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Two Hundred Percent has a great article on our season ticket sales.

The Daily Mail also talks about season ticket sales.

The Mirror has an interview with Chris Smalling.

The Guardian looks at the red devil and vuvuzelas.

The Daily Mail questions Joe Cole’s claims over who the biggest club in England is.

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  1. loughie21 - TPL says:

    “Anybody that has bought a season ticket for this season may as well – should they have bought one in the first place – chuck their green and gold scarf in the bin. ”

    Its this kind of thing that really makes me turn against the anti-Glazer campaign. The guilt mongering that they try and force upon us. I’m a United fan, I will probably never get the chance to buy a season ticket. And to try and make those who do feel like they are a part of the problem is pathetic and unnecessary. Any people who gave up their tickets, I salute you, but anyone of the 50,000 who bought them for this season, you are no less of a real United fan and you should feel no guilt in supporting your team in a different way to how these campaigners have decided in acceptable.

  2. trevor says:

    I am and openly have been against the green and gold campaign.

    However, It remains to be seen where our transfer kitty has gone & the money received from the sale of ronaldo!

    Last season we sold cambell and ronaldo for about 85 million!

    With our transfer kitty of 25 mil each season we had combined 110 mil to spend

    Glazers took 20 mil to finance the debts! .. Ok.. So we still shoudl have had 90 mil

    Last season we brought in Valencia! – Say we call it an even 20! that left 70!

    This summers transfer kitty of 25 mil and the sale of foster say 5 bosts it back up to 100M

    Ok! we sign hernandez and smalling say 20 mill, we currently have 80mil transfer kittty!

    However all i keep hearing is that we have very little!!

    is this a ploy by united not to pay over the top on players?? Has fergie been screwed by glazers?

    Who knows!

  3. Gee says:

    @ Prakash

    If you read that story you can see how the media has flipped it mate. He states ‘last season when I was negotiating my contract, Utd asked if I wanted to sign’ he mentions nothing about Utd trying to sign him this summer, why? because last year we were interested but this year we didnt want him.

    If we had put a bid in for him (or indeed Silva) he would have signed for us at the drop of a hat. The fact we didnt attempt to sign him has pissed him off, oh and that dickhead Cook will be in the wings telling him to ‘say something about snubbing Utd’ and then the ABU media mix it all up and write bollocks like this. Oh how I laugh!!

  4. Gee says:

    @ Loughie21

    Bang on mate, if you renewed or not makes no difference to your love for Utd!!

  5. Corea says:

    LOL/ pretty emotional. Fergie is a master. Do not disturb one of a kind.

  6. Ash says:

    I dont think fergie would be screwed by anyone.He is a 70 yaer old genius who has achieved it all at the greatest club.Now he wont spoil his carreer by doing wrong against glazer.I have full faith in fergie.Frankly i think its fergies decision not to buy anyone.Ok imagine if you were the manager of united and you look at our squad,you see promising youngsters coming so wont you give them chances.I hate glazers very much but i think we are blaming them for everything.

  7. Fze123 says:

    Why would we be interested in Yaya last season, and not this summer? It doesn’t make sense; it should be the opposite given that it was thought Hargo was close to full recovery last season so a defensive CM wasn’t first on the list. Now that we know he may never play for us again we need cover for Fletch. Maybe if we did bid for him this summer he would have chosen us over Shitty, without us having to pay big money as he wanted Utd anyway. I wish we signed him. He will be getting ridiculous wages but he is a good signing for them.

  8. Ash says:

    Sorry i meant doing wrong against our club.

  9. Wakey says:

    @loughie21 – TPL

    Personally I can’t salute most of those who gave their tickets up this season. If they did so at the start like the FCUM lot I can respect that, if it was a purely financial decision then I can respect that (After all while I don’t think in reality the ticket rises have been out of order due to the fact they were way underpriced before and the rises just brought them in line with the going rate, I DO understand that for some people budgets are tight and any rise can make the price too much) BUT if anyone gave up their Tickets for anti-Glazer reasons then I consider them mugs taken in by MUST and the Red Knights lies and spin.

