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After scoring against Algeria, Scott wrote for Bleacher Report about Fellaini’s most memorable international moments.

Scott writes for The Metro about Javier Hernandez’s lack of football this summer.

The Telegraph says Rooney is still England’s best player.

The Guardian rates the players in England’s defeat yesterday.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. tallestreD says:

    Let’s see what the French are made of.

  2. John says:

    Top Secret: Roy Moyes Hodgson is a elder brother of David Moyes Hodgson and G. Neville is a elder brother of P. Neville. :) :)

    I don’t blame players. I blame Roy Hodgson and that Sir Bookerfucker of FA who vouched for him for the failure of English team. None of my business but no matter how overhyped players are those group of players MUST have reached quarterfinals in my opinion.

    A clueless “yes man” can do amazing things. Look at the celebration at Rooney Goal yesterday. Defeat against Italy was hailed as greatest performance in 15 years by G. Neville/assistant coach who wanted British manager at United instead of Van Gaal.

    I mean, the expectation level significant drop is amazing. It’s a shame another generation of talented potential like Barkeley, Lallana, Shaw, sterling and company are allowed to be mismanaged by bunch of fucking jokers like Hodgson and company.

    German coach Klinsmann is the manager of USA who dropped Donovan. He did what he thought is good for the team. This is the sort of manager England needs, who cares about the nationality esp in manager position these days?! Let the British manager earn it but unless there is one who deservingly is best for the job, I don’t think Hodgson is anything better than pressing self-destruct button.

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    John, you’re wrong on that one mate. I saw an interview with Gary Neville before the Uruguay game and he said he was sick of people congratulating England for a good performance against Italy because they lost the game. Gary Neville didn’t pull any punched and said they need to do better against Uruguay.

    You can’t blame Gary Neville for this World Cup. England’s problems are more complex than just putting it down to the current managerial set up.

  4. tallestreD says:

    And France are absolutely flying

  5. John says:


    As a coach he won’t say that he is happy with loss. :)

    He has to cover it sweetly. However, it is one thing to appear good as a pundit and coach and lead a team.

    Personally, I think P. Neville has more chance of replacing G. Neville in sky studio than G.Neville being Brendan Rodgers 2 as a manager.
    I respect him as club legend but he comes to me as someone who is better suited in sky studio.

    Anyway, agree to disagree mate. Above link is there for you re what he said.

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I agree with Neville on some points, but seriously England have even put in managerial colossus’s like Capello and the performances were even worse than this tournament in a weaker group involving the States as you know. So what was it down to that time?

    England have some major issues deeply rooted with in our game and the media alike. While we have no right to do well at tournaments the fans have good reason to feel like the players have under achieved down the years. There’s a combination of problems and just putting it down to Hodgson and Neville is wrong. The players actually seemed more united this time compared to recent tournaments, but it wasn’t enough.

  7. wayne barker says:

    Gary problem is mate Utd as a club has tried to bring home grown talent through more than anyone but because of the jealously it’s been anti Utd at the national level for years
    This year no different all the Utd players getting raked over the coals everyone of the Dippers getting bigged up,everyone one of them overrated not one would get in the present Utd side
    As a Utd fan it’s hard to take year after year England don’t deserve Utd

  8. Gary Mitrovic says:

    The States v Portugal should be a good game anyway. Portugal have a few problems as well with the likes of Pepe and Coentrao out. I’d still choose Portugal if I had to pick a winner though, and yes I’m aware the States beat them in 2002.

  9. John says:


    Although I am not from England, I expect English team to be comfortable and act normal against opponents like Uruguay and Italy as I honestly beleive England has better players then all other 3 of that group. Not just on paper but also quality wise eventhough most are slightly overhyped they are talented.

    That performance against Italy was actually improvement from the performances of past tournaments. It is true imo.

    However, Neville and Hodgson were there in Euro couple of years as well. And the improvement in performance was natural expectation.

    But the way he celebrated when Rooney scored as if it was not their fault to put themselves in that desperate position in the first place is quite embarrassing frankly.

    I beleive managers are most important in any team. And the combo England has at present are there due to euphoria in England in past to give British managers job. They are clueless bunch for that position. A rejected Liverpool manager who was good only for bottom and mid table teams leading England team is not the level of England. Neither it is an appointment that is going to serve long term.

