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Scott writes for Bleacher Report about Shaw’s career before United.

The Guardian reports on Van Gaal’s desire to win.

The Independent has a video of Van Persie and Kluivert playing beach tennis.

The Daily Mail reckons Marouane Fellaini will be sold this summer.

Don’t forget that the World Cup PDF and 2013-2014 season review are still available and relevant. All proceeds are going to the Trafford Macmillan and they would really appreciate your support.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. ashtheking says:


    I say that because I feel sir Alex handles situation more better. And even though LVG may be better at tactics but sir Alex is the best man motivator. And it’s not only me who’s yay hat ask any top managers they will say the same.

  2. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I wouldn’t say Van Gaal is “not a patch” on Fergie because he’s a pretty superb manager legacy wise as well. Obviously, Fergie’s the ultimate because he did most of his work at two clubs including staying with one for 25 years but it would not be out of place to already have Van Gaal in the top 25 managers ever. Obviously he’s moved around a lot but almost everywhere he’s gone. he’s won something even with fucking AZ Alkmaar FFS lol. It’s almost like he’s a winning magnet. Like some have pointed out. Van Gaal is very much his own man and is just as ballsy as Fergie was. Not afraid of hurting feelings if it means the team wins. There’s things Fergie did better than anyone else but there might also be some things LVG does better than Fergie. Nobody is master of every single category.

  3. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    But yeah overall, LVG’s not better than Fergie. lol

  4. Sparkz says:

    Oh yeah LVG is defo one of the greats and I’d probably rank him a lot higher than top 25 lol. And I’m not one of those people who thought Fergie could do no wrong either, I gave him his fair share of criticism especially in his last few years.

    But I just think what he achieved was phenomenal and maybe it’s because people became so used to it that we take it for granted.

    Maybe the phrase ‘not a patch’ was a bit strong but I do think Fergie is the ultimate as you said

  5. Marco Soares says:

    @ dannysoya

    Spot on, not too sure winning a dutch league with AZ Alkmaar is that big an achievement though, after all Schteve Fucking Mclaren won the league with FC Tweente, can’t take the dutch league serious at all after that lol

  6. EC7 says:

    @Neil Moore

    Too right. Fuck Pogba and let’s look forwards. Everyone at United clearly knew how good a player he was going to be and there is no getting away from that but for one reason or another it wasn’t ever gonna happen here. Juventus is clearly a better fit for him and he’s doing well out of his move so good luck to him. Fergie at the time didn’t feel he had justified the wages him and his agent were asking for, so a deal was never struck. A classic case of wanting to much to young. I believe he would have got his chance eventually at Old Trafford but clearly didn’t want to stick around to really show what an asset he could have been here.

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @Sparkz haha yeah he’s probably a lot higher than top 25 as well. He has the pedigree to command the respect of just about ANYONE associated with football. That’s how good he’s been.

  8. Tommy says: – Apprently hes being greedy and priced himself out of a new deal, Real Madrid want £40million and United only apparently want £30million, plus Di Maria apprently has reservations about playing for a club not in the champions league, cant see this one happening. – Apprently Munich want Cuadrado to play RB and United have apprently bid £30million for him but Fiorentina want closer to £40million, another thats probably unlikely to join

  9. Mark Reid says:

    What a inane argument LVG or Sir Alex doesn’t matter Sir Alex did more for Man Utd that we could ever have imagined.Im happy LVG is our new manager I hope he brings us success.

  10. Blacksocks says:

    @ Mark Reid

    At last – someone with something sensible to say!

  11. Mark Reid says:

    Cheers mate.

  12. wayne barker says:

    Sir Alex achievements are so great he has taken a long term teaching position at Harvard lecturing senior managers I also believe the book he wrote on man management became business book of the year
    As someone said Sir Alex is a genius end of story

  13. John says:

    Let’s not forget that every single club outside of Holland, in which lvg was active, is now a power house in world. Barca and Bayern are the most decorative clubs in recent years.

    Fergie never won a league when mourinho was in charge for full season in Chelsea.

    And….yeah he retired before the arrival of mourinho. :)

    Don’t get me wrong as I am a fan of fergie the greatest British manager ever but LVG is better than ferguson tactically and technically. Who is better was never a debate!!

    My argument was purely on tactical aspect between the two but some idiots here have a habit of letting their lyod hang out whenever they get a chance. :)

  14. John says:

    Yeah and the Harvard graduates are bored of listening “ABSOLUTE CONTROL” in every lecture from the British tactical Genuis! Hahaha

  15. wayne barker says:

    Whatever mate can’t argue with a idiot,Sir Alex’s standing in many different areas speaks for itself

  16. Marco Soares says:

    @ John

    Fergie won the 06/07 season while Mourinho was in charge and he won the 07/08 season when Mourinho got the boot at Chelsea, also Barca and Bayern have always been powerhouse sides, you make it as if Van Gaal took them from scrutiny to success (yes his first stint at Barca was good and he did excellent at Bayern) but you make it as if this man is a god and Fergie was some lucky schmuck, what Fergie has done and achieved can be unrivalled

  17. Marco Soares says:

    Let’s hope Van Gaal does bring lots of success to United, their is plenty to be optimistic about, he is a fantastic manager, but the lack of respect for Fergie on this blog is a fucking joke really

  18. John says:


    All I know is LVG, Sacchi, Del Bosque, Sir Matt, Sir Alex, Cruyff and some others are great managers/head coaches who fall within a bracket of “one of the greatest of all time”. So I was just picking one of their attributes. I have never said LVG is better than Fergie OVERALL. It’s just technical side of game. There are other aspects like man-management, motivation, diplomacy, media dealing, observation in training instead of training, a gifted hunch to make farsighted decisions on all of which fergie is best ever and overall weightage may swing towards him. Also comes loyality, taking club as own family. These are things that can inspire players to win against better tactics through shear motivation.

    I don’t know why people get so offended when I point out the obvious as if fergie has conquered Europe like he did in league and domestic cups. I am sorry but it is obvious to me.

    @Bull Dog

    Carry on!

  19. Ezra Jay says:

    You had valid argument, until you wrote this
    “Yeah and the Harvard graduates are bored
    of listening “ABSOLUTE CONTROL” in every
    lecture from the British tactical Genuis!
    Now that’s personal!

  20. Tommy says:


    “Fergie never won a league when mourinho was in charge for full season in Chelsea.” So United didnt win the league in the 2006 – 07 season lol, do youre history, SAF seen off Mourinho like he seen off Dalglish, Benetez, Keegan. United won the leagvue in May 2007, Mourinho left Chelsea in around October 2007, so I think you should do youre history.


    Pointless talking to John, hes clueless when it comes to football management, Sir Alex has no equal, LVG, Mourinho and the rest dont deserve to be said in the same breathe as Sir Alex.

  21. Marq says:

    I wonder how someone is able to make the statement that LVG is obviously tactically better than Sir Alex without anything to back it up

  22. Tommy says:

    @Ezra Jay

    I cant imagine John speeks to many Harvard graduates to be honest mate


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