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Scott writes for Bleacher Report about who is to blame for United’s current position.

By Far The Greatest Team wonders whether giving Rooney a new contract is a good idea.

The Daily Mail discusses United’s interest in Kroos.

The Guardian claims Rooney’s image rights demands are holding up contract agreement.

The Mirror looks at our reported interest in Carvalho.

About Scott

Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. sir liam matt says:

    @ Ed-the red
    Spot on mate..if anybody on here cant see how moyes tactics have taken the United players back to the stone age way of playing football, Then you clearly dont knw anytin about football. players look devoid of inspiration, low of confidence, predictable, and short on ideas. The mexico manager also said this about Chicharito.

  2. sir liam matt says:

    Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal has claimed that United striker Robin van Persie is finding life difficult” at Old Trafford, Under David moyes.

  3. Ed-the red says:

    @ Sir Liam..True mate, I also don’t think van Gaal would have just come out and said Moyes is the problem but it is clear as day.

  4. OAldiall says:

    chasing kroos is unrealistic bayern will never let him leave

  5. wayne barker says:

    It’s all about the money mate if Bayern pay him what he wants he’ll stay.Bayern are going to start running into the same problem as every other club all these top players know the petro clubs are going to pay them a small fortune,history and tradition is becoming secondary

  6. sir liam matt says:

    @ Ed-the red
    Spot on mate, why did van gal, not say the same thing about, Rvp when sir Alex, was stil the manager. Moyez needs to change his coachin methods.

  7. ziggy says:

    @sir liam matt

    You are right Sir, I saw Arsenal get destroyed by Bayern yesterday,Pep Guardiola is a philosopher,a leader and the best current football manager in the world.

    When you see this kind of football,you realize that is not only strategy or the quality of the players,there is a good amount of faith in the manager’s philosophy .

    I still think that this is not Moyes fault,everybody knew that he was a mediocre manager,that;s why I can’t understand why in the world SAF and the rest of the “wise men” decided that Moyes was the “chosen one”.

    I understand tradition but I disagree,football has been changed since SAF got the United manager position and to try to copy and paste that story with another British manager in this moment is really dumb,especially when that manager is not ready for prime time.

    I still find it hard to understand that SAF had the opportunity to convince Guardiola or Mourinho to come to United and eventually gave us …Moyes.

  8. Tommy says:

    All of the mentioned are to blame except SAF, I dont know why some ungrateful bastards try to blame the greatest manager this club or any other club is at all to blame, He only won another title last season damn you Fergie you horrible man lol. The glazers are the most to blame tho for lack of investment over the years.

    I totally agree with the article, It makes no sense whatsoever to pay 300k a week to a man who has twice asked to leave and is no where near the best in the country never mind the world and as such should not be paid this salary, If he is handed the captains armband on a permanent basis I think I will vomit when I hear that has happened!

    Kroos is clearly coming across as money motivated, which is good for United, He apparently earns 4million euros less per year than Thiago and Martinez and if he is not put in line with Munichs top earners he will leave simple as that, United will have no problems giving the lad the wages he wants, I am not sure where the daily fail gets the £50million value from since he will only have a year left on contract in summer.

    One thing I cant stand about the modern game is fucking image rights, Beckham started that off, fucking disgusting, footballers get paid enough as it is.

    This Carvalho should be the top of the list this summer, a better player than Gundogan and younger, Hes a better and younger version than Essien in his prime, a proper athlete who can pass, shoot, hes got it all, sign him up Moyes!

  9. sir liam matt says:

    @ ziggy
    Pep, was ready to come to united, and am sure fergie most have told him he was steping down or retiring after last season, So at the End sir Alex overlook geting him to old trafford he meet this man, pep one on one in New York what must have happnd in that hotel room, only fergie knws.. Then there was no news about him taken over from Jupp Heynckes. So pep would have love to manage United only if Fergie have allowd him to.

  10. sir liam matt says:

    You think moyez will sign Carvalho, they dont call him dethering dav for nothin, He needs to act fast in his transfer dealins, United is not the only player watching that guy. Carvalho.

  11. sir liam matt says:

    *United* not the only club watching carvalho..