    The way the constantly misrepresent and lie about things relating to the Glazers is downright disgusting and will be what ultimatly kills the club. There is a debt and we should be aware of it and it should be kept in check but making constant wild statements which never come true only to then make them again a year later to bring people to your cause through tugging at their heart strings is just out of order. If I had my way I would be round at Duncan Drasdo’s right now and I would nail him to a cross and beat him with a baseball bat and stone him for what he has been doing to serve nothing more than his own self importance.

    So if anyone gave up their tickets due to something his organisation peddled especially misleading figures like “75p of every £1 spent by you goes to the Glazers” then I can’t respect your decision as its based on scaremongering.

    AT the end of the day even if the contribution towards costs had jumped so high that those kinds of figures were correct HOW exactly do these people think starving the club of money helps? Most of the ‘Glazer Costs’ after all are fixed so will exist if 1 season ticket is sold or 75k most of the costs will be paid at the same amount so lower revenue means less excess that the club has to use elsewhere. Where as the higher the revenue the more left over to spend elsewhere on the club so anyone giving up their tickets because MUST have suggested they do are just cutting their nose off to spite their face. Do they really think the Glazers will just sell up to the Red Knights (Who are imho owners who will be even worse. They have already lied to us as fans with their statements and they simply don’t have the financial backing to change the clubs debt situation). Their offer is insulting, its only just higher than the clubs asset value and with the Glazers having invested over £500mill (A combination of direct investment and loans that they are responsible for) they aren’t going to make a decent return at the RK’s offer. It will goto whichever random person bids the most and fans will have NO SAY

  10. Wakey says:


    The Smalling money certainly came out of Last years as we signed him in Jan and then he was loaned back I believe (I believe this is why he wasn’t elibible when we played Fulham last season). Hernandez’s also may have come out of last years but I’m not 100% sure on that. Diouf also has to come out of the budget.

    At the end of the day though if we stop playing “Championship Manager” how exactly do we make the squad stronger without paying world class fees for squad level players with the new rules in place.

    We are allowed 25 over 21′s and we are a couple over that anyway. So its like buying a house with equity tied up in your current house, you have to enter a chain. If we were to buy say Ozil we would have to get rid of a couple of players as part of that chain. So which players then go, they have to be players that attract an interest, ideally without you shopping them around and thus lowering their transfer fee but do you risk proven useful squad players for an intried new player. I mean would anyone be happy if Park and O’Shea were sold to make way for Ozil especially if Ozil then flopped in England (Which can and does happen, Veron is the poster child of a top player in great form who couldn’t adjust to English football)

    And then you have the fees, the transfer fees of everyone seems to be a minimum of “Real Value + 10mill” atm. The only person who seems to be abailable for a fair price is Ozil and I have my doubts over his supposed 12mill price tag (I could see him going for 12mill but only if clubs wait it out, it seems too early in the window for his club to be looking for such a small fee). As a United Fan I full accept we will have United Tax added to any transfer so will see us paying a bit over the top but I would rather tha club was sensiable in their fees than to take the Chelsea/City approach of paying high fees for fairly average players

  11. Wakey says:


    If you read it it says we made an enquiry directly after the CL final. The squad situation has changed massivly since then, last season we could have got away with having another defensive midfielder in the squad but after this enquiry the rules for the squad limit were suggested and approved and now an extra midfielder brings with it serious headaches for SAF.

    Also an enquiry isn’t an offer, the club no doubt make many offers in a year. There are plenty of official reports from clubs last summer of enquires being made about players but as far as official offers go the list seems to be restricted to Valencia, Owen, Obertan and Diouf who we signed and the Benzema and Costa who we didn’t get (One wanted to go to Real, the Others club started asking for silly money and then rejected a trail so we pulled out of the deal).

