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RoM Reads

Scott wrote for ESPN about the craziness of the transfer window.

Scott wrote for The Metro about why United fans are entitled to be upset that Welbeck has left the club.

The Daily Mail claims LvG has forced United players to hand in their phones the night before a game.

The Guardian report on Van Persie’s desire to fight for his place at United.

The Telegraph has an exclusive interview with Ryan Giggs.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. trevor knightsmith says:

    At least watching England makes you appreciate United more, and at least Rooney is consistent
    ( sarcasm)

  2. UtdSenna says:

    It’s like he lost all his talent.

  3. Marko Maric says:

    this is what Di Maria do in his natural environment, hope he will feel the same in UNITEEEEED!!!!

    i feel so bad that Argentina didnt do the same to Germany in the world cup. I like Germany, but like Argentina more!

  4. Marko Maric says:

    They scored 4 goals in the wrong game…

  5. VolatileKid says:

    De Maria is getting better and better :)

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Welbeck dreamed of playing for Arsenal. That did make me laugh. My mate sent me a whatsapp message of Wilshere taking a selfie with “my man Welbz” has he put it. Pair of titheads.

  7. UtdSenna says:

    Rooney can’t play with these fast players anymore.

  8. m09538061 says:

    Its great to finally see Rooney in the England arm band.Now he can swim safely with the other kids.
    Same old Welbeck..Hits it straight at the Goalkeeper!

  9. BenjieTee says:

    Isn’t it funny that RVP left and Arsenal fans were calling him a traitor, and Welbeck wants to leave for Arsenal and everybody is blaming the club, and most of all it seems like United fans aren’t so worried…Shows you that Welbeck despite all his promise wasn’t considered a top player by most of us so he could leave and nobody would call him a traitor…He had his chance, Kagawa just had two season and even he is gone.We are so far behind the other clubs and there’s no room for so called tradition..What tradition?..How many academy players post 92 era have actually transformed Manchester United?..none..

  10. BenjieTee says:

    Scholes claiming we needed 5 or 6 world class players because what we had were lacking quality..We buy Daley Blind and he says he’s not sure but Blind lacks the pace..How fast was his midfield partnership with Carrick?..Holding Midfield is not all about pace, Its about reading the game,breaking up play and also dictating the tempo, something he did well without much pace..Seems he’s a bit annoyed we didn’t go in for Kroos so he’s still going to take a hit out of our new squad…I wonder what his next comments will be?..perhaps he also will say we’ve lost our identity?

  11. babzcorleone says:

    Whats all this FSB nonsense?

    Are you lot seriously United fans?

    Rooney is our All time 3rd highest goalscorer, he is the 4th highest for England.

    He contributes as well as goals for us and gives a 100%.

    Yes his form is patchy, yes he has tried unscrupulous things to get new contracts but this is modern football..not everyone is like Solksjaer or Scholes.

    Get off his back and get behind him.

    LVG picked him as captain. he might not be the best choice as captain and might be shit at it but we have to give a chance!

  12. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Isn’t it funny that we were just talking about Rooney on the blog here today and look at the performance he’s served up for England against a very bad Norway side. I didn’t even know he was on the pitch. Welbeck linked up much much better with the team in the 20 minutes he was on the pitch.

  13. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    His performances will have to go up a notch it he wants to keep his place in the new United armband or not.

  14. babzcorleone says:

    Everyone is free to have thier opinion and i will voice my frustrations too. But calling our own players names like ‘Fat Scouse Bastard’ is not what we should be doing.

    Not to a player that has scored and assisted 100′s of goals and given 100% every game.

  15. babzcorleone says:

    He may be the shittest player in the world that gets off to gerbil porn!!

    When he wears that United kit he is one us. No problem criticizing players but calling him a ‘Fat Scouse Bastard’ is disrespectful to him and to the traditions of our club!

  16. Marko Maric says:

    Why Gerardo Martino wasnt coach on the World Cup….