  12. ziggy says:


    If I’m an ” ungrateful bastard” just because I think SAF made a mistake hiring Moyes instead of Guardiola or Mourinho,then…I am…but that doesn’t change reality,I always will respect and admire SAF legacy but he is a human being and because of that,he made a mistake so that means he is in part,responsible of what is happening right now…no more and no less…

  13. Unagi says:


    Tommy I think what most think is that SAF is to blame for choosing Moyes with such ease without consideration if he has the guts to drive United.

    Actually I am curious if he even asked Moyes how he sees United.

    Still in my opinion SAf made a slip up cause he believed in Moyes and guts told him to go this way, and this does not make me say SAF caused United to be in this position.

    We all wanted Moyes to succeed as we want United to succeed. I think now the point is since SAF is still there will he have guts to force changes if things do not change (here I refer to Scott article, and actually Scott points also at SAF for his choice).

    All would wish that everything SAF touches turns to gold. Still he is entitled to mistakes.

    But as also many times stated if not SAF this team would long ago would be in shit hole after takeover. United is managed / owned by professionals whose #1 goal is to get money…. Bayern is managed / owned by professionals whose #1 goal is the CLUB and its healthy status.

    I agree with the rest.

  14. ziggy says:

    @sir liam matt

    I agree.

  15. ziggy says:

    The only reason I see behind this madness about giving Rooney more power and more money is because maybe Moyes and Woodward think that keep Wayne could be the only way to convince two or three players to come next summer.

    Whether we like it or not, Rooney has a high profile in the world of football and outside England many still considering him one of the best in the world and maybe this can be of great help in attracting top players despite losing the Champions for next tournament.

  16. Tommy says:


    United dont have a divine right to win every single trophy every year, @Unagi Do you really believe he did not give the options of his replacement much consideration?

  17. sir liam matt says:

    Guys Let us not please forget that it is sir Alex himself who passed on Mourinho (who quite frankly can never be spoken of in the same sentence as the the Chosen clueless one Moyez,(lol that barnner needs to get down at old trafford).@Tommy you go to old trafford evry match days you can bring that barnner down. in terms of managerial abilities) so as to bring his own compatriot. I believe he is much too smart to have taught Moyes could do the job when the whole world knew he was just another average coach. So the possibility is the great man was having a bout of senile behaviour which is highly unlikely. OR He did it out of pure disregard for the club and only wanting to show the world United is good only
    because of him. I wont put this past SAF, for all he has done for the club, we all know he is a cynical individual. This was good when the club and his intrests align but now we are at the other end of his legacy. If you doubt this go look what his former captain Roy Keane has said about him, ruthless (on The best of enemies). We the fans and the club are now the Keegans, the Benitezs etc of Sir Alex legacy. I have to say it stinks to be on the other side of his wrath.

  18. Tommy says:

    @Sir Liam Matt

    LOL, I have no say on the banners that are up in the stadium, On Mourinhos hes the last manager I would want at my club, Not only does he poke men with cancer in the eye but his recent comments about Wenger are an absolute disgrace, I am not the biggest Wenger fan but in his interview in response to Mourinhos comments he behaved with total class, Wengers not bought 90% of his trophies unlike you mourinho, fucking wanker!!

  19. ziggy says:


    I don’t expect that United win every “single trophy every year”,what I expect is some soul and courage behind a good strategy and mate,those times are gone thanks to David Moyes.

    Is not wether you lose or win,show you play the game.

  20. ziggy says:

    Sorry about my fuckin autocorrect …I try to say is not whether you lose or win,is how you play the game…

  21. Tommy says:


    Its only a few month into his reign, hes going to at least have the chance to put right all the wrongs of this season in the summer

  22. sir liam matt says:

    Ok @Tommy can you atlist tell me what moyez has done right apart from gevin Januzaj playing Time? Football wise!!!

  23. Tommy says:

    @Sir Liam Matt

    He got Rooney back playing well again, We have played very well in europe, but it has in general been a season of struggle. Hes going to get atleast 1 more season so its pointless every thread dominated by moyes talk

  24. Unagi says:


    I doubt he give much consideration other options. There was particular reason why Moyes was chosen.

    I imagine that none of the clubs that were in play offs phase of CL 2012/2013 would even consider Moyes for manager if they would be looking last summer.

    I think Scotts article above is good indication why Moyes is for now proving everyone that they were right… He has is own style which is no style for United, and he states that he will continue with what he is doing.

