be offering rooney a new deal, as he is still the best player at the club tactically and his versatility hes got

  29. Mr C says:

    @IDWT – I couldn’t disagree more.

    United have never been a club in thrall to one player a la Liverpool (Gerrard) or Newcastle (Shearer). The whole has always been greater than the sum of the parts. Rooney’s a fine player but I can never fathom the extent to which some folks assume (wrongly) that the whole team will fall apart without Rooney in the ranks. The fact is RVP is a better striker and to risk losing other important players (Chico, Kagawa) or to risk hindering the progress of younger players or to distort of play trying to accommodate Rooney (e.g. stick Kagawa out on the wing) just isn’t worth it. Rooney isn’t the type of person who’s willing to accept a squad player’s role (i.e play where he’s told) and with his stature (not to mention £250k a week) he shouldn’t be expected to anyway. We need to move on team-wise and IMO that’s not going to happen with Rooney around.

  30. xyz says:

    I think there’s a few things to differentiate here re the debate on Rooney:

    1. Does Rooney deserve a contract from a footballing point of view? In my view yes, but obviously this will be very much debated (and rightly so – this in my view is what this forum is all about).
    2. Does he deserve one from a business point of view – this one is undebatable – if we want to sell him or keep him, a contract before the end of this season increases his value as an asset to the club.
    3. Should United sell him at the end of the season or not? Now it gets interesting. My view at the moment is no. Yes we can cope without him but he’s still the dynamo for the team. When he’s as motivated and hard working as he has been this season he’s a huge asset. But he has to accept that he’s not undroppable if his form dips. If he can’t accept that they we need to buy in quality midfielders, use RVP, the Pea, Danny, Kags, Adnan and possibly even Fellaini as the attacking 2 and sell him to the highest bidder.

  31. MAN to the UNITED says:

    There have been 137 comments so far on this blog, 65 of which are the hyperactive attention seeking ”Zibbie”! I love this forum but its hard to actually focus and discuss football when every 2nd post is from this fool!

    My point on Rooney is, yes i do not like him for his antics at the end of the season, but he is deserved of a new contract for what he brings to United. For me as long as he plays the way he does im happy with him at United, as soon as he stops playing then get rid of him.

  32. Jesper Olsen says:

    @in David we trust I think there’s still a lot who wanted Rooney moved on because (a) he asked to join city and (b) he asked to leave again most likely to join up with his London buddy Ashley at Chelsea.. His age is not the issue for me it was his loyalty to the shirt… Put it to you this way if iniesta at barca comes out tmrw and asks to join Real Madrid do you think the catalonia’s would hold him in the same esteem? United made up their minds in the summer to keep Rooney and putting a new contract in front of the fat git doesn’t sit easy with me but i don’t run the club… In my opinion playing well in the last 10 games does not mean you deserve a new contract!!! His attitude last two years sums him up for me…great player when he wants to be but not a proper red in my eyes!

  33. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    I think fans over-panic when they think we need Rooney. We don’t. We didn’t need him last season to win the title and we don’t need him now. We have other strikers and can always buy. Hernandez has a better conversion ratio. We have better No. 10′s than him. People just get hung up on Rooney’s perceived importance and irreplaceability to an almost pathetic hang dog like extent.

    SAF showed us last year that Rooney is not needed for United’s success.

    Quite frankly if he was happy being a squad player, keep him, but he isn’t and he is selfish and won’t play in certain positions so he can fuck off.

    I would like to see Kagawa, Welbeck and Januzaj get a run at No 10 / second striker slot.

    I would also like to see Pea and RVP play together more, I think they have more compatible games and offer something different whereas too often RVP and Rooney occupy the same space and make the same runs. RVP is less of a player when Rooney is on pitch as he holds of on runs he would instinctively make as that headless chicken is everywhere.

    Time for Rooney to go. Team needs to develop and move on. Better players coming through. Rather we sold him and got Morrison back if his head stays right.

  34. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Man on the United – Amen.

  35. MombasaRed says:

    @Jesper, well put down, good form for 10 games doesnt make one deserve a contract.

  36. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Rumors started last week that Michael Carrick has agreed an extended deal.
    They seem to be continuing this week with ESPN and others picking up the story.

    Very good news and hopes that it’s all true!
    The lad is class as DM.

    Favorite quote:
    Michael Carrick “You don’t just play for this club, you live for this club!”
    ManUtd Players Player of the Year! 2013

  37. FletchTHEMAN says:

    With Jones, Carrick and Welbs out for injury, just hoping Rooney and the rest of our internationals players make it through this weeks games without issue.

    We would be seriously fecked if Rooney, Nani, RvP, Chicharito or Evra picked up a nock now. Maybe less so for some of the others, but injuries seem to be pilling on at the moment.

    Can’t wait to get this week behind us and get on with it.

