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Scott writes for Bleacher Report about some of the tactical battles we’ll face vs Sunderland.

Scott writes for The Metro about United’s “bad luck”.

The Guardian claims we will put in a bid for Juan Mata.

The Daily Mail reports on Gary Neville’s claims that Juan Mata is not the right player for United.

The Independent thinks Moyes can turn things around.

Don’t forget to sign the petition to try and convince the club to bring in a section for teenagers at Old Trafford.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Tommy – that is one of the reasons why united will probably finish outside the top 4, buying the wrong players, and having to keep them because they just arrived. Like I say, if Moyes wants to see his side progress he needs to start moving on the waist like fellaini and young, which is just a few of many, he probably will keep him. Look at Anderson, he was failing for so many years since 2010, yet he was kept, and has been part of the regression this side has been in, which the chickens have truly come home to roost for this club

    Samuel – this should have been happening in 2011, but we know fergie fucked up in the last 4 years in not rebuilding the squad in the shape it needed to be in, for the next manager who has been found lagging at the highest level. But he let this regression sink in since the summer of 2009, as I always thought he lost the hunger to rebuild another great squad since CR7 announced he wanted to leave the club back in 2008, after the great double winning season of 2008, fergie and the club never quiet hit the magic heights of that time in terms of great ground break methods in the way the coaches set united up.

    unfortunately, united maybe stuck with allot of dead wood, with players and coaches getting payed allot of money by doing a shit job across the board, for many reasons we all know

  2. Eric Nesh says:

    can’t agree with you more…some people here need to differentiate btn constructive criticism and and just pure hatred for the manager. Well done mate we can do with such incitive post than some bile that is put here by a few.

  3. Eric Nesh says:

    Sorry Insightful post…

  4. Fletch™ says:

    Marcus Marin on Dante moving to ManUtd:

    “There is no way that is going to happen”.

    Always a silly season rumor

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    We already know how this window is going to end. Panic buy Leon Osman for 35 million pounds.

  6. Tommy says:


    Someone put on twitter, United linked with Mata, Dante and Cavani but will probably get Osman, Distin and Cahil must admit I did chuckle to myself

  7. slim says:


    So why make a fuss over 5 . its not as if 5 is far far grater than 3.(I smell some miscommunication)
    I don’t know if you’re reading tribal football or anything(maybe there, they’re asking for the whole team to be dumped) AND 3 first teamer is a change and then some. Imagine Rooney,Vida and Carrick replaced. Thats a big change i’m sure you agree. One thing we can all agree on though is that a fair number of players should be coming in


    i fear thats too much too soon. Valencia is a good squad player to have around and while i prefer the Nani type player i can’t discount the advantages to having a battering ram like AV in the squad. No i’d hang on to him, Nani and Young are the pair that i could do without. That in turn frees up space to get real quality for the left and the right as there’s freed up space. No need to let Clevs go,again he can be a good squad player. Fellaini is the odd man out and the sooner that tranfer debacle is ended the better for everyone. I know some don’t like this but i honestly think the guy has nothing to offer us in the middle of the park. Upfront he can do a job and unless DM want to become even more unpopular he won’t think about playing him there.


    Had no fucking clue he was 30, i guess he could be a short term solution but it’d be great if he came over this January, highly doubt it though, but i’m there’s some talk, it at least means we’re looking at that area if not the particular player.

    The squad needs some freshness, i hear people call it all sorts, revamp, overhaul, surgery(came up with that one myself) also fresh impetus from those directing and calling the shots. Really hope DM uses the time he is being given really well. He has some decisions to make some really hard ones and it may include letting some players go. It’ll be sad but i honestly think one (maybe both )of Clevs or Evans is on course for an exit

  8. Tommy says:


    No people on here on on social media assume United will be making wholesale changes and I am pointing out its unlikely to happen, I dont think a best 11 exists anymore, its a squad game, I hope Vida signs on for 1 more year, Carrack has just signed new deal, Rooney will probably go tho, But new players should definatly be arriving hopefully in the next 10 days, Sky sources are reporting the Chelsea are willing to listen to offers above 35 million for Mata and a bracing themselves for an offer from United, Hopefully Woodward has learned from the summer and does not go in with an opening offer of 12million lol

  9. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    slim – My concern is Moyes inability to spot some gems, or even got the ability to rebuild a squad. Because his transfer targets in the summer, were short of a joke

  10. Tommy says:

    Its worth noting Juventus are playing Roma in the Coppa Italia now, We have been linked with just about everyone on the pitch (Barring maicon but theirs time yet). In other news its believed Frieburg are in advanced talks with Fabio, whether hes got a future at OT is irrelevant surely he can to better than the 16th placed team in the Bundesliga

  11. Tommy says:

    That Guerin from inter was set for a move to Juve but apprently its collapsed due to their fans protests in the last hour, another player we have been linked with this window

  12. RedOne says:


    “Someone put on twitter, United linked with Mata, Dante and Cavani but will probably get Osman, Distin and Cahil must admit I did chuckle to myself”

    Hahaha….well its bad, but its not that bad really.

    Mata would be great improvement, but wouldn`t place a bid over 30mil. Not worth it. Dante and Cavani is pure bollocks. Dont know who is making up this stuff.

    We need a good left-back and good creative midfielder who can also score…aka Scholes. That should be priority right now. Plus DM needs a slap to wake up and have some positive thoughts and transfer them to players. Adjust philosophy to players and stop this double sessions training methods.

    But in the end we wont sign anyone this window and DM, stubborn as he is, will keep forcing this negative way of his onto the players and we ll keep struggling, and DM will be once again shaking his head.

  13. slim says:


    Re woodward, he wouldn’t


    Its a concern, i’ll give you that. At the end of the season we’ll know. DM signed a big contract and while all signs point to him staying , the Glazers could thank him for all his work and wish him well on his future endeavors. Going forward i hope the guys in the background are taking things on board because the transfer waters are damn treacherous these days, a little bit of savvy required. Check out the guys in suits at two clubs who had a “successful” summer; City and Spurs.
    Spurs have got that parasite Levy and a that Italian fellow., City’s got the former Barcelona GM or something,Txiki Begiristain. Having someone who’s been in the game surely helps. Some one posted something about a spotting of another Real director sitting with Glazers. At this point, all just rumours, we’re gonna have to sit patiently and wait for this

  14. tallestreD says:

    Now I’m confused. When the blame is passed unto the players, you guys say these same players won the league last season and now you speak of overhauling the same team you said won the league last season. There’s no winning against you lot. All the players you want out were part of the league winning squad.

  15. Fletch™ says:

    Guillem Balague and Hunter Graham both saying United are in negotiations with Chelsea over Mata.

    That must mean we are in for Baines and Mata off to PSG.

    Steadies himself. 9 days left ! Silly Season.

  16. RedOne says:

    Now here is a well written fairytale of Mata going to Utd…

    Yeah it would benefit everyone, sure…Unless Maureen plans to stay for just this season, I dont think he would be letting go Mata to Utd. Only if Rooney is going the other way.

    Im pretty sure Maureen has other offers on the table for Mata that are not coming from England.

    But u have to give credits to the authors. Such a lovely story…lol

  17. tokyofil says:

    hope you are being paid well to write for bleacher report as its an absolute shite website.


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