  17. VolatileKid says:

    I don’t support any abuse of our players but saying that Rooney gives 100% in every game is not correct imo. In order to give 100% in a game, players need to work hard in training, be disciplined and improve. Rooney may have given HIS 100% but his 100% is way below the standard for a player who is earning that much. His first touch, tactical and positional sense, short passing are way below the needed level. I can understand a player losing pace, but losing your first touch means something is wrong with the player

  18. Marko Maric says:

    @babz…agree…i know he ransom club 2 times. But he is not United fan from he was born. What do you think other players would do? Rio? He is chaseing money like every player? Falcao came coz of love for United, yeah right..
    He gave 100% and i appreciate that…

  19. babzcorleone says:

    VolatileKid: I agree with some of your assessments of Rooney.

    But people need to stop this FSB nonsense!

    He will finish as our highest ever goalscorer and has contributed massively to our success down the years.

    He also sacrificed his own game (which i think affected his development) to let Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Tevez etc shine.

    His best years was when he played as an out out number 9 but he has rarely had the chance to do that.

  20. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I’ve never been one for calling our players names like cunt, bastard, or anything petty like that. But I will not hesitate to point out what is wrong with their game if I see it. So I agree with babz. FSB has never been a thing with me and it will never be a thing but constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome with me.

  21. VolatileKid says:

    Babz: I agree that he sacrificed a lot for the club, but some of those instances were down to him too. For example, he used to claim that he would play in any position including centerback. He wanted to be a jack of all trade and became one. I also think he had some genuine concerns over the lack of spending of the club, but whether his claims are true or not, he got a huge salary. He has to justify that. I don’t care if fans consider him a legend or a traitor, he has to play well and justify his status in the team

  22. Marko Maric says:

    @babz and then some fans say that United fans are better than fans of other clubs…

    He also sacrificed his own game (which i think affected his development) to let Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Tevez etc shine


    Fans are so ungrateful…

  23. Tommy says:

    Scott, dont be ungrateful, it was an amazing summer of buisness, sure we could of done with another CB or 2, but we have signed 2 midfielders in Herrera and Blind, both unproven in the premier league of course though, I am of the opinion that LVG will play a back 3 of Jones on the right, the ball playing Carrick in the middle and Rojo on the right, he loves his CBs to be ball playing and it has been muted all summer he would play Micheal their, and as long as Evans and Smalling dont make the pitch I will be happy lol.

    Scott, I also feel that fans are upset because their is very few Manchester lads in the club from the 21s upwards, Tyler Blackett is, Tom Thorpe is, I believe both Ben Pearson and Joe Rothwell are but am not 100% sure, the keanes are from Stockport which is technically Cheshire, The crop that everybody goes on about includes James Wilson (Stoke) Andreis Perrerira (Brazil) Saidy Janko (Switzerland), and im not knocking any of the lads mentioned but its a crying shame that theirs no Mancs in the first team, obviously the player has to be good enough,l I would still like one of our own in the squad, the nearest in the first team squad is Phil Jones who is from Preston. I think Danny will do quite well at Arsenal, good luck.

    I like strict disiplinarian, a night without the phone wont do them any harm and dropping a player for bring late for breakfast is good, its a shame though I cant see FSB being late for breakfast lol, on the continent teams sometimes spend 2 or 3 days before qa match with no contact with family members.

    Thats what I like to hear, players fighting for their spots, no one has a divine right to play, the man in form should play, and its pleasing to hear that the stories of RVP needing an operation are false and hopefully Parker and I get our wish and its RVP and Falcao upfront and then the real FSB will show his coulours and the toys will come out of the praam.