    I suspect Yaya was just an enquiry to gauge interest and from the response it wasn’t pursued further

  12. xol says:

    I’d love to smash Dennis Wise’s face in.

  13. loughie21 - TPL says:

    @ Wakey

    My feelings towards MUST etc. aside, the fans who voluntarily gave up their tickets, whether it was due to false scaremongering, lies or anything else still did so try and help the club. Whether it would or not, thats another matter. ANy Manchester United fan willing to make a sacrifice to try and help the club should be saluted. But just because you didn’t doesn’t mean you are the devil incarnate either.

    Overall we are all fans of Manchester United Football Club and we should stick together. We will have differences of opinion over plenty of things (Glazers, Berbatov, new signings vs. youth players) but what matters most is that we love the club and no one should be criticised for loving the club. We are United first and foremost. We should all remember that.

  14. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Wakey After all while I don’t think in reality the ticket rises have been out of order due to the fact they were way underpriced before and the rises just brought them in line with the going rate.

    That statement is 100% pure bollocks. You must be some rich toff who splashes the cash around to make a comment like that.

  15. Gee says:

    @ fze123

    Last season SAF thought he was a possible signing, got the asking price and said no thanks, this summer SAF wasn’t interested at all and his agent used us to get more money out of shitty. Pretty simple really.

  16. Costas says:

    I recently started wondering about one thing. The excuse for the ticket prices rising each year is the fact that they have to be in par with those of other clubs. Ok. At the same token, why aren’t our wages on par with the other big clubs then? Toure secured a contract that will earn him 3 times as much as what Vida has been getting so far. Not saying that we should match what City are offering, but the gap is too big imo.

  17. mattbw7 says:

    I’ve renewed and I don’t feel any less of a fan or any less opposed to the Glazers, I’m not rich so don’t throw that comment this way. As I’ve said before I was here before the Glazers and I’ll be here after they’ve gone.

    While some think not renewing will force the Glazers hand well its a fair point but what gets me about Drasdo and his cronies and anyone else shouting for a boycott is where you 5 years ago, now don’t come back saying you protested because I did too and there was no call for a boycott in any of the years following till this, why? I am fucking fed up with MUST taking the moral high ground I’ll decide how I support the club all this preaching gets right on my wick. I’m putting the soap box away now cos John Bishop is on the beeb in a minute

  18. willierednut says:

    John Bishop YSB.

  19. mattbw7 says:

    but still funny

  20. git says:

    Wakey do us all a favour and crawl back up gills arsehole.

  21. willierednut says:

    mattbw7 – I don’t like him mate, everytime he’s on talksport, he has something to say about Rednev, so fuck him and Jason Manfruad.

  22. mattbw7 says:

    Funny I’ve never heard him comment on Rednev everytime he’s on Talksport and I listen most days, you don’t have to like him but don’t get so precious and don’t make things up

  23. willierednut says:

    Yeah, heard him have ago at Neville a few times, you mustn’t have heard it.

  24. RedScot says:

    I refuse too comment on the subjects all though i read them earlier.
    I cried unashamedly at the 200 per cent article. Its a fucking dogs breakfast.

  25. willierednut says:

    mattbw7 – Talksport has an anti United agenda these days, the only one that ever spoke up for us was Terry Christain.

  26. mattbw7 says:

    so now its few times not everytime, as i said you don’t have to like him and even he does have a go at nev everytime what did he say

  27. mattbw7 says:

    willie your sounding a little paranoid, its just not the case, please give some examples or is it that your original comment holds no water so now you attempt to expand your argument.

  28. willierednut says:

    Or i’m i winding you up?

  29. mattbw7 says:

    yes you twat !! Now if you’d sent Michael Mcintyre is a cunt, no one would disagree

  30. mattbw7 says:

    I reckon Mcintyre is that much of a cunt he’s on the board at MUST

  31. willierednut says:

    Temper matt, no need for profanity.

