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Scott writes for The Metro about how Fergie should have been more like Van Gaal.

Scott writes for Bleacher Report about some of Fellaini’s worst moments at United.

The Guardian says we’re still in the hunt for Vidal.

The Telegraph sings the praises of Van Gaal.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. gra mar says:

    I don’t really understand why so few goalkeepers wait to dive where the ball goes. Most now seem to pick a side.

    Of course a well struck penalty into the roof of the net of in by the post is almost impossible to stop but plenty are poorly struck and hit no more than a yard or two from the centre. Stand your ground and react and more penalties will be stopped. The keeper should back their shot stopping skills and reactions.

    All of these stunted run ups as players wait for keepers to fall to one side while they place it to another will be finished as players crap themselves as they kick the ball while the keeper stands and waits.

    Good move from LvG. I don’t think Krul is necessarily a better penalty stopper than Jasper but the fact they changed would have put Costa Rica off and distracted them just as muchas Krul tried to do.

  2. Marq says:

    One other thing about sending Krul on is that he is the taller goalkeeper, hence better reach.

    Actually, I thought about it as well, about goalkeepers choosing sides instead of reacting. I’m no goalkeeping coach, but the only down side of reacting is that you likely won’t make it if the penalty is struck perfectly to the edges, but many don’t. I am just comparing it to say tennis players. They are able to react to balls coming at them at 125mph, and the speed of shots in football are in the 80mph range, so it is not at the realms of impossible for football players no?

    Disclaimer, I know its a different sport, just a random thought of mine

  3. Efe Elvis Omoregie says:

    What do you guys think about the new kit?

  4. Efe Elvis Omoregie says:

    New Coach, New era, new kit, no shirt sponsor. A New Dawn.

  5. Joint Kweku Junior says:

    New Generation! Good Luck Mr. Louis

  6. gra mar says:


    if the ball is well struck choosing a side won’t help either as it’s still very difficult to reach.
    I’m no keeping coach either but time after time saveable penalties are struck and the keeper has flopped to the other side and would have stopped them have they waited to react.

  7. gra mar says:

    @efe…the ad for the new shirt isn’t bad but the shirt itself is very bland like the majority of nikes stuff. They really need to sort their shit out.

  8. Efe Elvis Omoregie says:

    @gra mar, yea I thought so too but I won’t mind if we win things wearing it though.

  9. Marq says:

    Well, we were ridiculed about our ‘tablecloth’ shirt but we ended that season where you would put a tablecloth, on top of the table, haha

  10. united till i die says:

    Never understand why people complain about our new kit every season. Doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is there is only so much you can do with a football top design wise.

  11. Tommy says:

    Interesting article their Scott I never noticed the Howard might of been coming on for Carroll in the most one sided final in living memory, Arsenas only shot on tsrget all game was a tame free kick straight at carroll in extra time. I think LVG change was more psychological, the Costa Ricans must have thought this guy is well good at saving penaltites, when his record at Newcastle is pretty ordinery (Funnilly enough Vorm of Swansea is the premier leagues best penalty taker and he is LVGs number 3) so it played in their minds, slightly different at club level, if he substitutes DDG in a shoot out for Lindergaard and United go on to lose then DDG will no doubt lose all the respect he had for him with the dutch squad hes going so its win win all round and they won so the nunmber 1 gets to play in a semi final.

    Scott is being rather pathetic trying to belittle any United player, you could of listed any United player last season barring DDG and listed their worst moments, clearly trying to get cheap views on an article, I expected better really.

    Their does seem to be some legs in the Vidal rumours , its usually the case when many different papers report the same story, I wouldnt offer much more than £40million though, £40mill plus Nani sounds about right, Good deal all round for United, juventus, Vidal and Nani. I would love Hummells as well but I just cant see him leaving Dortmind this season, maybe next season though, so I would say Vermaelen is the more likely of the 2 defenders to come in this summer.

    I must say LVG has been the outstanding manager in this WC, every decision he has made has worked to a tee. I also like the fact all the players love him and respect him. Cant wait for him to get started at OT

  12. Tommy says:

    @Gra mar

    The Nike shirts have been bad for a couple of season now I really hope its Adidas who pay up next year so we can have a change in kit style.


    I actually liked the table cloth shirt, admittedly I am on my own in liking it, I just felt it was something different, The United tops since have all looked practically the same since barring the odd collar change, The worst thing is I willn still buy it for anything between £40 – £60, I remember when football shirts were cheap

  13. Marq says:


    Actually I quite liked the design of the tablecloth too, haha

    I think there was an article saying LVG’s tops changes in games affecting results for the wc. Long may that continue.

    The rumor for Vidal has persisted for quite some time already, unlike most other rumors. And we all know the Italian league is not in the best of shape financially. Although it is still unlikely, but hey, one can hope can’t he? £40m plus Nani for whom in my opinion has been Juve’s most important player, seems a good deal

  14. FBr David Lee says:


    I hear you. Every season’s kit practically looked the same altho not as horrible you would imagine. I bet there will be revolt if our kit looked like the colombian’s national team in the 90s.

  15. FBr David Lee says:

    A Man United kit here in Malaysia costs 239 ringgit or 43.79 pounds.

  16. OpikBidin says:

    The fellaini hate again, although I say he is the 2nd United player(behind RVP) who has advanced most far in the world cup and has been instrumental in his team, more than Hazard (wjo I think is also worse than mertens and Mirallas).

    he even took a bonus cut to join us.

    I think his bad play is exaggerated, his pass are better than most of the belgium team, his forward passes are also okay and he can take risks, unlike De Bruyne or even Hazard.

  17. Tommy says:

    @FBr David Lee

    I have a terrible memory mate so cant remember the Columbia kit but I am intrigued if you would could send me a pic of it that would be great.

  18. redninja says:

    As long as united play well in the kit it will become okey just wait and see


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