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RoM Season Review: The defence

David De Gea
So Fergie has been proved right once again. The Spanish kid who had some dodgy moments (although that mistake at Tottenham was grossly exaggerated) has evolved in to the Premier League’s best goalkeeper. Only problem now is keeping hold of him when Real Madrid and Barcelona inevitably come calling.

United’s most improved player this season. Always an attacking threat, witness those stunning goals at QPR and Liverpool, he is now wiser and less rash in defence as well. Keep this up and he should be United’s right-back for the next decade.

Jonny Evans
I’m still not convinced. If he played for another side would you covet him, would you want to see him in a United shirt? I wouldn’t. And yet he is always a solid, if unspectacular, presence in the centre of defence.

Nemanja Vidic
A United legend, who can still be a commanding presence in the centre of defence, and yet the question needs to be asked: Has he really been the same player since that long injury lay-off? I sense he hasn’t, and could be past his very best now.

Phil Jones
I winced when Ferguson said he could be United’s greatest ever player. He’s good, very good, but has done nothing yet to prove he could get anywhere close to that revered status. Might be best to eventually move him back in to central defence.

Rio Ferdinand
Chris Smalling and Phil Jones will have to wait their turn because Rio Ferdinand is going nowhere, especially after enjoying arguably his best ever season at United. Getting better with age.

Patrice Evra
Maybe all those Leighton Baines rumours last summer did the job for this season Evra was almost back to his 2007-2009 best. One of United’s finest ever full-backs, but this might have been his last season if David Moyes ironically now bring Baines with him.

Sam writes for FourFourTwo and is responsible for the excellent Best XI Manchester United book



  1. NBI Red Onion says:

    Lindy, Linde, Lindegrad is not rubbish. He had a bad game. How can he be competing for No 1 one day and suddenly rubbish the next?

    People forget, while De Gea was bedding in this guy was great for us, he took a lot of pressure of De Gea, he was good enough to play as United first X1, he never complained about rotation and supported De Gea and he did a job when he was asked to and is a huge reason De Gea could settle in and SAF could take him out of the spot light when needed. De Gea had bad games too, but he has been played alot and given alot of confidence. This trashing of Lindy is ridiculous, it’s one bloody game after ages for him, sitting behind an inexperienced defensive pairing.

  2. In David We Trust says:

    NBI – but DDG has become that damn good he does not make mistakes, seeing lindergaard he is nothing but an average backup keeer, and yesterday we did see that

  3. Tope99 says:

    @alphars’s article is just shit saying evra and rafael are poor.To me they ate both valuable players.The writer must be a united hater

  4. wayne says:

    Back to making a judgement on yesterday’s game again,people have to be fucking joking.I must’ve seen a diiferent game than eveyone else because our defense didn’t show up,put any fucking goalie you like in front of that defense yesterday and wouldn’t have looked good.People picking on Linde for yesterday’s game is doing my head in.The fucking lads had been partying all week and were already on holiday, jesus wept

  5. NBI Red Onion says:

    I agree with wayne, some of you slating Lindy then big up players who were in his shoddy defence, some perspective please.

  6. Sparkz says:

    Evans has been excellent for about 18 months, and whoever said he’s behind Jones in the pecking order is talking rubbish.

    I’ve long thought that Smalling and Evans will be our future partnership, I’ll reserve judgement on Jones at centre back until he’s played more games there.

  7. Rukky says:

    If ur nt biased you wil know in last couple of years, we have only had a few individually spectacular players: apart frm lyk cr7,roy keane,cantona, best, giggs, VN10, rooney, scholes, rvp, vida, shinji,roi, evra,carrick(obviously ds season), and arguably nani( on his day). Of all mention 96% are retired, ageing, retiring very soon or unsettled at the club. We have only had average players since 09/10 d lyks of,valencia, welbeck, young, buttner and stil unproven cleverly and johnny evans(mayb wit potentials which i hardly c and definatly nt vida lyk potentials) with exception of jones, chi14 and raf who nid tym. Sir alex has been able to motivate them but now his gone, we nid wizkids nt some ovarated morrision lyk academy graduate. 4 me johny, TC23 valencia and young wil have raise d bar to suvive in ds club believe it. Full support moyes though, cos he has to get it ryt with his buys…

  8. Daniel88 says:

    I rate Jonny Evans as an excellent defender. He’s good in the air, pacey and his distribution from the back is as good as anybody.