  32. mattbw7 says:

    I’m tired and I’ve got go out and pick my daughter up from a pals 16th birthday party

  33. willierednut says:

    matt – Have a good one mate, i’m a wind up merchant, don’t take it personal lol.

  34. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Like it or not mattbw7 the price hikes and the ACS that was enforced has priced out many proper supporters who actually make noise inside the ground. Prices are there for the middle class/toffs who come for the “experience,” programme, megastore and all. I’m not saying you’re one of them or that theres anything wrong with behaving like that on a match day. However if you then shut the fuck up during the 90 minutes and only open your mouth to scoff your pie or drink your hot chocolate and have a chin wag with the people you’re with, I do have a problem with that. You’re at OT to support your club with your voice not sit there waiting for something to happen like a night at the theatre and then go and try and spoil it for those who are making volume to compensate for the lazy ones inside the ground. The price hikes have demonstrated this. If you’re not in the Stretford End or certain section of East Stand you can forget it for vocal support.

  35. kel says:

    Nice comment.

    I still cant believe people are willing to give their money to these carpet bagging parasites. No long term good will, or even can, come out of their ownership model. If someone you love is ill with lung cancer, the last thing you do is carry on giving them cigarettes.


  36. Paul H says:

    Have you all taken leave of your senses?

    So from a quick read of this thread (common sense from wakey and Mattbw aside) is that the ticket prices are set for toffs (not sure how many members of the aristocracy i’ve witnessed at footy recently, aside from cup finals), middle classes (nope, they’d be rugger old chap) AND at the same time we should be paying City style football-ruining salaries (thats c.£10m pa per average new mercenary on top of the transfer fee itself)

    So we want lower ticket prices, astronomical wages and inflated transfer fees?

    Way to ru(i)n a business.

  37. Costas says:

    No, we want high ticket prices and low wages to the point that top players won’t consider joining United.

    Way to pay off the debt that our beloved owners forced on the club…

  38. trevor says:

    @ Wakey,

    Fair points, and i do think we are at a difficult situation!

    However With scholes and Giggs at the ages they are i think we were lucky last year we had the performances out of them that we did.

    Rooney also had a blinding season with berbatov still looking inept in our system, (not wanting to start a berbatov debate again!)

    I do feel with our current squad we are in no mans land at the moment, We are in the final years of Giggs, Scholes and Nev, & in the early years of Macheda, Gibson, Diuof, Cleverly Wellbck and such.

    i am not on for throwing money arround just cause we have it, However I think 1 top player this season would certainly boost our premiership chances!

    This season is really going to be difficult.

    Hogson is going to make Liverpool difficult to beat.

    City are still buying everythying they can, and with the quality they have in their squad i fail to see anything else but them challanging for the prem.

    Chelsea are still strong and are going to be up there!

    As are Tottenham, Arsenal & Villa for that matter although i think villa will be fighting for top 6!

    Its going to be difficult!

  39. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Paul H –

    Middle Class Ruggers? You’re basically one of the ones I’m on about. Compare the crowd today to 6,5,4 even 3 years ago. Majority of people attending OT work office jobs and take their work mentality to footy as well. Our ticket prices were very reasonable pre-Glazer and still managed to pay top wages to Keane, Beckham, Veron, Ruud etc. Thats your theory torn to pieces.

    Cue a soliloquy full of three syllable words from Paul H just to boost his overinflated obnoxious ego.

    My senses are fine thanks considering now a ticket behind the goal is a days wages. Compared to 5 years ago when a days wages would buy me a ticket behind the goal, a programme and a beer with change. Tickets aren’t for middle class or toffs what a fucking ludicrous comment.

  40. sunman says:

    Fans are saying that Fergie spent £17 million on Hernandez and Smalling this year out of the £80 mil. but they sold Foster and Tosic to pay for them


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