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“Ronaldo Bad News For Real’s Dressing Room Morale”

The Slave has been warned away from a move to Real Madrid by Wesley Sneijder today, who claims the top wages Ronaldo is set to earn would make the other players at the club jealous.

After previously coming across rather desperate for Ronaldo to sign for his club, Sneijder is now concerned what negative effects it could have on Real Madrid

The problem is, Ronaldo staying at United could be equally detrimental to our dressing room atmosphere!

“It’d be bad for the dressing room because he would earn better wages than the rest of the squad,” the Dutch star said. “It wouldn’t be a problem to me but some team-mates wouldn’t fancy it. Here we have players like him — Arjen Robben and Robinho for example. For sure I want to play with Cristiano but the dressing room’s harmony has to be maintained.”

Whilst this is a fair enough complaint from Sneijder, it is not an issue Real Madrid are inexperienced with handling. Ronaldo (the fat/real one) and Zinedine Zidane are amongst several World class talents who have signed for the club in recent years demanding a massive salary. Cristiano Ronaldo joining and expecting the same will be nothing new.

If jealousy is to be an issue, it won’t just be of his wage, but the attention he will receive. Both the FIFA and UEFA presidents have commented on this transfer saga, showing just how much of a high profile player Ronaldo is at the moment.

Robinho already seems less than impressed with the club after speculation in the press suggested that he would be offered up as bait to sweeten the deal with United.

“I am only thinking about Madrid,” he said. “I am not prepared to enter into the operation to sign Cristiano.”

The Brazilian’s agent, Wagner Ribeiro, is equally miffed with the situation, oddly claiming that if Real Madrid had won the European Cup, it would be Robinho who was now hailed as the best in the World. However, Real Madrid were beaten in the first knockout round by Roma, who United went on to beat convincingly in the quarter finals.

“Neither he nor I liked that he was being used as a kind of bargaining chip [to Manchester United],” he said. “That devalues a professional athlete. Robinho is better or equal to Cristiano Ronaldo. If Real had won the Champions League, I have no doubt that he would be forwarded as the best in the world.”

So it appears as though it’s not just United whose nose has been put out of join with Ronaldo’s potential transfer!

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  1. Craig Mc says:

    Latest Media news bulletins, United are ready to talk re sale of CR7 to Madrid. Marca are reporting, that his family are saying the Glazers want to sell, because they fear his value will diminish if they wait until next year. If and its yet to be proved as fact, this is true – WELL so UNited finally cave in. SAD!.

  2. Chris says:

    I supect United’s sudden interest in selling Ronaldo is down to yesterday’s news that Chelsea have offerred a quite mind-boggling £48m to Madrid for Robinho. Now Madrid can afford to pay us silly money. I’ve always wanted to keep Ronaldo on principle, but I think if we make Madrid pay well over the odds then we’ve upheld some kind of principle here.

  3. Jimmy The Weed says:

    We shouldn’t do business at all with Madrid. I doubt that this is true, at least I hope it isn’t. I would happily swap CR7 for 100 million euros, but not Calderon’s dirty money. We have to make a stand or He’ll be doing the same with Anderson and Nani in a year or two

  4. Primachenko says:

    jimmy the weed,

    agree completely.

    also, on which planet is robinho better than ronaldo even if real won the champions league?!?! maybe in his wet dreams.

  5. RedDevil says:

    I’d be more than happy to get £70m for the sh*thead.
    In the unlikely event that the sh*head reads this remember one thing, the last thing you did for the best club in the world was to miss a penalty.
    Our next highlight after banking a sh*t load of money from your transfer will be seeing your face after we spank you and Real Midrift in the Champions League; And not to forget Roooooony showing you what he really thought about the time you earned yourself the name Winker.
    Adios you t*sser

  6. Stephen says:

    I would not believe what the Marca writes, fu**king Real propoganda newspaper.

    Primachenko I agree, Robinho is the most overrated footballer in the world, Chelscum are welcome to him, he will get kicked black and blue in the prem.

  7. Tom F says:

    Yes it is important for our club not to do business with Real. We need to stay strong on this and prove a big point.

    We cannot be seen to be bullied by them and I am sure we won’t be.

    Just in the way football has gone crazy, 2 points, one related and another unrelated:

    1) I know we as a club have spent so much money on players over the years and what I am about to say is not new, but does anybody find it laughable the way Chelsea go into bidding and negotiating for players. I love the way they have (allegedly) just throw in an almost £50m bid for Robinho? What’s that all about. Is he really that great? Is any forward?

    2) Something that made me laugh, is reading all the stories about Ronaldinho deciding to play for AC Milan rather than City. Is that what football is now? AC MILAN being talked about in the same sentence as City.

    Money is a bad thing.