    I noticed that you forgot about Buttner. I suppose if you have nothing nice to say.

    The article Alpha posted is a master troll at work.

  9. King Eric says:

    Ha Ha. That link Alpha is fucking priceless. RVP “inconsistent”. Rafa same De Gea same. Fucking idiotic cunt.

  10. shoriwa says:

    Evans is the best we have(ie apart from rio and vida). He certainly z better than Luiz AND Pique, they r overated esp Pique. He is going to be better next season and hopefully world class after the 2 oldies retire

  11. benard says:

    I think united only have aproblem in the MF and should Fellaini come in deep6,every thing will be fine for the next season and david moyes who have that potential should do something abt it

  12. AlphaRS says:

    @King Eric
    I was wondering which article was worse. This one or the link I posted…! Ha.

  13. King Eric says:

    Alpha. Definitely your link mate, it’s terrible!

  14. Toms says:

    Don’t forget the number of games and his fitness when you talk about Evra. Some of his earlier time with United had him as probably the best fullback in the world. He’s past that but still a top top left back and we’ve been spoilt by our memories and the position. He plays almost every game.

  15. denton davey says:

    NBI @ 16:57: excellent points. No disagreement from me.

  16. Wakey says:

    @NBI Red Onion

    The thing that has annoyed me about Lindy this season is he seems to have taken a major step backwards. I’ve joked a number of times when he has played that its as if DDG has pulled a ‘freaky Friday’ with him but rather than a full body swap DDG has just swapped the weaknesses in his game with Lindys strengths as areas of Lindys game he was solid in but DDG wasn’t are now areas DDG is solid in but Lindy struggles with.

    Kind of reminds me of the situation we had with Foster where a solid keeper suddenly bottled it a bit when he got a chance and mentally became damaged

  17. LoneStarRed says:

    Hmmmm. Jonny Evans ” ..solid but unspectacular”. Isn’t that what people used to say about Carrick?

  18. LoneStarRed says:

    Phil Jones REALLY needs to improve his crossing. Some of his attempts were cringeworthy. But he is very enthusiastic and will get better.

  19. Redblood says:

    NBI RED Onion
    You summed it up well there.
    There’s no way one can rate Smalling below Jones based on how the have taken up the CB challenge. Rating some of our players as rubbish is way off the hook. Evans IMO is not as bad as it sound and he’s not as good as we would imagine, he’s a very important player for us
    On Smalling I rate him highly, he will be a world class defender with all the abilities i.e Aerial presence,reading of the game, tackling, Zonal Marking etc)

  20. Redblood says:

    On Jones
    I don’t know if it is the right thing using him as a utility player. He’s good as a defender. Playing in the CM has probably impacted on his defense I.e marking. Perhaps given time and clearly defined role he will be a world class

    Rafael at his age and he’s already a world class defender- a well rounded player
    Buttner deserves a mention too. Maybe we should do a Bale on him and see how he takes up the role

  21. shoox says:

    Thanks for the review, I agree with you in most of the analysis. However i have a diff opinion about those two players:

    He is a great co-defender, by saying so i imply that along with a senior CB like Vidic/Ferdinand, Evans can really be solid. He didnt pick up as many games as he wanted, so we cant blame him if he didnt develop much this season. Next season will be interesting.

    A great player, lots of energy. Keeping the lad as a CB will make us see his energy kept into waste. Just like Luiz from Chelsea, he can really shine as a defensive midfielder, a lil bit more skills in finishing and passing technique will see us gaining lots of power in the mid.

    Thanks !

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I bet we are looking for at least one CB. Maybe not this year with Rio staying, but mark my words.
    We were leaking goals like a sive early in the season and didn’t get reliable clean sheets until Vidic came back from injury.

    First game of the season 1-0 loss to Everton?
    Antonio Valencia RB
    Michael Carrick CH
    Nemanja Vidic CH
    Patrice Evra LB

    Right, that looks like sorted defense.

    Can’t recall a recent season where we have’t played Carrick at CB at least a couple times. That’s just not good enough.


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