    Mate, Re Gary Neville, I think he is more of a sweet talker than a problem solver in my opinion. He to me comes across a bloke who can win a debate but lacks substance.

    One example is backing of British manager for United pointing lack of experience of Van Gaal in premiere league simultaneously backing Giggs who has zero experience as manager. How conflicting is that?? :)

    Also, he is like most British managers has potential to be man-manager rather than trainer-coach. Of course, he is still to be tested but looking to England team since he has been there, he may not be even better than Hodgson sadly. :(

  10. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Wayne, it depends if you want to look at the unavoidable negativity of some journalists and fans, or put that aside and focus more on the positive supporters who do support our lads. This is our country after all, even if I am third generation Serbian I support the country of my birth.

    As a boy watching euro 96 I can honestly say I was fanatical about England and destroyed when Germany knocked us out on penalties. The same in France 98, I was gutted when we lost to Argentina in what was a great game, but that’s when things started to change slightly with the stick Beckham got. I can understand a feeling of resentment towards the treatment some of our players have received, but I’m prepared to out aside again and ignore the poisonous morons, and support the country of my birth.

    I’m not devastated that England are out as United will always come first for me because that’s were my passion lies. But it’s still sad to see England in such a state and failing miserably at major tournaments. I take no joy in it.

  11. TywinnLannister says:

    You dont blame Gerrard for Englad lost? That’s absurd. He singlehandedly .. nevermind

  12. TywinnLannister says:

    Sorry I mean John and not Gary..

  13. Gary Mitrovic says:

    John, although the current crop of British managers managing in the premiership are not amongst the best in the world, I really don’t think it’s a case to worry too much. These things go in cycles and England/Britain will produce top players and managers again.

    Before Spain won euro 2008 they were another footballing mad nation who were the quarter final kings much like England and always failing at the big tournaments despite having talented squads. I didn’t think England were horrific this tournament like in 2010, but they still clearly we’re not good enough and are deservedly out.

  14. wayne barker says:

    Gary as a kid I was England mad home internationals was my fav part of the summer but the years of anti Utd from the FA at a domestic level,England fans and the press knocks it out of you mate
    Jones and Smalling getting picked on id play them both over the two lampposts playing yesterday.Rooney the brunt of all the negative press when Gerrard was by far England’s worst player,he was out of his depth in that position and is passed it,Jones would’ve done a better job than him

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Wayne, yea I agree Gerrard has got off lightly compared to Rooney. The thing is I’ve personally fine off Rooney after his behaviour at United, but the knives have been out for Rooney for a while now when it comes to England which is unfair.

    This is what the English media though, they love to make and break people. They build up our good young players and eventually turn on them as they get older if they don’t sweep all aside. Ross Barkley is the current cream of the crop at England, they’ll probably crucify him in the future at some point. The press in this country are half the problem, they make me sick.

  16. Gary Mitrovic says:

    “Personally gone off Rooney”

  17. John says:


    Gerrard was chosen as captain by Roy Moyes Hodgson which means he is guaranteed to be Prince Williams of England team. Can’t be dropped, can’t be chopped. That’s the angle of my argument, mate. :)


    Appoint Sven Goran Eriksson and accept Scholes being sacrificed on wing. Realize (wrong realization to me) that Swedish coach is too fickle and go for ruthless dictator Capello. John Terry captaincy row, terminate Capello. Realize (again wrong) that may be British manager shall know the “know-hows” of England team and appoint Sven part 2 with British passport with Gary Talker for future. Now both are found out. “Give manager time” till coming euro tournament new theme currently because it were close defeats. :)

    Gary, mate, I have not questioned production of players instead the choice of manger re his CV and vision how England desires its team to perform in long-term as well as his ability to get maximum out of lot he presently has.

    So, mate the only cycle for England since they won World Cup somewhere in history has been the reactionary realization as I have written above.

    Holland too is like Spain before 2008 but these teams (even before Spain started winning) makes and made people wonder how come they are chokers despite their ability. That’s a big difference from being a team who just gave their best performance against Italy in 15 years in their close defeat. Lost to Uruguay closely and are heading home due to the defeat of mighty Italy by Almighty Costa Rica.