  38. DreadedRed says:

    Mike Phelan has been appointed to the board of the UCFB University College of Football Business, based at Turf Moor and Wembley Stadium.

  39. dragon_beast_false prophet (PROONEY) says:

    Man to United says

    “As long as he is playing the way he is, I am happy with him staying. Once he drops, ee get rid of him”

    Hahaha. Isn’t that what UTD have always done? Even with “loyal” players like berbatov, o’shea, wes brown,djemba djemba, viv anderson and so many more I cannot remember, have UTD not ALWAYS gotten rid of “loyal” players at the first sign of diminishing of their powers? Quit kidding yourselves and getting your linen in a twist. Utd will always get rid once you can no longer deliver no matter how loyal you are. Gary Neville was taken off at the start of the second half coz the boss made a mistake not doing so in the interval. That was his impromptu swansong. It is what it is. I’m not saying this because of Wazza, I just want you all to stop bitching and stressing yourselves. The club will always do what is in their best interests. Your jobs are to support the manager and EVERY PLAYER as long as they put on the jersey and step out on the pitch. Anything short of this is sabotage. I’ll b back.

  40. zibbie says:

    1 more Go mufc

  41. in david we trust says:

    NBI – really? united never needed rooney last season, even though rooney was our second top goalscorer last year, helped forge one of uniteds best partnerships since 99 and 08, the same guy who scored our 2 opening goals against shitty away. What happens if RVP gets injured if rooney was sold? you telling me hernandez kagwa and LOL welbeck could fill the RVP role if rooney was sold and RVP was injured, do not make me laugh, you know what that is called? becoming reliant on RVP. It happened in the 2009/10 season, remember? united sold ronaldo, let tevez go, and berbatov never stepped up to the plate when rooney got injured. And when united dropped rooney in the last 2 months of last season,, have a look at the form of the team, it was awful. Why? because fergie started breaking up the rooney RVP axis, and started playing ageing or out of form players like giggs kagwa welbeck to play with RVP, and united looked disjointed. Rooneys so called poor form is vastly over-hyped, look at kagwa’s hatrick, who set up all his goals? ah yes Wayne Rooney. So the build up to the Madrid game at OT, rooney was in very good form, we destroyed norwich, rooney was forming a great partnership with RVP.. But during uniteds best spell last season, it was when Rooney and RVP formed that partnership upfront we looked at our best. But to say we would be better off with rooney last season and this season, is nothing but blind hatred for the guy

    So let us not kid ourselves lets drop rooney for players not good enough to play in rooneys position is insane, its been tried with welbeck playing the number 10 role, that is not his role, come to think of it, I have no idea what welbecks role is, very overrated player, welbeck at rooneys age, rooney was already an established striker for the club, always getting us 15 to 20 goals a season, before he become a 30 goal a season striker. Welbeck cannot even get to 7 goals, 3 goals in 2 seasons, is a poor return

    . Hernandez plays in RVPs position, upfront and for me RVP and hernandez upfront leaves to much space inbetween the the midfield and strikers position, we get overrun even more.

    kagwa again what has he done since joining the club? that says to me he can take rooney’s mantle, hes been poor end of, even playing behind the striker hes been above average

    Januza has not long got into the first team, and to help his development he is best served on the left hand side, instead of thrown into traffic.

    Despite how committed rooney has been, we would think rooney has been lazy, not turning up to training and not committed to the team trying to get back into the title race. You have fans go on and on about rooney is this and that, during ronaldo’s last season allot seem to forgive him, despite him wanting to leave the club for a third time. Ah I forgot, ronaldo was always honest, so that makes him less of the 2 evils.

  42. robbo2keano says:

    this has been out there for a while, got it off rio’s twitter page, haven’t seen any mention of it here. I am just curious how you lads would rate this. a morrison special from U21 training.

  43. Tommy says:


    I agree with you Hernandez has not got a great all round game but you cant judge if others have a better all round game until they reach 1st team level, I am sure if you stuck Henandez in the under 21s his work outside the box would be a lot better than it is in 1st team. Macheda actually did well for the under 21s, he looked the complete package, strong as an ox, great at holding the ball up and bringing others in to play, we seen none of that when he reached the 1st team. Ive seen Henriquez play for various youth chilie sides and United under 21s and I see him as being pretty similar to Henandez but without the pace of chico, his strength is getting in the box and scoring goals, I dont see Henriquez as doing much outside the box more of a striker sniffing out chances!

  44. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Signing Rooney to an extension is all good and well if his wage is dropped. Any extension at his current wage is not a smart gamble. Fat Wayne – who cannot be arsed to play midfield – is unsellable at his current wage. Trim Wayne – see last 10 games – is still a limited asset due to advanced age and high wage.

    I agree that Rooney should be sold on. Not sure how you do that.


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