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Scott writes for Bleacher Report about Louis van Gaal’s potential line-ups.

Scott writes for The Metro about how Carrick’s injury may have saved his United career.

The Daily Mail reports on Jose Mourinho’s comments about Van Gaal.

The Guardian reckons we should have given the job to Mourinho, not Van Gaal.

The Telegraph looks at the differences between Moyes and Van Gaal.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:


    Strange mate, its always through history been a sport that is played with poor communtites because it is so cheap, in England kids used to be offered trials off the back of playing with mates, a passing scout would see tyhem play and its a way to keep kids off the street, strange why its so expensive in the US. Tennis pros all have to make sacrifices, their families pay a fortune for them to join academies all accross the world, for example Djokovic went to an academy in Germany, Murrey to Barcelona and Sharapova to Florida but if youve not got the money thats youre tennis career over before its begun. To go to the supermarket from were I live i have to cross a park and every saturday I go food shopping, the park is full of kids playing in all weather conditions, when I was a kid i used to finish school and stay on the field playing football until it got dark

  2. Justin10RvN says:


    Thats how we are with basketball, there will be kids playing on outside courts in the rain, snow, whatever. I’ve even seen kids trying to melt ice off a court to play in the winter, why we don’t have that same mentality with football is definitely strange. Myself and my friends play wherever we can but we seem to be about the only ones, we have a quite large hispanic and egyptian population around here and even they won’t play unless we can manage to get a real field, maybe we’ve been spoiled too much.

  3. trevor knightsmith says:

    Justin ,

    It’s true about what Tommy said about him playing until it got dark .

    At one point he was regarded as one of the best full backs in the country; crap in the towns and cities, but not bad in the country !

    (Only jesting Tommy)

  4. MobiMulla says:

    Lol I’ve just had this thought.. If only Moyes had finished top 4..
    We could have well been looking at a new midfield of Carvalho Herrera and either one of Kroos/Fabregas..Shaw would have been done..and united would just have to had bought a centre back or 2..


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