    All good for your optimism made but the writing is on the wall. Those cycles of Spain and Brazil might not be mere destiny. :(

  18. John says:

    Also Italy in 2006 reminds me a team who won the World Cup without necessity of any cycle.

  19. Tommy says:

    Fucking hell, looking at the Fellani piece where the fuck is his afro in his early days haha, ive heard his team mates leap to his defence and hes said he wants to stay and fight for his place, cant see him leaving this summer.

    In fairness, they have got a forward who is in decent form something like 9 in 6 for Mexico and Hernandez is having his worst goalscoring form for mexico, and it seems its between Chico and Dos Santos, who has been well unlucky not to score a few so far so I guess Hernandez will have to bide his time, he has been sharp when he has come on, he was unluicky the ball missed him by inches then he would of had tap in against the Brazilians, I pointed the tackle out the other night Thiago Silva should of went it was a horrible leg bvreaking challenge. Tough game v Croatia, winner takes all should be an entertaining contest between 2 good sides.

  20. Mirainashe says:


    You know what,I said something similar about England. People want to blame players, coaches etc but keep missing the big culprits. 1. The English media and 2. British FOOTBALL culture

    British media is a big problem. They are essentially direct enemies of English football. Their sensationalist attitude is immoral and destructive. They promote this tabloid mentality of blowing things out of proportion and exert incredible pressure on a limited team. There’s never been a tournament where I could rate England amongst the best. They have never been close to the best but the media has fooled everyone into this belief. They keep raising excitement based on lies and this puts the players and manager under incredible pressure. Think of it this way. Prior to the opening group game against Spain, Dutch journalists and pundits were all saying they will lose and the discussion was mostly based on how they think the team should plan for second place. Beating Spain was ruled out. I was thinking, this team won nearly all it’s qualification matches scoring not less than two goals per game along the way. Not just that, they were last editions finalists who narrowly lost. So why were they underplaying their teams chances? Then you have the English media. Masters of delusion. They make so much noise as if England has ever done anything of note in the tournaments beyond teams like Mexico or USA or Croatia. I’m not trying to mock, just saying it’s the truth. So why do they place so much pressure on the team? I’m sure of LVG was aware of the Dutch media position, he’d be motivated to prove his and his team’s worth. But with English players, they must feel serious pressure even more than the Brazilians or the Spanish. The media almost demands that they match the standards of the very best. You look at the scrutiny on Wayne Rooney and you wonder whether people in England are normal. We are talking about a World Cup here not the Robbie Savage invitational. The world champions were hammered 5-1 in case some of these guys were in exile. Brazil had to rely on incompetent refereeing to win their opening match. Uruguay ranked 5 were thrashed by Costa Rica.

    What the heck is England? There’s no team even on paper at the WC, they can even say “yes this is three points”. It’s a tough tournament and England have never been world beaters. Sensationalist headlines only serve to make the players nervous and literally scared. They fought hard against Uruguay and lost. Big deal. This unjustified criticism always serves to take the team backwards. Right now the headlines are trying to get the manager fired. Same old tactics. Let the team develop gradually. Give them space to breathe for crying out loud. Players like Sterling,Sturridge, Welbeck and Wilshere have potential but too much pressure is exerted on them and I don’t see them progressing because of this. Apparently Rooney has not performed well at big tournaments. Remind me please how Ronaldo and Messi have done for their countries. Tim Cahill had more goals in WC tournaments than the trio put together. So why is Rooney being crucified?

  21. Paul davidson says:

    Lol, I thought Rooney took two trainers with him to the world cup..hahahaha. @ WilliamAR, you are so right, he doesn’t deserve to be pitied. Holding our club to ransome on several occassions and getting massive pay hike in the process and blatantly refusing to play in the midfield. He thought he was too good for us, now karma has caught up with him. Cos what goes around comes around. Fat shrek swallowing 300k per week for his poor first touches,plus he’s too unskilled with the ball and misplaced lots of passes.I hate liverpool, but must confess that rooney is not even worthy of lacing the boots of suarez. Suarez is the best striker in the world, he’s just that good. You can’t compare over-hyped Rooney to him. Rooney caused it on himself, he’s too greedy and too selfish when it comes to our club issues.