  8. Craig Mc says:

    @ Chris, honestly mate, I really don’t think we are holding up any kind of principle, no matter how much money we get for CR7. We proved that we are a selling club, when we are warred against and cornered. Now Calderon is talking this morning, about Madrid only buying IF the price is RIGHT FOR THEM. See, once you concede, you lose a lot of bargaining chips. But this news still has to be proved fact, because the United camp hasn’t said its true or false yet. It is all over the news though!.

    Jimmy the weed, your right mate, because Barca are not able to come to satisfactory terms with Arsenal for Adebayor, and are now after our Carlos Tevez, or Pool’s Torres, to replace Ronaldinho. Yet again this Spanish news has to be substantiated by other than Spanish media, and I bloody well hope it is not true. It’s sickening, if it is anything but rumour. I would hate Tev to become another CR7. But maybe I am fretting abot nowt!.

  9. Stephen says:

    People don’t think we are a selling club, but does anyone really want the prick to stay?

    We are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t.
    f we sell we show weakness and if we don’t we are holding on to a player who the fans do not want, out of principal, tricky one.

    All we can do is dicapline the player and just get on with things, or sell for a massive fee. Either way we the club, are the victims, not Real, not the player or Platini ot Blatter, its a fucking discrase.

  10. RedDevil says:

    Guys, I was with the ‘we must take a stance’ idea and not bow down to Madrid, but remember one thing, if he stays against his will he will not do us any favours with the likes of Nani and Anderson.
    These are young talents for tomorrow that look up to Ronaldo. We don’t need their head turned too.
    And don’t even go to the ‘yeah but he scored 43 goals for us’ talk, because that just shows disrespect to the rest of our great squad. I didn’t see Ronaldo shine surrounded by the Portugese national side. Lets give our boys who do want to play for our club more respect, Ronaldo isn’t the be al and end all of UTD.
    He will be a blip in our history sooner than everyone thinks.

  11. almUnited says:

    Interesting!!! Am so into keeping that hen as a matter of Principle! I totally agree with Sir Alex. But there are a number of bad things he did that we easily overlooked, hoping he would notice. Talking about his dreams about Madrid is the worst way he would pay back!!! If the deal goes thru, I’ve no problem as long as it’s for some obscene amount of cash!!! But I’d love to see one more thing happening: LET ROOOOONEY HAVE A CHANCE TO DELIVER “OUR MESSAGE” TO HIM! To tell him what am sure he knows only too well!!

  12. ManU says:

    Why MU must bow down to the dirty Spanish team Real Madrid. They instrumented all this Ronaldo saga but claim innocent about the whole situation.
    That greedy,ungreatfull low down Ronaldo must be thought a lesson for his rudness towards the club,manager and the fans by sideline him for the whole of next season.If MU agreed to sell him to his so called stupid dream club Real than I guess Sir Alex is a looser and so do MU and their fans arround the world.

  13. Chris says:

    Players like Tevez love the club and would never insult us by wittering on about their “dream” of playing for a rival (though he may reluctantly leave if we keep delaying about signing him up properly). I don’t even want to spend time thinking about players with no loyalty or integrity like Ronaldo. I’d sell him to Madrid if the money is right, if not then let him rot in the reserves. I no longer want to se him play for us.

  14. lee says:

    RedDevil, let people express their own opinions.

    Stop getting so agitated just because people don’t agree with yours.

    Oh and it was quite low of you to bring the WC incident in to it. Man Utd should come first for any United fan.

  15. lee says:

    Chris, Tevez is hardly the best example.

    He has only recently been quoted as saying what a dream it would be to play in la liga and how he only wants to stay here for five years and then go back to his team Boca Juniors. In one Argentinian paper which my friend reads as he is from there he even said ‘well if we have to play Boca in the world cup I would be sad if we had to beat Boca but thats business’

    As far as I am concerned there are only 5 players that love United and I mean love. Its all very well saying it but these players have shown it – O’Shea, Fletcher, Giggs, Gaz and Scholes.

  16. Craig Mc says:

    Errr Lee, I think you’ll find Wes Brown loves United too.

  17. Mahesh Sharma says:

    First of all people, lets stop calling him CR7, we are just adding value to his stock. lets just call him Ronaldo.
    second point is that we should keep him and play him but dont show him the support we did in the past. but if we want to hurt him bad, lets not do cheap banners like city and liverpool fans, lets start a pertition to change his number to say 28 or something and give either adnderson or Berbatov the number 7 shirt. if he stays, hie should be demoted from the famous no.7 shirt. he has cast shame upon it with his antics

  18. goonerguy says:

    LOL wth real madrid players not wanting c.ronaldo and most of the man u fans want him to go itwould be brillant from an arsenal,liverpool etc point of view if he stays as he will have such a bad affect on your team

  19. Gab says:

    I have seen how the media bollocks have got to the many utd fans.

    We have made a statement and it wont change ffs. Not for fecking sale and that’s it. Not even blatter (The Corrupt bstrd) with his crap comments will change that.

    We are sending a message with this thing and is Madrid wont get nothing with all this summer circus, also shows to other big teams that you can keep your best players when another big team comes for them.