    And there is no way you may decline so much with players that won the league last year, so it is not players fault.

    If Moyes can’t prove that he is capable of managing players that have tons of trophies what is the reason to give him possibility to invest in team of champions which he can’t manage?

  25. ziggy says:


    I’m a United fan and I will always support the team no matter what,my problem is that I don’t need to be an expert to see that Moyes (even in these few months) is not the right manager for United.

    When you’re looking to hire someone for an important position in a company, the first thing you check is their stats, after assuming that the achievements or goals obtained by this man or woman are ideal for this position, the following is to be sure about that person leadership skills.

    Moyes (as stated by Sir liam matt) was chosen only because it fit with the tradition of being British and being “a good man”.

    So, allow me to disagree with you, no matter how long Moyes stay at United and no matter how many players come and how many players go, the result will remain the same as we are seeing now …

  26. Unagi says:


    Oh great he got Wayne playing well? – this is great comparing to the fact that he got rest of the team playing shit (apart from Andan)

    Very Well in Europe? – Hi is doing well, opposition thankfully was ok to win the group. So this is the one time Moyes was actually lucky and with draw of Olympiakos.

    I hoped he will prove me wrong but I doubt he will prove anyone wrong.

  27. ziggy says:


    Look at Guardiola,he arrived to Bayern and instead to erase Heynckes legacy,he took advantage of that,he introduced his own philosophy to the team step by step and blended his strategy with Jupp system and now Bayern is better than it was one year ago.

    That’s the difference between a leader and a “good guy”…

  28. Tommy says:


    I was asked what he has done well which is a fact, Our best performances have been in Europe so to say we were lucky is not on, Funnily enough, the group was harder than the year we went out to Basle, People moaning just for the sake of it now

  29. Tommy says:


    Hes also clearly got better players to work with at Bayern

  30. ziggy says:


    Seriously mate?,I think you understand my point,Guardiola choose to go to Bayern after Jupp left the team at the top of the mountain,others would be terrified with the idea of managing those players after last year,but Pep,not only took the challenge but Bayern numbers this year are better than last season.

    I was not expecting too much from Moyes in his first season,but I never tought that months later we could be the laughing stock of the EPL,out of both cups,waiting for a miracle against Olimpiakos and fighting to get a place for Europe (instead of Champions).

    Yeah,Guardiola has better players but SAF won the title last year and we were very close to the Champions final with this team so,again,I think you are trying very hard defending the undefendable.

  31. Fletch™ says:

    This is what we are up against getting players

    Barcelona charged w tax fraud’ in signing of Neymar.

    If this doesn’t interest FIFA fairplay then I give up

  32. Tommy says:


    Interesting article mate, would not shock me if its a widespread problem in football especiually with the Oil clubs.

  33. Fletch™ says:

    Re the Guardian story on Rooney £70m contract held up by fine print over image rights?

    That will be United insisting that “IMAGES” of Kai Rooney only appear in PROPER United kit :twisted:

    Tommy Cheers mate. Up against it when it comes to signing top players eh?! Gods help us all!

  34. sir liam matt says:

    Tommy says:
    Hes also clearly got better players
    to work with at Bayern.

    I dont agree with you there Pep brought just mario Gomzi and Acataraz., and he is working with the tecnical crew Hekens left behind he only brought Rexi Gomez as a fitness coach. Do you think if pep was to be handlin this United team, we would be 7th in the league. No with pep at United will be competin for bot the Epl and the CL. or Even the Fa cup.

  35. Mark Reid says:

    Glazers mostly to blame sucking that much cash out can’t be healthy,but there’s worse owners out there.I have a feeling that 300k for Rooney May just bite us in the arse,oh Woodward too not a football man wouldn’t pick Messi out in a line up of Subuteo players.

  36. ziggy says:

    @sir liam matt

    spot on…

  37. Marko Maric says:

    Bayern is good, but very boring to watch. WE HAVE TO BUY KROOS; NO MATTER WHAT!!!

    And one thing about Pep. He is good manager, but he never won CL with small club, like Mourinho. He took Bayern, over United, because he was scared of failing. Only Mo can be our manager and have balls to take all shit that come with that.
    I mean, how you can say no to United????

  38. sir liam matt says:

    Who said no to United?? and what news did you get that from?


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