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Scott writes for The Metro about James Wilson.

The Guardian reports on the friendly between the Class of 92 and Salford.

Pride Of All Europe talks about Kagawa.

The Independent responds to Rio’s claims that United need to move forward now.

Today’s the last day to win the RvP 9 Dutch shirt.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. OpikBidin says:

    We need to leave Rio to move on.

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Well I agree with you on that one Opik. Rio has a been brilliant servant to United and a tremendous player, but he’s in the twilight of his career and it’s showed badly this season when he’s played. The club needs to move forward and I think we should be doing that without Rio.

  3. Sparkz says:

    I dunno, I’d consider keeping Rio on a reduced wage deal, as a 5th choice CB (behind a new signing + the 3 young guns). More for his experience. Ideally I’d like Vidic in that role but as he’s moving on we may as well keep Rio.

    Yeah he’s had a poor season but in that case we should be letting go of about 20 people lol. It was only 12 months ago that he was named in the PFA team of the year. Yes he’s coming towards the end but we could still do with his experience I feel (esp as the 3 young centre backs pick up injuries). Plus, he’s one of those players that *gets* the club.

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    No, we cannot keep Rio for one more season. He’s been a great servant there’s no doubt about that but he’s far too old, far too slow at this point in time to make any difference on the pitch for United these days. He has the occasional exceptional game that shows us flashes of the past but the majority of his games are seriously below par. He’s being beaten for pace by every tom, dick and Harry and he goes to sleep in routine defensive situations. It’s almost a bit embarrassing to see such a great defender in his prime being run ragged by johnny come latelys in the premier league who would not have been fit to lace his boots when he was in his prime.

    It is time to move on from Rio just like with Vidic and eventually Giggsy. These players have given us their all but we must accept that they are old and we must now try to build the next great Manchester United side with young players.

  5. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree, bring in the youth. also Rio is far too busy with Twitter these days !

  6. wayne barker says:

    Yeah I agree Rio just doesn’t have it anymore,he’s a twitter hound and pundit,i also think he could be the mole that’s been leaking stuff.He most certainly hasn’t applied himself and tried very hard this season

  7. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree, he has been a great player for us, but there’s just something about him I don’t trust

  8. wayne barker says:

    trevor yeah mate just by some of backhanded things he’s been saying on twitter all year,if I had to bet money id say Rio was definitely one of the players who was causing the disruption
    Over the years been one of the best centre half’s Utd ever had but most certainly didn’t step up to the plate this year,the opposite in fact

  9. SebaLaBrujita says:

    To be honest, I’ve very little faith in any of the remaining central defenders at the club, Jones has rocks for brains and annoys the fuck out of me with one reckless and unnecessary challenge after another, the way he’s going, he’ll have to hang up his boots by 25 because of injuries. Not convinced about Smalling at all and Evans’ frequent injuries combined with his lack of conviction and authority leaves me thoroughly unconvinced he’ll ever make the grade and adequately step out of the shadow of either vidic or Ferdinand.

  10. Mark Reid says:

    Wait and see boys,we will be back.

  11. Fletch™ says:

    Afternoon lads!

    Interesting comparison of Ronaldo to Januzaj 1st seasons here:

    But caution is the word on predicting 1st year success. Obertan anyone? Just sayin!

  12. Fletch™ says:

    Rio? I’d say we HAVE to have him unless we get senior 2 CB’s this summer.
    Fact is we need at least 5 CB’s (and I am not including desperation tactics with Carrick)
    Fact is Evans and Smalling still have some beefing up to do to last a whole season.
    Fact is Jones is a bit small for the job (just a bit) and his complete lack of concern for personal safety will be a liability for a couple years yet.

    Facing reality, United are well past being able to repair the cracks with cheeky 21yos.
    We need to find some quality CBs that won’t be put off by Anfield or the Bridge, let alone the Stoke or the Bernabeau. That won’t be easy.

  13. Fletch™ says:

    Shocker: UNITED could still pip Spurs to 6th & Europa League Glory?! 8O

    Thought we did enough vSunderland :roll:

    Be having us some tasty Jan trips to Estonia then! Anyone?! :lol:

  14. LoneStarRed7 says:

    Rio’s experience in the dressing room will be a steadying influence for the lads. That cannot be underestimated!

    Regarding the Europa League , I would rather not. Let’s go you Spurs!

  15. Tommy says:

    Id agree with Scotts mate,Im a regular at the 21s aqnd 18s and this lad is certaintly the best finisher out of all those I have seen coming through the United ranks, I have said it for a couple of years he is a shoo in to go right to the very top only a serious injury can stop that, His parents must have been dead proud of him the other night, I hope to see him on Sunday if not then I am definaky looking forward to seeing him in the 21s final on wedensday.

    I will buy a ticket to this, class of 92 v Salford, It will be a mismatch but im sure it will be an enjoyable occasion for all involved, especilly Salford as im sure it will be a sell out and help them out financially.

    Whilst I am a Kagawa fan, I dont think he deserves so many comments on here from people on here demanding he plays, hes shown nothing to suggest hes going to cut it in the premier league, I would be dissapointed to lose him in the summer but I certaintly wont cry over it.

    Its no secret Rio disliked Moyes, rumours of him being a leak in the camp surficed and him using twitter to take unnessasary digs, Rios attitude been appaling all year, saying that id be tempted to give him anotheer year for his experience, at least one of Rio and Evra shold stay because it would be a lot of experience to lose out of the defence in one summer!


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