    Also dont believe what MARCA or AS writtes it’s all crap to sell papers.

  20. Craig Mc says:

    @goonerguy, for all the bragging you are doing about your youth, and the glee you show about what might happen with Ronaldo, obviously this doesn’t extend to the Arsenal message boards does it. Because if your boards were active and as interesting as you seem to think ours are, you would be frequenting them, instead of spending your time visiting us lol!.

  21. almUnited says:

    Lee, I think Rooney needs to be added on the list of those guys that love the club, don’t you think?

  22. denton davey says:

    Sneidjer may not be communicating with the hierarchy at Real Madrid since his comments are something of a spanner-in-the-works.

    Or, on the other hand, his comments might be devised to be part of a new coyness in their bargaining.

    in either case, they are irrelevant. The kid won’t be sold – and he will re-sign a new, even-richer contract with UTD/nike for money that will simply boggle your minds.

  23. Craig Mc says:

    @DentonDavey, good points mate. Do you have the inside OT ‘lowdown’ on your last point, good if true!. I think Ronaldo is either just extremely naive and easily led, or so full of himself, that he thinks he can say or do anything, and that there’s nothing wrong with that, or no consequences to be had. I can’t quite make up my mind which one of these two sides of the coin I think it is.

  24. UnitedRay says:

    Real can have him but not at their “right price”. It would be at our “right price”. I like to use analogy in these situations and i will do that again. If your wife is already making you a cuckoo, would making her stay with you using the contract (marriage papers) make you a man of principles? Or would it be better to just see the big picture and let them go on with their lives? of course in this case, we get to earn lots but not in my analogy. Well, you get what i mean right?

  25. denton davey says:

    Craig McC – I have no insider information: I live in Toronto and follow this non-sense on the internet but it’s not that hard to put 2 = 2 together and see what’s happening here.

    And, Unlike some, I am thoroughly enjoying this little charade. I don’t feel dis-respected by CR7′s “dream”, just amused by the way that the kid is able to spin the media. As he has said all along, a transfer to Madrid is not up to him – he knows that the signed contract give UTD the hammer in any negotiations for the next four years.

    This is the “silly season” and I enjoy silliness. Wesley Sneijder is just one more actor on the stage in this panto.

    Of course, I’d also like to be a fly-on-the-wall in SAF’s office !

  26. azza says:

    haha his bird got nailed by ramos, found out and got the hump and ditched her, awww poor ronnie! as a slave hu earns 200£ a week( dnt get taxed im a student wahey!) and puts his earnings towards watchin the mighty reds i hope that he does fock off 2 madrid, dnt forget wen he was stalling on cmin bak 2 united b4 fergie and co brought him bak afta the world cup, gaz nev wasnt chatin 2 him, not cuz he fockd england, cuz he showd total disrespect 2 united, how we he be greeted if he does come bak? we may see a van hooijdonk situation wer he scores and no1 celebrates with him, how id love to see that at OT!!!

  27. Craig Mc says:

    @ Denton Davey, haha you got that right – Panto is the right word for the whole Ronaldo debacle. Will the audience be BOOing, or cheering at the end though, that is the question?. Glad your enjoying it all though Denton.

  28. denton davey says:

    Ronaldo is right – a few goals and the “fans” will cheer him and sing his tribute-song.

    Of course, I am also expecting that he is going to have to finally address the issue directly and eat some humble pie – washed down with a few bottles of champers @ $ 10,000 ! – after he extends his contract with UTD/Nike.

    On the bright side, this ankle operation means that CR7 will have an enforced vacation until October so – as long as he stays injury-free – he will be in great shape for the truly-meaningful matches in February/March/April/May.

  29. Craig Mc says:

    Denton Davey, I will be very suprised if the United faithful cheer and sing Ronaldo’s tribute song just because he scores of few goals. I don’t think you know the mood on the terraces, when they are miffed with some players behaviour, especially if they feel Ronaldo has let our great club down, which many do feel he has done. Still time will tell Denton.

  30. WODG says:


  31. musliu says:

    hey sweet how are you… you are my idol bye bye sweet

  32. kunal says:

    u are the best..rondlao do u remember me..i love football..& one day i will become a great striker in manu..:) i would love if u would come to india after your league please come in india to (hydrebad)..ok always play the best of your dont worry of the goals play well.u rock & even u rock when u win..u are the best player i have seeen in my life..ok bye..:)

  33. kunal says:

    hi wat up i am fin ronaldo.. .is sweet & the best player..i know he is the star…i would love if he would come to india (hydrebad)….u are the rock star..ronaldo….best of luck for the rest of the league..& best of luck manchesters the title again dont let anyone touch your title which..u won last..year…bye..& best of luck to whole team..(manu.):)

  34. mamoon mujeeb says:

    i think ronaldo is da best player in da world. United do not want to sell dis player.

  35. DUKS says:

    my best team


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