    Top man Giggs sums him up, 1 minute hes coaching kids in Wales then the next hes shaking hands with £350k a week new signing Falcao, Got 100% repect for Giggs for going out of his way on his day off to help improve kids

  24. Tommy says:


    With all due respect I help to pay the “fat scouse bastard” wages and hes disrespected my club 2 times too many, openly agreeing on a move to city, he should of been gone in 2010 and then again last year, I really hope LVG has the balls to kick him out of the club, I nearly vomited when I heard Rooney was captain.I agree 100% with Parker.


    Still licking Rooneys bumhole, why dont you start a Wayne Rooney appeciation society.


    I am glad I was working when the England game was on, although I would have probably watched Argentina v Germany and seen our Angel do well.

  25. Justin10RvN says:

    Rooney didn’t so much sacrifice his game, as those players were the better player at the time…thats like saying Fletcher sacrificed himself to let Carrick and Scholes play.

  26. Marq says:

    There you have samuel slating the likes of Young not beating defenders, but says it will mean nothing if Rio can mark Rooney out of the game? Talk about blind love from someone who claims to only look at facts and not sentiments. If Rooney can’t get the better of Rio, who is clearly past it from what we saw last season and against Spurs this season, it says everything

  27. babzcorleone says:


    I think you’re well out of order for calling him that. You can criticise him as much as you want, hes not my favourite player. How can you call yourelf a United fan when you are calling our captain a Fat Scouse Bastard.

    - Ronaldo who is much loved, flirted shamelessly year in year out with Real Madrid until he got his way.

    - Rio pissed about everytime to get a better contract. I don’t any United fans call him names.

    - Roy Keane our greatest ever captain, dissed half the squad (including Ronaldo) coz he knew United weren’t gona offer him a contract.

    I could go on..i really dont see why Rooney gets special treatment for abuse. He has contributed as much as any of those players. Like i said he will overtake Bobby Charlton and finish as our highest EVER goalscorer.

    So you can criticize his play all you want but real fans don’t abuse our own players.

  28. babzcorleone says:


    Rooney was and always will be better than Tevez!! Tevez the fucking mercenary who moved to City and dissed Sir Alex!

    Rooney has the highest number of goals and assists in the premier league in the last 5 years.

    People on here are so hypocritical and revisionist when it suits their argument.

    Anyway im done arguing…just stop calling our players personal and abusive names! If you do then i don’t think you are real United fans!

  29. RohitChat2611 says:

    Welbeck was told he was 5th choice behind Wilson….. so Mr Phelan should stop crying now as Wilson is a youth and he is also an academy product…..guy is still pissed at the Moyes snub…..Moyes was rightly allowed to bring his own personnel same as Van Gaal was allowed to bring his own.

  30. Tommy says:


    Youre obviously not English, let alone Mancunian, You quetion a fan who spends fortunes every year on my team, oh dear, if you cant understand why a scouser who tried to leave twice including to our neighbours should be kicked out then I cant help you.


    I love Wilson, like I keep saying hes the best forward ive ever seen come from Uniteds academy, however i think Phelans point is about local lads, which it is dissapointing, theyve got to be good enough of course (Wilson is from Stoke), but im sure we will produce somemore Manchester lads sooner rather than later.

  31. babzcorleone says:

    Tommy I am English And Mancunian.

    I live in Salford Quays, the first thing i see when i look out of my aparmtent window is the Manchester United sign..What the fuck has that got to do with Rooney??

  32. Tommy says:


    Posh git haha, Is Rooney fat? Yes, Is Rooney scouse? Yes Is Rooney a bastard? Yes, he tried to join city and only stayed because United offered an over the hill play a ridiculous salary, put it all together and what do we get? A fat scouse bastard

  33. Chris says:

    Tevez a mercenary and Rooney isn’t? Yeah; Rooney is just at United for his love of the club right.

    FSB or cunt? Both fitting names for Rooney; he should have gone last year and certainly before Welbeck who, under Fergie at least, was beginning to show which player was more important to the team. Fergie was no fool and could see that Rooney was past it, we just have Moyes to thank for bending over for him and keeping the twat at the club.


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