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Scott writes for The Metro about whether LvG will save Tom Cleverley’s United career.

Scott writes for Bleacher Report about the highs and lows of Rio Ferdinand’s career.

The Guardian reports on Rio’s claims that Rooney should be the next England captain.

The Mirror looks at which players did and didn’t do well against Inter.

United Rant talks about life under LvG.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. OpikBidin says:

    Has anyone thought that the kits are actually a representative of Holland’s flag… First, red, second, white, third blue. all of it makes: red, white, blue, the holland flag’s color’s.

  2. Dan Young says:

    no its actually for the french flag as a farewell to evra and an attempt to sign ribery, pogba, benzema and zidane

  3. m09538061 says:

    Michael keane will be excellent in time but we need now we have lost a back line who have won everything over the years so LvG is right to be looking but needs to get a move on.

  4. FBr David Lee says:

    opik, & dan, what are you 2 smoking on?

  5. Marq says:

    Nobody can save Cleverley except for himself. He should know (hopefully) his own limitation by now, if not he can just look around him and it should be clear as day what are the areas he needs to be working on. For Clev, there is also no better person to look up to than Fletcher. He was limited in his ability, but he made up with his energy. Question now is, is energy alone enough to hold down a place in the team in this day and age?

  6. Marq says:

    In other news.

    The Glazers are said to have sold £87m worth of shares. I suppose that is to cover for the poor season we had?

    And… Lukaku for £28m to Everton? Geez, the transfer market is truely bonkers now. Mourinho has now mastered how to flog players out with a tidy profit huh

  7. Sparkz says:

    £28m for a centre forward who’s been banging them in at premier League level for 2 seasons….AND is only 21 so will still develop….I think that’s a fantastic piece of business for Everton. Don’t think that’s overpriced at all tbh.

    I do wonder where they’ve got all this money from now though – £28m for Lukaku + Barkley getting a payrise to an alleged £65k a week. Although maybe the £28m was them using the Fellaini fee from last summer?

  8. Marq says:


    You see, thats the thing. Before the oil money came into the game, one could never imagine a striker that scores 15 goals a season to cost that much. The benchmark for comparison has been shifted so much that anything less than the £30m mark seems to imply that the player is of a lesser stature, except for when contracts the are running out.

    I’m not suggesting it is wrong, I’m just saying this is how things are and going to be. And that is what it takes to compete with the best. Pity the fans who can’t keep up with the rising cost of supporting your club though.

    I truly hope our club continues to place tons of attention on promoting youth, it has reached a point where the millions spend on youth development might actually reap better rewards. Just need coaches with a long term vision managing them, shaping them for what might be better suited for the game 5 ~ 10 years down the road

  9. Sparkz says:

    @Marq – yep I agree to an extent. Not too many years ago, £30m was the fee you’d pay for an established, world class player. I’m talking top of the tree. Nowadays that’s the price you pay for young players with potential. The “established, world class, top of the tree” players are generally anything from £40m upwards.

    Gary Neville made a really good point once about youth and long term development and it was basically what you’re saying about having coaches (and clubs) committed to it. He said that the likes of Beckham, Giggs and Scholes would probably have broken into the first team at most clubs, because they were so immensely naturally talented.

    But guys like Neville and Butt, who didn’t show huge natural talent at an early age……..they were fortunate to have a coach and club prepared to give them a chance and SEE if they can develop into something good. They wouldn’t have got that at all clubs under all managers (for example if Mourinho was in charge of us in the early 90’s, he wouldn’t have looked twice at a Neville or a Butt).

    Look at Barca. The likes of Messi and Xavi would have broken into the first team at most clubs because of their immense natural talent. But with someone like Pedro for example, that might not have been the case. He was fortunate that his coach and club were prepared to take the risk on him.

    Unfortunately the short term nature of football management means this doesn’t always happen. Also you have the issues of footballing cycles. 10 years ago, everybody wanted their central midfielders to be box to box athletes i.e. Keane, Vieira, Davids, Essien, Gerrard.

    Then from about 08 onwards everybody wanted them to be small, technical creative passers with not a huge emphasis on the physical attributes. Now, if you look at how the likes of Barca and Spain have been beaten, and how teams like City, Atletico, Germany have had success – everybody wants the central midfielders to be guys with big engines again.

  10. Dan Young says:

    fbr david lee – surely when i mentioned zidane you could spot the sarcasm?! haha

  11. Tommy says:

    LVG seems to be a fan of Cleverley, I must say i was one of those of the opinion that he would be gone pretty sharpish but now I expect him to still be here next season, him being made captain for one game is a big indicator, its upto him whether he stays beyond january or next5 summer, I hate the “im a LVG kind of player” No need for that kind of talk, it opens the lad up to ridicule and embaressment if things dont work out.

    Thirs been far more highs in Rios career at Unied than lows, 6 prem titles, that night in Moscow, being made England captain and scoring the final SAF goal at OT are all stand out moments, He however does have a fair few lows as well, 9 month ban for not taking a piss, missing out on winning an FA cup and his disapointing final season are all lows. He is right that it is fairytail stuff him starting and ending his career being managed by Arry.

    I dont give a shit about England but Rio is probably spot on, their is no outstanding candidate for the England captaincy, you probably couldnt even argue for anyone else to get that armband, as long as he doesnt get the United armband even though hes been sucking up to get it, is all im concerned with.

    Most of the team did well, Zaha 2nd half was always a threat, Keane and Blackett being tidy at the back, Herrera had a decent outing again, Shaw 2nd half at LWB, even Ashley Young had a good showing playing in 2 positions in either half, The dissapointments are of course nani as per usual, being subbed when you only arrive at HT unless hes got an injury is embarressing, he was the only real dissapointment in Uniteds performence, both keepers had nothing to do all game. I have to disagree with the jouno about Vidic, i thought he was outstanding and played with a cigar in his mouth for the game.

    This was a great read from united rant, I enjoyed it, people are less likely to criticise LVGs coaching team because he has the track record to back him whereas Moyes never, simple as that really.

  12. Tommy says:

    Opik cracks me up with every post he makes haha, on Lukaku he had an awful world cup and if he was that great Mourinho would have kept him, i think he will struggle this season but we shall see

  13. united till i die says:

    Tommy I wouldn’t read to much into Cleverly being made captain as only two starters where supposed to play the full 90 minutes and cleverly was the more experienced of the two.


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