  22. red war says:

    England’s problem is this one :


    You placed John Terry, F. Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, W. Rooney and fcking Steven Gerrard in the same team and you still had no leaders.

    English players are very “tight” and “shy” when they play for their national team. Massive expectations for glory and some kind of arrogance become stress. Then the tam doesn’t score in the first half and the stress grows, the players’ mind is not clear anymore and then failure comes. Then everyone puts more pressure on them.

    Solution. Bring in some less serious guys. YES. Bring in someone who would say no to his coaches. Someone with a little bit of balls and stupidity. Someone who would prove everyone wrong.

    This one guy was the young Rooney. Why he became such a pussy? Cause he made a big mistake against Portugal. Instead of growing up he became a pussy.

    But the roots of the problem is that if you want to become a professional footballer in England, you have to be absolutely disciplined. You may be the no-real-talent John O’shea or the just-a-quick-guy-and-a-good-lad Welbeck but if you are disciplined you can play for MU, Irish and English national team.

  23. red war says:

    England’s problem is this one :


    You placed John Terry, F. Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, W. Rooney and fcking Steven Gerrard in the same team and you still had no leaders.

    English players are very “tight” and “shy” when they play for their national team. Massive expectations for glory and some kind of arrogance become stress. Then the tam doesn’t score in the first half and the stress grows, the players’ mind is not clear anymore and then failure comes. Then everyone puts more pressure on them.

    Solution. Bring in some less serious guys. YES. Bring in someone who would say no to his coaches. Someone with a little bit of balls and stupidity. Someone who would prove everyone wrong.

    This one guy was the young Rooney. Why he became such a pussy? Cause he made a big mistake against Portugal. Instead of growing up he became a pussy.

    But the roots of the problem is that if you want to become a professional footballer in England, you have to be absolutely disciplined.

  24. The One says:

    Hmm, it just dawned on me that A Valencia will come up against P Evra in their next world cup game, interesting contest :)

  25. Tommy says:

    I think Jeremy Wilson has nailed it in his article, Rooney is Englands best player (Not saying much) but hes not quite at the level of others, Hate to say this but the canibal had 2 chances and finished with aplomb, he would of stuck the header Rooney missed and the chance at 1 1 away, their lies the difference, well written article to be honest

  26. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I disagree with Jeremy Wilson because Suarez did completely cock up a clear 1on1 in the early second half. We saw Balotelli mess up two 1 on 1 chances yesterday against Costa Rica. Cavani fired about 8 yards wide when it was harder to miss the target. Big players miss chances. The quality of chances Suarez got was far higher than Rooney’s. Rooney was almost under the bar when a hard-hit free kick came to him. He just had to get his head on it and hope it went in. The second chance was a quick snapshot. Not time to set himself because a Uruguay defender was closing fast. He just had to take the shot and Muslera saved well. Suarez had time to place his header because Cavani’s ball was superb and SLOW and the second goal, Suarez had all the time in the world to decide he was going to smash home.

    I mean I don’t like Rooney that much anymore but the demonizing has to stop. I recommended that he retire from international football two years ago and everyone called me crazy, maybe he’ll retire now when he finds that he can NEVER win with the media. He plays out of position he gets hate, he plays well, he still gets hate. And this is in the knowledge that he didn’t play EITHER game as the central striker. When he started up top for us here for two seasons, he hit at least 34 goals in both those seasons.

  27. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    To be honest mate a couple of those examples are not great, Take Cavani, hes a horrible finisher, to be honest im surprised he got it as close as he did , for £50million im yet to see any finishing quality from him and Ballatelli I wouldnt be sticking my mortgage on him either but I get youre point. the first chance was a difficult header, the chance at 1 1 was not a great attempt, he should be hitting that in the bottom corner but it was straight at the keeper, but thats what the media in this country are like and they know what their doing, they build you up to knock you down, im used to it so I take what most of the press say with a hugh pinch of salt but that goes with the terrotory of being a footballer in this country

  28. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    If Rooney had missed that chance at United in an important fixture, I and many others would of been crazy, as it is he missed it for England which helped them go out so I could not care less that he missed im just giving it as an opinion that I though a player of his quality could of done better even if it was a snapshot than hit it straight at the keeper


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